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Neighbours Episode 5572 from 2008 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5572
Australian airdate: 28/10/08
UK airdate:
Writer: John Davies
Director: Jonathan Geraghty
Guests: Lucas Fitzgerald - Scott Major
Donna Freedman - Margot Robbie
Nathan Black - Lyall Brooks
Sharni Hillman - Alicia Banit
Bryce Gibbs - As himself
Nick Stevens - As himself
Summary/Images by: Carly/ShadowDan
- Ringo and Declan getting invited to AFL training
- Rebecca nagging Declan about his studies
- Libby and Elle's compost-enhanced catfight
- Lucas challenging Dan to a bike race re-match
- Donna throwing away her pill prescription
Ramsay Street/Number 28
Rebecca walks Declan to his car and wonders if he's nervous about AFL training, but Declan is as cool as a cucumber.
Inside #28, Susan is trying to entice Ringo with some bacon and eggs but Ringo claims he's too nervous to eat anything. Good thing too, as Rachel makes a face and says the bacon tastes off.
Didge (and the plastic baby from hell) walks out to wish Declan luck.
DECLAN: How's Midget?
DIDGE: Paris.
An irritating, fake bobble-head? Yeah, I can see the similarities now. Donna also joins them with her baby, Tiffanii Sweetie-Pie Sparkles, or whatever the hell she called it.
Susan tries to encourage Ringo to at least eat some toast or fruit, but he can't face anything. Zeke, Rachel and Susan wish him luck as he heads out.
SUSAN: Yeah, break a leg! (Thinking it over) No! Don't do that!
Outside, Ringo's pleased to see that Declan's going to drive them to training and is happy they're on the same team again. Donna bounds over to say good luck and comments that Tiffanii Cupcake Sprinkles will miss her "daddy". Smiling, Ringo replies that Donna makes a great mum, which pleases Donna a little too much. Rebecca and Didge join her to wave the boys off.
DONNA: (worried) They're not going to forget about us are they?
DIDGE: No of course not. It's just a really big day for them.
REBECCA: Well make sure you girls don't get left holding the babies. I know how that one works out.
Meanwhile, in #28, Rachel is still feeling mighty queasy and goes to have a rest on the couch. Susan wonders if she's just lovesick over Ty, but when Zeke finds Donna's pill packet in the bin his mind goes into overdrive (but if this were real life, Donna's name would be on the box and Zeke would know right away it wasn't his sister's).
Back on the street, Donna cons Didge into following the boys to the footy ground to check up on them and make sure they're behaving themselves.
Footy Ground
Donna, Didge and the hellspawn sneak around and spy on Declan and Ringo. The footy scout introduces the boys to two proper AFL players - Bryce Gibbs and Nick Stevens - who wish them luck. Dec and Ringo are then besieged by a gang of teen girls (or "footy skanks" in Donna-speak), and the main skank asks them to autograph her boobs. Surprised, the boys happily oblige while Donna and Didge fume. Donna storms over (after the boys head inside) and tells the skanks that they're messing with their boyfriends.
DONNA: So hands off.
SKANK: (scoffing) What is this? Bring your doll day?
Donna almost starts up our second catfight of the week, but Didge stops her just in time. The skank-pack laugh and strut off in a haze of pink and blonde. Donna cuddles Tiffanii Amber Thiessen and sighs that she hates girls like that; they have no dignity.
General Store/Lassiter's Complex
Libby hesitantly approaches Dan and tells him she's "not giving up on us". Dan doesn't see how they can forget what happened with Lucas, but Libby wants them to put the past behind them. Dan has other ideas in mind, however, and informs her that he's racing Lucas again.
Outside Charlie's, Lucas has just told Elle the same thing. Elle thinks the brothers are being childish and suggests they battle it out over a game of backgammon or charades - anything to keep them out of hospital. Lucas says it can only be racing and Elle sighs: it's all one stupid stunt to impress Libby. Lucas tries to reassure her otherwise, but Elle won't believe him.
In the General Store, Libby angrily asks if she's supposed to be some sort of trophy at the end of all of this, but Dan says she wouldn't understand, "This is not about you". In response, Libby takes off her engagement ring and slams it down in front of him before storming out.
Didge (who is actually working for once) and Donna relay their trip to the AFL ground to Rachel. Donna's annoyed that Ringo might take one of those skanksters to the Brownlow one day, which is totally unfair since she's already chosen her dress and everything.
Zeke arrives to workout - and to confront Rachel with the pill packet he found in the bin earlier. I love how he was just carrying it around like, 'OK, house keys, wallet, gum, birth control...' He asks Rachel why she's been skipping days, but Donna interrupts and shoves him away before Rachel's confusion completely takes over.
RACHEL: (realising) Donna these are yours aren't they! What on earth are you trying to do?
General Store
Donna states that she only missed taking a couple of pills, and believes that the baby has brought her and Ringo a lot closer, but Rachel says that's not the point. Donna's going to have to take a pregnancy test.
DONNA: (adamant) I'm not taking the test.
RACHEL: You're late aren't you.
Donna can't face the music and dashes out, just as Elle and Paul walk in. Elle assumes it's fake baby related - the crying kept her up all night too - but Paul smirks and says he was wearing earplugs. Libby and Steph find Elle to chat about the Fighting Fitzgeralds.
PAUL: Woah, hang on a second. Are you two going to have a food fight? Because if you are just wait on and I'll go and get a photographer.
ELLE: Dad! That's embarrassing...
Libby implores Elle to help them stop the race, and Steph reveals that she has a plan of attack in mind.
Garage/#30/Storage Shed
