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Neighbours Episode 5460 from 2008 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5460 (Riley Parker departs)
Australian airdate: 23/05/08
UK airdate:
Writer: Jeff Truman
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Kirsten Gannon: Nikola Dubois
Lyn Scully: Janet Andrewartha
Detective Alec Skinner: Kevin Summers
Nicola West: Imogen Bailey
Samantha Fitzgerald: Simone Buchanan
Sienna Cammeniti: Erin McNaught
Summary/Images by: Miriam/Emily
Carmella admitting to Sienna that she took the money from The General Store.
Didge sees Riley and Nicola kissing.
Paul adamant that Rebecca isn't the one blackmailing him.
Lyn admitting that she's the blackmailer.
Steve telling the police that he was the one who hit Chris Knight, not Didge.
Number 26
The police are leaving with Steve and Didge; Miranda follows closely behind, telling Riley and Nicola to stay put. Nicola tries to comfort Riley but he pushes her hand from his arm.
Erinsborough Police Station
Steve tells the police that he found Chris by Lassiters Lake...he was all over Bridget, they argued, and then Steve pushed Chris over.
In another room, Bridget says it was her who pushed Chris. The police challenge her.
Steve tells the police that Didge has been through a traumatic experience and her memories are blurred.
Detective Skinner asks Didge why she didn't call an ambulance; she says she didn't know Chris was hurt, and she just wanted to get away.
Steve says he didn't call the police immediately because he was concerned for his daughter. He confesses he was on his way to the police when they turned up at his house. Det Skinner reminds Steve that if Chris doesn't regain consciousness, this is a really critical situation.
The General Store
Ned and Kirsten arrive with Mickey who is begging to be taken to the cinema tomorrow at 2pm. Shouting for no apparent reason, Lou approaches them and tells Ned about Didge and Steve. He offers to look after Mickey so Ned can go to the station and Kirsten can work. On the way out, Ned conveniently runs into Sam, telling her that Steve needs a lawyer.
She throws her paper down and follows Ned out the store.
Mickey sits with Lou and asks him why his parents are so busy - he doesn't think they have any fun anymore.
Number 32
In a bizarre admission which seems to not really follow the sinister line of blackmail that has been presented so far, Lyn is telling Steph and Elle how Yasmin from Lassiters told her about Paul and Kirsten.
It's such an odd scene: Lyn happily admitting she blackmailed Paul because it...well, it just felt good. This is really one of those stories that was done for the drama with absolutely no real thought to the characters or follow through.
Lyn very cheerfully says that Rebecca was a victim, so she used Becca's account details to ensure she got compensation for Paul's bad behaviour with Kirsten. What?! Ludicrous.
Oh, and $12,400 was the amount that Lyn paid for her wedding day, what it cost her.
She then goes on to say that Paul costed her much more than that - her happiness, her self esteem, her home...she starts to cry. Steph tells Elle this is over, now. Elle nods in understanding, just as Paul comes in, saying that there's not a chance this is over.
Steph demands that Paul leaves right now, but he lays into Lyn. Elle reminds her dad that he's not exactly innocent in all of this:
ELLE: You cheated on a woman you were supposed to marry.
LYN: Old habits......die hard.
Lyn goes to her bedroom, and Steph yells at Paul that he caused all this, making her mother ill. Elle takes control, and says that if Steph keeps their secret, they'll keep Lyn's.
ELLE: We won't take that note to the police - which probably has her fingerprints on it - and you never mention anything to Rebecca, and make sure she doesn't, either. Deal?
The General Store
Carmella is begging Marco In Glasses to give Sienna another chance, and finally says that Sienna didn't steal the money - no, she just borrowed it! Marco says he can't trust their cousin, but Carmella says she'll vouch for Sienna if necessary.
Number 26
The Parkers arrive home, and there have been no charges laid. Miranda is furious that Steve protected Bridget like that, but Steve ignores her and instead thanks Ned for sending Sam down to see him.
Miranda reminds Steve that he could still go to jail.
MIRANDA: How can you be so damn positive? You lied to the police!
DIDGE: Dad! I wanted to tell the truth!
They both start to cry.
Steve admits that normally the truth would have been right, but this time his way was the best way.
MIRANDA: With you in jail?
STEVE: No-one's going to jail!
DIDGE: Can you both stop it?
Didge runs off.
STEVE: Are you satisfied?
Miranda bursts into tears and brings her hands to her face. Steve apologises and puts his arms around her to comfort her.
Sam explains that the police are in a difficult situation, now that they have conflicting statements. Steve wants assurance that his statement will take precedence over his daughter's...but Sam says it depends: is his statement the truth?
When Sam admits that Chris' bad character might not come to light in court, and that their not coming forward earlier will also reflect badly on them, Steve insists that his statement is the one that stands.
STEVE: I'm not gonna play Russian roulette with your future.
RANDA: Oh, for God's sake!
SAM: If you'd like to discuss this with your family...
STEVE: No, no. I'd like this to stand, please.
SAM: Okay, I'll...get it prepared.
Number 22
Paul is angry with Elle for cutting a deal with the Scullys. Paul thinks Lyn should be made to pay for the blackmailing, saying that she nearly ruined everything for him. Elle pointedly reminds him that it was *he* who nearly ruined everything by jumping into bed with Kirsten.
ELLE: No affair, no blackmail. Cause and effect. Poor Lyn is still struggling.
