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Neighbours Episode 5399 from 2008 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5399
Australian airdate: 28/02/08
UK airdate:
Writer: Peter Dick
Director: Jet Wilkinson
Guests: Kirsten Gannon: Nikola Dubois
Priest: Jurgen Loos
Summary/Images by: Miriam/Elin
Susan collapsing at school.
Paul telling Rebecca that he remembers Lyn, loved hurt and hurt her.
Steph telling Toadie to uninvited Paul to the wedding because Lyn will be there.
The Church
Everyone is at the wedding. Valda, Karl, Susan, Frazer as best man. Frazer gives Toadie the thumbs up and he smiles a little too much. Karl and Susan grin oddly into the camera in an Arlington Road sort of way, and Toadie grins maniacally back. The organ starts. The doors open. Toadie stares down the aisle to...nothing.
No-one comes down the aisle.
The people in the church start laughing.
Karl and Susan and Valda are laughing straight into the camera which is very strange to watch, Frazer laughs in a freaky joker-like way, and Susan points at Toadie, laughing in his face.
The laughing becomes maniacal...
Number 32
...and Toadie suddenly awakes on the sofa, as Steph and Valda returning home laughing. Valda tells Toadie that Miranda's on board with the arrangements and is sorting everything.
VALDA: People will be talking about this wedding for years to come. It will be just like, oh - Charles and Di. Jennifer and Brad.
TOADIE: Tom and Nicole?
VALDA: Yeah!
TOADIE: Yeah - they all divorced.
VALDA: Er...they were fabulous weddings, but.
Steph tells Toadie that Miranda wants the wedding rehearsal on the morning of the wedding.
Number 28 - outside
Rachel sits on the steps outside her home, moping. Susan comes out, and Rachel is surprised to see her awake.
RACHEL: Susan, I know that I have no right to expect everything to go back to normal, and I realise that you can't love me the way that you used to...
SUSAN: What? Is that what you think? Love, I know things have been difficult but that doesn't mean that I don't love you.
RACHEL: So what, you mean even after all the terrible things I said to you, you still want me to be your daughter?
SUSAN: You think I'd disown you?
RACHEL: Well, I'd understand if you wanted to.
SUSAN: Listen to me. You are my daughter. And I love you, and nothing on this Earth is ever going to change that.
Susan explains that it's hard to see Rachel as anything but the shy girl she first met, and Rachel retorts that it was a long time ago. Susan says she has to find new ways of being there for Rachel - love changes and grows just like people do.
Steph comes over to see Libby with bridesmaidy stuff to do. Susan puts her arms around Rachel and kisses her head.
Number 32
Frazer is suited up and Rosie likes it a lot! Toadie comes in with his suit - which is clearly the wrong size. Legs too short, arms too short, and he looks like a clown. Frazer says they'll take it back to get it adjusted, but Toadie replies that the hire place is closed. Valda offers to adjust the lining and take the sleeves and legs down for him.
Miranda and Ned and Mickey arrive with the cake.
MIRANDA: Oh, god...
ROSIE: There was a mix-up with the suit hire.
Toadie announces that this is a disaster, but Valda tells him to take his trousers down so she can sort them out.
TOADIE: I don't know you that well.
VALDA: Eh? Oh well, that's all gonna change I've been waiting for this for ages.
MIRANDA: Anyway, I'm here to see that there are no more hitches. That's what you're paying me for.
Toadie says the cake looks great and goes to sit down when:
The faces of everyone in the room have to be seen to be believed.
The General Store
Karl's getting food, and has a package in his hand when Paul comes in and thanks him for talking to Elle and helping her out. Paul feels like a failure as a father with her, so Karl tells him to be patient with Elle. As he goes to leave, Paul grabs Karl's arm violently...and very quickly looks rather alarmed at his actions. Moreso than Karl does. He lets go and apologises immediately. Karl walks off silently, with Paul left behind looking rather disturbed.
Number 32
Steph is on the phone to Lyn, rather upset - after she puts the phone down she tells Valda that Oscar has appendicitis and neither can come to the wedding.
Number 28
Susan's writing the wedding speech and wants another word for 'devotion'. The kids suggest 'adore' and 'worship', before Zeke thinks of 'dig'. Susan doesn't write it down, but claims she's taking a break...before admitting that she's had a bit of a relapse. She assures them she's handling it, just as Karl comes home.
Zeke offers to take Susan to her room to lie down, and Rachel looks rather distraught.
Karl suggests that he has something that might help - before whipping out a walking stick. Susan looks at him the way that only Susan can.
KARL: It's very strong, it's made of blonded maple, it's got an ergonomically designed handle...
Susan is still looking at the Karl the way that only Susan can and she ain't buying it. Karl tries to convince her again:
KARL: ...cleverly disguised as a whale...hmm? Come on. It'll make life a lot easier for you.
Libby comes out of her room, and the kids stand there wondering if Karl could have any less better timing.
LIB: A walking stick?
SUSAN: Yes, your father was just about to take it back where he got it from.
KARL: No, we agreed you would use a stick.
SUSAN: I said I would consider it; correction, I implied it without actually saying it. I didn't think you'd go out and buy one.
Susan tells Karl she won't be pushed by him or anyone, and she's going to have a rest.
SUSAN: And I will do it without the aid of a...a stick with a whale on it.
The kids think this wasn't a good idea, and Susan's not ready; but Karl points out that Susan has to be ready...she has no choice. He tells the kids they are going to present a united front to Susan because her neurologist has suggested an MS retreat. Zeke's upset that Karl wants to send Susan away, but his dad tells him it'll help Susan find practical ways to live her life with the illness.
Number 32
Everything seems to going wrong in the wedding prep, and Toadie asks Frazer and Rosie if they believe in omens.
TOADIE: I'm starting to think some evil force is trying to stop us getting married.
FRAZER: What's Valda got to do with it?
ROSIE: Frazer!
Rosie explains that she had one dream before her wedding where she was walking down the aisle then realised she was completely naked.
FRAZER: Sweetheart. You're confusing your dreams with our honeymoon.
Frazer and Rosie get all mushy and cuddly and kissy and he puts his hand on her bum! Please, this is teatime television. Rosie gets excited because Frazer has the rings and they think that showing them to Toadie will help reassure him. She skips into the hall, humming, and Frazer opens the boxes to show his mate. They've been inscribed with their names.
FRAZER: Kind and noble sir, these are the symbols of your everlasting love between your good self and your blushing bride.
TOADIE: Who's Jane?
FRAZER: What's that?
TOADIE: And who's Robert.
ROSIE: Oh, god...
