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Neighbours Episode 5309 from 2007 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5309
Australian airdate: 27/09/07
UK airdate:
Writer: Sacha Hamilton
Director: Aarne Neeme
Guests: Valda Sheergold - Joan Sydney
Laura Davidson - Jodi Flockhart
Nick Thomson - Marty Grimwood
- "Kimchi" by Blind Munkee
- "Tapestry" by Shapeshifter
Summary/Images by: ~Em~/Emily
- Nick finding Laura talking to Paul
- Zeke and Karl worrying about Susan's "turn" on the golf course
- Laura telling Nick Paul is getting her a room at Lassiters
- Ringo confessing to stealing the exam paper.
Number 28
Ringo is explaining that the whole thing was his fault and Rachel only took the paper from him to put it back. Susan is strangely breathless and says that in that case Rach will be punished as an accomplice. Rachel tries to fight Ringo's corner and backs him up that he never even looked at the exam. Susan tries to say that it's not the point but she's really struggling to find the strength to continue and has gone pale. Karl is concerned about her state of health, but she manages to further reprimand Ringo, whilst grasping the back of a chair.
Number 30
Ringo isn't having much luck at home either. Frazer can't believe that he thought Ringo might be growing up and that after each mistake he might have learned something.. He's made him look like an idiot.
RINGO: Oh so you're just spewing because I've made you look like an idiot.
FRAZER: I'm spewing because you obviously don't care about anything that I've done for you. You're selfish.
RINGO: Yeah, well I wonder where I got that from? You dropped out of Uni to gamble for a living. Great role model Fraze.
Rosie arrives and feels the tension. Ringo apologises that Frazer wasted his time on him.
The Lassiters Bedroom
Laura and Nick are dining out on room service in the customary complimentary dressing gowns which anyone who spends time in the Lassiters Bedroom must wear at some point. Nick's been having a look at the Spa list and can't believe you can pay someone to play with your feet. I don't think it's playing so much.... Anyway, Laura's starting to think that bleeding Paul dry won't bring Gus back. Nick agrees and suggests there are maybe other ways of getting him to pay. Maybe he could pay for counselling. She doesn't look so sure.
The Couch of Lurv at Number 22
Paul and Rebecca are all cuddled up on the couch. Paul wants Rebecca and Declan to move back in, but she's not ready, even though she's never stopped being in love with him. She thinks they rushed it last time, she wants to take time to enjoy all the romantic milestones.
REBECCA: First date...
PAUL: First walk in the rain...
REBECCA: First drive in movie...
Pass the sick bucket. Also, it *never* rains in Ramsay Street. Paul is already formulating plans which involve Rebecca cancelling all her plans for the rest of the week in favour of jetting off for romantic starlit meals and the like. Sorry what was that about taking it slow? Rebecca reminds him she has a job which she was very lucky not to get sacked from. Paul says he'll give her plenty of firsts...when he thinks of them.
The General Store
Valda has dropped in to see the boys. She compliments Lou on his apron and is pleased to see they're both happy.
VALDA: It seems we're all sailing along quite happily nowadays. You with your little shop, me with my brand new twenty-first century business venture.
Harold is interested to hear Valda is keeping herself occupied. She tells him she has a new pet project.
VALDA: I've got this neighbour in Shelly Bay, makes the loveliest lacey lingerie, you know, for the more voluptuous lady...with a few more miles on the clock.
Harold giggles nervously and Lou just laughs. He thinks Valda is too old to be "peddling [her] tat around town." Step aside Harold, we're in for a show down.
VALDA: And don't you think you're a bit old hat. Everyone knows retail is finished, online is the only way to sell nowadays.
LOU: And what would you know about e-business?
VALDA: Enough. Got my own website being built, my own domain name. Love that, Queen of my own domain.
Lou mutters darkly but Harold is happy for Valda and looks forward to seeing the website. Valda jokes that he's after a peek at the goods and I have awful flashbacks to 4551 when Harold...no, I can't even finish that. He tries to explain he's only interested in the e-business side of things but eventually has to give up and makes his excuses to leave. Lou wonders if Valda's not getting in a bit deep, he reminds her of the money she squandered on her sister's stamp collection. She reminds him who bought his old house.
VALDA: Why don't you just admit it, that the woman you once let slip as risen again from the ashes. You just can't stand it! [She calls to Harold] Oh, and feel free to drop by any time to view the goods before they go. I might even model them for you.
There's a crashing of crockery from the kitchen. Sounds like a storyline I'm not sure I'd want to summarise!
