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Neighbours Episode 5289 from 2007 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5289
Australian airdate: 30/08/07
UK airdate:
Writer: Linda Stainton
Director: Aarne Neeme
Guests: Snr. Const. Sophie Cooper - Emma Moore
Justin Hunter - Chris Toohey
Richard Aaronow - Blair Venn
Tom Urban - Serge Denardo
Naomi Cruiso - Christine Kamen
Dr Dylan Masters - Silas James
- "Quiet Clear Pool" by Skinful
Summary/Images by: ~Em~/Holing
- Bridget being knocked to the ground in footy training
- The police wanting to speak to Declan about some charges being pressed - assault and attempted manslaughter.
- Pepper watching Adam doing well in his Police trials.
- Rebecca telling Richard she's not afraid of him anymore and Richard saying he's going to hang around for a while.
Number 22
Oliver and Declan have received letters from Richard apologising for his recent rash behaviour and enclosing membership for the Melbourne Cricket Club which he nominated them for when Declan was born. Rebecca looks at the medallions he sent in horror.
The General Store
Zeke is texting Lolly, much to the confusion of Harold who can't understand why he doesn't just call her. Zeke says that for some conversations verbal communication is inappropriate. This has Harold more nonplussed but Zeke explains about visual gags and holds up his phone which says:
I don't get it....neither does Harold. In comes Bridget, it's her first day and she was wondering if he wanted to give her a tour. She looks at his phone and says that she doesn't get texting. Why don't people just call each other? Harold looks smug.
Over in the corner Pepper is reassuring Adam that he did well, and he'll be fine, but he's worried about the psych report. Harold brings across coffees for them both - two extra strong for Pepper. He's disapproving of Pepper drinking so much strong coffee, she'll never sleep at night. Pep says maybe she doesn't want to..! "Aaah" sayth Harold and he turns to Adam, he was wondering if he could pick his brains about his new idea for integrating recently released prisoners into the community. Adam says that's no problem, as long as he gets accepted back into the force.
He sees that Pepper has screwed up a letter, she says its junk mail but he sees it's from the hospital. Pep confides that it's a PAP smear reminder. Adam thinks she should go, she says she's made an appointment, but he can tell she's lying.
Erinsborough High
Zeke tries to talk to Bridget about footy training, and she shows him her boots, which she has laced with blue and yellow laces. She knows its lame, and Zeke seems uncomfortable. Declan arrives with Rebecca and Paul and Didge tells Zeke to watch his valuables before they go off on a tour around the school.
Rebecca tells her son she has a good feeling about the school, so Declan hands over his locker keys and tells her to knock herself out, he'll go and find a job. Paul asks if he's given him the line about "Starting afresh" yet? (It's Paul's favourite line.)
DECLAN: I can't remember....was that the time I fell asleep....because I've heard it a hundred times!!
Rebecca tells him that he can do anything he puts his mind to, and that he doesn't need to be seen with his daggy old mum. He tells her not to be silly and gives her a hug. Aw, he's a nice boy really. Sarcastic, but nice. Rebecca and Paul turn to go, but who should they bump into but Richard! Apparently he's the new principle and he looks forward to seeing them around. I doubt that feeling is mutual.
The General Store
Pepper is telling Carmella that she is not taking a PAP smear test. Not until they invent a dignified one anyway, she's young and fit and healthy and she doesn't need one. Adam joins them and says that his mum and sister say the same thing but they'd rather put up with it than risk cancer. Karl is in the background making a call on his mobile. Pepper says they don't need to talk about it. Karl comes over and says they're right. Pepper can't believe him, it's none of his business and he's not a doctor anymore. Carmella asks when she last had one. (About 6 years ago.) Karl comes back and asks if she's doing anything later in the afternoon. She says no and he tells her he's booked her in for an appointment. Karl leaves.
PEPPER: You know what, he goes around telling everyone he's stopped being a doctor, but that's all he seems to do!
A Strange Police Boardroom-come-kitchen
Adam is being questioned about how he feels he's done in his tests. He thinks he's done fine in the physical stuff and in the written exams, but the therapy has been a challenge. The head interviewer asks if he's still keen to join the force despite the challenges. Adam replies absolutely, but the interviewer asks if it wasn't solely to secure his residency, because if that was the case, it would be quite unacceptable.
