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Neighbours Episode 5302 from 2007 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5302
Australian airdate: 18/09/07
UK airdate:
Writer: Jenny Lewis
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Diana Murray - Jane Allsop
Snr. Const. Sophie Cooper - Emma Moore
Laura Davidson - Jode Flockhart
Nick Thompson - Marty Grimwood
Pat Carter - Sarah Jane St. Clair
Summary/Images by: Carly/Holing
- Pepper revealing she had issues with Sophie in the past
- Rebecca resigning from the law firm
- Paul asking for Elle's help to find Gus's family
- Paul telling Gus's sister, Laura, that he killed her brother
Laura's House
Laura immediately starts shouting at Paul to go away whilst trying to shut the door on him. Elle rushes over and assures Laura her father isn't dangerous, but Laura rightly slams the door in their faces. Elle says to Paul that Laura may want to talk when she's calmed down, but Paul isn't so sure.
Rosie thinks they should ask Rebecca back to work but Diana considers her a liability. Toadie's contribution is to escape to his office to avoid getting stuck in the middle. Diana eventually concedes that Rosie can do what she likes, but implies that it would be a mistake to re-hire Rebecca. Speak of the sacked, Rebecca returns to pick up some forgotten belongings and Rosie asks her back into the fold. Rebecca's wary at first and thinks she's too much of a mess, but Rosie coaxes her into changing her mind - earning a doubtful glare from Diana that suggests she's going to regret it.
General Store
Adam is trying to get some info about Gus and the Lassiter's inferno from Harold, but stops short when Sophie appears. She warns him that he could be sacked from the force for conducting unofficial investigations, but Adam thinks he'll be safe as long as she doesn't rat on him. Harold notices Adam's brought his own Tupperware container full of cupcakes - baked with love and sexual frustration by Pepper. He's a bit miffed that Adam's rebuffed the GS food at first, but is soon talked around and offered a cake for turning a blind eye. While Harold eats his treat in the background (and makes a face to suggest that it tastes like feet), Sophie turns her nose up at Pepper's efforts.
SOPHIE: Didn't know Pepper could read a recipe let alone bake.
ADAM: Don't talk about my girlfriend like that.
Meanwhile, Frazer is also suffering as Pep eagerly watches him eat a cupcake. Steph, who has just received a phone call letting her know a council meeting has been swapped around on the sly, saves him by bemoaning the fact that she doesn't have a babysitter for the Chuckster. Frazer readily volunteers, just as Rosie walks in to join them.
FRAZER: (off Rosie's look) Just helping out a friend. No ulterior motives.
ROSIE: Whatever you say, Fraze.
FRAZER: That's what I say, Rose.
Laura's House
Adam and Sophie have been called out and figure it must be because of Paul. Laura answers the door, this time accompanied by her loud and angry boyfriend, Nick. They tell the cops what went on and ask if they're going to lock Paul up, but Adam and Sophie explain that there's no evidence to support the theory. Nick angrily retorts that if they can't lock Paul up then they can sod off. Just before the scene cuts away, Adam does this hilarious out of place little eye roll like, "Oh my God, what a drama queen."
General Store
Adam tells Paul to stay away from Laura's house, but Paul only wants to know if Adam's digging has uncovered anything new. Stepping back from the responsibility, Adam leaves, passing Elle on his way out. Elle discovers that Laura called the cops on Paul and becomes frustrated with him.
ELLE: Dad, what is this telling you? Just let it go.
PAUL: Elle you saw the misery in her eyes; I was the one who put that there. I have to do something.
Laura's House
Unable to help herself, Elle is about to knock on the door when she hears Laura and Nick in the lounge room. Snooping by the front window, Elle overhears Laura tearfully saying that Paul should rot in a cell for the rest of his life for what he did to Gus. Laura knows her brother had his problems but he didn't deserve to die like that. Elle hesitantly steps back and knocks on the door. Laura and Nick answer, extremely wary to see her there.
ELLE: I'm Elle Robinson, Paul's daughter. Please just listen to what I have to say.
Laura's House
When we return, Elle is in the midst of explaining Paul's neuroma and the attributing side effects. She begs them not to indulge his fantasy - she believes that he doesn't know what's real and what's fake right now. Off their dubious looks, Elle gives them a Lassiter's business card with Paul's number on it.
ELLE: Please have a think about what I've said. Give him a call, let him know you don't believe him so we can move forward.
As Elle leaves, Nick tries to dissuade Laura from taking things any further. Laura reminds him that Gus is dead because of Paul, but Nick seems to have an influential hold over her so the matter is dropped... for now.
Number 30
Babysitting is going swell so far for Frazer. The lounge room is a bombsite and Charlie's ignoring everything Frazer's saying. Frazer nervously tries to talk him into "quiet time with Unky Fraze", but Charlie's more content just to throw pillows around.
Cut to Frazer struggling through a verse of 'I'm A Little Teapot', complete with actions.
FRAZER: ... here is my handle, here is my spout. When I get all tipped up... tipped up? (lost) Uh, stripped up... no. (excited) Steamed up! When I get all steamed up here I shout! (to Charlie) Hear me? SHOUT! Tip me over pour me...
But Charlie is too busy eating random things off the floor to listen, which Frazer quickly puts a stop to. Other fun 'Unky Fraze and Charlie' activities comprise of Frazer trying to ply his subject with a fourth cup of red cordial, and Charlie drawing on the couch with a pen. Unky Fraze finally finds out the way to Charlie's heart (and silence) - magic tricks and blackjack! With three cards already under his belt and a total of 17, Charlie grunts that he wants another card.
FRAZER: To be honest I think you're a madman, but you're the boss. If you lose you take a nap, but if you win the day is yours my friend.
Charlie taps his little hand on the table for another card. Hee!
Frazer pushes Charlie in a swing, gobsmacked that he drew a four to get blackjack. A bunch of yummy mummies giggle at Frazer, and one comes up for a chat. She thinks "daddy" Frazer is great with his "son"- a role Frazer readily plays along with. Harold, passing by on an afternoon power walk, notices what's going on and interrupts the conversation with a cough like, 'What are you going on about you rapscallion?'
