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Neighbours Episode 5503 from 2008 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5503
Australian airdate: 23/07/08
UK airdate:
Writer: Scott Taylor
Director: Lewis Fitzgerald
Guests: Nicola West - Imogen Bailey
Callum Jones - Morgan Baker
Lucas Fitzgerald - Scott Major
Angus Henderson - Jonathan Wood
Prison Officer - Gavin Van Der Meer
Summary/Images by: Alex/ShadowDan
Nicola kissing a confused Steve post-rescue.
Rachel asking Susan to go with her to visit Angus in jail.
Lucas watching Dan run with Ollie.
Libby no longer thinking of Lucas as a "complete loser".
Number 32
Libby's been indulging in a spot of retail therapy and shows off her new dress for Steph and Ty. Steph correctly spots it's for a date with Lucas.
LIBBY: I want him to notice it, without looking like I actually want him to notice it, you know?
Ty's not really understanding this female logic. Steph's been tapping away on the computer and Libby has a look to see that Steph's doing a sneaky internet search on Lucas. Libby's offended, as she thinks she would have known if he was lying to her, but Steph's concerned that they don't know him and the idea of Libby dating him freaks her out. Libby agrees that's natural after her experiences with Jay, but reckons all is ok.
LIBBY: Well if it's making you that nervous, I can call him and cancel.
STEPH: Would you? That would make me feel better.
Libby totally not happy, which should teach her to joke about such things.
Number 26
Steve asks Nicola about her serious conversation with Toadie last night and she tells him that they broke up. He wants to know what happened, because they looked to be getting on so well, but she says she doesn't want to talk about it. She goes on to say it had nothing to do with Steve. Which confuses Steve, because he has no idea why it would have anything to do with him at all. He leaves, still all confused, and Nicola picks up the phone.
NICOLA: Hey, guess what? We broke up.
Toadie brings in a coffee for Nicola and asks if he gets to find out what he did wrong. He asks if it's about her "little secret" and she says she would never act on anything even if there was a chance, because she could never do that to Miranda. She explains she just said she didn't want to talk about the break up, but Toadie informs her that just bought her time and won't get people off her back completely.
NICOLA: Well what should I say?
TOADIE: Well considering I helped you out and then got dumped for it I reckon I should get something out of this.
TOADIE: A change of image.
NICOLA: I'm not sure I like the sound of that.
TOADIE: Well you are in very good hands young lady.
Law Office
In Toadie's office, Dan and Toadie play basketball watched by Zeke and Callum. As Toadie claims victory has to.
TOADIE: Lock the door on your way out, don't want clients disturbing our work.
Dan runs into an angry Miranda on the way out, who barges in to the office to talk about heartbroken Nicola. She asks if the other woman is Steph, but Toaide says it is no one in particular.
MIRANDA: So being a lawyer gets you chased by bimbos and you're too weak to say no?
TOADIE: Something like that, yeah.
Toadie says he didn't mean to hurt her but Miranda reckons he should think of others and just himself. As she stalks out, Zeke and Callum get all interested.
ZEKE: So Toadie, you dump Nicola?
TOADIE: This is a law office and whatever you hear in here is confidential...and yes.
Cue much cheering and high-fiving just as Miranda returns looking distinctly non-impressed, to say that the door's locked.
Charlie's Bar
Lucas is asking Ty about his leather jacket, which it turns out his friends don't have.
TY: These are the friends that tied you up in your jocks?
LUCAS: Everyone knows about that, eh?
TY: Camera phones man.
He says he deleted all the pictures but one, which he made in to a screen saver for Steph. He hands back a leather jacket from behind the bar together with a pair of socks. Ty does the protective housemate thing and begins questioning Lucas about whether Libby knows he is touring and will be leaving town soon. Lucas promises to be on his best behaviour, and as Ty leaves Steph appears to take over where Ty left off. She asks about Libby and Lucas watching the sun rise, but he assures her it was only over coffee. As Steph begins to tell him that Libby's been through a lot, Lucas gets a bit annoyed given he's only just had the same thing from Ty. He lists all his good qualities, which include being straight and leaving the toilet seat down. Steph agrees he seems like a nice guy. Definite emphasis on the "seems" bit of that sentence.
Steph apologises to Libby for overreacting about Lucas, and suggests Libby uncancel their date. Turns out Libby never cancelled it at all. Sneaky.