In a voiceover, Steph narrates her plan as Libby and Elle act it out. VO Steph tells them to wait till Lucas is distracted, find the bike and wheel it out. But when Lucas takes a call outside, the girls struggle to push the bike out, not realising that it's on a stand. The eventually escape.
The next stage is stealing Dan's bike from a nearby storage shed. VO Steph says she'll get the keys, and we're shown a short scene of Steph distracting Toadie in #30 so she can nab them. But when Libby tries them in the lock they don't work. Taking charge, Elle grabs a brick and breaks the lock with her super strength. They cheer and rush inside to steal their second bike of the day.
Number 30
Toadie attempts to converse with Dan about the upcoming house inspection, but Dan is too riled up about his stolen bike. Assuming Lucas has taken it, he leaves another angry message on his brother's voicemail, just as Lucas storms into the house with the same assumption in mind.
LUCAS: Daniel!
DAN: Oi!
BOTH: Where's my bike? (confused) What?!
LUCAS: I thought you wanted this race!
DAN: You can't just...
LUCAS: (more confused) What?
DAN: You didn't nick it?
LUCAS: I thought you nicked mine.
(Realisation sets in)
TOADIE: You two should really get on the same page.
BOTH: Shut up!
TOADIE: That's better.
Footy Ground
Declan and Ringo are put through their paces running up and down the field a few hundred times. Ringo seems to be lagging behind, which doesn't go unnoticed by the talent scout. Declan asks if his mate's OK and Ringo admits he didn't eat breakfast. More running ensues.
Later, the boys stand and gaze at the big footy field. Thankfully with no Manpower-esque footy fantasy sequences this time. The scout comes along and lets them know they're vying for the same spot - there's only one position going in the club.
SCOUT: What's more important, friendship or success?
DECLAN: Success.
RINGO: (not quite as quick) Success.
The scout asks Ringo if there's anything he should know about his medical background, seeing as he wasn't at his best today. Ringo says no, but then the scout blah-blahs on about how the club values honesty, pretty much encouraging Declan to rat on his mate. Declan looks conflicted.
General Store
Donna rejoins Rachel and Didge and says the most vauge-est thing that ever vagued to explain to Didge why she's upset.
DONNA: Rachel wants me to take a test because I haven't been taking stuff properly.
Are you kidding me? What on earth is wrong with saying BIRTH CONTROL, PILL or PREGNANCY TEST out loud when you can see them on the show anyway. Ridiculous. Anyway, Rachel reassures Donna that they'll all take tests together.
DIDGE: Yeah, we'll all pee on sticks together. It'll be fun!
DONNA: I love you guys.
The teen dudes arrive and Donna's quite eye-rolly with Ringo after his boob-signing incident, but Ringo is too busy praising Declan for not ratting him out to the coach. Ringo is hoping this means that they can remain friendly even though they're competing against one another, but Declan isn't planning on making it a habit to cover for him. Back at the table, Donna tells the girls to meet her at her place at 8 - she'll get the (PREGNANCY! SCANDAL!) tests.
Charlie's Bar
Elle's concerned that the police will sniff out the bikes they've hidden in the bar's storeroom, but Steph reminds her that stealing them was only a stalling tactic anyway. They have to convince the guys not to race in the meantime. Toadie finds them and it doesn't take long for him to spy Dan's keys in Steph's handbag.
Number 32/Number 22
Dan goes to see Libby and Lucas calls into Elle's to grill them about the missing bikes. Elle tries to remain coy about the whole ordeal, but Libby ends up confessing after Dan explains that he and Lucas need to resolve their issues once and for all. Lucas gloats to Elle when Dan rings him to tell him Libby caved.
Donna's Bedroom
The girls scramble to hide the tests when Elle checks in on them. Suspicious, Elle doubles back into the room after she leaves but they still have their 'Who me?' faces on. Checking that the coast is definitely clear, Donna suddenly starts to freak out about taking the test. Didge is annoyed when it appears Rachel is pressuring her into it, but Rachel soon reveals that she's "late" as well, and could really use the moral support of her besties.
The girls sit and wait for the allotted time to be up before they can check their tests. Hearing a noise downstairs, Donna panics and accidentally knocks over the plate they're sitting on, mixing them up entirely.
RACHEL: Well done.
DIDGE: We don't know whose is whose.
DONNA: We'll check them anyway.
DIDGE: There's no point.
DONNA: (freaked out) This one's changing colours.
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Audrey, Susan Kennedy, Ringo Brown in Neighbours Episode 5572
Audrey, Susan Kennedy, Ringo Brown

Susan Kennedy, Ringo Brown in Neighbours Episode 5572
Susan Kennedy, Ringo Brown

Rachel Kinski, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5572
Rachel Kinski, Susan Kennedy

Donna Freedman, Bridget Parker in Neighbours Episode 5572
Donna Freedman, Bridget Parker

Elle Robinson, Lucas Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 5572
Elle Robinson, Lucas Fitzgerald

Libby Kennedy, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 5572
Libby Kennedy, Steph Scully

Elle Robinson, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5572
Elle Robinson, Paul Robinson

Libby Kennedy, Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5572
Libby Kennedy, Elle Robinson

Libby Kennedy, Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5572
Libby Kennedy, Elle Robinson

Bridget Parker, Rachel Kinski, Donna Freedman in Neighbours Episode 5572
Bridget Parker, Rachel Kinski, Donna Freedman

 in Neighbours Episode 5572

Bridget Parker, Rachel Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5572
Bridget Parker, Rachel Kinski

Donna Freedman in Neighbours Episode 5572
Donna Freedman

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