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Neighbours Episode 5340 from 2007 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5340
Australian airdate: 09/11/07
UK airdate:
Writer: Jenny Lewis
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Prue Brown: Penny Cook
Cynthia Peters: Jenny Seedsman
Judge Roy Evans: Peter Byrne
Jan Phillips: Gina Morley
Jessica Wallace: Heidi Walkenburg
Taylah Jordan: Danielle Horvat
Nurse Marie Chaplin: Sarah Oldmeadow
Susannah Christie: Natalie Michaels
Tom Grant: Adam Stafford
Summary/Images by: Miriam/Emily
Ringo tells Jessica not to slag off Rachel; Jessica flirts with Ringo.
Toadie telling Susan that if she knew she was ill before she got into the car, it could be construed as negligence.
In court, Karl is cross examined, admitting that Susan was suffering fainting spells around the time of the accident.
The General Store
Karl approaches Miranda and Steve who immediately lay into him for protecting Susan and not being honest about the fact that she was ill. Karl says they had no idea of the extent of her tiredness. Riley and Didge enter the store, and listen to them speaking.
MIRANDA: We nearly lost our daughter because you and Susan think you can do what you like.
KARL: That's just no fair; we're not that sort of people and you know that!
Didge, meanwhile, has a flashback to arguing with Declan, and tells Riley she'd like to leave, but as they get to the door, they literally run into Susan and Rosie. Miranda marches over to Susan saying she felt sorry for her, but now she doesn't want her speaking to her or her family. Miranda and Steve storm out with the kids.
Karl immediately walks up to Susan and puts his arms around her protectively, as she leans against his chin looking devastated.
Number 22
Paul drives up in a Lassiters car to see Elle cleaning the windows; she's being domestic. She also made some food.
PAUL: Elle, you're scaring me.
Paul suggests that she go back to her real job, but she's really enjoying housekeeping right now. She's never been happier, and it's very therapeutic! Mum used to tell her that all the time. Aw. Gail.
She hits Paul's nose with a wet sponge and walks indoors. Paul looks thoughtful and irritated at the same time, which isn't an easy face to make.
The Courtroom
The Parkers take their seat again, and Miranda comments that they will never be friends again.
Over in the Kennedy corner, Toadie says that he'll play the medical card again - the menopausal symptoms impaired her judgement. Rosie wants to know if it can be backed up medically, and Karl's not sure - he thinks there's something wrong which is more than the menopause. Susan jumps in and awkwardly says that it's just part of getting older; she's read all the books and it all fits with menopause. Karl wants to know if she's had any rogue symptoms which don't fit.
SUSAN: No, just things to do with being really tired that's all.
KARL: Like what?
SUSAN: Well, like, you know...sometimes I'm a bit wobbly on my legs, or that tingly hand thing, and you know how much I've been wanting to sleep. It's just part of being really, really tired.
Is it just me, or can everyone else hear the alarm bells screeching in the corner??
Toadie sighs, and says he'll go with impaired judgement, but Susan stops him...and demands that this ends here. It's game over. She doesn't want to be defended anymore. Karl isn't happy, and neither is Toadie - but she insists.
The court rises for the judge again, and Toadie announces to the Parkers' surprise that he doesn't want to cross examine the witness. His client would like to leave the case at that, despite his advice to her. The prosecution is also happy to rest, and the judge says they'll adjourn til tomorrow morning.
ROSIE: In other words, if we don't fight, the only verdict is guilty.
SUSAN: I am guilty. I've always been guilty. I'll take whatever's coming.
ZEKE: What if that's jail?
SUSAN: It might not be...
Karl puts his arms around his family.
We get a nice overhead shot of everyone leaving the courtroom.
Karl is walking Susan out with his hands on both her arms when Steph runs up and asks how it went - apparently, it couldn't have been worse. She tells them all that there are reporters outside. Susan's face falls, and Karl pulls her closer. Toadie reminds them that if they need to say anything, it's "no comment."
Susan looks worriedly up at Karl and he takes one of her hands. Rosie says she's booked a cab, so they can make a run for it. But just before they leave, Karl catches Toadie alone, and asks him to keep Susan and Zeke at his office for a while - he has some important phone calls to make.
Outside the Court
The Parkers are making their way to their car, surrounded by reporters asking questions about Bridget and Miranda, and their relationship with the Kennedys. The Parkers ignore them, bundle each other into the car and drive off.
Cut over to the Kennedys' exit where Karl has one arm around Susan, and one holding her hand, leading her very deliberately through the crowd with Zeke and crew behind her. Karl literally doesn't let go of poor Susan until she's in the car, and with everyone in, he goes to shut the door.
Susan realises Karl's not coming with them, and terrified at being without him, she grabs his hands and asks him where he's going. He reassures her that he has something to attend to and he won't be long...she'll be fine. She nods, unconvinced, and watches him out the window of the car as he walks off, reporters chasing him for comments.
