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Neighbours Episode 5543 from 2008 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5543
Australian airdate: 17/09/08
UK airdate:
Writer: Judith Colquhoun
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Matt Freedman: Ben Mitchell
Summary/Images by: Pete/Emily
Dan being invited to dinner with his 'new boss' (Libby)
Matt telling Donna he won't have her making the same mistakes as her mother.
Donna discovering she's run over Bronte.
Rebecca flirting with Matt in the bar.
Bridget telling Declan she doesn't feel any different.
Ringo and Donna comforting Bronte, not realising Nicola is mere feet away.
Erinsborough Veterinary Surgery
Steve comes out and says Bronte seems to be doing better. It's a good thing Donna brought him in when she did though. Miranda brings over tea.
MIRANDA: You know, I was thinking walking home from the store..
STEVE: Couldn't you just have walked?
She thinks they need to see a marriage guidance counsellor. Steve wonders if they need it 'especially after last night and all'. Miranda smiles it was a very good start, but she doesn't want them to go off the rails again. Matt comes in. Steve asks him to tell him Pete's behind bars. 'And likely to stay that way' says Matt. He tells them he wants to talk about black BMW registered to their address. Miranda confirms it's Nicola's, and Matt reveals they've found it seemingly abandoned. He asks if she could have any idea where Nicola is. Steve and Miranda exchange looks.
A road somewhere
Toadie has joined Steve, Miranda and Matt by Nicola's car, which has now been sealed off with police tape. Matt asks if she was going on holiday as all her possessions seem to be on board. Not that they knew of. They say she'd been having some problems lately, and Matt wants to know more about them. Toadie says 'health issues'. Matt asks Steve about Bronte, what kind of injuries she had when she was brought to him. He says she looked as if she'd been hit by a car. Miranda asks Matt what he thinks happened. He says there's no sign of violence. Steve asks why the area's taped off. Matt says 'We'll keep looking' and walks off.
Shaken, Miranda dials Nicola's number on her phone. It goes straight to Message Bank. Miranda leaves a message begging her to call asap.
Charlie's Bar
Steph is supervising some Random Extras as they move the bar toward the window. She looks admiringly at Charlie's paintings and says it looks like he's going to be a budding young artist. She goes over to Libby, who's deep in paperwork and asks if she's ready. Libby says she's got everything, especially her 'pie charts'.
STEPH: Oh, you do love your pie charts don't you?
LIBBY: I do love my pie charts!
The two squeal excitedly at the thought of pie charts. Steph remarks that it'll be hard for the others, she used to be one of them and now she's the boss.
LIBBY: I'd better feel that respect or there'll be hell to pay.
Dan comes in addressing the women as 'Laverne and Shirley. The girls laugh, and Steph says Libby's after respect. He says it's too early in the morning for that.
LIBBY: I'm just saying I'm ready for this.
DAN: Oh, look out, head of Senior School one day....
STEPH: Next, she'll be invading Poland.
Dan kisses her and says he mustn't be late, as the new head of Senior School is 'a real tyrant' and Libby nods in agreement. He walks out as she shuffles more papers.
Erinsborough High School
Libby is giving her presentation. As she turns around to indicate the pie charts, there's laughter from the panel. When she notices they're laughing, she tries to carry on. Dan tries to get her attention, As she carries on, she turns around again and there's more laughter. Dan coughs and says her name again as she tries to silence the laughter saying they should treat the profession with the respect it deserves. The panel look thoughtful as they nod in agreement, but they're clearly stifling laughs. She thanks them and everyone leaves except her and Dan.
LIBBY: I could have done without your interruptions.
DAN: OK stop, take a look at the back of your pants.
When she does, she sees big green paint marks - Charlie!
She asks Dan to borrow his phone. He demands an apology and she offers to make him supervise detention till Christmas. She says she's going to phone Steph and she's stuck there until she arrives with a change.
LIBBY: Since I'm stuck here until Steph arrives, a really caring person would get me a coffee.
DAN: Really caring? I don't know anyone like that.
He leaves as she ducks below the window to make the call.
The General Store
Lou tells Rebecca what has happened, but she already knows and has rearranged Toadie's diary. Matt comes in and asks if they've seen or spoken to Nicola. Lou says no but to keep him up to date, and goes off.
Rebecca and Matt sit down and she says Nicola's a nurse, he says he's going there next. She asks what he thinks, and he says it's too early to say. He asks how 'her friends who had the nasty ordeal with Pete' are getting on. She says they're pretty resilient. Matt thinks there's something in the air around there.
REBECCA: I know, what do you think it is?
MATT: I have no idea
REBECCA: Well, why don't we have a drink together sometime and try and formulate a theory?
MATT: Well, that's a possibility.
