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Neighbours Episode 5434 from 2008 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5434
Australian airdate: 17/04/08
UK airdate:
Writer: Sarah Dollard
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Samantha Fitzpatrick: Simone Buchanan
Prue Brown: Penny Cook
Dr Veronica Olenski: Caroline Lloyd
Summary/Images by: Shona/Elin
Lou tries to get the footy team to join the campaign to save the GS
Sam spies Dan and Libby playing with Ben; Susan spots her.
It's Lou's duty to protect the GS and its connection with Harold
Olenski checks Rosie and finds a heartbeat
Rosie and Frazer can't believe it and they laugh and smile as Olenski points out the fluttering of the baby's heartbeat on the ultrasound.
Outside Number 32
Sam explains to Susan that she wasn't feeling well and Dan went to apologise so she was going to do the same. As she struggles to explain why she didn't go in, Susan tells her it's okay, just as Fitzy emerges, swinging Ben about. When he sees Sam, he asks what she's doing he - out of bed. Sam looks to Susan and Libby looks to Fitzy before trying to act normally.
General Store
Marco's looking a tad hassled when Lou rocks up with his petition (of 200 signatures) and tells him he'll be presenting it to council if he doesn't change his mind. Marco knows that Lou once applied for a liquor licence himself but Lou says it was a temporary licence and it didn't work for the store. Lou keeps getting in Marco's way as he tries to walk away; he won't move until Marco withdraws the application.
Declan wants to have a go at lead guitar but Ringo laughs this suggestion off. Zeke goes all geek and asks if he has a flux capacitor. The teens laugh but it goes way over Declan's head. Didge bails him out, informing him Zeke's quoting 'Back To The Future' and the only way he'll get lead guitar is if he goes back in time and learns it from an early age.
Rachel notices that Ringo hasn't eaten much and suggests he takes it home with him but Ringo says he's had a big lunch. Rachel asks if everything's okay as Didge watches and Ringo brushes her off, insisting he's fine as he strains to remain civil. Rach suggests they all go and see a movie tomorrow but Ringo's training all day. Didge invites herself along and Rachel warns him not to wear himself out, adding quickly to leave some energy for band practice.
Sam tells Fitzy that they talk and talk and then she sees him with Lib and Ben and it's like they're a little family. She knows it's easier with them than her but Fitzy tells her to take a step back; her worries aren't real. As Steph randomly eavesdrops Fitzy tells Sam that he's going to make things work. He should've probably just come home and he'll meet her halfway on this from now on. They kiss. Sam thinks it must be hard for Libby but Fitzy reminds her how Libby has repeatedly told them she's fine with it. She's happy for them. Sam doesn't look entirely convinced.
Number 30
Rosie and Frazer are looking at their ultrasound pics. Frazer thinks it looks like him and apologises for doubting her. Rosie assures him it's in the past and wants him to tell her and 'Peach' ('Peach' as it's only 7cm and the size of a peach) about their trip to Italy. Frazer would rather their child have a more masculine name than Peach, should it turn out to be a boy, like Tennis Ball....but Rosie will not be calling her child that!
Moving onto Italy and Rosie says it's much more important than the firm. Prue and Ringo arrive home and immediately know something's up by how cheery Frosie are.
ROSIE: We are having a baby.
They congratulate them and Rosie dives off to call Carmy. Frazer tells his mum and bro that they're going to Italy as soon as possible. Ringo's face falls further as Frazer says they might go for an extended stay and he points out the issue of Marco and the store but Prue thinks he'll understand. Once Prue's gone Frazer tells Ringo not to worry about where he's going to live - they'll work something out. Ringo says it's cool and concentrates on the fact he's going to be an uncle. The best ever, Frazer's believes. Fraze leaves the room and Ringo pushes his food away.
Ringo comes to a stop beside Didge, who asks how many more laps he's going to do - anyone would think he was in training for another marathon. She asks how long Frazer's going to be away and Ringo decides to race her to the water. Pretending he's twisted his ankle, he lies on the grass and annoys Didge by repeating what she says. They tussle for a bit on the ground until they stare at each other for a moment, realise what they're doing and Didge walks away. Ringo heaves a sigh.
General Store
