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Neighbours Episode 5361 from 2007 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5361
Australian airdate: 10/12/07
UK airdate:
Writer: Hamish Cameron
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Darren Stark: Todd MacDonald
Brad Jordan: Brendan O'Connor
Taylah Jordan: Danielle Horvat
Sign guy: Sean Kneebone
Boat enthusiast: Lyndsay Edwards
Summary/Images by: Tracy C/Elin
- Marco asking Carmella to tell him what she actually wants and getting mixed signals back.
- Steph telling Libby she needs to loosen the memory of Drew or she risks letting Darren slip away.
- The Christmas lights being switched on in Ramsay Street.
No. 28
Darren thanks Libby for his invite to dinner as she does the dishes and she seizes the chance to invite him to brunch tomorrow.
Janae catches up with Ned at No. 28 and decide to kiss and make up with each other after calling the other 'idiot'.
Ramsay Street (next day)
Janae and Ned jog home and as they recover, are stunned to see a 'For Sale' sign being erected on the front lawn.
No. 28
Karl has seen the 'For Sale' sign too and tells Susan about it when he enters the house and both discuss what will happen to the existing residents. Susan takes an interest in the card Izzy has send Karl with some really cute pics of Holly included. The pair of them put on a show when Libby rejects their offer of breakfast because she is having brunch with Darren.
No. 26
An irate Janae comes off the phone after talking to her mum to tell the gathered Parkers that her mum is going to be living permanently in Queensland and so the house is for sale but Janelle did apologise for the lack of notice given. Mickey asks if that means they are moving again and Ned replies that they will sort it out.
Susan calls round to confirm that the house is up for sale and Mickey pipes up that they aren't moving.
Erinsborough news offices
Riley catches Elle snooping in the office to try and warn her off but Brad enters catching them both and issues a ticking off to them for swapping assignments before issuing them with a really boring assignment. Elle tries to temp him into letting them investigate illegal dance parties and she isn't impressed when Brad says he is giving that assignment to an experienced journalist.
The General Store
Valda comes by to give Lou an Christmas pressie but takes it back off of him when he casually says "you shouldn't have!"
Marco joins Frosie and Carmella to tell them that he is being evicted from his apartment due to the owner coming home (to their surprise he explains he's been house sitting for 3 years). Rosie suggests buying No. 26 since it's on the market which earns a scowl from Carmella when Rosie says that they could be neighbours.
Over at another table, Susan suggests to Miranda that she and Steve should buy the house but Miranda isn't sure they could raise the money what with buying the vet surgery.
Erinsborough news offices
Elle breaks Brad's rules by trying to do some investigating on the illegal rave parties but Elle is made of sterner stuff and eventually gets Riley to join in when she remarks that she thought he would be up for any challenge.
Darren dishes out the complements when Libby shows up and they reminisce about the past before Libby comes straight out with it and asks if he has any feelings for Linda? This seems to catch Darren off-guard but he replies no, none at all but Libby isn't sure he is telling the truth so she points out that if there is to be any hope for them, then he has to tell the truth.
This time, he says that she was there when Libby wasn't and that he stupidly took it too far. This seems to shock Libby that they could get so far apart but Darren replies that it isn't too late, that they can get past it. He then holds her hands that are resting on the table and says that he loves her but she pulls them away as she replies "I know."
The General Store
Ollie and Marco play things very cool when they meet at the counter so Frazer deflects attention to comment on the fact Ollie is due to be a daddy soon and to meet up for a drink while Marco heads back to be with Carmella at the table and Ollie's mood isn't helped much when he sees Marco kiss Carmella goodbye.
Alone, Carmella chastises her sister for suggesting that Marco buy No. 26 but Rosie's response is for Camry to ask Marco to move in. Ollie has overheard this and it goes down like a lead balloon (judging by his body language) and Carmella isn't jumping for joy at that suggestion either. Rosie tries to point out the advantages of having Marco around including making her feel safer in the knowledge someone is looking after her and the baby. You can see the cogs turning in Carmella's brain as she asks Rosie if she "could really do that" to which Rosie reminds her about the commitment that he has made to her and can't see Marco saying no and that it would be the perfect solution.
Ollie decides that he can't stand back and not say anything any longer and butts into the sister's conversation to ask if it's too soon if she can trust him. Naturally Carmella isn't at all amused and quickly replies back that she can trust Marco more then she could him before nonchalantly adding "thanks for your concern" so signal that the discussion is over.
Steph brings Daniel over a fresh cuppa and they discuss pre-season training for the Dingo's. When Dan remarks that they are a few players short, Steph suggests Toadie and to support his case adds that he used to be a wrestler. This meets with a 'he did what' expression from Dan but thankfully for him he didn't have to suffer months of awful wresting.
At another table, Darren and Libby stick to neutral topics - Christmas pressies for Ben and she offers to accompany him to get something once he's had the van repaired. As they continue chatting about last years pressies, Linda's name is brought up which both find uncomfortable and Darren asks if they can leave the past where it belongs and asks if they can try again.
Libby doesn't reply but instead reaches out for Darren's hand and he remarks that it would be great to spend Christmas morning with the two of them, which Libby agrees to.
Lassiter's lake
Ned and Janae debate getting their own place although he is reluctant to move Mickey around.
