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Neighbours Episode 5327 from 2007 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5327
Australian airdate: 23/10/07
UK airdate:
Writer: Jenny Lewis
Director: Aarne Neeme
Guests: Tom Langley - Christian Charisou
Summary/Images by: Carly/Emily
Zeke and Rachel holding a memorial for their mum's birthday.
Zeke begging Susan to reconsider her plea.
Number 28
Susan tearfully tells her family that she'll plead not guilty as Rachel, Zeke and Karl all envelope her in a massive hug.
We open up on a shiny new stock shot of the law firm signage (well, new to me anyway)...
Jarrod Rebecchi & Rosetta Cammeniti
Barristers & Solicitors
Domestic and Corporate Law
Jarrod Rebecchi B.A., LL.B (Hons)
Rosetta Cammeniti B.Com, LL.B
Phone 4872 9475
Aww, I'm so proud.
Inside, Toadie is also ecstatic to hear that Susan is going to change her plea. Rosie asks if Susan has done it for herself, which makes Susan a little wary. But they all reassure her she's made the right decision.
TOADIE: I'll be in there fighting like my life depends on it. Don't you worry.
Number 26
Bridget is trying to write a letter to Declan but all it consists of so far is: Dear Declan, I don't quite know...
Why my dad is talking in hushed tones on the phone in the kitchen to my mum like I can't hear him? No? Steve tells Miranda that he thinks Bridget is a little down, and hands over the receiver so they can have a mummy/daughter chat.
Riley arrives home and in the fortress of solitude - aka the kitchen - they boys chat about Didge and wonder what else is eating at her besides the obvious. Steve thinks that she needs a project to keep her mind occupied.
TOADIE: (yelling out) Rosie!
ROSIE: (wry) I'm right here with fully functioning ears.
Toadie is manically trying to find a specific case in their law books to set a precedent for Susan's trial. But Rosie points out that the two cases aren't that similar. This doesn't seem to deter Toadie, however, which causes concern in Rosie.
General Store
Harold's ugly glasses and Lou have a chat with the KK family about Susan's trial. Zeke wants to know if he can have time off school to attend.
SUSAN: Love, that's very sweet but we'll see.
ZEKE: Well Libby's coming down isn't she?
SUSAN: Yeah I know...
ZEKE: Then I should be there for you.
Libby mention! Squee! Susan thinks that she should tell Miranda and Steve about her plea change, which doesn't fill Karl with much hope. But Susan would rather the Parkers find out from her than have it come as a shock at the trial.
At the counter, Susan meets up with Pepper, who couldn't help overhearing their conversation. She thinks what Susan is doing is great and wonders whether she's coming back to school any time soon; the kids all miss her. Susan thinks that she may have some more time off first, but is given food for thought as Pepper takes a call on her mobile from Janelle.
PEPPER: Hello gorgeous step-mummy! (Her face falls) What's happened? (Worried) Susan, she's crying...
Number 26
Steve stands in the kitchen and grins at Bridget until she gets freaked out and asks what's up. Hearing a knock, Steve thinks his project has arrived, but is surprised to find Susan on the doorstep instead. After discovering that Miranda is away in Ballarat for the week on business, Susan tells Steve about her plea change. He is quite understanding about the whole thing, and even more so when she says she's also going back to school tomorrow.
After she leaves, Steve asks Bridget what she thinks about the whole thing but she's all 'Am I bovvered?' (which looks like 'bowered' but there are two Vs in there!) But then Riley saunters in all, 'I'm bovvered! I am WELL bovvered!' Bridget smartly reminds her brother that *she* was the one who was hit, so he can shut it.
Anyway, Riley's main reason for being there is to present Bridget with a pregnant guinea pig called Sally. No, really. Apparently she's ready to pop at any moment and Steve couldn't leave her alone in the clinic overnight. Bridget immediately smells a set up and plays it cool, but the boys pretend they don't know what she's talking about.
Erinsborough High
We find out from Pepper that Steiger has come down with a more vicious strain of malaria than last time and is quite ill. She tells Adam that she doesn't know how she's going to concentrate all day, but Adam reminds her that she's going up next week to see him and Steiger didn't want her to worry.
Entering the one and only classroom, Pepper tells the kids that Ms Kinski will be back today (or Ms Kink-ski by her pronunciation). Some smart arse called Tom makes a brake sound effect but Pepper immediately sets the stink eye on him to shut him up.
In the hall, Karl is protectively holding Ms Kink-ski's hand as they walk in. Susan chides Karl for his overprotective behaviour, but it's quite sweet that he's so concerned. They share a quiet moment before Susan walks into class.
Pepper hands the duties over to Susan (and hopefully wanders off to find the top half of her knitted jumper - another appropriate work outfit there, Pep). Declan mosies in and is about to apologise for being late when he realises that Susan is back in charge. Looking mutinous, Declan takes a seat next to brake boy as Susan nervously tries to get back to normal.
DECLAN: (to Tom) Shouldn't she be in jail?
With her back to the kids, stoic Susan tries to keep her composure.
Erinsborough High
Susan collects up everyone's homework but doesn't receive anything from Declan.
SUSAN: That's quite unsatisfactory.
DECLAN: What are you going to do? Run me over with your car?
ZEKE: (leaping up) Shut up you TOOL!
Susan tries to calm Zeke down but he rushes over, grabs Declan by the collar and starts to scuffle with him. It takes Pepper rushing back in to break it up and send them to the principal's office.
Out in the hall, Susan tries to catch her breath, reeling from the fact that she couldn't keep control of her class. Comforting her, Pepper says that Susan has just got to believe in herself. But Susan doesn't look like she has much self-belief right now.
Frazer and Rosie come back from a lunch date discussing Frazer's new job.
FRAZER: They say people are becoming less friendly but I can't tell you the number of people who chew my ear off.
ROSIE: You naughty boy, I'm the only one allowed to do that.