FRAZER: That's not good. I'll take these back to the jeweller and get them fixed up quick sticks.
Toadie says he'll do it, because he needs to shout at someone. Fraze hands them over.
ROSIE: That. Is. The. WORST omen in the world.
Frazer and Rosie go back into the lounge where Charlie has wrecked the wedding cake.
FRAZER: Charlie!
ROSIE: Oohhhhh. No, actually - *that's* the worst possible omen.
The family are asking Susan to go on the MS retreat, but she feels railroaded by everyone. She thinks they've already decided this for her, and Karl offers to go with her if it will make things easier.
SUSAN: As my carer?
KARL: As your husband.
SUSAN: Really? I thought husbands consulted with wives before making decisions.
Rachel tells her that this is about trying to find the best way of being there for her.
SUSAN: Did you just quote me back at me?
RACHEL: Probably.
Susan tells her that she was talking about Rachel very specifically earlier, but Rachel tells her that love changes and grows as people do: they're trying to find the best way of loving her. Susan seems touched.
Elle is at a table when Paul comes in and he asks her if she found anything nice to wear at the wedding. He tries to make conversation with her, but she's not too interested in talking to him, and she walks off when he asks her about the counselling.
Kirsten comes to take Paul's order, and he asks for humble pie. She says they're all out, but she can serve up some bitter disappointment instead. She wrinkles her nose in that annoying way and Paul asks for a beer instead - and asks Kirsten to join him. She agrees, and he stares after her as she leaves.
What the...???
Number 22
Rebecca, Steph, Miranda, Didge, Rosie and Valda are all trying to make a new cake, and decide to combine it with the hen's night or Steph won't get one! Steph tells them that Toadie has no idea about the cake and will see it as a bad omen so they can't say anything to him. They decide to have champagne, and wonder where Susan's gotten to. Didge says that she doesn't think Susan's very well - she had trouble walking down the corridor at school yesterday. All the girls look upset and concerned.
The girls are now at Susan's thanking her for letting them use her oven, and she doesn't click in the slightest that they've done it for her. Karl puts the oven on for his wife which annoys her, and she tells him to go to the buck's do. He wants to stick around in case she needs him.
SUSAN: I need you like a hole in the head, go on - off you go.
KARL: I'll go, if you use this. (presents her with the walking stick)
SUSAN: Go, or I'll hit you with this.
He walks off with the stick, and Susan wonders if anyone wants champagne.
Number 30
The guys are spending the buck's night folding the napkins for the wedding reception into swan shapes. Fitzy is the first to work out it's a swan, and Frazer high fives him. Toadie says he can have a beer. Lou suggests it's never too late to have a traditional bucks night stripper...
HARRY: It's been too late for you for some time. Now behave yourself.
Lou can't make his napkin into a swan and Harry reprimands him because his edges aren't meeting. Frazer makes bunny ears. Karl turns up for the party, looking rather bemused at the swan-making.
Back at number 28, Rosie puts the cake layer in the oven, and the champagne has run out. Rachel and Didge appear to have made up properly, and Steph tells Miranda she's glad Charlie ruined the first cake...this has been a really great hen's night as a result.
Steph gets all emotional and says that even though Lyn can't be there she's still got Valda and Susan, and everyone gets mushy.
REBECCA: Look what you've made me do.
Rebecca cries. Well, that was predictable.
Susan tries to open the next bottle of champagne but struggles, and Libby quietly takes it from her instead. Susan's grateful.
Number 30
The guys are all sitting in the couch and the floor, presumably with all the swans now made up. Toadie says to the room that he's grateful Miranda came on board as there hasn't been one disaster since.
LOU: Oh yeah?! What about the wedding cake, eh?
TOADIE: What about the wedding cake?
LOU: Oh. Oh! Oh, I believe it's really nice...
TOADIE: Lou, I will have to hurt you...
Karl and Frazer tell Toadie that the cake is being fixed right now. Toadie thinks it's another bad omen, and Harry stands at the side looking concerned.
Becca makes Didge get up and dance crazily to some music, whilst Susan and Rachel watch from the kitchen. Susan tells Rachel that she's decided her daughter has some cheek using her own words against her, but that she's also be hypocritical if she didn't listen. So she's agreed to look at the retreat and check it out next week. Rachel looks dead pleased, and Susan puts her arm around her as Rach cheekily picks up a champagne glass.
Number 30
Toadie stands in the darkened hallway, and Harry comes in, telling him not to worry about bad omens, as weddings are always nerve racking. Toadie tells Harry he doesn't know the half of what's gone on today, but Harold retorts that he'll go on to have a wonderful life with Steph.
Harold has something for Toadie: the cufflinks that Madge gave him on their wedding day. He wants Toadie to wear them as a good omen because no couple loved each other more than they did. Toadie's really touched and pulls Harry into a hug.
Paul runs into Kirsten as he's leaving work, and she flirts with him, wondering if he was deliberately going home late hoping to run into her. Vain cow. She says she enjoyed talking to him today, as she's seen him around a lot but never had the courage to say hi.
Paul tells her he has to go, but Kirsten invites him for a drink. And he says he will - a drink sounds lovely. Uh oh.
The Church
Libby is doing the rehearsal at the front of the church with Frazer, Toadie and Steph, whilst Valda, Karl and Susan sit on the pews. Susan knows she's next to do the reading, and Karl wants Susan to take the walking stick with her. She refuses and limps up to the lectern with her notes, clearly struggling.
Libby turns to her mother and tells her to do the reading as a run through. Steph, Toad and Frazer are left at the front, whilst Libby joins Karl and Valda.
Susan starts to read her speech, and grasps both sides of the lectern as she does do to steady herself. Her voice starts to waver a little, and she's already out of breath but persists.
SUSAN: ...starting eight years ago when Toadie and Lance Wilkinson competed for Steph's affection.
Susan is struggling to say the words properly, and carries on until she can't speak anymore. Karl and Libby suddenly look concerned, and Susan's face contorts in pain as she literally drops to the floor.
Steph runs over as Karl calls out to his wife and leaps out of the pew to the front of the church. He yells at Frazer to call for an ambulance.
The camera pans out and Susan is lying on the floor surrounded by her friends, looking silently up at Karl who holds her hand and face and tells her it will be okay.
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Toadie Rebecchi, Frazer Yeats in Neighbours Episode 5399
Toadie Rebecchi, Frazer Yeats

