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Neighbours Episode 5359 from 2007 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5359
Australian airdate: 06/12/07
UK airdate:
Writer: Piet Collins
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Kirsten Gannon: Nikola Dubois
Scott Coombes: Aidan Fennessy
Dr. Peggy Newton: Carolyn Bock
Brad Jordan: Brendan O'Connor
Larissa McKay: Petra Glieson
Sgt. Ray Moller: Steven Stagg
Summary/Images by: Emily/Emily
- Steph points out to Libby that while she is worshipping Drew, Darren will never match up.
- Janae arrives at the Oakey Reunion to realise that Ned and Kirsten haven't arrived.
- Stuck in the car, Kirsten kissed Ned.
On the road in Oakey - The Car without Petrol
Kirsten moves to get out the car, but Ned advises her that there's no point as there's no where she can go. He points out that she is Mickey's mum and a friend, but that's a far as it goes. He apologises, but she remarks that it's her fault not his. A car arrives; Kirsten jumps out to flag it down.
Libby doesn't see how it's her fault that Darren doesn't feel that he matches up; she didn't kick him out of the bed.
LIBBY: Darren living in Drew's shadow, is that why he went to another woman?
Steph doesn't know either and admits she's just trying to help her friend, as she doesn't like seeing her so unhappy. Libby admits that Darren wanted to adopt Ben; before the affair, but she said no. Steph makes Libby realise that Darren only went and had the affair after she'd said no to him about marriage and the adoption. It's like telling him he'll never match up to Drew.
LIBBY: Ben is my boy; mine and Drew's. He's all I've got left of Drew.
Oakey Reunion
The party is well under way with country cowboy line dancing taking centre stage on the floor as Janae turns up. Enquiring, Steve informs her that Ned and Kirsten left hours ago, and are probably caught up en-route.
JANAE: Kirsten is out with Ned, God knows where, doing God knows what.
Scott and Larissa have taken to the stage to start the announcement of prizes. The King and Queen of the Oakey High School Reunion goes to Ned and Kirsten. Scott jokes about how long it has taken them to get together, but Janae is not impressed. Not appearing to receive their prize Larissa jokes that they're probably out the back to the cowshed - do they not have bike sheds in the country?
While the audience cheer and laugh, Janae gets up to leave just as Ned and Kirsten arrive. Before having a chance to explain Ned and Kirsten are ushered to the stage to receive their crowns.
General Store
As Rebecca settles up for dinner she tells Harold how Susan has invited her on an adventure tomorrow, but she doesn't know where. Harold realises that she's probably feeling better. He asks Rebecca about her plans for the Christmas light.
REBECCA: All I'm going to say, Harold, is that you and Lou had better hold onto your hats.
HAROLD: Oh ho ho, got some competition do we?
HAROLD (joking): I'll get security to throw you out.
Rebecca returns to the table where Oliver is showing off some things he's bought for bubs. Three muslin wraps and a baby grow. Paul points out that bubs now has a million and one baby grows, but Rebecca recons he's allowed to be excited.
OLIVER: There's nothing wrong with having one outfit for every day of the month. Just ask Elle.
ELLE: No arguments here.
Paul asks how her nerves are holding up for her first day on the new job. Elle doesn't seem too worried about the idea, but to wish her luck, Paul has bought her an early Christmas present - a DVD about two journalists who uncovered the Watergate break-in. Paul is rather enthusiastic about it, but Elle doesn't seem so impressed. Paul asks that she mentions Lassiter's in her articles, while Rebecca mentions Rebecchi Cammeniti.
ELLE: Bribing the press already are we?
Rebecca points out it'll be a new experience for her, being in a job where she's not in charge. Elle doesn't seem to see it being a problem.
ELLE: I'm perfectly fine with starting at the bottom and working my way up.
PAUL: Just as long as you do make your way to the top, eh?
ELLE: That goes without saying.
Oakey Reunion
Miranda receives an applause as she wins the prize for the ladies bucking bull competition. Ned returns having not found Janae. Kirsten asks if they can talk and makes him sit down, so they are at the same height.
She asks how he felt when she kissed him. He tells her he felt nothing, but she believes that they are meant to be together.
NED: I felt nothing. Look you are a terrific mum and a fantastic woman, but...
Janae arrives.
JANAE: You must think I'm an idiot.
Kirsten tells her nothing is going on, but Janae gets upset. She tells Kirsten to shut up, raising her voice so everyone at the party can hear what's going on. Kirsten tells Janae that Ned loves her, but Janae is too upset to listen and pushes Kirsten back into the table which collapses and she ends up on the floor. The gathered audience gasps in shock as Janae starts to cry. Ned watches on speechless.
Oakey Caravan Park
Kirsten is heading for the first plane home. She advises that Ned goes and talks to Janae, who has joined Miranda on the balcony. Miranda reassures her that nothing was broken, and that it's not a proper reunion without a scrap. Ned walks past and heads inside to bed. Steve follows him in, while Miranda gives Janae another hug.
Next Morning - Kennedys
Susan is persuading Rebecca to join her on a 10km hike as Karl appears from the bedroom. He enquires to what is 10km long; Susan replies that it's a measurement just like metres and centimetres. He reminds her that she isn't long out of hospital and certainly isn't ready to push herself. Susan however doesn't see it as pushing herself, and Rebecca reassures Karl that she'll do her best to keep an eye on Susan. Susan sends Karl off out the house.
As he leaves, Steph arrives to see Libby. She apologises for what she said the previous evening about her relationship, and admits it's complicated enough without her butting in.
STEPH: Besides who'd take my advice anyway?
LIBBY: Oh, I don't know. You can make sense sometimes.
They hug
Erinsborough Hospital
Karl arrives for a meeting with Dr. Newton. She isn't so sure why he has come after he made such a public vow never to practise medicine again. Karl feels the position of A&R Registrar is a natural progression from his previous position in medicine.