Marco thinks Frazer has a good excuse for pulling out of the deal. Frazer muses how he did really want to do this and Marco will have his cash until he finds a new partner. In fact this might be a good time to get his old man involved. But Marco says he'll cope.
Lou tells Elle that he's chuffed with Heather's article. But Elle says he hasn't seemed to have made any dent on the business. Lou grumbles that Marco's cooking is rather popular but that doesn't give him the right to turn the GS into a common tavern! Elle thinks Lou's sounding more and more like Harold every day. Lou says that can't be too bad then holds up the front page at Marco as he approaches the table, telling him to keep booze out of the GS. Marco apologises to Elle for the late delivery of her coffee - it's on the house.
Frazer spots Sam and apologises for what he said to her. Discovering she hasn't seen Rosie today, he gives her the good news and Sam goes off to find her. Frazer tells Marco he'll put out the word about him selling, then splits. Elle is surprised that Fraze is selling already and Marco confesses that he doesn't think he can keep the place running by himself. The wheels in Elle's head begin to turn...
Number 22
Rebecca calls Rosie to congratulate her. Ollie spots Elle coming through the door and is so overcome with happiness he picks her up and swings her round. He then apologises for getting carried away.
DECLAN: What didn't you tell me like that?
OLIVER: Well you're not as pretty as she is.
Rebecca can't get through to Rosie on the phone so she gets a reluctant Declan to leave aside his PS2 and come with her, reminding him she is allowing him to have band practice at the house later on.
Elle says that Ollie must be pleased that Frazer is selling his half of the GS so he can attack Marco with both barrels. But Ollie's changed his tune; he might withdraw his complaint as he's caused enough trouble. Elle thinks that's more like the Ollie she once knew.
ELLE: Well, let's face it - you have been acting like a bit of a tool lately. But you always make the right decision in the end.
He's missed her. She asks if he's flirting with her but he denies it - he's just glad they're hanging out again.
DIDGE: If banana, honey and chip sandwiches are wrong, I just don't want to be right.
Yummo, that's my lunch for tomorrow sorted. Ringo's less than impressed though and wants to go for another run even though Didge brought him some more conventional roast chook sarnies. She tells him not to be mad. He says he isn't and she tells him not to act weird then. He apologises for earlier but she knows he was just mucking around. She likes how they get along really well - they're good friends. Such good friends she made something for him - she presents him with a friendship bracelet. Or band, since he's a boy. Ringo thanks her then looks all serious again.
Number 30
Rosie says Fitzy's happy for Ringo to stay on but Frazer thinks he can't be expected to be Ringo's guardian as well as his teacher and counsellor. Prue thinks he can't stay on without any family around him. But Frazer and Rosie remind her that he's in the midst of his VCE and is almost 18. Ringo comes in and tells them he can speak for himself. Prue says him it's best he comes home. Ringo tells them to stop talking about his future like he has no say in it.
RINGO: 'Cause you know what? It's mine. And I can take care of myself.
Number 22
Rebecca commends the boys on their music before deciding to adopt the lingo of the youth of today, telling them it was 'sick'.
REBECCA: Oh, no, hang on a minute - the word is 'random', isn't it?
DECLAN: Mum, stop while you're behind.
Ollie returns with Elle and deems band practice to be over. Declan reminds him that Hendrix picked up the guitar when he was fifteen and Ollie sarcastically says it's a great idea to compare himself to Hendrix. Zeke removes them from the situation by suggesting they practice upstairs.
Elle informs Rebecca that Ollie's dropping his objection about the liquor licence and warns him that he should be worried about Marco's cooking too. Ollie thinks the customers will get bored and come back. But Lassiter's will still take a hit from the licence. Elle tells him not to worry - it'll sort itself out. Ollie doesn't trust her judgement, a journo with no business interest anymore.
Once Ollie's gone Rebecca says she's glad Elle and Ollie are getting on well as she was worried about them with their history. Elle says she's sure they can still be friends but then she doesn't look so certain.
General Store
Marco's still swamped when Elle comes in - doesn't he have any staff? Lou, for one, isn't pulling his weight. Elle tells Marco he's going to sell her half his business. Marco thinks Ollie put her up to this but Elle sees a good investment. She'll let him run the store his way but wants him to drop the liquor licence application. It's not about Ollie but protecting Lassiter's and Charlie's. She hands him a note with her offer on it.
