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Neighbours Episode 5379 from 2008 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5379
Australian airdate: 31/01/08
UK airdate:
Writer: Matt Ford
Director: Aarne Neeme
Guests: Taylah Jordan: Danielle Horvat
Sarah Dawson: Janine Watson
Angus Henderson: Jonathan Wood
Richard Aaranow: Blair Venn
Kellie Mills: Gabriel Burton
Gabby Mills: Bridgette Burton
Worried Nurse: Selma Danculovic
Summary/Images by: Emily/Elin
- Richard informs Karl that Oliver kept him alive out of spite.
- Marco leaves for Perth
- Declan reveals that it's Rachel who has been dating Angus, not Bridget.
School Corridor
Bridget tells Rachel not to say anything, while Declan encourages her to say something. Steve asks his daughter for the truth, but she sticks to her story. Realising that they are not getting anywhere, Fitzy sends everyone else off to class, and calls Henderson to his office. Rachel, Declan and Didge stand to wait their turn.
Carmella's Flat
Carmella claims that Marco is free to do what he likes, but Rosie points out that the excuse doesn't match her face when she watched the video of the party. She reminds her sister that the only reason he's going is because she broke it off with him. Carmella admits that she just wants to do what's right for Chloe, and has never been able to commit to anything in the past.
CARMELLA: The nun who gets addicted to pills; the girl who invites all her boyfriends to the birth.
She admits that she can't run after him; she's not going to give herself the chance to change her mind again. She just wants to look after Chloe, nothing else matters. Rosie reminds her that she is going to be a wonderful mother to Chloe, and that there is nothing wrong in having a supporting partner either. She tells Carmella to ring him, but she refuses.
Melbourne Airport
Marco waits in the departure lounge for his flight, but it is delayed. Picking up his mobile he scrolls down his contact list past Aaron, Anthony, Barry, Betty, and Blake to Carmella. Stopping at Carmella he pauses, before deciding against it and putting his phone back in his pocket.
School Office
Fitzy is interviewing Declan. He asks if he thinks Mr Henderson behaved in appropriately. Declan reckons so, but Fitzy warns him he needs to be sure, as Angus could go to gaol over this. Declan informs Fitzy that Didge is lying to protect Rachel, which must mean that something big is going on. Fitzy doesn't have time to question Declan further as Angus arrives, and he's not in a good mood. Angus starts accusing Declan of having a hidden agenda - he and Bridget were an item. Staring each other out, Fitzy lets Declan leave.
Angus turns to Fitzy and explains that there is nothing more than the fact that Bridget has a crush. He asks him how Rachel is involved, but Angus claims she isn't. Fitzy warns him that if he finds it's more than just a crush, he will have to inform the police.
Erinsborough Hospital
Watching Rebecca giving Chloe a cuddle through the glass, Karl informs Oliver that he'll be able to take her home soon. He admits that he's still not used to the idea of being a dad, but it's nice to see his mum enjoying being a gran. Topic soon turns to his biological dad, Richard. He admits that things aren't so good, but Karl mentions that babies can be miraculous healers, maybe now is the time to make contact. Oh, so so subtle, Karl! Oliver doesn't think that much can be undone, but Karl wonders if an apology would help. Glancing back to Rebecca he comments that it's a shame, causing Paul to wonder what he's up to. Karl is about to say something else, but realises he shouldn't and heads off.
School Corridor
Steve can't understand why Didge would lie to protect a friend and take so much of the blame. Miranda has trouble with her suppliers, and so has to go and sort it out. She wants to stay for the interview but Steve informs her that they will be fine.
Over by the locker bank, Zeke finds Rachel and gives her a hug. Susan and Libby arrive, but Fitzy asks them to come straight into the office.
School Office
Susan asks Fitzy what's going on and he admits that the situation he asked her advice for on earlier, he now thinks to have been Rachel. Susan is surprised to hear that he thinks something is going on between her and Angus. Fitzy admits that he's not sure about it, but Susan gives him permission to find out what he can and get to the bottom of it.
Asking Rachel to come into the office, Libby and Susan watch on as Fitzy asks her about her contact with Angus. Asking if she was involved with Mr Henderson, Rachel doesn't reply. Fitzy informs her that as the victim she isn't going to be punished for telling the truth and as such should tell them what happened. He admits that Angus is a young, good looking guy, who perhaps gave out the wrong signals, and as such it's not surprising that she could have a crush on him. Rachel still remains silent.
Fitzy hypotheses that perhaps Angus gave her a promise of a mature relationship. Susan doesn't seem happy with the fact that Daniel is suggesting that Rachel was in an adult relationship with him, but Rachel eventually speaks up and claims that it was just a stupid schoolgirl crush.
Erinsborough Hospital
Coming to check on Richard, Karl realises that he's stopped eating. He decides to up the dosage of his painkillers. Richard jokes that it could kill him, but Karl doesn't see the funny side. He comments that some people wouldn't know how gutless he is, especially when it comes to members of his own family. Karl reveals that although he's said nothing to them, he knows that his family want an apology.
Melbourne Airport
Marco's flight starts to board, but he stays seated, looking at his ticket.
School Corridor
Sitting down, Susan looks to be suffering from the stress. Libby still can't get hold of Karl at the hospital. Steve arrives, and Susan apologises for Rachel dragging Bridget into it. She admits that it looks like Bridget is covering for Rachel.
School Office
Bridget meanwhile is sitting in the office, and sends Rachel a text, advising her to empty her mobile inbox. Declan wanders in and apologises for blowing her cover. He couldn't stand by and watch her take the blame. Getting annoyed, she asks him to leave her.
