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Neighbours Episode 5537 from 2008 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5537
Australian airdate: 09/09/08
UK airdate:
Writer: Peter Dick
Director: Karl Zwicky
Guests: Sienna Cammeniti - Erin McNaught
Lucas Fitzgerald - Scott Major
Logan Ellis - Nick Cain
Pete Ferguson - Kristin Holland
Matt Freedman - Ben Mitchell
Nurse Jodie Smith - Mary Annegeline
Newspaper Delivery Driver - Peter Jackson
Band Drummer - Rhys Thomas
Band Guitarist - David Forster
Summary/Images by: Carly/Emily
- Libby and Dan kissing
- Libby admiring Lucas' photography
- Sienna joining Ty's band much to Ty's annoyance
- Paul deciding not to run Pete's story
- Pete hijacking Elle's car - with Elle and Susan in it
Alleyway/Number 22
Pete has instructed Elle to drive down an alleyway (populated by a very screechy cat) to park. Elle tries to discreetly call 000 on her mobile but Pete sees her and confiscates both ladies' phones and the car keys. He soon changes his mind and instructs Elle to ring her father.
Rebecca has stopped by to drop off a book for Elle and is loathe to stay once she learns she's not home, but Paul encourages her to stick around and wait. Elle rings and tersely asks her dad to run the Pete Ferguson story, much to Paul's surprise. But he gets suss when Elle says that her and Susan changed their mind during their "usual girls' night out". Pete takes the phone away and hangs up leaving Paul very confused.
Number 28
Paul relays his suspicions about Pete abducting the girls to Karl while Rebecca tries to call the police. Having no luck with the cops, Karl wonders if Paul got Pete's address when he interviewed him for the story. Paul admits that didn't - but he knows just the place that will have it on record...
Karl tries to get Nurse Jodie to look up Pete's address for him but she's not too keen on the idea. While he's trying to convince her otherwise, Paul takes it upon himself to break into the personnel office. Rebecca can't believe how quickly he got in.
PAUL: Years of practice...apparently.
Inside, Rebecca has taken charge of the computer but they don't get very far when Jodie and Karl walk in. Jodie - whom Karl almost persuaded - is far from impressed. Karl isn't too happy either.
Number 32
Dan and Libby smooch their way through the door but are startled by one of Ben's toys going off at their feet. Attempting to slow things down, Lib rambles and invites Dan to stay for coffee. Jokingly pinching her lips together like a duck's bill to make her stop talking, Dan says he'd love one.
DAN: There's just one problem with coffee, though, it tends to keep me awake. All night sometimes.
LIBBY: (smirking) Shame about that.
They resume snogging.
Paul makes up some lame excuse to the police sergeant Jodie has called in about trying to find the kiosk, but the Sarge ain't buying it and tries to haul them down to the station.
REBECCA: I'm thinking about studying law and if I get a conviction...
SARGE: (laughing) You want me to let you off so there can be another lawyer in the world?
REBECCA: OK, do you want the truth?
SARGE: Yeah it'd make a change.
Rebecca tells him about Susan and Elle and tries to sway him with the old, 'Do you have a family of your own?' spiel. By the look on his face, it appears that he does.
Elle is hyperventilating because the confined space in the car and the tense situation is reminding her of being in the warehouse collapse. Susan is trying to calm her down, and after much persuasion manages to get Pete to crack open a window for some air. He hands Elle the phone and tells her it's time to call daddy again - this time on speakerphone.
The Sarge has started things rolling at the cop shop via his mobile, and tells them to trace the call to Paul's mobile when Elle rings. Elle again instructs her dad to run the story in the paper. Paul is trying to delay the conversation to keep Elle on the line, which frustrates Karl who ends up shouting out to Susan. Pete freaks and hangs up, but Sarge lets them know they've got a location on them. In the car, Pete continues to flip out about being sprung and demands that Elle drive them somewhere they can wait for the morning paper.
ELLE: But you heard him, he's missed the deadline.
PETE: Well for your sake you'd better hope not.
Number 32 - Libby's Bedroom
Libby and Dan are still snogging their way around the house and wind up on Lib's bed. Dan's disappointed when Lib suddenly decides to freshen up but promises she won't be long. Dan makes himself comfy on the bed but is soon distracted by a familiar looking cityscape photo above Lib's dresser (that used to be in the kitchen). He looks on the back and is annoyed to see the message 'To Libby love Lucas'. Lib reappears in her nightie but Dan has lost that loving feeling and makes up nonsense about wanting to take things slow before rushing out like a coward.
Charlie's Bar
Sienna is, like, totally excited to see herself on a poster for the band, but is, like, totally nervous about singing. Leering Logan says she'll be a natural and leads her over to the practice area. Ty takes Logan aside for another 'Rachel pwns all/Are you sure Sienna is up for the challenge?' chat, but Logan reminds him the band has spoken.
Steph's surprised to see Libby, who explains that the date was wonderful but ended on a weird note.
LIBBY: I asked him in for coffee.
STEPH: Yeah, coffee's good. And?
LIBBY: Nothing.
STEPH: What?!
LIBBY: He wants to take things slowly.
STEPH: Well did you tell him you want to take things really fast?
LIBBY: I just don't know what he wants.
STEPH: Well what do you want?
LIBBY: I want him.
Dan is looking forward to ridding himself of all his pent up frustrations on the treadmill, only to find that Lucas is doing some late-night gym work of his own. Dan turns to leave but Lucas smirks and asks him to spot him - it's the last thing Dan wants to do, but Lucas goads him about his sore shoulder and his pride won't let him back down.
