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Neighbours Episode 5344 from 2007 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5344
Australian airdate: 15/11/07
UK airdate:
Writer: Linda Stainton
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Kirsten Gannon: Nikola Dubois
Daniel Fitzgerald: Brett Tucker
Prue Brown: Penny Cook
Stablehand: Roy Edmunds
Gary Allen: Tony Rickards
Special Guest: Damien Leith
- "22 Steps" by Damien Leith
Summary/Images by: Clog/Emily
Elle asking Rebecca if she wants to go horse riding with her
Prue telling Ringo that he's coming home with her
Kirsten returning and Janae seeing her hug Mickey
In the countryside
Elle is horseriding and trying to encourage Rebecca to get onto her horse. She isn't reassured when Elle tells her horses can sense when you are nervous or scared - so she must relax.
REBECCA: OK, here we go, tally ho and all that.
She goes to mount her horse and puts the wrong leg into the stirrup by mistake and the stablehand has to tell her to switch legs - Elle looks on and laughs. Once mounted she tells Elle that she's fine and encourages her to carry on, Elle rides off.
Number 26
The Parkers, Janae and Mickey are all around the table when Kirsten calls through. She cheerily says hello to the sleepy family. Kirsten asks if she can take Mickey to school, Ned agrees but Janae doesn't look too pleased about the idea! Miranda offers her a cup of tea and Kirsten sits down at the table and explains how she is looking for a job at the moment. Miranda says she could do with a hand assembling gift packets and even though it's for a couple of hours, would it do. Kirsten sounds optimistic. Janae leaves the table to have a shower.
In the countryside
Elle is riding her horse, holding onto Rebecca's, while Rebecca walks alongside. Elle explains that this wasn't the idea she had and Rebecca just needs to show her horse who's boss.
REBECCA: He knows who's boss and it's not me.
Elle thinks horseriding is fun and she enjoys it even if it is play for the rich. Rebecca compliments her on not mentioning Lassiters for a whole 15 minutes. Elle then stops and looks over at some other horses in the field that are fenced off.
ELLE: How do those horses look to you?
REBECCA: Oh, brown mostly?
ELLE: No, they look miserable.
REBECCA: Yeah well, brown doesn't suit me either.
Elle decides to take a closer look.
On investigation, we see Vet Elle come out! She remarks on their lack of food and water and doesn't think that some people should be allowed to keep animals. Rebecca wonders if they've been abandoned.
A truck pulls up and an old farmer guy gets out. Elle asks if these are his horses, but the farmer doesn't like the fact that there are people on his land. Elle comments that there's no water and this particular horse needs attention and she's called the RSPCA. The farmer unconvincingly thanks Elle and says that he'll sort it out. Rebecca apologises for bothering him and her and Elle leave.
Number 30
Ringo is texting Rachel and Prue asks him to go and have some breakfast and he heads in the direction of the kitchen. Frazer comes in and Prue asks him to keep and eye on Ringo - it'll look like spying if she does. Prue doesn't like the tough love strategy. Frazer comments that Ringo is keeping up with everything he's supposed to and is saying the right things, but he has become very deceptive lately. Prue asks if she is helping by being there at all.
FRAZER: I can't speak for Ringo, but it's helping me.
They hear Ringo getting ready to go - he says he'll get breakfast on the way. Frazer and Prue share a worried look.
In the countryside
A Random drops a bail of hay at Rebecca's feet whilst Elle finishes on the phone to the RSPCA. Rebecca is impressed that the RSPCA will be around so quickly (that afternoon in fact). Elle wants to drop the hay off at the field with the abandoned horses but Rebecca doesn't think that that's such a good idea incase they are caught again - plus the RSPCA will be round later.
ELLE: I'm not going home until I see those horses fed and watered.
Elle could be quite the vet!
Number 26
Kirsten looks like she's trying to make amends with Janae and hopes that Janae understands that Kirsten only wants to see Mickey. Janae doesn't look too impressed but says she can't stop Kirsten seeing Mickey. Miranda walks in and listens to the rest of their conversation.
KIRSTEN: The way you and Ned have supported me...And when you said I should move here, well, that was an amazing thing to do. It showed how much you love Mickey. (Janae stays silent) Anyway, I took your word for it and I saved up and now I'm here.
JANAE: Yes you are.
Kirsten hopes they can work things out. Mickey runs through shouting he's ready to Kirsten. Kirsten thinks that Janae should walk Mickey, but Janae says it's fine.