During the above, Paul walks in and spots them and comes over to address 'Erinsborough's top cop'. He asks how the investigation into Nicola's disappearance is going. Matt tells him 'A woman's missing. That's what I focus on. Not headlines'. He decides he has to go, but not without giving Rebecca his phone number, which pleases her. Paul sits down and she glares at him. 'You're so obvious'.
Erinsborough High
Donna throws a note over to Ringo at the lockers. He reads it with Declan. It says 'You're my hero!'. Declan says at least it wasn't a brick. He certainly thinks she's mad enough. He jokes that Ringo is with the 'craziest girl in the school' as they walk to class. The beeps go and Ringo tells him to stick his head where the sun doesn't shine.
Steph greets Dan at the door to the other classroom laughing uncontrollably. She asks how Libby was. Dan says she was mortified. Steph shouts at her through the door, and Libby pops an arm out and demands her clothes. Steph withholds them for a laugh before giving them to her and she shuts the door. We see Libby trying to get changed. A bunch of the kids come down the corridor late. Libby says Steph should have heard the sniggering. She couldn't work out what she'd said. Steph apologises, but Libby says it's alright, it's no-one's fault. Now the zip is broken so Steph has to come in to help her. Libby is worried they'll never take her seriously now; she'll be Ditzy Libby forever. Steph laughs she should whack them over the head with pie charts until they surrender. They both have a good laugh. Steph fixes the zip. Libby asks what she'd do without her. 'Get a new best friend?' says Steph. They agree she wouldn't and they hug. Libby is ready to go.
Everyone is calling Nicola's name. Miranda worries where she could have gone. Steve starts to blame himself, but Miranda tells him not to. Miranda has rung her mobile again and they hear Nicola's phone ringing in the bushes. They run over to her and Miranda strokes her face while the phone continues to ring.
Erinsborough Hospital
They've got Nicola wrapped in foil and are wheeling her in. Karl tells Miranda she's unconscious, suffering from exposure and has a head injury, but he doesn't know how serious it is. He'll let them know as soon as anything changes. Matt comes in and Toadie asks him if there was any sign of violence. Matt asks what the doctor said. He doesn't know. He thinks it's [no] coincidence that Donna found the dog injured. Matt is shocked to know his daughter's involved in this. He goes off to call her and Toadie looks back at Miranda and Steve.
Walking down the corridor, Toadie asks Steve what happened yesterday. Steve is defensive.
STEVE: It's private, if that's alright.
TOADIE: That's the point, it's not alright. She was fine before they spoke and was celebrating. She hasn't had a lot to celebrate lately.
STEVE: And neither has my family, mate.
Toadie says she is family, and they start to row. Miranda comes over upset at Nicola's state. Saying it's just like Bridget again, she cries in his arms. Toadie feels bad and walks out.
No 26
Bridget and Declan are still lying on the couch. Declan has his shirt off.
BRIDGET: Would it offend your masculinity if I called you cute?
BRIDGET: Yeah, but you know, in a rugged, hot sort of way.
Declan laughs he could deal with that, as Bridget's mobile rings. She decides to ignore it for her 'rugged hot cute guy' and they kiss.
Susan bangs on the door. Declan jumps behind the sofa. We see her outside as she shouts she's brought a casserole. She starts to say she's sorry to hear about Nicola. Bridget opens the door and asks what happened to her? Susan realises Bridget doesn't know. She says she's in hospital, suspected hit by a car. Susan offers to stay with her, but Bridget says no, she's fine, she'll call dad. Susan gives her the casserole and says Bridget knows where she is if she needs her. Susan goes, Bridget shuts the door and Declan reappears. They're both shocked.
Erinsborough High
Dan tells Libby that Bridget won't be back today and he thinks Declan is with her. She asks how Nicola is and he says she's in a bad way. Toadie's going to be upset. Libby remarks that Toadie always sticks up for her. Dan guesses Libby doesn't like her. Libby says she's 'too manipulative'. Dan says he's lived with her, and sees a different side of them. He thinks she's alright. Libby smiles and they agree to disagree. Libby's still sorry she got hurt. Dan is glad she's not completely heartless. 'I'm glad you're glad' she says. She's stressed out over a budget meeting with Simpson. 'You know, you fight me tooth and nail for this job, and now you complain' Says Dan. This makes her laugh. He goes to leave, but she tells him he forgot something. He comes back and she gives him a quick kiss on the lips. He takes in his arms and gives her a full on pash. He breaks off.
DAN: Excuse me Miss Kennedy.
LIBBY: You're excused, Mr Fitzgerald.
He leaves and she fans herself to cool down.
Erinsborough Hospital
Bridget tries to reassure Miranda. Steve tells Matt there's no change. Matt says he knows. Steve asks if there's anything else they should know about. Matt says not yet and turns to Paul.
MATT: Nothing to report yet, you might as well go home.
PAUL: Thanks very much for that Sergeant, but I'm actually here to lend my support to the family.
Karl comes out and tells Miranda they're running out of blood. Nicola says she's a match even though it's a rare blood type.
