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Neighbours Episode 5364 from 2007 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5364
Australian airdate: 13/12/07
UK airdate:
Writer: Ben Michael
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Darren Stark: Todd MacDonald
Angus Henderson: Jonathan Wood
Jessica Wallace: Heidi Valkenburg
Kirsten Gannon: Nikola Dubois
Taylah Jordan: Danielle Horvat
Josh Taylor: Liam Hemsworth
Grant Stevens: DJ Scott Van Rune
Summary/Images by: Emily
Rachel warns Angus that Jessica has seen them together.
Zeke manages to convince all the parents of Ramsay Street that they won't be going to the dance party.
Darren and Janae find themselves in similar situations in the garage.
Brad demotes Riley and Elle to archive duty though they are keen to cover a story on the rave.
A million and one underage kids are packed into a warehouse for the illegal dance party of the year. All are glowing with luminous headbands and wristbands. Ringo tries to press Jessica for the secret she said she was going to announce, but she tells them they'll have to wait a bit more.
Declan springs Zeke sending a text to his mysterious girlfriend. Rachel is shocked to hear that he has a girlfriend and wonders why he never told her of this news. Zeke doesn't see how it's a big deal, but Rachel still wants to know all the secrets of her brother. Let him have some privacy!
Didge is pleased to see Josh wheel in. Declan watches on as they kiss and start to chat about how cool the music is!
Frustrated at realising she no longer knows everything about everyone's lives; Rachel warns Jessica to stop messing about, and the subject turns to Ringo. Jessica points out that she's already had her turn and to stop arranging other people's lives. She warns her that she knows about her and Angus, and soon the rest of the school will know too! Rachel is left dumbfounded.
Number 26
Janae is thrilled with the fact that Janelle has been able to offer them a quarter off the price of the house, which would also lower their repayments. Ned doesn't share quite the enthusiasm; in fact he has none as he sits there silently. Janae eventually forces him to talk.
NED: Yeah, that's cool.
JANAE: Okay, that was a really poor effort, even by your standards.
He goes on to admit that Steve and Miranda aren't keen to buy the property with Janae, but claims it's because they aren't married. Janae doesn't see why and claims she's not going to pull out of the deal. Ned points out they'll have to as it's Steve who's putting up the deposit.
As the music is bopping and random extras are grooving away on the stairs, Elle and Riley arrive. She makes final checks that they have spare batteries for the camera and fully charged mobile phones. Riley points out that she's not fitting in all that well, especially with her coat on. She whips her coat off, commenting that it's for the cloakroom and runs in, shouting out if Riley is going to follow her or not.
Number 26
Janae can't understand why Steve and Miranda would allow marriage to stop them from buying the house and giving Mickey a home. Ned suggests that maybe it should be just his name on the mortgage papers, causing Janae to twig that it is her and not the concept of marriage that is what Steve and Miranda are against. Ned admits that they are worried their relationship is unstable, and that they have a lot of money going into this and there is no room for error.
JANAE: Oh, so I'm an error now?
NED: No, I don't see it that way. I would never go into a deal without you.
JANAE: You just tried to.
Ned tries to get out of it, but Janae points out that his lame excuse about marriage was flawed and that she can't understand how he's trying to get her out of her own home. Ned doesn't see how her name on a piece of paper matters so much, and claims it's all about Mickey. Whoops, big mistake there Neddy boy.
JANAE: No, this is the truth. Getting a house means more to you than our relationship.
She storms out the house
The dance is well underway as Elle and Riley head to the dance floor. Riley mocks Elle's dancing, but she claims she is trying to blend in with all the teeny boppers. Elle pulls out the digital camera and starts taking photos. Riley turns all serious and points out how it's overcrowded, lacks security, no marked exits and the organiser is on the bar giving out free alcohol to underage kids. Elle goes to take a photo of the organiser, but Riley advises her not to and they return to do a lap of the dance floor!
Didge and Josh are busy commenting on how wild it is and that no one seems to care what they look like, but the talk seems awkward. Josh offers to get her a drink; non-alcoholic.
Declan dances his way over to Didge. He attempts to tell her that he likes her more than a friend, but she isn't able to hear above the noise that is music. Telling her a second time, she agrees that it's good that they remain just friends, leaving Declan a little disappointed. He tries to tell her again, but Josh reappears and whips Didge away to dance.
Janae enters the locked up garage and puts the keys down on the bench. A knock on the glass by Darren gives her the fright of her life and he follows her in, admitting that he didn't want to be down the pub on his own drowning his sorrows so late at night. He offers to leave her in peace, but Janae comments that it's fine for him to stay.
She asks how his car is, but he gives her an answer about Libby, admitting that there are still things to sort through. She asks how he proposes to tackle them, but he ends up giving her an answer about how he's going to mend the car. The whole conversation is a little confusing for my poor brain. She offers to help him mend the car, as she too has nothing better to do that evening.
Some fluffy boots are busy walking down the stairs, as Rachel is on the phone trying to get through to Angus, for the zillionth time that evening. She warns him that Jess knows about them and is going to tell everyone, and asks him to ring her back. Hanging up, Didge finds her. Rachel makes a cover story that her argument with Jess was over Ringo.
Rachel tells Didge that she has to go. Didge offers to come with her, but Rachel tells her she can't as she has to do something first. Didge begs her not to leave her at the dance party, as it was her idea to come, but Rachel just apologises as insists she has to go alone.
Feeling hot and faint, Elle sits down on one of the sofas. Riley and his observative brain once again points out that it is seriously overcrowded. Spotting some young kids kissing, Elle takes the opportunity to get her camera out again. Riley jokes that she doesn't get out much, but Elle spots the organiser and pulls Riley over so it looks like they are kissing. Wondering what's going on, Elle quickly explains to him the cover. The threat passes, but they take their time to pull away from one another. Riley eventually sits back down claiming that they should return to work.
Angus's flat