Peggy makes it clear to Karl that she knows of Susan's condition and the finance situation he may find himself in, but Karl insists that they are not the reasons for him applying for the job. He starts reeling off information about why being a doctor is so important to the hospital. Peggy stops him mid sentence, telling him that she knows all of that, and that she knows he's a good doctor. It's his confidence that she's unsure about.
Erinsborough News Car Park
Elle arrives for work and seeing that there are no other spaces available, parks in Brad Johnson's (the editors) place. Riley warns her that Brad isn't going to be happy when he arrives, as he worked so hard to gain the parking spot. Elle doesn't seem to see what the big deal is about.
Mickey is pleased to see everyone arrive home. He enquires where his mum his, but Ned tells him she went back to her place. Mickey wonders why Ned has brought Kirsten's bag back with him then; he figures out they've been fighting. Janae takes him through to the bedroom, followed by Miranda, leaving the brothers to talk.
Ned admits to Steve that Kirsten tried to kiss him in the car; he isn't sure what to tell Janae. Steve advises that due to how tense things are at the moment and that Ned didn't do anything to shame himself; he should keep the information to himself.
Erinsborough News Office
Elle asks Riley where she should sit in the office. He warns her to look out as Brad arrives.
BRAD: What brain dead moron is so keen on their self destruction, that they park their car in my spot?
Elle admits it was her, and Brad is not impressed.
BRAD: I see a headline, Parker take this down; "Irate Editor kills First Day Cadet."
RILEY: What about: "Elle Hell, Car Park Horror!"
BRAD: Better still, what about "Sacked!"
Erinsborough Hospital
Karl is putting forward his argument for wanting to become a doctor again. He explains how he's found himself in situations recently where his skills have been needed.
KARL: I want to help people; I want to save lives if I can.
He points out how he came up with the diagnosis for Susan's MS before Dr. Vinton. Peggy admits that she heard about his hunch. Karl argues that it wasn't a hunch; he just kept trying to avoid it, until he could no longer.
KARL: Peggy, I am a doctor
PEGGY: You were once a splendid doctor; and I would love to trust you again, but not with someone's life.
Karl looks disappointed, and Peggy apologises, hoping it could have ended differently. Karl gets up and leaves.
Rebecca tells Miranda about the 10k hike that Susan is so keen on doing.
REBECCA: The kind of thigh work out that you only get when your gym instructor is a sadist.
Rebecca asks Miranda to help talk Susan out of it. Susan reappears from the bedroom, having overheard them talk, and tells them not to pull out on her. Rebecca would rather sit and eat chocolate and gossip on the sofa though.
Susan asks that they humour her with this one. She's been cooped inside far too long and wants to get out now that she's feeling so much better. Miranda is up for it, and says she'll get her shoes. She tells them about the bucking bull competition in Oakey, and they head out the door making small talk.
Dandenong Ranges
Having parked the car, Rebecca isn't so sure about the 10k hike. Susan points out that it isn't very far and besides they've already walked 2 meters, so only another 9998 to go. Rebecca asks what might happen if she has another attack.
SUSAN: What if I do? What if I'm attacked by a rabbit wombat or hit by a meteor, or fried by a solar flare. I'm not going to die wondering though.
Miranda agrees to come with her, as she and Rebecca overtake her up the hill.
REBECCA: Oh my goodness, she's slack.
SUSAN: You're going to be sorry you said that!
They start racing up the hill.
Coming out of the mist at the top of the hill, their pace has slowed a bit, and conversation levels have dropped, but Susan is still striding out in front.
Erinsborough Hospital - Waiting Area
Karl is sitting thinking as a policeman sits down out of breathe. Karl introduces himself as Dr. Kennedy, and realising that the policeman is having a heart attack calls the nurse to bring a trolley over. As they get the policeman onto the trolley bed, Peggy comes over to see what is going on.
Dandenong Ranges
Having reached the steps to the car park, Miranda and Rebecca admit they've had enough. Rebecca doesn't see the shame in saying she made it three quarters of the way. Susan though is keen to make it to the top, and asks that she does the last part by herself. The other two are more than happy to wait in the car park.
Erinsborough Hospital
Karl watches on as Dr. Newton settles the patient into a bed. As she walks out the room, Karl recommends medication for him, to which Peggy agrees. Karl apologises.
PEGGY: He's a lucky man
KARL: Yes, getting sick in hospital
PEGGY: All these skilled practitioners around
KARL: As I've said, I've been a doctor too long to say goodbye to it.
She thanks him and leaves.
Dandenong Ranges - Lookout
Susan finishes the final few steps up to the top of the lookout, where she takes in the view over Melbourne. Taking her hospital wrist band out of her pocket, she throws it over the side.
General Store
Elle is frustrated by the stories she's been given to run by Brad. Riley gives her the option of doing three small tasks for him and then she can have first pick of his articles; coffee, dry cleaning and driving him to work. Riley points out that Brad likes him, and wants him to succeed; that's why he's been given all the good articles. Elle agrees to the deal.
ELLE: But this better be the biggest scoop of the year, or I'll be sweetening your coffee with arsenic.
Over at another table, Ned admits to Janae that Kirsten kissed him when they were in the car. Ned points out that he pulled away, and by telling her about it he is being honest; he could've chosen to hide the fact. Besides, it's Janae he loves. She asks about Kirsten, and isn't impressed when Ned sticks up for her, explaining that it could've been being back at Oakey.
NED: It was one stupid kiss, and I set her straight. Can we move on?
JANAE: You expect me to forget about this?
Janae asks if he has any feelings for Kirsten. Ned tells her he most definitely doesn't and it is her that he loves. Janae doesn't look so convinced.
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Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 5359
Steph Scully

