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Neighbours Episode 5509 from 2008 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5509 (Ned Parker and Kirsten Gannon depart)
Australian airdate: 31/07/08
UK airdate:
Writer: Judith Colquhoun
Director: Jonathan Geraghty
Guests: Kate Newton: Briony Behets
Donna Freedman: Margot Robbie
Kirsten Gannon: Nikola Dubois
Nicola West: Imogen Bailey
Callum Jones: Morgan Baker
Angus Henderson: Jonathan Wood
- "Corner Of An Endless Road" by Lior
Summary/Images by: Pete/ShadowDan
Bridget confronts Nicola at the hospital.
Angus tells Rachel he loves her.
Paul asks Toadie to give Ned and Kirsten the money they need for her treatment.
Toadie tells Ned the money is his reward for capturing Jay, but Ned sees through it.
Mickey tells Kirsten they're taking her to Perth for treatment.
Dan pushes Steve over on the footy field.
Miranda admits to Steve that she was in love with someone else when they got married.
Erinsborough Hospital
Bridget and Declan sit bored waiting for Steve and Miranda. Bridget eventually gets up and says she's going in to see them. Declan tells her it'll just make things worse, but she says she doesn't care.
In the room, Steve says he tried to call her the night they got back together, sent her loads of flowers, then she came to him, accepted his proposal, they planned their wedding and the whole time she was with 'him'. How could she do that?
Miranda says she's been faithful from that day on. Steve says, no, she made a fool of him from that day on. Bridget appears at the door and agrees with Steve. Miranda tells her she doesn't understand, but she disagrees. She says Miranda is just like her sister, and if anyone should leave it should be Miranda.
Number 28
Ringo tells Zeke and Susan about Dan pushing Steve over. Ringo says he doesn't understand why Steve got so worked up. Susan says 'he's a parent, plenty to get worked up over every day'. Just then Rachel comes in the front door and shows off a Tshirt she bought for Angus. When Ringo compliments it, Zeke mutters 'who's side are you on?' Susan says it's not a question of taking sides, Ringo walks off.
Rachel announces she wants to invite Angus' parents to the dinner. Zeke points out they're not her in-laws. Susan suggests she gives it a bit more time, but Rachel thinks it would be good for him to see he has the support of both families. Zeke says he hasn't got his support. Susan says there's a chance Angus' parents might not want to see Rachel. After all, she's the reason their son went to Jail. Rachel thinks the past won't matter once they see how in love they are.
Warrinor Prison
Rachel tells Angus her idea. He tells her it won't happen, because he can't be released as he has nowhere to live. His father won't have him in the house, and he has to have approved accommodation. Rachel promises to find him a place as she can't bear to be apart from him for another day.
Erinsborough Hospital
As Steve signs himself out, Dan apologises for pushing him. As they walk into the corridor, Dan asks if things are OK and offers to help. Steve asked if he can crash with them for a while. Dan agrees, saying Toadie won't mind. Steve says he's going through a rough patch with Miranda, Dan assures him he thinks it's only temporary.
Number 26
Miranda is doing the washing when she spots Bridget coming in the door. Bridget looks at her and leaves again. Miranda breaks down.
Number 30
Dan brings Steve a beer and Steve says he thinks Ned knew something the way he left for Perth. Bridget appears saying she wants to be there for him, and she can't go home. She says she doesn't love her mother very much right now. Steve says it's only a couple of nights. And begs her to go home.
Number 26
Bridget and Declan are on the couch, Didge is resting her foot on the table. Declan tells Rebecca that she tripped and fell. Bridget says she can't go home as she doesn't want to stay with her mum. Declan asks if she can stay in his room. Rebecca obviously says that's out of the question, but Declan assures her nothing is going to happen. Declan assures her nothing will happen. Rebecca says she has to tell Steve and Miranda. Bridget says she doesn't want that, but agrees to tell them herself, just not at the moment. Declan promises Bridget he'll look after her, and Carmella (who's been watching) smiles at Rebecca, who sees she's beaten.
Ramsay Street
Carmella is walking Chloe down the street. She passes Donna, Zeke, Ringo and Declan, watching 'Hazza's' campervan rocking, and we can hear some 'Oh yeah'/Barry White type music and the van squeaking. Ewwww.
Harold emerges from the campervan stretching his back. He spots the gang watching and tries to cover his tracks, when Kate comes out carrying a bucket and cloths. Harold picks up on this and says they giving the van a spring clean. They leave, nervously. The teens then burst out laughing as Declan answers his phone to Bridget. She seems to be upset, and Declan walks off to find her.
Rachel walks past and Zeke tries to talk to her. She's not interested. Zeke claims that 'if it's not about Angus you don't care'. This makes her stop, but Elle comes up behind Zeke for a word with Rachel. Elle says she's heard that Angus is getting out, and wants her to verify that. Rachel asks why she would tell her anything and walks off. Zeke calls after her, but her attitude is that he doesn't care. Donna says that Rachel doesn't look happy, and she should go home to check her starts because she could be next.
Number 28
Susan says Angus isn't living at their house. Rachel says it's not like they'd be living together, he just needs somewhere to stay. Susan says what he needs is to get used to living in the world again and living with her isn't going to help him do that. Rachel says she's the person he wants, but Susan has put her foot down. Then we see this was watched by Ringo and Declan.
