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Neighbours Episode 5391 from 2008 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5391
Australian airdate: 18/02/08
UK airdate:
Writer: Jeff Truman
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Evelyn Wallace: Felicity Soper
Summary/Images by: Tracy C/ShadowDan
Steve winning the auction with a bid of $600,000.
Libby telling Steph to be open with Toadie about not wanting to marry him.
Steph telling the RSR's gathered for the auction that they are invited to a wedding on March 7th - Toadie's and hers.
Ramsay Street
Toadie pulls Steph away to talk still gobsmacked at what she has said, leaving the gathered RSR's to watch on but not before Lou says it's deja vu but at least Steph didn't get a skywriter!
Finally we cut to where Steph and Toadie are and he still isn't talking, so Steph suggests that if the date isn't convenient they can choose another one. In desperation, she asks him to say something and after keeping us on tenterhooks for a few seconds, he smiles and hugs Steph.
In the background after hearing a scream, Harold remarks "I think that's a yes" and Lou shouts out "break out the bubbly" as Steph and Toadie make their way over to them to enlist their help in spreading the word that there is an engagement party is going to be held at Charlie's.
Rebecchi/Cammeniti Law Firm
Rebecca arrives to find Jessica's mum waiting to see Rosie. She knocks on Rosie's door as we cut inside it to see Rosie swithering whether she is going to throw up or not in the bin. Rosie pulls a stalling tactic of having to do paperwork before she can see Mrs Wallace while at the same time trying so hard not to throw her guts up in front of Rebecca.
No. 26
Ned is panicking over what they've let themselves in for by bidding so much for the house but Steve is very nonchalant about it all saying the main priority is that they have a house.
Miranda's return surprises them all but that's not all, she arrives home with a pair of crutches after breaking her ankle falling off a bucking bronco (in reality it is covering up the real life broken ankle Nikki suffered). She is also pleased to hear that Didge has got rid of the granny gadget too.
MIRANDA: I see there's a sold sticker on the board out the front so who are the new owners.
MICKEY: Uncle Steve bought the house.
That is very much news to Miranda and sends everyone out so she can talk to Steve in private. When they are alone, he tries to get in first to pre-empt what she is going to say, telling her he'd had a change of heart after he called to say he'd stopped bidding.
MIRANDA: So how much did this change of heart cost?
STEVE: Six hundred thousand.
Miranda is totally speechless and Steve tries to be all positive by saying they've got their home but her reply is that there are plenty of other houses... even in their price range! Steve asks her to celebrate the good news but all she can see is the impossible debt they are now in.
Toadie and Steph celebrate with a glass of champers, with Toadie glad she asked and Steph relived he said yes.
Over at a table, Dan is trying to talk to Libby about her forthcoming start at the school but she keeps looking over to where Toadie and Steph are and eventually gives up talking to him about work to go chat with Steph.
Finally cornering her (Toadie is off to talk to Dan), Libby tells Steph of being stunned at her change of direction from their conversations in Shepparton. "What's said in Shep stays in Shep," Steph replies back and Libby is willing to play along as long as Steph answers one question.
LIBBY: Are you getting married out of obligation?
STEPH: Libby I love Toadie, love isn't an obligation.
LIBBY: Yes I read that on a coffee mug once.
STEPH: Look, I've made my mind up. Can you just be happy for me please?
Libby agrees and hugs her pal although she still has a reserved look on her face.
Rebecchi/Cammeniti Law Firm
Rebecca comforts Mrs Wallace while she waits to see Rosie - she wants something for the loss of her daughter to make it seem not so futile. Wanting to see why Rosie is taking so long, she enters her office where Rosie quickly recovers her composure and isn't exactly enthralled to find that Mrs Wallace's appointment hasn't been rescheduled.
Rosie then drops it that she hopes Mrs Wallace isn't seeking to sue someone as any they count would have no chance of success because they are "a small under-resourced firm that can't afford to take on pro-bono work". She wants Rebecca to explain that Mrs Wallace is wasting her time with them but she could try one of the larger firms in the city that specialise in class actions. Rebecca refuses to tell that to Mrs Wallace given she has been waiting so long, so Rosie agrees to tell her instead.