Erinsborough High
Ringo is counting down the time to the end of his and Jessica's detention. He's thrilled it's over, but she's not. Jessica starts being flirty again, and Ringo tells her that although he's flattered she wants to spend time with him, she's wasting her time because...
JESS: You think I'm hot.
RINGO: Because I'm with Rachel.
JESS: So you do think I'm hot?
RINGO: Yes. Not in that way!
JESS: What other way is there?
Jessica stirs stuff by saying that she heard their relationship was really messed up when Rachel left for camp, and she guesses they'll have to wait and see if it's still like that when Rach gets back. Little minx. Horrid girl.
Declan walks in at that point, and Ringo says that no matter what he says, Jessica won't back off.
DECLAN: Story of my life, mate.
He starts to text Didge to ask her about the trial.
Number 26
Didge sits on the sofa when Riley comes out of his room, hearing her phone texting. He reads out Declan's message, but Didge is remembering the accident - she fell into the road!
DIDGE: I've made a terrible mistake! It was my fault! I remember! I remember...the accident, it was me! I had a fight with Declan and I ran away, and I tripped and I fell in front of Susan! So it was my fault, and she can't go to jail because it was my fault.
MIRANDA: Okay! Okay, okay...
Miranda hugs her daughter to comfort her.
Cut to moments later where Bridget wants to go to talk to Susan and tell her it's over. Steve says it's not that simple, and Riley says that Susan still drove off and left her for dead. She was out of it and negligent. Bridget is adamant that they do something. Miranda agrees that they have to tell the prosecutor and the police so that everyone knows the situation, and Riley is furious - why should Didge get all the blame, and Susan none?
DIDGE: None? She's been slagged in the papers every day. Her reputation's completely ruined.
Didge wants Riley to write an article to balance out the bad press that Susan's been getting. Riley's having none of it. Absolutely none. He storms out.
Number 28
Karl's on the phone to a doctor friend, describing Susan's symptoms, and telling him about the fatigue, the tremors, the loss of short-term memory...
KARL: No, no, no - Jim. I don't want you to confirm my hunch. I want you to convince me I'm wrong.
The Law Offices
Rosie and Toadie are chatting in the waiting room, with no idea how they're going to avoid Susan going to jail. Susie sits in Toadie's room, listening, and distressed. She comes out to confront them and once again orders them not to defend her any longer.
SUSAN: I don't know why you're even talking about this. I've told you, it's game over.
She wants to go home and spend time with her family, not eat the food that Steph's just brought in. A phone rings and Rosie seemingly answers it. Toadie tells Susan to wait until Karl's here, and Susan realises that Toadie's keeping her here for some reason, but he doesn't say what.
But it doesn't matter because Rosie comes in.
ROSIE: That was Miranda. Look - hold onto your hats, because things are about to get a lot more interesting.
Number 22
Elle has made food - and burnt it. Riley politely declines it. Elle says that she can understand where Riley's family is coming from. He doesn't get it - why should write an article on Susan's side just to appease his conscience? Elle tells him that this anger will eat him up if he doesn't let it go. Riley says that he has to be angry, and Susan has to pay or it's like saying that Bridget doesn't matter. Elle points out that Didge hates his anger, and he'll only become bitter.
ELLE: You might get your justice, but you will lose your sister.
Number 30
Prue has been baking biscuits when Declan and Ringo arrive home. Declan dives in; Ringo doesn't. Prue immediately demands that her son pack his bags and go home with her. Ringo's all 'what'? But Prue says she knows there's more to it than a biscuit, and demands he eat two in front of her. Declan looks a little lost as to what's going on and Ringo reluctantly flops in the seat at the table whilst Prue watches on.
The Law Offices
Susan doesn't see how Didge's memory changes anything. Toadie explains that if Bridget was going to be hit, regardless of Susan's circumstances, then it gives them leverage.
But Susan isn't listening, as she puts her hand to her head, tries to breathe and looks like she's in pain. Toadie wants to know if she's okay.
Karl suddenly returns and goes to Susan's side, rubbing her back. He tells his wife that he's been on the phone to an old colleague, Jim Coates in diagnostics, talking about her. Toadie suggests the rest of them leave to take the food back to Charlie's.
ZEKE: Why don't you just say 'let's give them some privacy.'
TOADIE: Let's give them some privacy, then.
They troop out, leaving Karl and Susan alone. Karl admits to Susan that maybe what's happening to her isn't just the menopause, and Jim is waiting at the hospital to run some tests on her. Susan is shocked that he wants to do it right now and wants to know what the rush is.
KARL: Because I'm an overly-cautious, hysterical husband who'd like to get a peaceful night's rest.
SUSAN: Really?
KARL: Come on. Let's go.
Susan walks out, and Karl looks anything but peaceful.
Number 26