Karl is please and goes off to sort out a transfusion. Miranda is comforted by Steve.
Ringo and Donna arrive. Donna is clearly upset and says she never saw anyone, just hit the dog. Matt asks her where she found the dog as Paul listens in. Donna gets upset about 'a dumb dog'. Matt says no-one's blaming her. She calms down and asks him what he wants to know.
The General Store
Rebecca is still trying to rearrange Toadie's appointments as Susan comes over with cups of coffee. Susan asks if he was tough customer, but Rebecca understand it, he's been rescheduled 5 times. Susan asks how Toadie is. Rebecca says he's worried. Paul walks in, without noticing the women. Rebecca exclaims her day 'just keeps getting better and better.
Paul is on the phone at the counter, sending someone out to do a story on the accident. He orders a latte, and goes over to Rebecca. He asks if 'her new friend' has gotten any closer to finding out who ran Nicola over. She is surprised that anyone could just drive off and leave someone for dead. Ringo and Donna are hearing this. Lou brings them a muffin to share and a fork each. Donna says she can't tell her dad, because he'll chuck her out She says she hasn't got anyone. 'Yes you have, you've got us' says Ringo. They hold hands and she agrees to tell her dad everything.
Charlie's Bar
Matt arrives a bit late for his date with Rebecca and apologises. Paul is also there.
MATT: Ah, Mr Robinson, done much breaking and entering recently.
PAUL: Oh ha ha, you're just not going to let that go are you? Any news on the Nicola West story? Or are you too busy wining and dining the ladies?
He says investigations are still ongoing, which Paul translates as 'You haven't got the foggiest idea what happened. Rebecca tells him to do his ' Jimmy Olsen' somewhere else. Matt tells him to talk to the Media Liaison Officer. Paul decides to leave them to it. Matt walks Rebecca out of the bar.
No 22/Charlie's Bar
Elle's got her Apple out again and is busy reading. The she notices a cat is purring beside her. She picks him up and asks how he got in. She tells him cats belong outside and shoos him out of the door. The phone rings. It's Paul. He wants her to do a background check on Matt. She pulls him up for not asking how she is. He says he'll be a lot better when she gets the check done.
He tells her he wants some background on the Nicola story. She says forget it, but Paul plays his 'boss card' and she agrees to do it. They end the call,
ELLE: Today's favourite word: Patricide.
The cat has found its way in again and she goes to throw it out.
Erinsborough Hospital
Declan asks Bridget how her mum is. She says she's never seen her so upset. He has, when it was her in hospital. She agrees that must have been hard for her. 'For all of us' says Declan. They exit and Steve goes into the room with a drink for Miranda. She says all the time she spent being angry with Nicola was such a waste of energy. Steve says it took a lot of guts to forgive her. Miranda says she jut wants to be loved, and not alone. Steve says it's the way she goes after what she wants he has a problem with. She says it's her sister, and she should have known last night something was wrong when Bronte was brought home. Steve says she couldn't have known, but she says she should have searched for her then.
Charlie's Bar
Mysteriously, Rebecca and Matt are back in the bar. She jokes about police officers getting downtime. He indicates his glass of orange and says he's living wild. No, says Rebecca, she's the wild one - she has coffee Mat jokes about her having a cuppa with a copper, and asks how she spends her spare time as they move to the couch. Work, work, and some more work, And she's a single parent, so what's this spare time? If you find out let me know, says Matt. She says he must work 'hundreds' more hours than she does. Not so, says Matt, but they get 8 weeks leave a year. She laughs and he says she should have thought about that before going to law school. She reckons she can't see herself in uniform. 'I don't know you might be surprised', he smiles.
Donna and Ringo come in. He asks if he has any tips for teenage daughters. She says she's the teenage boy specialist. Damn, he wanted an easy answer to the question of how to get her to talk to him. She says be upfront and keep talking even when she doesn't want to. Eventually you'll bore her into submission. He asks if that's how he got her talking, by boring her into submission. She laughs it off and says when Donna does start talking, he's to remember that he loves her. Donna and Ringo come over. She says she needs to talk to him; it's important.
Charlie's Bar
Matt apologises for comparing Donna to her mother. Donna says she has her rotten hair. Matt thinks it's beautiful. His phone goes and he wanders off to take a call from work. As she watches him, Ringo says it'll be alright, he's making an effort.
DONNA: And you reckon I should blow it all now? I'm not owning up to the accident. He would never understand.
RINGO: Donna, you've got to tell him.
DONNA: No, I don't.
Ringo offers to tell him for her. She says if he does, she'll tell him he was in the car too. No, she'll tell him he was driving it. She walks out leaving him stunned.
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Miranda Parker, Matt Freedman, Steve Parker in Neighbours Episode 5543
Miranda Parker, Matt Freedman, Steve Parker