They hear snoring and realise poor, exhausted Toadie has fallen asleep in his office. Rosie tells Frazer how concerned she is about him and worries that he's too close to the case; Susan is like a second mum to him. Frazer thinks that she has a hard conversation ahead of her trying to convince Toadie to step back.
Number 26/General Store
Riley is whispering on the phone in the kitchen to Steve, relaying how Bridget's pride vs. the guinea pig is going. Again I say THERE IS NO SOLID WALL AND DIDGE IS NOT DEAF. But whatevs. Bridget eventually moves over to the animal cage but spots Riley gawking at her through the sound-proof lattice and stops whatever she's about to do. Riley does the worst job ever of pretending he wasn't spying on her, involving many odd constipated-looking faces, but Bridget is still on to his game.
Toadie is still trying to put together something of a precedent, but Rosie reiterates that it won't help him. Susan was fully aware of her symptoms (like fatigue) before she got into the car. Toadie looks defeated but murmurs that it's still a start. Taking the plunge, Rosie asks him if he's considered taking himself off the case, but Toadie is incredulous she's even thinking like that. There's no way he's going to let Susan down. Holding up an old pic of mulleted Toadie and long-haired Suse that has mysteriously appeared in a frame on Toadie's desk, Rosie tells him that he's letting her down by being her lawyer.
ROSIE: In your eyes Susan is a saint and it's blinding you.
Toadie coldly tells Rosie to leave him be, but you can see that he knows she's right.
General Store
AUDIENCE: Hey, why is Harold suddenly wearing his old glasses that Lou supposedly broke and not his ugly new ones?
CONTINUITY FAIRY: *shrugs* Am I bovvered?
Harold picks up on Toadie's stress and he reveals that he's got nothing to back up Susan's case and feels completely useless. Rosie's words look like they've really hit home with him. But Harold is impressed that Toadie is strong enough to admit that, and believes that everything he's done for Susan so far is very honourable.
Erinsborough High
Susan, Declan and Rebecca are in the middle of a meeting regarding Declan's behaviour. Susan knows that Declan is quite close with Bridget and understands his need to protect her, but assures him that no one feels worse about the whole situation than her. Declan nods but his cold gaze betrays his true emotions.
Once he's excused from the room, Rebecca apologises to Susan. She knows that something has changed in her son and he's not the same Declan anymore. Susan kindly tells Rebecca that all teenage boys go through an awkward phase, but usually come around in a few months. I press the special F6 key on my computer that automatically types in 'Rebecca cries'. I've got a lot of use out of that button this year.
Meanwhile, Declan has been eavesdropping through the window and looks upset.
Number 26/Outside Vet Clinic
The guinea pig starts to squeal and Bridget freaks. She rings her dad to come and help her, but he's happy to leave her to her own devices, thus is the nature of his 'project'.
Toadie tells Susan and Karl that he's standing aside as Susan's lawyer. They need a gun barrister (and not 'barista' as I accidentally keep typing - although a shot of caffeine may help poor old Toad), and he knows that he's not up to it. Toadie admits that when he represents family and friends he can usually maintain his professionalism, but he can't with her. Karl and Susan completely understand and know the decision can't have been easy for him. Toadie asks Rosie to gather together a list of the best barristers in town for him, but she's one step ahead and has already done it. Toadie apologetically admits that it will be more expensive for them, but they know they need to do whatever it takes.
Number 26
Steve finds Bridget bawling her eyes out and is distraught that the guinea pig died, but Bridget is just having a Disney moment and is marvelling the miracle of life after little Sally had two... piglets? Riley also arrives home and is stoked to see his sister smiling again, albeit through some tears. F6, amend name.
Everyone hug and sing along!
From the day we arrive on the plaaaaanet, and blinking step into the suuuuuuun...
Number 28
Susan tells Karl that her first day back was quite a doozy and that her confidence took quite a hit. But Karl knows that she'll get her groove back soon enough.
Opening up a letter, Susan is stunned to realise that she's been nominated for the 2007 Victorian Teacher of the Year Awards. Susan's face is like, 'Well, that's some great timing there... '
Number 22/Road
Rebecca pounces on Paul as soon as he gets in, asking if he's seen Declan. Paul states that school has only just got out and it's hardly "worry o'clock", but Rebecca says that Declan had a difficult day at school and seemed quite lost.
Cut to: Declan, with a huge backpack on his back, trying to hitchhike out of Erinsborough.
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Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 5327
Toadie Rebecchi

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5327
Susan Kennedy

Susan Kennedy, Pepper Steiger in Neighbours Episode 5327
Susan Kennedy, Pepper Steiger

Riley Parker, Steve Parker in Neighbours Episode 5327
Riley Parker, Steve Parker

Adam Rhodes, Pepper Steiger in Neighbours Episode 5327
Adam Rhodes, Pepper Steiger

Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5327
Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Pepper Steiger, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5327
Pepper Steiger, Susan Kennedy

Frazer Yeats, Rosie Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5327
Frazer Yeats, Rosie Cammeniti

Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 5327
Toadie Rebecchi

Toadie Rebecchi, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 5327
Toadie Rebecchi, Harold Bishop

Declan Napier, Susan Kennedy, Rebecca Napier in Neighbours Episode 5327
Declan Napier, Susan Kennedy, Rebecca Napier

Bridget Parker in Neighbours Episode 5327
Bridget Parker

Steve Parker, Riley Parker, Bridget Parker in Neighbours Episode 5327
Steve Parker, Riley Parker, Bridget Parker

 in Neighbours Episode 5327

Declan Napier in Neighbours Episode 5327
Declan Napier

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