Miranda is clearing up from dinner when Riley returns to help. She notices that her son has calmed down, and asks how he feels about Bridget's evidence. She tells him to find a way to see this from Susan's point of view, write an article from her side. Riley can't believe that Miranda has totally changed her tune.
Miranda says that her anger since the accident has been pretty poisonous, and it's infected them all except Bridget. But it's what Didge needs to get over it - and the same for all of them. She wants Riley to do his job - weigh up the facts and show them to the public. If he loves Bridget, he'll give it a go.
Number 30
Ringo is doing more weight lifting, before checking out the size of his stomach in his mirror. His phone rings - it's Jessica, and she's crying.
The General Store
Cut to seconds later and Ringo is in the store, walking to Jess who throws her arms around him: she was so scared. A guy she was dating made some moves on her and she bailed. Ringo wants to know who the guy was - she shouldn't protect him. Ringo says he'll take her home, but she doesn't get up to follow him and fakes a bit of a panic attack, so he sits with her. She says she also wants to apologise for making it obvious how much she likes him.
They get up to leave and she quickly kisses him on the mouth and then says it was instinct - she's really sorry! Jess then says she'll be okay walking home by herself, so Ringo leaves.
Jessica wanders over to Taylah who caught the kiss on her camera phone! Rachel's going to be so jealous...
Erinsborough Hospital
Karl is waiting for Susan when he notices Zeke has arrived; he tells his dad that he couldn't stay at Steph's because he's been imagining the worst.
KARL: Zeke...
ZEKE: Don't, don't start with my name, that means it's really bad.
Poor kid. He probably had exactly the same words from Alex about Francesca, then Susan about Alex, and now this.
Karl tells Zeke that they don't know what's wrong with Susan but, panicking, Zeke doesn't believe him. He knows that Karl has a hunch about it, and Karl admits he does, but he could be wrong.
KARL: Which is why I'm not saying anything to anyone - not to you or to Susan.
ZEKE: It's not good, though, is it?
But Karl doesn't have to answer that one because Susan returns from the tests saying that she'll get the results tomorrow. She notices Zeke and gives him a hug.
Number 22
Elle answers the door in her dressing gown, to Riley who presents her with his latest article that the paper will run, entitled "Was hit and run teacher really at fault?"
Don't even get me *started* on the spelling and grammar mistakes in the first paragraph. Just appalling. Do the props department not run spelling and grammar checks these days?
Elle smiles at Riley.
The Law Offices
Toadie and the prosecutor are debating the case. Toadie then suddenly admits that he knows Susan's guilty, and Susan does, too. The prosecutor is uncomfortable, until Toadie suggests a plea change to guilty. The jury can be dismissed, and she can ask for a non-jail sentence. A year's custodial sentence, suspended for three years.
Toadie says he'll go talk to Susan.
Erinsborough Hospital
Susan, Karl and Zeke sit in a line, waiting. Susan wonders how Toadie's getting on, and Karl takes her hand.
KARL: You know, whatever happens...
SUSAN: Yeah, I know.
They smile at each other. What??! I want to know what Karl was going to say!
A nurse returns to see Susan and says that a doctor will talk them through the results now. Karl is pleased. Just before they go in, Toadie appears to say that everything's going to be fine with the case; he'll look after it. Susan hugs him.
Susan and Karl go to get the results, leaving a tearful Zeke behind, with Toadie beside him.
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Miranda Parker, Steve Parker, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5340
Miranda Parker, Steve Parker, Karl Kennedy

Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5340
Elle Robinson

Rosie Cammeniti, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 5340
Rosie Cammeniti, Toadie Rebecchi

Susan Kennedy, Valda Sheergold, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5340
Susan Kennedy, Valda Sheergold, Karl Kennedy

Karl Kennedy, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 5340
Karl Kennedy, Toadie Rebecchi

Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5340
Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Bridget Parker, Riley Parker, Steve Parker, Miranda Parker in Neighbours Episode 5340
Bridget Parker, Riley Parker, Steve Parker, Miranda Parker

Riley Parker, Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5340
Riley Parker, Elle Robinson

Ringo Brown, Declan Napier, Prue Brown in Neighbours Episode 5340
Ringo Brown, Declan Napier, Prue Brown

Riley Parker in Neighbours Episode 5340
Riley Parker

Ringo Brown, Jessica Wallace in Neighbours Episode 5340
Ringo Brown, Jessica Wallace

Susan Kennedy, Zeke Kinski, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5340
Susan Kennedy, Zeke Kinski, Karl Kennedy

Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5340
Elle Robinson

Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Toadie Rebecchi, Zeke Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5340
Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Toadie Rebecchi, Zeke Kinski

Zeke Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5340
Zeke Kinski

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