As they leave, Harold emerges from the General Store to approach Miranda Rebecca and Nicola. He's heard about Nicola's break up with Toadie, and whilst Rebecca says he's changed Harold argues that he does have a good heart, despite the recent bad behaviour gossip. Nicola agrees, much to Miranda's annoyance. She can't believe that a lawyer could ever have a good heart, and they all have a giggle at Rebecca's expense.
We switch to another table where Zeke is asking Rachel about her decision to include Susan in her visit to Angus. He thinks she's only doing it so she seems more responsible and that Susan now can't say no. Didge agrees that Steve never wanted her to visit him in prison either in case she freaked out. I'm not sure there are many parallels with Rachel's situation actually. Didge just wants Rachel to realise it is a big deal, but Rachel says she won't know if she still loves him unless she sees him again.
As Libby sends a group off to get changed she asks Rachel if she's ok, and reminds her she is always there for talking to. Just as Rachel goes off to get changed herself, Libby's mobile rings. Fitzy appears behind her just she's telling the telephone chipmunk that she has a date that night and her hair is a mess. As she agrees to an appointment and hangs up, Fitzy reminds her that they have yoga duty. She pleads emergency, but he has overheard the conversation and doesn't think hair appointments qualify.
LIBBY: Look at me! I'm a mess!
FITZY: You look fine to me.
Oh, that's awkward. She stutters for a bit and then ends up leaving anyway.
Law Office
Where Callum is answering Toadie's phone. He asks where Rebecca is and is told she has gone to see Miranda and Susan.
CALLUM: She said after what he did to Nicola he deserves to pick up his own phone.
Toadie tells him to do his homework before playing games and retreats back to his office. Nicola comes in asking for Toadie.
CALLUM: Who shall I say is asking?
Nicola goes in to see Toadie and tells him his little story is now spinning out of control. Toadie's quite enjoying his new animal reputation as a love 'em, leave 'em, laugh with mates about it type of guy. The next part of his plan is for them to still be friends, so people will see Nicola still wants to be around him even though they broke up. Nicola offers to answer the phones until Rebecca gets back so everyone can find out.
Number 28
Miranda and Rebecca have bought Susan cakes to give them an excuse to come round and ask about Angus writing to Rachel. Apparently the kids have all been gossiping about it. Sus just doesn't understand how people in jail are allowed to write to their victims and asks Miranda and Rebecca whether they would let her go. Miranda says no, Rebecca yes. Completely coincidentally of course Rachel now appears home from school. Oh it's awkward, and Rachel quickly escapes to her room. Susan's all worried Rachel heard, but Miranda reassures her that Rachel will know Susan will discuss it with friends. Susan asks them for help and they debate the pros and cons. Rebecca takes pro, Miranda cons. Rebecca wins out in the end saying Susan should support her, she'll go anyway if she wants to, and that Angus will be out soon anyway. Miranda is left totally stumped by the last argument.
We head into Rachel's very pink and girlie room. She's lying on her bed when Susan comes in to apologise in case Rachel overheard. But she explains that Miranda and Rebecca already knew because Rachel has been discussing it with her friends. Rachel argues that they all think she should be allowed to go, although I'm not entirely sure that was Zeke's view earlier. Susan agrees that Rachel will be allowed to go, and she will go with her, but only because she doesn't want to risk losing her again. They hug it out.
Charlie's Bar
Miranda and Rebecca discuss Susan, saying they hope she's ok. Rebecca thinks it is a good sign Rachel was open about it all, so Miranda asks about her relationship with Declan. Rebecca explains it's strained, but not broken. She says Steve apologised and it made her think about Declan, Bridget and her own mistakes. Miranda asks about Paul, and Rebecca admits she still loves him, but there have been too many secrets for her ever to take him back.
We return after a short break and the ladies are nearly a bottle of wine down now, and Miranda is moaning about Riley running away rather than talking to her. Rebecca points out there are some things you can't tell your Mum and Miranda remembers that this is true. We don't get to find out what she's thinking about though. She bids Rebecca farewell, still with half a glass of wine left on the table, and promises they'll do it again soon. Ty comes over to offer Rebecca another drink but she declines and pulls her phone out. Yes, that's right, she is calling Paul Robinson.