General Store
Elle informs Paul that she went back to see Laura and explained his situation. Just then, Paul's phone rings and he's surprised and pleased to hear Laura on the other end. He arranges to meet her at Charlie's for a chat and actually says, "Do you know Lassiter's?" Like, I think she'd remember the place her brother was murdered, Paul.
Laura meets up with Paul and admits that she almost changed her mind about coming.
PAUL: I understand completely if you're angry at me after what I did to your brother.
Ya think? Laura says that her boyfriend, Nick, is angry enough for the both of them. From her intonation, Paul starts to wonder if Nick is getting 'rough' with her and offers Laura a "safe haven" at Lassiter's if she needs it. Laura reckons that Nick will calm down soon and starts to ask Paul more about the fire when Nick barges in all huffy and puffy. He tries to drag Laura out, which makes Paul's inner white knight emerge. But Paul is such a tiny man that it's like an ant versus a bull. The cute barman (who I shall christen McHottie), helps to diffuse things in his 'I'm just a silent hot extra' way, but Laura takes charge and tells Nick to wait in the car for her. Once he leaves, Paul offers the room again to Laura, which she accepts, and goes to set it up for her. Alone, Laura makes a sneaky call to Nick.
LAURA: Nick it's me... calm down. He's getting me a room. I'll explain later.
Adam is moaning about having to direct the traffic; he never feels coordinated enough. I have to agree, his efforts are pretty poor, and Sophie even compares him to a disco dancer having a stroke. Adam bitches that he'd rather be dancing, so Snr. Const. Sophie actually turns the radio on to, like, Disco 101.1, and Adam starts to boogie his way through traffic control.
Oh my God, he's really getting into it. I can't watch. A driver goes by shaking his head all, 'What a personal banker'. Pepper also just randomly happens to be passing by and is quite annoyed at how much fun Sophie and her boyfriend are having. You'll have to wait to have words with them though, Pep. They've got to salsa their way to a drug bust and Macarena through a protest first.
Number 30
Sophie is hanging out with Adam after work and Pepper is getting tired of them swapping 'fun' work stories.
SOPHIE: (to Adam) I know way too much about you!
PEPPER: (defence mode) Well, I think you know "work Adam", but I don't think you really know somebody till they get home, take the hat off, and relax.
SOPHIE: (shoots laser beams out of her eyes and blows Pepper up)
Sophie takes this as her cue to leave but Adam asks her to stay for dinner, he knows Pep will be cool with it! Oh Adam, you disco dolt.
Rosie's having a battle with herself about how she's acting around Diana while Toadie listens in confusion.
ROSIE: You must think I'm the stroppiest cow on the planet.
TOADIE: I'm not touchin' that one.
ROSIE: I hope she doesn't think it's about the office. Just because I don't have a desk, or anywhere to put my stuff, and I'm always in her way no matter where I stand. It doesn't mean I mind!
TOADIE: I'm not even going to bother answering...
ROSIE: (interrupting) I love having her in the office! I mean, she's Diana Murray...
TOADIE: Alright! Enough with the sisterhood thing okay?
Frazer happily brings Charlie back to Steph and Toadie and Rosie gets this hilarious cranky look on her face like, 'GREAT! Another thing not going my way...'
FRAZER: He was an angel.
TOADIE: Yeah right!
FRAZER: After he was a devil but I blame that on the red cordial.
STEPH: (alarmed) Red cordial?
FRAZER: Yeah, he worked it all off on the swings, don't worry.
Steph and Toadie thank him and head off home. Rosie thinks that Frazer hated every minute of it and was putting on a show for the parents, but Frazer begs to differ. The main yummy mummy from the park suddenly appears and chats to Fraze, revealing to Rosie that Frazer was playing daddy all day. Rosie laughs but Frazer says that he was just trying on the label for size and he loved it.
FRAZER: Don't act like I'm the only one with an agenda here.
ROSIE: Oh, you think I've got one?
FRAZER: I saw the look in your eye when I offered to take Charlie. You thought a day with him would be enough to turn me off kids for life, and it backfired! Am I right?
ROSIE: ... maybe!
FRAZER: Man, you are so cold and calculating sometimes.
He said it in a half-joking way but Rosie has really taken it to heart.
Hotel Foyer
Paul is setting up Laura at the front desk.
PAUL: (to the desk clerk) Miss Davidson is a VIP, and that's with a capital 'V', so you make sure you give her anything she wants.
As opposed to a VIP with a lower case 'v' I guess where they scrimp on the pillow mints and don't give you extra towels. Laura tells Paul that Nick doesn't know she's here. Paul rubs her shoulders reassuringly, telling her she can stay as long as she likes. Rebecca happens to be standing outside at this point and is most dismayed at this display of affection. They *are* quite chummy for a murderer and a grieving family member, so I don't blame her.
Hotel Foyer/Laura's Hotel Room
Paul explains to Rebecca that she saw him with Gus's sister, Laura. She wants to know the truth just as much as he does, which is leading him one step closer to atonement.
Nick wants to know what's going on and Laura explains that Paul feels so guilty he'll do anything for her. Nick reminds her that Paul's a murderer (thank you!), but Laura retorts that he's the only link she has in finding out what really happened to Gus.
Rebecca asks if Laura's okay. Paul thinks she's handling things better than her boyfriend, explaining the earlier narkiness. He also thinks that Nick doesn't know where Laura is.
Laura doesn't want Nick to try and stop her; if there's a chance to make it up to Gus she's going to take it. Nick wants to know if this is about revenge, but Laura stoically replies that it's about justice.
Paul just wants Laura to feel safe, which Rebecca can understand, "That's how you made me feel." In the moment, Paul asks Rebecca to go and get a drink with him but Rebecca doesn't think it would be a wise move and walks away. All well, I'm sure Laura will be up for it. You guys are best friends now, right?
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Laura Davidson in Neighbours Episode 5302
Laura Davidson