JANAE: See, he wants you to walk him.
MICKEY: You could walk with us?
Janae says she's got to work and on Kirsten's prompt Mickey runs off to get ready. Janae shouts 'bye' after Mickey and Kirsten goes. Miranda walks into the kitchen area and watches Janae who looks all sad ?
The General Store
Elle is on the phone the RSPCA and thanks them for looking into everything. She explains to Harold, Rebecca and Paul that they found no sign on mistreatment. Riley overhears her and comes over and asks what they're talking about. Elle explains about the horses and Paul tells her that she's done everything she could. Riley said he's heard about these sorts of cases before where people realise the authorities are onto them and then hide their horses. Paul tells Elle not to go back but Elle can't believe she told the guy they were going to the RSPCA - now she'll have to get proof.
Number 26
Miranda and Janae are talking about Kirsten. Miranda doesn't think it was easy for Kirsten to open up to Janae like she did. However, Janae says that all though she knows Kirsten has to see Mickey she doesn't like Kirsten just 'waltzing in'. Miranada reminds Janae that Kirsten does love Mickey and that any friction between the two of them Mickey will catch on to.
JANAE: So what, I'm supposed to just put up with her?
MIRANDA: I think she's hoping for more than that.
JANAE: To be friends?!
MIRANDA: Well, stranger things have happened. Look at me and Susan, we're on our way back.
JANAE: Yeah, 25 casseroles later!
Miranda suggests Janae offer her a peace offering, like a job! Janae says there's no way they'll work together but Miranda says they won't have to.
The General Store
Adam comes in and is greeted by Harold who is pleased to see him back. Adam explains that Steiger is not so good, but better because Pepper is there. Harold says she's sorely missed and it must be difficult for him. Adam admits it is but he's going to try and get a transfer.
Over with Riley, Elle, Paul and Rebecca they're still talking about the horses. Paul offers to go with Elle to the horses, but Riley says he'll go instead to find the horses. Elle's plan is just to wait with them until they can get help. Riley promises that no harm will come to Elle with him.
In the countryside
Elle and Riley ride up to a barn and Elle goes to look inside. She tells the horses that they'll get them out whilst Riley phones the RSPCA and gives them directions to the barn. When he hangs up he tells Elle they'll be there in the morning. Elle isn't leaving the horses so they discuss what they're going to do.
RILEY: You camp here in the van and I'll keep watch.
ELLE: Sorry superman, this is my mission.
Riley says he's not leaving Elle.
The General Store
Ringo says hello to Rachel and tries to tell her that he still loves her and he hasn't has the guts to say it before because he wasn't sure. Rachel tells him that it's not that hard, he either does or he doesn't. Ringo says he does and always had cared for her and he wants them to get back together, like before.
RACHEL: That's what I wanted too. Ringo, you say all these things and they feel so good. But, how can I know that you won't change your mind? How can I know that you mean this?
RINGO: I do mean it.
RACHEL: How am I supposed to trust that? You don't tell me about anything that goes on in your life anymore.
RINGO: I will I promise. I'll try harder. It'll be exactly like it was before, Rach.
RACHEL: I'm sorry Ringo, but it's over.
She walks off, Ringo shouting after her. Fitzy overhears and tells Ringo that if he needs to chat then he should let him know. Ringo tells him to shove his chat.
Number 30
Fitzy has obviously relayed the whole of the events to Frazer and Prue. Frazer thanks him for letting them know and Ringo comes in. Ringo is angry and Frazer eventually persuades him to talk. Ringo tells them that he had so many things to tell Rachel and couldn't. He tells them it's too late and that it doesn't matter - nothing does anymore. Prue gets up and hugs Ringo who cries on her shoulder.
In the countryside
Riley has bought a sleeping bag and a blanket over. Elle says she's fine with the blanket but Riley insists she has the sleeping bag. Riley says they will freeze and he's going to get some firewood, but Elle reminds him that the farmer will spot them if he lights a fire. Riley thinks they'll be OK because there's some cloud.
Number 30