Before leaving, Rebecca asks Rosie if she is okay and although she replies yes, that is far from the truth as Rosie lets out a huge sigh after Rebecca leaves the office.
No. 26
Steve is trying to justify why he bid so much and how they are going to make the repayments but Miranda replies that they are on the last notch; they can't tighten their belts any more.
STEVE: I did this for us Miranda, for our family. We're happy here aren't we?
MIRANDA: I'm not happy Steve.
STEVE: Why not?
MIRANDA: Because you've screwed up.
STEVE: We can make this work Miranda.
MIRANDA: (sighing) Go ahead stick your head in the sand. As usual I'll be the one to clean up the mess.
Angrily Steve replies that "there is no mess to clean up" before storming out of the house ignoring Miranda's "where are you going?" question.
Lou wonders why Dan and Libby aren't dancing away like the other random couples at the impromptu engagement party. Deciding that they are more likely to be sitting together at the singles table, Libby invites Dan to get some practice in as they make their way to the dance floor.
At the bar, Steph thanks Valda for the phonecall, it helped her get her finger out and do something. "Happy with the one you've made" asks Valda and follows it up with "that's the main thing" when Steph replies that she was very happy.
Steph goes to get Valda a champers refill and Toadie asks that she keeps to herself the many conversations they have had in the past few days and agrees but not before remarking that he'd decided to end it with Steph. Toadie is stunned that she guessed but tells her it's cool now because Steph now want what he wants.
Steph calls everyone's attention to thank those gathered for sharing this day with them.
STEPH: We're very lucky to have such great friends and um we expect to see you all back here on the big day.
Cue cheering from the gathered.
TOADIE: And I just want to say ditto to what she's just said and for all those people who thought it wasn't going to happen na-na-na-na-na.
While the gathered go up and hug the happy couple, in the corner Libby quietly asks Valda if she is worried about this? With the prospect of a wet weekend in Blackpool Valda replies.
VALDA: If Steph's happy I couldn't be happier.
LIBBY: (As about as excited as Valda is) Yes, me too.
No. 26
Steve returns from a run to find Ned wanting to talk money. He offers to pay $5k more but can't afford anymore as he has Mickey to look out for but Steve still has his head in the sand. He asks his brother where his wife is and noticing that the sale of contract is missing too and Ned replies that she is out and did hear her saying the word 'lawyer'.
Rebecchi/Cammeniti Law Firm
Mrs Wallace tugs on Rosie's heart-strings to get her to help but Rosie sticks to her guns, they can't help and repeats what she told Rebecca - to go to a city firm that have better resources.
Lou and Harold offer congratulations to Didge and Riley when they enter the bar for not allowing Tim to re-develop even though they both wish they'd stopped Steve from bidding so high.
Rebecca is now bending Toadie's ear about Rosie not helping Mrs Wallace but Toadie backs up what his partner said - they aren't set up for that sort of litigation. Paul arrives to console his partner and suggests today wasn't quite the day to approach the subject.
Susan chats to Libby about Steph being a good made and helping her to pack up her belongings from the house. Libby is still giving Steph and Toadie funny looks from afar and Susan can't resist asking if Steph mentioned setting a date when they were away. "No she didn't," replies Lib.
Bringing over a glass of champers, Toadie admits to Rosie that he wishes he could help Mrs Wallace and surprisingly Rosie replies that she agrees too. He then spots that his partner doesn't look to good, which Rosie passes as something dodgy she ate, and offers her a glass of bubbly.
Spotting Steve arriving, Rosie calls him over to say that Miranda contacted her about the contract and if they could get out of it. With a smug look on his face he is pleased to hear that they can't get out of it and ads that Miranda is just going to have to get used to the fact they are the proud owners of Number 26 Ramsay Street.
Charlie's (later on)