Elle insists that Paul deal with this; Lyn is clearly on the verge of a nervous breakdown, and so will Rebecca be if she finds out about Kirsten.
ELLE: And while you're at it, hang the washing out.
Exit, leaving Paul rather gobsmacked at his assertive youngest daughter.
The General Store
Carmella works on the laptop, whilst Mickey comes in, covered in Christmas lights. He asks Lou for some help so he can make a special night for his mum and dad who are working so hard. It's almost cute, but I still want to yell 'BRAT' at him.
Lou thinks it's a lovely idea.
Oliver bounces Chloe (a man with a baby is just so cute) with Elle by his side, as he watches Carmella trying to sort out the accounts. She asks if she can stretch their friendship by asking him to have Chloe for another hour. Friendship?!? For crying out loud, he's the father, and he should flippin' well have her if needs be!
Oliver passes Chloe to Elle for a moment and - holding Chloe out in front of her like a rubbish bag that you don't want to touch unless absolutely necessary - Elle walks away to get a table. Oliver perches next to his ex. He asks about Sienna's job, and Carmy says it's all sorted, but Oli knows that she hasn't told Marco the truth about her addiction.
He goes to sit with Elle who has Chloe perched rather uncomfortably on her lap, pretending to look happy to be holding a baby.
Number 26
Miranda comes out to join Steve who is sitting on the front steps.
STEVE: I know what you're going to say.
MIRANDA: I love you. You drive me crazy. But I love you.
Inside, Didge doesn't want Riley to leave, and wonders if he's desperate to get away from Nicola; she promises not to tell their parents. Riley tells his sister that there was nothing really between him and Nicola; it was just a game. Didge suggests that they get rid of Nicola - they could think of something and make it happen.
Riley tells his little sister he needs to do this and take control of his life. Miranda walks in on their conversation, and Bridget tells her mum not to let him go. Throwing a hissy fit as they take dinner to the table and join the rest of the family, Didge says she doesn't want him to go. Miranda begs her son not to leave, but Steve intervenes: Riley knows how they feel, but he's not a kid, and has to decide for himself what he wants.
STEVE: If you're really passionate about this - and God knows why - but if you are, nothing we say is going to change your mind. Just promise us you'll take care and be safe.
RILEY: Yeah, I promise, I will.
DIDGE: Yeah, and I promise that if you go, I will never, ever speak to you again.
The General Store
Kirsten walks into a deserted store, to find Christmas lights around a table with 'mum' and 'dad' name signs at the appropriate place settings.
KIRSTEN: Christmas in May?
May 2007, if the notice on the drinks fridge is anything to go by. Perhaps someone should notify the props department that we've moved on a year.
Ned arrives, surprised to see Kirsten - they both had garbled messages to meet a client here. Mickey comes out with a chef's hat on, and brings them a meal. It's because they work hard and need a romantic dinner for two.
Do you know, even though his gesture is ever so cute, he is just so damn annoying.
Kirsten pours the wine, and they start eating.
Number 26
Riley is flicking through his passport. A fake one, I might add - you can tell by the way the photo has been patched onto the front. I watch 'Border Security'. I know what goes on.
Nicola comes into the kitchen, sounding all tearful that Riley would be so keen to get away from her. He says that she's not the only reason, but that Miranda would never get over it if she found out about them.
Sienna - in full Joanna Hartman mode (with the lips to match) - throws her arms around Marco to thank him for giving her a job back. She annoying looks all cutesy when Carmella points out that she's wearing the dress that she bought for her. Sienna doesn't even have the courtesy of saying thank you.
Sienna - or I may just call her Jo from this point on - cutesily trips off to meet her friends in a ridiculously irritating way.
Oliver comes in with Chloe, whilst Carmella looks over at Sienna and her mates, as if she were wishing she could go out with them, too.
Number 32
Lyn is clearing up Charlie's toys, when Steph comes back from putting Charlie to bed.
Lyn sits on the floor, after putting a few toys away, and Steph perches on the sofa. She insists on pushing her mum to talk about what happened with Paul. Lyn says she doesn't know what she was thinking, she was just being silly. Steph reiterates that Lyn's okay now - she's over it, and has a whole new life now...doesn't she?
LYN: It's all good...
She crumbles on the floor, and Steph puts her arms around her mum whilst she cries. Lyn sobs that the salon's gone under since Valda lost all that money, and Oscar's daycare is costing her so much that she can't afford it, and she just feels so scared.
LYN: ...and I get lonely.
Steph pulls her mum to her again, and Lyn cries on her shoulder.
Riley meets Elle at the bar and offers to buy her a drink to return the one she bought him when he first arrived. She can't stay for a drink, so he kisses her cheek and, choked up, says he'll see her later.
Elle stands there, looking confused.
Number 26
Riley is zipping up his bag. He picks up a picture of him with his mum, dad and sister, then returns it - along with a letter to his mum and dad. He grabs his bags, takes one last look at the house, and walks out.
Nicola and her lips wander into the lounge, all mournful and upset. She takes the letter for Miranda and Steve and selfishly puts it into her pocket.
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Steve Parker, Detective Alec Skinner in Neighbours Episode 5460
Steve Parker, Detective Alec Skinner