Rachel is knocking constantly on Angus' front door. He eventually opens it, and seeing her there asks why she came. She asks him why he doesn't check her phone as she's left millions of messages; he knows, he just doesn't want her bothering him anymore. She points out that they have a problem. Jess knows about them.
Zeke is lying on the bonnet of a car outside the warehouse as Taylah arrives. He is pleased to see her, and admits he wasn't sure if she was going to come. She points out that it's only 11pm, and he admits that he did arrive nerdishly early. Smiling he tells her he's glad she's arrived. She is pleased to see him too, but recons they should head inside.
TAYLAH: Come on, Dog star can wait a few more light years.
ZEKE: Eight point six to be exact.
Hand in hand they run inside.
Angus's flat
Angus apologises for letting their relationship go so far. He feels he should've done more to prevent it given that he's the adult in the situation. Rachel doesn't see it that way and comments that they are in this together. Everyone at school knows she's a swot, so it wouldn't be hard to believe that she was asking him about an assignment. Angus doesn't want her lying for him, but she believes that she'd be lying for both of them.
ANGUS: No, it's wrong, because there can't be an 'us'. Ever.
Rachel won't accept it and asks him to forget about the whole school business, and her age, and remember back to the time that they first kissed at the club.
RACHEL: I was just a girl, and you were just some guy. You know that this is right; we're supposed to be together.
Angus finds himself gazing into her eyes, but quickly snaps himself out of it telling her that it must end now. He asks her not to come around again. She tries to protest, but he warns her to stop; it's not helping anyone. Both with tears in their eyes, she leaves.
Kirsten is dressed up in a random santa come elf costume.
KIRSTEN: Laugh and I'll be forced to kill you.
Ned is more concerned with finding Janae, however, but Kirsten hasn't seen her. Realising that he doesn't know where she is, Kirsten figures that they've had an argument, but Ned meanwhile has already left.
Janae explains that had it been a few years earlier, she would most likely have dumped Ned by now and gone off with his best mate (does Ned have a best mate) just to spite him.
JANAE: No, those were the bad old days. I'm a much more mature woman now, who deals with her issues in a fair manner and weighs up her options carefully.
DARREN: The old you sounds like a bit more fun.
She admits it was probably more effective too. Janae just can't understand how many concessions she has to make; she could be in Cairns with her family right now, but she's given it up for Ned, who doesn't care about her.
DARREN: Try living in the shadow of a dead guy!
Darren feels he would do anything to make it up to Libby, but it'll never be enough. He'll never be Drew; he'll never be Ben's dad. Janae can see that he loves Ben, but Darren points out it isn't enough, he'll only ever be a step-parent to him.
The phone starts to ring. It's Ned trying to get hold of Janae, but she refuses to pick up. She feels he should take some time to figure out what he's throwing away.
Elle drags a surprised Riley to the dance floor. He is surprised that she actually wants to dance when she's got so much against the promoter. She can't deny that she doesn't like the concept, but claims that the song wins over. Heading to the floor she stops mid dance, having spotted Zeke from a distance. Riley says they can't be sure, but their suspicions are concerned when Elle spots Didge over the other side of the room.
Taylah is busy trying to get the gossip out of Jess, who eventually reveals that it's to do with a teacher at school, Henderson, dating a student. Taylah is keen to find out which student, but Jess refuses to tell, informing her friend that she'll have to wait till the timing is right.
Watching on, Declan points out to Ringo that he'd be mad to not date Jess, especially as they've had a thing going on for weeks. He reminds his friend that it was Rachel who dumped him. Declan doesn't have a chance to finish his sentence as Jess herself arrives and asks Ringo if he wants to dance. They head over to another part of the dance floor and immediately start to smooch. Jess takes a random photo of the two of them on her phone, and hand in hand they run off to dance elsewhere.
As a beam of the warehouse starts to rattle, Riley has found Didge and is persuading her to go home. She claims she isn't doing anything wrong and asks her brother why he is there. he points out that she is underage where as he isn't.
Another beam elsewhere is rattling about too as bolts start to come loose - this isn't looking good guys, watch out.
Elle has meanwhile caught up with Declan who points out that he is busted.
DECLAN: I'm stuffed right?
ELLE: Yeah, like a turkey.
Riley informs his sister that he is taking her home, but Didge refuses, claiming that he can call their parents; the police, anyone he likes, but she ain't going nowhere. Josh arrives and informs Riley that he'll take care of her, and not to worry. Riley demands that his sister grabs her stuff and goes home with him, but she refuses and heads off, as another part of the warehouse rattles.
Outside Grease Monkeys
Rachel is crying as she is on her way home. Stopping outside of Grease Monkeys, she wipes the tears from her eyes and turns back the way she came from.
Angus' Apartment
Before he has a chance to ask why she is back, Rachel kisses Angus.
RACHEL: I don't care what anybody else thinks, and I don't care about any stupid rules.
He pulls her back for another kiss, and bringing her into his apartment, closes the door behind them.
The Garage
Darren decides it's time to head home and offers Janae a lift in the new and improved beast. She'd rather stay at the garage though than go home to Ned, Steve and Miranda who treat her like a child. Starting to cry, Janae is upset that she thought it was going to be a great Christmas, but instead she is sitting alone in her own garage. Darren pulls her in for a hug.
DARREN: You're a great girl Janae, and Ned's an idiot if he can't see that.
Outside, Kirsten arrives and peers through the window just as Janae takes things a step too far and kisses Darren.
The party has notched up another gear with lots more jumping, but it doesn't appear to be doing much good for the building itself as another bolt falls off. Ringo and Jess are highly occupied with one another, kissing on the sofa, whilst Elle and Riley are on the hunt for Didge.
Riley spots his sister, but she is over the other side of the room, but it is all too late as a beam falls from the roof, triggering half the set to fall, sending people running in all directions, screaming as they go.
Chaos ensures as people try to make their escape; Declan comes over to help Didge and Josh, but a beam falls down between them, and Didge screams.
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Declan Napier in Neighbours Episode 5364
Declan Napier