Toadie Rebecchi, Miranda Parker, Steve Parker in Neighbours Episode 5543
Toadie Rebecchi, Miranda Parker, Steve Parker

Dan Fitzgerald, Steph Scully, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5543
Dan Fitzgerald, Steph Scully, Libby Kennedy

Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5543
Libby Kennedy

Rebecca Napier, Matt Freedman, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 5543
Rebecca Napier, Matt Freedman, Lou Carpenter

Rebecca Napier in Neighbours Episode 5543
Rebecca Napier

Steph Scully, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5543
Steph Scully, Libby Kennedy

Toadie Rebecchi, Steve Parker in Neighbours Episode 5543
Toadie Rebecchi, Steve Parker

Declan Napier, Bridget Parker in Neighbours Episode 5543
Declan Napier, Bridget Parker

Donna Freedman, Ringo Brown, Matt Freedman in Neighbours Episode 5543
Donna Freedman, Ringo Brown, Matt Freedman

Paul Robinson, Rebecca Napier, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5543
Paul Robinson, Rebecca Napier, Susan Kennedy

Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5543
Elle Robinson

Miranda Parker, Steve Parker in Neighbours Episode 5543
Miranda Parker, Steve Parker

Donna Freedman, Ringo Brown in Neighbours Episode 5543
Donna Freedman, Ringo Brown

Matt Freedman, Ringo Brown, Donna Freedman in Neighbours Episode 5543
Matt Freedman, Ringo Brown, Donna Freedman

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