Valda arrives at the bar and promptly tells Steph to go home, she's come to take over so Steph can go home and spend time with Charlie and Toadie, she's left a lovely meal in the oven for them. Eventually persuaded Steph scarpers leaving Valda in charge. As soon as she's gone Valda whips out a poster advertising her lingerie and sticks it up behind the bar. Some customers giggle, but Valda tells them to tell their mothers - they'll love it.
Number 22
Elle and Paul need to talk. It can't wait as it regards someone staying at the hotel at the moment. Elle says Laura is charging all her expenses to Paul, and he explains he told her to. He looks at the bill and seems a little surprised, but says that she's been through a lot and deserves to be cut some slack. Elle thinks its too much and that she's ripping him off. Paul disagrees and reminds her that he's paying, not the Elle or the Hotel so it's really none of her business.
Riley swaggers in and puts his paper down in front of Elle, his story made front page news. He says he couldn't have been done without her tip-off. Enter Oliver with baby clothes to detract from some awkwardness about thanks which I don't get. Elle thought Oliver had a cash flow problem, but he says it's sorted for now. He has catalogues for cots and changing tables and asks if she would give him a hand choosing. Elle thinks she might be a bit too "baby Gucci" but she'll try. Riley looks unimpressed.
Outside Rebecchi Cammeniti
Rebecca meets Paul outside the office and apologises that she can't get away because they're really busy. Paul won't hear of it. It's exactly why he brought lunch to her. Cut to fancy table with trademark Robinson champagne bucket and glasses. Rebecca is over the moon. Why? Surely the last thing you want to multi-task is organising a busy reception and enjoying a romantic lunch.
Elle and Oliver are still looking at catalogues and joking about the multi-functioning cots. Riley is still watching them with a cloud of thunder over his head. (Not literally...) Oliver starts to get a bit ahead of himself and says he can cope with handling a baby but can't imagine dealing with a teenager. Elle thinks he and Carmella will do a great job. Riley orders a squash. Oo er. Elle thinks they've found a winner, but Oliver isn't sure about the finish. Seriously, how many guys worry about that when they're about to become a dad? Elle has to take a call and while she's gone Riley comes over all knight on white charger. He tells Oliver he thinks its really classy that he's making Elle choose stuff for his and his ex's baby. Oliver doesn't think it's his business but Riley thinks that when someone is being a creep to one of his friends it is. Elle comes back to finish talking finishes, but Oliver says he has to go and leaves. Elle is somewhat bemused and asks Riley if he said anything to Oliver. Riley tells her he called him on making her look at baby stuff. Elle says that as a friend Riley should know she doesn't need rescuing by anyone.
Paul and Rebecca's table of romance
Elle wanders past and comments that their lunch looks nice, and why not when there's money to burn. Paul explains to Rebecca that Elle has a bee in her bonnet about Laura staying at the hotel at Paul's expense. Rebecca agrees that staying at a flashy hotel is not going to help Laura stand on her own two feet. They joke that it's hardly first-date conversation so Paul asks Rebecca what she likes to do for fun. Rebecca lists all the clichés and Paul asks if she likes Piņa Coladas. Ah ha ha haaa.
A Street
Ringo is running along listening wearing headphones again. What are the chances that he does this twice in a year and I summarise both episodes eh? The lyrics "where did I go wrong?" overlay the scene and not that I'm a fan of the running business, but I'd say, letting his arms flap about as he runs is a start...
Number 28 again. Yay!
Rachel comes out of her room, and spying Susan says she was just about to go to the library to study. Susan wants to chat properly. Rachel thinks there's nothing left to talk about, but Susan disagrees. She wants to know why she covered for Ringo.
[Ringo is still running by the way, intermittently throughout this scene]
Rach explains she just wanted to help, but she didn't she made it worst.
SUSAN: You know, usually your judgement is second to none. (Really?!)
RACHEL: Zeke thinks I'm pathetic, you know what, he's probably right.
SUSAN: Oh love, come on. No-one is worth compromising yourself like that for. No-one.
RACHEL: I know and I'm so sorry. I've tried so hard not to feel the way that I do about him. I really have. I just can't. I just can't.
Susan sympathetically brushes at Rachel's hair and gives her a lovely MummyHug. Bless.
On a random note, I kind of think Karl might have been elsewhere in the room but not shown because Rachel didn't seem to be looking in the right direction to address Susan where she was sitting on the sofa. Hmm.
The Lassiters Bedroom