Janae Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 5364
Janae Hoyland

Riley Parker in Neighbours Episode 5364
Riley Parker

Janae Hoyland, Ned Parker in Neighbours Episode 5364
Janae Hoyland, Ned Parker

Darren Stark in Neighbours Episode 5364
Darren Stark

Rachel Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5364
Rachel Kinski

Elle Robinson, Riley Parker in Neighbours Episode 5364
Elle Robinson, Riley Parker

Taylah Jordan, Zeke Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5364
Taylah Jordan, Zeke Kinski

Zeke Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5364
Zeke Kinski

Angus Henderson, Rachel Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5364
Angus Henderson, Rachel Kinski

Rachel Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5364
Rachel Kinski

Kirsten Gannon in Neighbours Episode 5364
Kirsten Gannon

Darren Stark in Neighbours Episode 5364
Darren Stark

Ringo Brown, Jessica Wallace in Neighbours Episode 5364
Ringo Brown, Jessica Wallace

Ringo Brown, Jessica Wallace in Neighbours Episode 5364
Ringo Brown, Jessica Wallace

 in Neighbours Episode 5364

Bridget Parker, Riley Parker in Neighbours Episode 5364
Bridget Parker, Riley Parker

Janae Hoyland, Darren Stark in Neighbours Episode 5364
Janae Hoyland, Darren Stark

Josh Taylor, Bridget Parker in Neighbours Episode 5364
Josh Taylor, Bridget Parker

Declan Napier in Neighbours Episode 5364
Declan Napier

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