School Corridor
Back around the corridor, Steven and Susan put two and two together and realise that Rachel has been sneaking out, but not around to the Parkers as Susan thought. Steve admits to Susan that he checked Bridget's mobile but couldn't find anything.
Heading back around the corner to the lockers, Rachel has just deleted all the texts that Angus had sent her. Asking for her phone, Susan realises what Rachel has just done.
Handing the phone to Fitzy, Susan explains what just happened. Fitzy asks if he can borrow the phone and heads back to the office. Losing her balance, Susan grabs hold of Libby, who leads her back to a chair.
School Office
Warning Angus that it's all about to come crashing down on him, Fitzy asks how long he's been seeing Rachel for. Angus stands by his story that nothing happened, but Fitzy doesn't believe he's telling the truth. Angus feels that he's out to get him, but Fitzy refuses to let it go. He proposes that maybe Angus really did fall for Rachel, and that they could forget she was a schoolgirl and believed they could have an adult relationship. He hypothesises that maybe Rachel fell in love with him, more than he did for her, but he still cared for her. Angus claims he cared for her in the way any teacher cares for their students, but nothing more. Fitzy brings out the mobile phone; laying it on the table he tells Angus that she is just a teenage girl, but she is proud of having a relationship with an older man. Angus leaves.
Sitting outside in the corridor, Rachel holds back the tears as she watches Angus walk away.
Erinsborough Hospital
On their way to leave the hospital Rebecca and Oliver are still chatting and cooing over Chloe.
OLIVER: Yeah, she's cute
REBECCA: Cute? She's positively edible.
As they continue to natter, Paul tells them to go on ahead as he'll catch them up. Oliver asks his mum if he thinks he should contact Richard. She points out that a lot has changed since Chloe, but he is still the same man, and she is still waiting for her day in court.
Carmella's Flat
Putting some stuff away, Carmella spots the sketch of her that Marco left for her.
Melbourne Airport
As the last of the passengers head to the flight gate, Marco sits and waits.
Carmella's Flat
Sitting on her couch, Carmella is tempted to call Marco, but decides against it.
Melbourne Airport
With the final boarding call projecting through the speakers, Marco heads to the gate. Hearing a voice he recognises, he turns around, but it's Rosie. She tells him not to go, but he admits he has to as he loves her. Rosie points out that Carmella's hormones are everywhere and she's not thinking straight, but Marco sees it as if he stays then he's not respecting her. He heads for the plane.
Erinsborough Hospital
Paul tries to ask Karl a question, but Karl is called through to an emergency in Richard's room. Paul follows behind and watches from the doorway, though is unable to see who the patient is. Richard wakes and admits he thought he had died, but Karl tells him that he'll still have a few more days, though they'll make them comfortable for him. Richard is shocked to see Paul at the door, and Karl orders him to leave.
Erinsborough Care Facility
Oliver arrives looking for Richard, but the receptionist informs him that he has checked out. She is unable to tell him where, as Richard expressed that he didn't want anyone to know where he was going; especially family.
School Office
With Rachel back in the office, Fitzy asks if she knows how common it is for a student to have a crush on a teacher. He informs her that it's no bad thing, as long as it doesn't spiral out of control, and get confused with reality. He comments that Angus referred to her as a gifted student, lacking emotional maturity. Rachel is shocked to hear that these were Angus' words, and enquires what else he said. Fitzy adds that Angus felt the situation spiralled out of control, but that she was a talented kid with potential. Seeing Rachel become upset, Susan asks if they can leave it for the day.
School Corridor
Coming out of the office, Rachel spots Angus further down the corridor. Instead of turning to head home, she begins to yell at Angus across the corridor, with other watching on. She yells that she covered for him, and even lied to her family for him. With a crowd gathering, Susan encourages her to come home. Angus starts to speak but she cuts him off.
RACHEL: No, I was not just a kid. I was your lover.
Standing up and walking over to her, he admits he said nothing to Fitzy. Fitzy played her. Rachel is shocked, but not as much as Susan who grabs her arm and takes her home. Libby glares at Fitzy for a moment, before turning to follow.
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Steve Parker, Bridget Parker, Rachel Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5379
Steve Parker, Bridget Parker, Rachel Kinski

Rosie Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5379
Rosie Cammeniti

Marco Silvani in Neighbours Episode 5379
Marco Silvani

Dan Fitzgerald, Declan Napier in Neighbours Episode 5379
Dan Fitzgerald, Declan Napier

Angus Henderson in Neighbours Episode 5379
Angus Henderson

Miranda Parker, Steve Parker, Bridget Parker in Neighbours Episode 5379
Miranda Parker, Steve Parker, Bridget Parker

Dan Fitzgerald, Libby Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5379
Dan Fitzgerald, Libby Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Libby Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5379
Libby Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Rachel Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5379
Rachel Kinski

Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5379
Libby Kennedy

Richard Aaronow, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5379
Richard Aaronow, Karl Kennedy

Richard Aaronow in Neighbours Episode 5379
Richard Aaronow

Rachel Kinski, Zeke Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5379
Rachel Kinski, Zeke Kinski

Susan Kennedy, Rachel Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5379
Susan Kennedy, Rachel Kinski

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5379
Paul Robinson

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