Bridget Parker, Miranda Parker, Detective Alec Skinner in Neighbours Episode 5460
Bridget Parker, Miranda Parker, Detective Alec Skinner

Lyn Scully, Steph Scully, Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5460
Lyn Scully, Steph Scully, Elle Robinson

Lyn Scully in Neighbours Episode 5460
Lyn Scully

Paul Robinson, Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5460
Paul Robinson, Elle Robinson

Marco Silvani, Carmella Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5460
Marco Silvani, Carmella Cammeniti

Miranda Parker, Steve Parker in Neighbours Episode 5460
Miranda Parker, Steve Parker

Steve Parker, Bridget Parker in Neighbours Episode 5460
Steve Parker, Bridget Parker

Samantha Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 5460
Samantha Fitzgerald

Miranda Parker, Steve Parker, Riley Parker in Neighbours Episode 5460
Miranda Parker, Steve Parker, Riley Parker

Mickey Gannon, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 5460
Mickey Gannon, Lou Carpenter

Carmella Cammeniti, Oliver Barnes, Chloe Cammeniti, Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5460
Carmella Cammeniti, Oliver Barnes, Chloe Cammeniti, Elle Robinson

Bridget Parker, Riley Parker in Neighbours Episode 5460
Bridget Parker, Riley Parker

Kirsten Gannon, Mickey Gannon, Ned Parker in Neighbours Episode 5460
Kirsten Gannon, Mickey Gannon, Ned Parker

Lyn Scully, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 5460
Lyn Scully, Steph Scully

Riley Parker in Neighbours Episode 5460
Riley Parker

<<5459 - 5461>>
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