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5302
Paul Robinson

Paul Robinson, Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5302
Paul Robinson, Elle Robinson

Rosie Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5302
Rosie Cammeniti

Diana Murray, Rosie Cammeniti, Rebecca Napier in Neighbours Episode 5302
Diana Murray, Rosie Cammeniti, Rebecca Napier

Diana Murray in Neighbours Episode 5302
Diana Murray

Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 5302
Steph Scully

Frazer Yeats, Rosie Cammeniti, Steph Scully, Pepper Steiger in Neighbours Episode 5302
Frazer Yeats, Rosie Cammeniti, Steph Scully, Pepper Steiger

Adam Rhodes, Snr. Const. Sophie Cooper in Neighbours Episode 5302
Adam Rhodes, Snr. Const. Sophie Cooper

Adam Rhodes, Nick Thompson, Snr. Const. Sophie Cooper, Laura Davidson in Neighbours Episode 5302
Adam Rhodes, Nick Thompson, Snr. Const. Sophie Cooper, Laura Davidson

Nick Thompson, Elle Robinson, Laura Davidson in Neighbours Episode 5302
Nick Thompson, Elle Robinson, Laura Davidson

Charlie Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 5302
Charlie Hoyland

Frazer Yeats, Charlie Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 5302
Frazer Yeats, Charlie Hoyland

Pat Carter, Frazer Yeats in Neighbours Episode 5302
Pat Carter, Frazer Yeats

Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 5302
Harold Bishop

Laura Davidson, Nick Thompson, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5302
Laura Davidson, Nick Thompson, Paul Robinson

Snr. Const. Sophie Cooper, Adam Rhodes in Neighbours Episode 5302
Snr. Const. Sophie Cooper, Adam Rhodes

Adam Rhodes, Pepper Steiger in Neighbours Episode 5302
Adam Rhodes, Pepper Steiger

Snr. Const. Sophie Cooper in Neighbours Episode 5302
Snr. Const. Sophie Cooper

Rosie Cammeniti, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 5302
Rosie Cammeniti, Toadie Rebecchi

Rosie Cammeniti, Frazer Yeats, Steph Scully, Charlie Hoyland, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 5302
Rosie Cammeniti, Frazer Yeats, Steph Scully, Charlie Hoyland, Toadie Rebecchi

Laura Davidson, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5302
Laura Davidson, Paul Robinson

Rebecca Napier in Neighbours Episode 5302
Rebecca Napier

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