Steve Parker, Miranda Parker, Janae Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 5359
Steve Parker, Miranda Parker, Janae Hoyland

Ned Parker, Kirsten Gannon in Neighbours Episode 5359
Ned Parker, Kirsten Gannon

Harold Bishop, Rebecca Napier in Neighbours Episode 5359
Harold Bishop, Rebecca Napier

Oliver Barnes, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5359
Oliver Barnes, Paul Robinson

Janae Hoyland, Ned Parker, Kirsten Gannon in Neighbours Episode 5359
Janae Hoyland, Ned Parker, Kirsten Gannon

Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Rebecca Napier in Neighbours Episode 5359
Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Rebecca Napier

Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5359
Libby Kennedy

Miranda Parker, Janae Hoyland, Steve Parker, Ned Parker, Mickey Gannon in Neighbours Episode 5359
Miranda Parker, Janae Hoyland, Steve Parker, Ned Parker, Mickey Gannon

Riley Parker, Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5359
Riley Parker, Elle Robinson

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5359
Susan Kennedy

Susan Kennedy, Rebecca Napier, Miranda Parker in Neighbours Episode 5359
Susan Kennedy, Rebecca Napier, Miranda Parker

Dr. Peggy Newton, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5359
Dr. Peggy Newton, Karl Kennedy

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5359
Susan Kennedy

Elle Robinson, Riley Parker in Neighbours Episode 5359
Elle Robinson, Riley Parker

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