Number 26
Nicola and Steve are hanging out and watching TV when a drunk Miranda comes in saying she just has to say something. Steve offers her a coffee but Miranda wants to know what secret the two are hiding. Nicola denies they have any, despite the rather shifty looks Steve is giving, and Miranda says from now on she wants to know everything. She reckons Riley left because he couldn't talk about his problems. She volunteers to go first and she reveals she hates carnations, even though Steve buys them every single anniversary and she really wants yellow roses. Steve gets up to try and get her a coffee but she forces him to sit down and wants to know all his secrets.
MIRANDA: And remember I can always tell when you aren't being honest.
We focus on a very worried Nicola as we head into a commercial break.
Number 32
Fitzy has come to see Libby but an uneasy Steph says she is busy. He just wanted to spologise for the thing at the gym, which Steph has heard about. She wants him to either tell her how he feels or leave her alone. At which point Libby walks in, all dressed up for her date with Lucas. Oh it's awkward. They have a very stilted conversation during which he apologises whilst an amused Steph looks on. Fitzy leaves and Steph reminds Lib that she is meant to be over him but Libby runs right out of the house after him.
Ramsay Street
She asks him what's going on but he just apologises again because he was being silly.
LIBBY: So why were you being silly?
And just as they are having this conversation on the street Lucas drives up ready for his date. Libby is asking if he's mad at her for having a date and he denies this, but as she turns to go back in to the house he calls her back.
LIBBY: What?! What is it Dan?
FITZY: Have a good night.
He walks off leaving her annoyed and frustrated whilst Lucas is still looking on from his car. He starts the engine again and motors off.
Number 32
Back inside, Libby is trying in vain to get in touch with Lucas who isn't answering. She thanks Steph for not saying 'I told you so' about Lucas, but Steph points out he might still turn up and then she would look silly. Libby proposes to turn in to a 5 litre tub of chocolate chip ice-cream night and Steph agrees to pick the DVD whilst Libby says she will change.
STEPH: You sure you don't want to just wait maybe a few more minutes?
LIBBY: Stuffing our faces with ice-cream is pretty sad but waiting round in my frock is just tragic.
Rachel looks all uncertain and Susan tells her that she doesn't have to do this or perhaps she should wait. Rachel doesn't want to wait or leave, so Susan reminds her any time she changes her mind and wants to go that she is right there. Rachel sychs herself up a bit, and they walk towards the visitors' entrance.
Inside, Susan is asked her relationship to the prisoner. She replies she doesn't have one and is merely here for Rachel, who is then asked her full name, address, and for ID. As she is frisked by the guard she is asked her relationship to Angus, and replies she is a friend of his. Everything signed they head off to the visitor area in a slow mo effect.
Back after the break Rachel and Susan are now sat at the table waiting for Angus. Rachel looks nervously at the big tattooed guy sat at the next table over and then Angus is lead in to the room and we get slow motion again and music this time as Rachel stands up and they look into each other's eyes.
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Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 5503
Steph Scully

Steph Scully, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5503
Steph Scully, Libby Kennedy

Steve Parker in Neighbours Episode 5503
Steve Parker

Nicola West in Neighbours Episode 5503
Nicola West

Rachel Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5503
Rachel Kinski

Rachel Kinski, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5503
Rachel Kinski, Libby Kennedy

Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5503
Libby Kennedy

Dan Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 5503
Dan Fitzgerald

Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 5503
Toadie Rebecchi

Nicola West in Neighbours Episode 5503
Nicola West

Dan Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 5503
Dan Fitzgerald

Dan Fitzgerald, Steph Scully, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5503
Dan Fitzgerald, Steph Scully, Libby Kennedy

Susan Kennedy, Rachel Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5503
Susan Kennedy, Rachel Kinski

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