The Parker kids tell Steve they are going home and ask when he is. It looks like Steve is stalling on going home and Riley tells him that he and Miranda are just going to have to work it out. He reassures them that he'll be home soon but before they leave, asks if they're happy at buying the house. While Riley is more upbeat and says "yes", Didge comes straight to the point - not if they can't afford it. Steve says they can and Riley tells him to tell that to Miranda.
The gathered guests are starting to leave Charlie's and Lou approaches Valda as she takes a breather and is stunned when she is nice to him by offering to buy a drink.
VALDA: Don't look at me like that. Don't you want my generosity?
LOU: (very wary) Alright. Could be nice.
VALDA: Righto, well what will you have?
LOU: A beer.
VALDA: A beer??? Is that all? I'm willing to go top shelf you know.
LOU: (still wary) No, a beer's fine.
Lou is still puzzled by Valda's generosity as she heads to the bar to get his beer.
No. 22
Rebecca lets off some steam at Paul for not being able to help Mrs Wallace after what she has been though. He agrees that someone should be brought to account over what happened and subtly suggests that she becomes the next Erin Brockovich.
REBECCA: I ain't no Erin Brockovich.
PAUL: No, you're much better looking.
REBECCA: You're shameless.
Paul replies back that he is actually being serious, and suggests that Toadie and Rosie can't say no if she does all the up front leg work especially if its something she really believes in.
Toadie reassures Steph they will get everything done in the short time span they have before the wedding date. Steph has one condition though - she is choosing a dress that doesn't make her look like a cream puff or a doily!
TOADIE: Babe you could turn up in a Hessian bag and gum boots just as long as I get to marry you.
Toadie then tells her to hurry up and choose a bridesmaid because he's already picked his best man - Charlie.
STEPH: Aww, my two favourite boys.
TOADIE: Yes it's going to be great.
They both realise the time and that Charlie should have been in his bed ages ago and tells Toadie she'll meet him in the car while she locks up and alone in the bar, Steph takes a very deep breath.
No. 26
Ned apologises to Miranda for not being able to give more money and wonders if the sale is off if they can't find it. Didge announces she is off to bed too and Miranda comments that Steve is obviously avoiding her. They suggest she goes to bed but instead Miranda makes herself comfy waiting for Steve to return, so Riley sits on the sofa opposite to keep her company.
Miranda asks her son if the street see Steve as being a hero for outbidding Tim Collins.
MIRANDA: And then his whinging wife comes home and puts a dampener on everything.
RILEY: He's forced you to be the bad guy again hasn't he?
MIRANDA: Yes and I'm over it. I'm sick of having to be the adult in this relationship. Its time Steve damn well grew up.
No. 26 (later on)
Riley decides its time for bed and says night to his mum leaving her to wait up for Steve to return home. She doesn't have to wait long because as soon he heads off, Steve arrives home.
He tells her that he did what he did because of the family but she doesn't agree - he does things for himself.
MIRANDA: You're the one who wanted to move here from Sydney on a whim because you were bored and wanted new challenges. And I supported you and I gave up my own work to do it leaving my mum behind, my sister behind and all my friends too. The vet's surgery that was your dream no-one else's and bidding way over the limit for this house that was all your mistake. It's always been about you and we're the ones who pay the price over and over again but Steve not any more.
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Toadie Rebecchi, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 5391
Toadie Rebecchi, Steph Scully

Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5391
Libby Kennedy

Jessica Wallace in Neighbours Episode 5391
Jessica Wallace

Rebecca Napier in Neighbours Episode 5391
Rebecca Napier

Riley Parker, Bridget Parker in Neighbours Episode 5391
Riley Parker, Bridget Parker

Steve Parker, Ned Parker in Neighbours Episode 5391
Steve Parker, Ned Parker

Miranda Parker in Neighbours Episode 5391
Miranda Parker

Steve Parker in Neighbours Episode 5391
Steve Parker

Rebecca Napier, Evelyn Wallace in Neighbours Episode 5391
Rebecca Napier, Evelyn Wallace

Miranda Parker in Neighbours Episode 5391
Miranda Parker

Steve Parker, Miranda Parker in Neighbours Episode 5391
Steve Parker, Miranda Parker

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