Laura is on the telephone. She wants to meet the person on the other end. She'd really like to talk. I'm assuming it's Paul. Laura and Nick have a bizarre conversation about Paul obviously wanting to do everything he can, considering he killed her brother. Because murderers generally do that. Thankfully there's a knock on the door. It's Rebecca. Nick dives into the bathroom. Rebecca explains that she knows what she's going through with her partner and she's been through the same thing so if she ever wants to talk she's there. She gives Laura her phone number and leaves. Laura and Nick are confused that everyone thinks he's a wife-basher. Nick thinks they can use it to their advantage. (I've just realised I've been calling him "Rick" all through the summary. Oops.)
The General Store
Laura arrives to meet Paul who is sitting with Elle. Elle leaves the table but hangs around watching. Laura seems on edge (obviously). Paul asks if it's her ex. She says he's found her and Paul immediately starts planning what they should do. Move her, call the police etc. Laura doesn't want the police involved, all she wants is to go somewhere new where nobody knows her. She needs some cash...like $200,00 - just enough for a deposit on a flat or a caravan or something. Paul explains to her that he wants to help, but he lost all his money and property a few months ago. Laura tells him to ask Elle for some money. He says they'll find a way and goes to get some coffees. While he's away she swipes a card from his wallet. Cheeky thing.
Steph's back from lunch and has spotted Valda's poster straight away. Valda says she just wanted to drum up a little publicity but Steph tells her to take it down.
VALDA: Well don't expect me to book this place for my first fashion parade.
STEPH: You promise?
Lou arrives, he's come to buy Valda a drink because it's always nice to see old friends. He thinks they could talk about her e-venture, he knows quite a bit about the .net. Valda remembers his venture into Russian email bride ordering.
LOU: Why don't you tell me how you're going to turn a pile of panties into a pile of cash eh?
Number 30: House of Crime and Retribution
Ringo's back from his run. Rosie and Frazer are sitting at the table and would like a talk. Frazer has just got off the phone to the school who wanted to expel him. Frazer managed to talk around the new Principle (Mr Simpson) who has agreed to a week's suspension. Ringo thanks him. Frazer goes on to say that he only agreed because he assured him that Ringo would be severely punished at home. Rosie says he's grounded from all social occasions for one month. Ringo says he can't stop training, he's worked too hard. Frazer says he's not in the position to make demands. Ringo is defiant, he can't and won't give up training, and he storms out.
The Lassiters Bedroom of "Justice"
Nick can't believe that Paul actually isn't sitting on millions anymore. Laura can't believe she stole his card, she doesn't even know what they're doing anymore. Nick reminds her they're seeking justice. Laura says it won't change the fact that Gus is dead and it won't change the fact that she didn't help him when he was sick. Nick argues that she was going to help him, and if they went home what would they go back to? Her staying in bed depressed? He tells her that when she came back she was the most alive he's seen her in years. Oh well that's positive.
NICK: He stuffed your life, now we stuff his.
Ramsay Street
Rachel meets Ringo in the dark at the end of the path to number 28. She heard he's suspended, Ringo tells her he's grounded too. He apologises for ever letting her take the papers. She says that he's her friend and she just wanted to help him. He says he knows why she tried to protect him and kisses her on the cheek. Then they do the eye thing and kiss for proper. Aww, in the same spot Karl and Susan used to in the 2003/4 credits.
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Rachel Kinski, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5309
Rachel Kinski, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Frazer Yeats, Ringo Brown in Neighbours Episode 5309
Frazer Yeats, Ringo Brown

Laura Davidson, Nick Thompson in Neighbours Episode 5309
Laura Davidson, Nick Thompson

Paul Robinson, Rebecca Napier in Neighbours Episode 5309
Paul Robinson, Rebecca Napier

Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 5309
Lou Carpenter

Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 5309
Harold Bishop

Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 5309
Steph Scully

Rebecca Napier, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5309
Rebecca Napier, Paul Robinson

Elle Robinson, Riley Parker, Oliver Barnes in Neighbours Episode 5309
Elle Robinson, Riley Parker, Oliver Barnes

Rachel Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5309
Rachel Kinski

Ringo Brown in Neighbours Episode 5309
Ringo Brown

Susan Kennedy, Rachel Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5309
Susan Kennedy, Rachel Kinski

Rebecca Napier in Neighbours Episode 5309
Rebecca Napier

Valda Sheergold in Neighbours Episode 5309
Valda Sheergold

Rachel Kinski, Ringo Brown in Neighbours Episode 5309
Rachel Kinski, Ringo Brown

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