Number 32
Lou and Ned are helping Mickey pack his stuff up. He's sad because he's fallen out with Callum. Ned tells him to apologise and see what happens. Lou tells Mickey he's known Harold for 'oooh must be a thousand years' but he's lost track of the number of fights they've had. They'll sort it out. Lou takes Mickey off to find more stuff to pack.
Miranda comes in and they both go into the kitchen. Ned apologises if the business with the house has caused problems with her and Steve, but at least they don't have to sell the house now. Miranda says there's more to it than that. Ned asks how bad it is. Miranda says it can't get any worse, Steve's left her.
Ramsay Street
Kate finds Harold planning his journey while Lou watches. Harold admits that he loves the open road, but it's a lonely life. Harold, in his usual hesitant stumbling manner, asks Kate if she'd like to join him. She gets excited and says she'd love to. She picks up the map. Harold asks what she's doing. She says she's planning their itinerary. Lou says it's just what he needs, but Harold says it isn't necessary. Kate gets carried away organising what needs to be booked, but Harold stops her, saying that's not his idea of the open road. Kate gets upset at the thought that Harold doesn't want her to organise him. She walks off after saying she'd get in his way. Harold calls after her but she's gone.
LOU: Well, that's blown it old son!
Ned and Miranda walk out of No 26. Ned says he wishes he could stay and help her, but Miranda says she needs him far more than they do, he should just help her get better. She asks if he's going to see Steve. She says she knows it pointless, but to tell him she wants him home, Bridget too if you see her.
As Ned walks off, Rebecca comes up to Miranda to tell her Bridget's staying with them. She says Declan told them his version of the story. She asks if Miranda would like her to send Bridget home. Miranda says no, but it would be good if she went to Kirsten's farewell.
Miranda takes a bag over to Dan and asks him to give it to Steve. He says Steve is just out the back if she wants to give it to him herself.
Number 30
Steve is telling Ned that Miranda was still in love when they were engaged. Ned says it was a long time ago, people change. Anyone can see that Miranda loves him, they're a couple. Underneath the porch, Miranda listens as Steve explains that everything is based on a lie. Ned says he's sure they can work it out. He just has to push his pride aside, like him taking Paul's money. He begs Steve to come to Kirsten's farewell, talk to Miranda and try to forget about the past. Steve says he doesn't want to see her. Miranda walks part way up the stairs and puts the bag down. She tells Steve that Bridget is staying at Rebecca's, and leaves.
Ramsay Street
Ned leaves 26 with a bag, and takes a last look around Ramsay Street. As he turns back to look at the house, we see a montage of clips:
Steve and Miranda arriving; Elle and Ned kissing; Ned and Kirsten kissing; Ned rescuing Kirsten; Comforting Mickey.
Erinsborough Hospital
Kirsten thanks Paul and says she owes him.
PAUL: It's only money Kirsten, and you owe me absolutely nothing, we both know that.
He kisses her on the forehead and leaves as Ned, Miranda, Lou and Mickey come in. As they sit down, Steve comes in. Ned masays he wants to say a few words 'Not a speech, you know I'm not good at them' but he thanks them and says nothing matters more than friends and family. If you've got those, he reckons, you've got everything. Mickey asks Steve if he'll help look after Jake, to which he agrees. Ned and Steve embrace on the notion of family. A random extra pushes Kirsten out of the hospital followed by the others. That is, until Steve and Miranda spot Bridget coming round the corner with her leg in a cast.
Number 28
Susan arrives home while Rachel is looking through the phonebook for accommodation for Angus. Susan has brought a list of emergency accommodation from Harold's friends in the Salvation Army. Rachel doesn't like the thought of him staying in a hostel, but Susan says it's a flat, and she's offering support. Rachel can take it or leave it. Susan says Angus needs time to get used to being alone again and having his independence. Rachel says she just wants to help him, but Susan points out again that she's only 16, and how does she think that will make Angus feel, having her as his carer? Susan says they should just take things slowly, go on some dates and have some fun like an ordinary couple. Susan says Rachel needs to find out if the relationship is real or just some romantic fantasy. The risk in that is she might get hurt, but she needs to know.
Warrinor Prison
Susan and Rachel wait outside by a taxi. As the shutter opens, Rachel smiles and jumps into his arms. He picks her up and then they share a kiss and he spins her round, as Susan looks concerned.
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Miranda Parker, Steve Parker in Neighbours Episode 5509
Miranda Parker, Steve Parker

Bridget Parker in Neighbours Episode 5509
Bridget Parker

Miranda Parker, Steve Parker in Neighbours Episode 5509
Miranda Parker, Steve Parker

Miranda Parker in Neighbours Episode 5509
Miranda Parker

Bridget Parker in Neighbours Episode 5509
Bridget Parker

Steve Parker in Neighbours Episode 5509
Steve Parker

Ned Parker in Neighbours Episode 5509
Ned Parker

Ned Parker, Miranda Parker in Neighbours Episode 5509
Ned Parker, Miranda Parker

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5509
Susan Kennedy

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