While trying to be seriously interested in the assignment Brad has issued them (the model boating club), both Riley and Elle discuss the story they want to investigate and simultaneously say that they need to talk to kids because the official police line is getting them nowhere.
Charlie's/The General Store
Steph catches Libby as she gets ready to leave to find out what the latest news is on the pair of them, more particularly if Libby is taking Darren back and Lib replies that they "are a work in progress".
Over at the store, Toadie spots Darren entering and asks how things are going with Libby. Darren is very positive starting with going shopping with each other later on and admits he is slowly starting to believe that they will be heading back to Shepparton as a couple in the new year.
Oops, they should have talked longer because Libby has just told Steph that she won't be returning to Shepparton because she doesn't want to run into Linda.
Toadie asks if Libby is agreed on that plan (both returning to Shepparton) and Darren replies that Libby will come round. Toad then asks how Karl & Susan are with this and Darren replies that although they are angry, he assumes that they don't want them to break up especially since they've been through these troubles themselves.
Steph asks how things will work between them if they don't go back and Lib replies that she hasn't worked that out yet and to Steph's next question, replies that she won't be the one giving in. "We all have to make compromises" says Steph and Libby picks up Steph's left hand and sarcastically replies "that Toadie must be very happy." Steph tells her friend that he is and Valda who has been eavesdropping backs up her granddaughter, so Libby plays the ball into Steph's corner by bringing up Steph's idea of compromising and with a smirk on her face says bye to her friend and leaves.
Valda tells Steph that she should say something to Libby about her being wrong but Steph tells Valda to ignore Libby, she is just feeling vulnerable atm however it looks like Libby has got to Steph.
Darren comes to see Janae and asks that it is about the place and female mechanics.
JANAE: Ah well its simple really, the blokes around here just don't know how to use their tools.
Getting back on track, Darren and Janae agree to help each other out - she can sort his van out and he'll repair the dodgy socket he spotted as he entered the garage.
Lassiter's Complex
Ollie moans to his mum that he feels like he is being pushed out of the baby's life already by Camry getting together with Marco. Rebecca asks what happened to the amicable arrangement and when he replies that they haven't got round to it yet, she reminds him that decision making isn't really his strong point!
Riley aka an out of town tourist stops Taylah on the pretence of wanting to know the music she is listening to before asking where he can find out about dance parties. Eventually, if only to get rid of him, she hands him a folded up flyer that we can read after Riley has unfolded it - Champion & Billy Bong are appearing at the Eclipse Arena on the 13th December and a contact phone number.
Erinsborough news offices
The bold duo creep into Brad's office to try and tempt him with news that they know where the rave is going to take place but he isn't interested and isn't amused at their antics and demotes the pair of them to archive duty before dismissing them from his office.
In the outer office, Elle is just thrilled to be on archive duty but its Riley's turn to get Elle interested when he reminds her that they still have a contact telephone number.
The General Store
Miranda and Steve talk numbers and that if they tighten their belts they can buy No. 26. "Lets go for it sweetheart," replies Steve.
No. 28
Karl is checking over his medical equipment as Susan comes home and she shows him his early Christmas pressie - a frame with one of the photos of Holly in it and a "warning" not to feel like he is ashamed of Holly.
Libby returns laden down with Christmas pressies and mentions that Darren was helping her. Once she heads off to hide the pressies from Ben, her parents wonder when news is going to be forthcoming and they start to debate whether Libby does love Darren with Karl asking if she loves him more then Drew.
Steph and Toadie chat about Libby and Darren and Libby's insistence that she isn't moving back to Shepparton. Toadie asks where the compromise is and not willing to do so can't be a sign of a healthy relationship. She agrees with him on that point and Valda just "looks" at her from the other side of the bar, so much so that Steph turns her back to avoid "the look".
No. 28
Libby decides its time for a chat about where they live with Ben as he tucks into his post-school snack. She bluntly asks him where he'd like to live - here or back in Shepparton and the kid isn't dumb and asks why she is asking him that question. Libby explains that she has to decide what is best for both of them and that it is really hard. "What do you want," asks Ben and she replies to give him the best life she can before asking him again what he thinks.
BEN: I think it doesn't matter where we live (long pause) as long as we are together.
Aww and Libby thinks the same too as she hugs her son to death.
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Ned Parker, Janae Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 5361
Ned Parker, Janae Hoyland

Holly Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 5361
Holly Hoyland

Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5361
Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Steve Parker, Miranda Parker in Neighbours Episode 5361
Steve Parker, Miranda Parker

Riley Parker, Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5361
Riley Parker, Elle Robinson

Lou Carpenter, Valda Sheergold in Neighbours Episode 5361
Lou Carpenter, Valda Sheergold

Darren Stark in Neighbours Episode 5361
Darren Stark

Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5361
Elle Robinson

Janae Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 5361
Janae Hoyland

Oliver Barnes, Rebecca Napier in Neighbours Episode 5361
Oliver Barnes, Rebecca Napier

Riley Parker in Neighbours Episode 5361
Riley Parker

Taylah Jordan in Neighbours Episode 5361
Taylah Jordan

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