Lucas lifts weights first while Dan gloats about his date with Libby.
DAN: It was a really nice place, very romantic. Y'know I should give you the name sometime in case you feel like taking some... Lucky fella. Better still why don't you just leave town. There's no reason for you to stick around now.
They swap roles and Lucas takes it upon himself to bait Dan.
LUCAS: So if it went so well with Libby then what are you doing here? Didn't you seal the deal? What happened? Did she knock you back? You know, she didn't knock me back... Then again, maybe that's the problem.
Dan struggles to keep the weight raised up because of his still-healing shoulder and has to begrudgingly ask Lucas to help him.
Number 22
Rebecca reassures Paul and Karl that Matt (the Sarge) will call them if they find out anything. Paul is slightly annoyed that Rebecca's on a first-name basis with the copper, but Rebecca just throws him an 'Oh, grow up would you' look. There's a knock at the door and Rebecca answers it to find Matt on the other side.
PAUL: It's alright, Karl, Ferguson isn't going to hurt them.
KARL: I'm glad you're so confident.
PAUL: (to Matt) Anything?
MATT: I've been doing some asking around and Ferguson's regarded as dangerous.
There goes your gentle as a pussycat theory then, Paul. Matt shows them some phones that were dumped in a West Warratah alleyway and Karl and Paul are dismayed to see that they're Susan and Elle's. Worried, Karl growls at Paul to just print the story - if not for Elle's sake then for Susan's.
KARL: Because if anything happens to her I will personally make you pay.
REBECCA: ... Paul?
PAUL: Alright. (to Karl) But you can say goodbye to your reputation.
Charlie's Bar
Sienna finishes off a song with the band, and apparently finishes off Ty's eardrums in the process as he goes over to Steph to have a whinge. Steph tells him he's just going to have to have an honest chat with Sienna.
TY: What? So tell her that I can't stand the way she murders my songs?
Logan approaches Ty and wonders if there's any chance he could change the song key so Sienna doesn't have to screech the chorus. Ty isn't impressed, but when he sees how excited Sienna is about performing with them he resignedly goes off to make the changes.
Libby and Steph ponder over Dan some more and get giddy when Lib's mobile rings, but Lib's disappointed to see that it's her dad. Her nonchalance soon turns to worry, however, as Karl fills her in about her mum.
Elle's Car
Pete has got Elle to park out the front of a newsagents so they can wait for the papers to be delivered. Elle has a flashback to being trapped in the warehouse, which Susan notices. Susan tries to get Pete to let Elle go, telling him that he only needs one hostage, but Pete states that no one is going anywhere until they see what the paper says.
Number 22 - Next Morning
Paul and Rebecca are hanging out in the backyard waiting for news, when they hear Karl and Libby arrive with the newspaper. Paul makes his way down the back steps.
KARL: Yeah that's the way, Paul, scurry off like the rodent you are.
PAUL: Oh Karl look, I did that because I thought it was the only chance they've got.
REBECCA: Does someone want to tell me what's going on?
Libby hands her the newspaper. There's a large picture of Pete on the front along with two smaller ones of Elle and Susan. The heading reads: Manhunt for kidnapper - Reward offered!
Elle's Car
The deliveryman finally drops off a stack of newspapers out the front of the shop. Pete waits for him to leave before getting Susan to come with him to grab one (he wants Elle in the car in case they need a quick getaway). Pete sees the front page and flips out, but Susan takes the opportunity to knee him in the groin and run back to the car. She screams at Elle to get out and run, but Elle is still quite traumatised and isn't quick enough to escape. Pete hobbles over and shoves Elle back into the car, yelling at her to drive off. The car speeds away - but Susan has managed to stay safe by hiding behind a parked truck. She's relieved but extremely worried for Elle.
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Elle Robinson, Pete Ferguson in Neighbours Episode 5537
Elle Robinson, Pete Ferguson

Rebecca Napier, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5537
Rebecca Napier, Paul Robinson

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5537
Paul Robinson

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5537
Susan Kennedy

Dan Fitzgerald, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5537
Dan Fitzgerald, Libby Kennedy

Lucas Fitzgerald, Dan Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 5537
Lucas Fitzgerald, Dan Fitzgerald

Rebecca Napier, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5537
Rebecca Napier, Paul Robinson

Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5537
Karl Kennedy

Paul Robinson, Rebecca Napier, Matt Freedman, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5537
Paul Robinson, Rebecca Napier, Matt Freedman, Karl Kennedy

Rebecca Napier, Paul Robinson, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5537
Rebecca Napier, Paul Robinson, Karl Kennedy

Logan Ellis, Sienna Cammeniti, Ty Harper in Neighbours Episode 5537
Logan Ellis, Sienna Cammeniti, Ty Harper

Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5537
Libby Kennedy

Paul Robinson, Rebecca Napier in Neighbours Episode 5537
Paul Robinson, Rebecca Napier

Elle Robinson, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5537
Elle Robinson, Susan Kennedy

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5537
Susan Kennedy

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