Ringo and Didge come in. Didge asks Ringo to get her a chocolate milkshake. He does, then asks Marco if there are any jobs going. He tells him to hand in a CV. Rachel spots Ringo and asks what's with the not eating. Didge watches them talk from afar as Rachel says he promised his mum and now he's skipping meals and overexercising. Ringo says he just ordered a milkshake and Rach's bored because she's not at school. However he thanks her for her concern and leaves.
Didge asks Rachel if everything's okay and Rachel brushes it off, making to go home. But Didge catches her up outside and says she's knows what's wrong with him. He's acting weird and she deserves to know what's going on. Rachel says there's no big secret and denies there's anything going on between them. Didge simply wants to know what's wrong so she can help as well. Rachel looks torn but doesn't say anything so Didge says she'll hold her personally responsible if anything happens to him.
Elle spots Ollie with his phone; Carmy is taking Chloe to the Coliseum. Ollie misses his daughter more than he thought possible. He asks her if he and Carmy hadn't had a baby, would they still have been together? Elle thinks maybe. Ollie admits he was flirting with her, but not consciously. Mia's old news.
This week it's Sam who's being left to look after things at Rebecchi Cammeniti. She assures Rosie she'll be fine taking care of it. Rosie goes to Steph and asks if she has a number for Toadie but Steph admits she doesn't have one.
Ringo tells Frazer that he wants to stay and Frazer admits he wants him to. He asks if he's okay but Ringo assures him he's just jealous about the trip and Fraze should stop stressing. However his smile fades pretty quickly once Frazer looks away.
General Store
Even though Marco single-handedly serves every customer, cooks all the food and so on, he's found a moment to look over Elle's offer. He has two conditions; that she remains hands-off and they review the licence issue in six months. Elle doesn't think he's in the position to bargain but Marco assures her otherwise. Elle tells him his squabble with Ollie has nothing to do with her and voila the deal is done.
Susan and Libby are drinking randomly with Prue and Ringo as they remark on how fantabolous Frazer and Rosie's news is.
Rosie thanks Sam for believing her and being there for her.
Rachel overhears Frazer tell Fitzy that Ringo seems to be coping alright with them going. He assures Fitzy that they'll find him somewhere else to live.
Marco comes in. Shouldn't he be washing dishes or something? He tells Rosie that Carmy's over the moon. Rosie says she screamed for 47 hours when she told her and then she called Marco and screamed some more.
Rachel grabs Ringo and says his symptoms are back - admit it! She's sorry but if he doesn't tell Fraze, she will. He has to know.
FRAZER: Tell me what, Ringo? What do I have to know?
Ringo heaves another big sigh.
Number 22
Ollie's shaking up a cocktail, wearing only a towel. Elle arrives back and when confronted with his shirtless state reminds him he's not living in a hotel anymore. Ollie is glad she's home and Elle was going to tell him about her day. Ollie goes round towards her so he can stand very close and listen better, I presume. But oh no he's moving towards her and before you know it, it's pash o'clock.
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Samantha Fitzgerald, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5434
Samantha Fitzgerald, Susan Kennedy

Samantha Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 5434
Samantha Fitzgerald

Frazer Yeats, Rosie Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5434
Frazer Yeats, Rosie Cammeniti

Declan Napier, Rebecca Napier in Neighbours Episode 5434
Declan Napier, Rebecca Napier

Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 5434
Lou Carpenter

Ringo Brown, Rachel Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5434
Ringo Brown, Rachel Kinski

Dan Fitzgerald, Samantha Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 5434
Dan Fitzgerald, Samantha Fitzgerald

Ringo Brown, Prue Brown in Neighbours Episode 5434
Ringo Brown, Prue Brown

Bridget Parker in Neighbours Episode 5434
Bridget Parker

Ringo Brown in Neighbours Episode 5434
Ringo Brown

Oliver Barnes in Neighbours Episode 5434
Oliver Barnes

Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5434
Elle Robinson

Oliver Barnes in Neighbours Episode 5434
Oliver Barnes

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