 in Neighbours Episode 5399

Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5399
Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Frazer Yeats in Neighbours Episode 5399
Frazer Yeats

Susan Kennedy, Rachel Kinski, Audrey in Neighbours Episode 5399
Susan Kennedy, Rachel Kinski, Audrey

Paul Robinson, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5399
Paul Robinson, Karl Kennedy

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5399
Paul Robinson

Karl Kennedy, Rachel Kinski, Zeke Kinski, Libby Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5399
Karl Kennedy, Rachel Kinski, Zeke Kinski, Libby Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Karl Kennedy, Zeke Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5399
Karl Kennedy, Zeke Kinski

Paul Robinson, Kirsten Gannon in Neighbours Episode 5399
Paul Robinson, Kirsten Gannon

Dan Fitzgerald, Ned Parker, Toadie Rebecchi, Karl Kennedy, Frazer Yeats, Lou Carpenter, Steve Parker, Riley Parker in Neighbours Episode 5399
Dan Fitzgerald, Ned Parker, Toadie Rebecchi, Karl Kennedy, Frazer Yeats, Lou Carpenter, Steve Parker, Riley Parker

Toadie Rebecchi, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 5399
Toadie Rebecchi, Harold Bishop

Valda Sheergold, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5399
Valda Sheergold, Susan Kennedy

Frazer Yeats, Toadie Rebecchi, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 5399
Frazer Yeats, Toadie Rebecchi, Steph Scully

Libby Kennedy, Valda Sheergold, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5399
Libby Kennedy, Valda Sheergold, Karl Kennedy

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5399
Susan Kennedy

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5399
Susan Kennedy

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