Ringo is on the sofa, Prue has her arm around her son and he asks what happens when he tells Rachel everything. Fitzy says that she'll know he's being truthful then she'll trust him. Prue says there's nothing more courageous than being up front, particularly when you're afraid and Rachel will know that. Ringo tries not to cry whilst Frazer says that Rachel cares about him, even if they are not meant to be and Prue adds she'd just be glad if he had one good friend to confide in. Ringo isn't so sure she wants to be his friend - but Fitzy says that he might be surprised.
In the countryside at night-time
Elle and Riley are lying on the floor. Riley is moving around in the blanket. Elle suddenly sits up.
ELLE: This is ridiculous, all I can hear is your teeth chattering.
Riley sarcastically apologises and Elle offers him the sleeping bag but he says no.
ELLE: I am not having a vigil to save these horses if you're going to die cold beside me.
RILEY: Yeah, well, ditto - so there!
ELLE: You're an idiot.
They both lie back down, but Riley shuffles around and makes some cold noises. And yes my fellow viewers the time has finally come where Elle offers that Riley get in the sleeping bag with her. He accepts her offer and gets in.
Charlie's Bar
Janae walks in and joins Ned who's got her a drink. He explains that Kirsten thought it would be good to bring Mickey here as they didn't feel like cooking.
Mickey is sitting with Miranda and Kirsten. She tells Miranda that Mickey got 9/10 on his spelling test to day and they are all happy and celebratory. Kirsten tests Mickey on how to spell 'mother'
MICKEY: M-O... No, K-I-R-S-T-E-N.
Kirsten laughs and hugs him. Steph comes over and asks if they want any more drinks before Damien Leith starts! They all talk about how Steph brings in all the stars.
Janae calls Steph over and asks if she has any jobs going for Kirsten. Steph says she has and she'll chat to Kirsten. Ned comes up behind Janae and kisses her, telling her that he loves her.
Steph gets up on stage and welcomes everyone and introduces Damien Leith!
He sings and the camera pans over all the happy faces of Ned and Janae, Steph, Miranda, Mickey and Kirsten.
In the countryside with Damien Leith still singing in the background
Ella and Riley eat chocolate and talk about horseriding and Elle tells him how she used to bluetack her feet to the stirrups to make her feet stay on them. Elle comments that the animals thing must run in Riley's family. Riley says that before he met Steve and Miranda he never really had a lot to do with animals. Elle apologises as she completely forgot about his adoption, Riley tells her not to worry about it. Elle looks up at the sky.
ELLE: Look at all these stars.
RILEY: It's actually the sun shining through thousands of tiny holes.
Elle shivers and Riley cuddles up with her to keep her warm, they both turn to face one another, look into one another eyes and kiss.
The Damien Leith song turns into dramatic music as a jeep appears. Riley and Elle pull apart and climb out of the sleeping bag quickly and into the shadows.
Still in the countryside
Riley and Elle watch as the farmer unlocks the barn. Elle obviously wants to play the heroine and gets up but Riley calls her back and says they have to leave it and call the cops instead. The call for Elle is heard by the farmer and he put on his lights and calls out. The two are caught in the lights and Riley shouts to run, which they do. The farmer follows them in his jeep.
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Janae Hoyland, Ned Parker, Mickey Gannon, Miranda Parker, Riley Parker in Neighbours Episode 5344
Janae Hoyland, Ned Parker, Mickey Gannon, Miranda Parker, Riley Parker

Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5344
Elle Robinson

Rebecca Napier in Neighbours Episode 5344
Rebecca Napier

Kirsten Gannon in Neighbours Episode 5344
Kirsten Gannon

Paul Robinson, Harold Bishop, Elle Robinson, Riley Parker, Rebecca Napier in Neighbours Episode 5344
Paul Robinson, Harold Bishop, Elle Robinson, Riley Parker, Rebecca Napier

Miranda Parker, Janae Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 5344
Miranda Parker, Janae Hoyland

Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 5344
Harold Bishop

Paul Robinson, Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5344
Paul Robinson, Elle Robinson

Dan Fitzgerald, Frazer Yeats, Prue Brown in Neighbours Episode 5344
Dan Fitzgerald, Frazer Yeats, Prue Brown

Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5344
Elle Robinson

Ringo Brown, Prue Brown in Neighbours Episode 5344
Ringo Brown, Prue Brown

Janae Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 5344
Janae Hoyland

Kirsten Gannon, Mickey Gannon, Miranda Parker in Neighbours Episode 5344
Kirsten Gannon, Mickey Gannon, Miranda Parker

Damien Leith in Neighbours Episode 5344
Damien Leith

Elle Robinson, Riley Parker in Neighbours Episode 5344
Elle Robinson, Riley Parker

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