Toadie is type typing away when his phone rings. It's Paul and he's panicked. He tells Toadie that Rebecca's ex is just out of control. Toadie tells him to calm down, but Paul insists the man is deranged. Toad says he'll pursue legal action.
Back in the Boardroom
The had interviewer asks the other two members of the panel if they have any other questions. Adam takes the opportunity to ask them to give him a chance, promising he'll be the best copper there is. As he leaves he tells the panel that if he does have to go home, he will be reapplying to the force in the UK.
The Erinsborough High Classroom
Bridget is talking to Rachel and Ringo about trading punctuality points or something bizarre like that while Zeke reads his texts. Uh oh, looks like Lolly has dumped him! Didge agrees with me that that is "way harsh". Rachel tells him not to take it personally, it was probably just the long distance thing, and Bridget thinks that the fact she didn't use text speak must account for something. Ringo assures him that they can still be friends and cites himself and Rachel as an example, putting his arm around her. Rachel doesn't look impressed and Ringo picks up on this. He spots Declan and they wonder if they should go and say hi, but Bridget says they don't want to get involved with him. They ignore her and go and introduce themselves. Bridget eventually follows and says they've met before, when he forced her eight year old cousin to perform a break and enter. Before she can lay into him further Pepper arrives and tells them all to open their books to chapter seven. Do they ever do any exercise in PE class?
Number 22
Snr Sgt Cooper has come around to discuss Richard with the Napiers/Robinsons. I notice she's alone. Looks like somebody needs a partner, anyone know who could fill the position? Anyway, she asks if Richard has made any specific threats of violence. Rebecca has to admit he hasn't. Rosie (who is also there) explains that despite repeated requests to stay away Richard insists upon intruding into their lives. Snr Sgt Cooper explains that what Richard is doing doesn't constitute a threat to their security and that her senior has read Rebecca's previous report and unfortunately doesn't see that there's a case.
The Classroom
The bell goes and everyone gets up to leave. Bridget goes over to Justin and asks when training is. Justin asks Zeke why he hasn't told her that the guys don't want her training with them. Bridget says she's as good as any of them and looks to Zeke for support. Unfortunately Zeke gets an attack wussiness and says nothing. However, Declan steps in and comments to Justin that jealousy isn't a pretty thing. He's just worried that he'll be shown up by a girl. Bridget tells Declan to shut up, she doesn't need him to fight her battles. She tells Justin and Zeke not to go crying to her when the Dingoes end up at the bottom of the ladder. Rachel tells Didge that it's Zeke who's being pathetic, not Declan.
The Hospital
Pepper is agitated and tells Carmella that she should be preparing for her next lesson and that her horoscope said she should avoid close encounters. Rosie reminds her that she and Carmella have given up their lunch breaks for this. Pepper knows she's being an idiot, but freaks out again when the doctor opens the door. The doctor is a man and she was expecting a woman called Alison. Rosie and Carmella tell her not to worry about it, he's only interested in her health, and wave her through the door.
Elsewhere in the hospital a nurse hand Richard a glass of water. He appears to be connected up to a dialysis machine...
It's OJs all around for Toadie, Oliver, Paul and Rebecca. Toadie explains that there is other legal action they can take, but Rebecca is tired and doesn't know how to fight him. They could pursue him for damages through the civil court. Damages for loss of income through constant relocation and for damage to her self esteem and psychological damages to her and Declan. Rebecca says that if she thought it would stop the harassment she would, but she thinks suing will make him more vindictive. Taking his money won't give her peace of mind. The only thing that will stop him is if he's behind bars and there's little chance of that. Unless, Oliver says, he loses it again, like at the river. Rebecca says that she certainly isn't praying for a repeat of that again. Paul looks pensive...
The Classroom
Zeke is texting again, but Ringo take the phone from him, telling him not to do it to himself. Bridget tells him to forget texting but to call her and give her both barrels. Ringo realises though that Zeke is trying to get back together with her. Pepper comes back into the classroom and apologising for not introducing the new students that morning and invites Bridget to start by saying her name and giving a little information about herself.
BRIDGET: I'm Bridget Parker. My mum and dad and I just moved down from Sydney. I play footy, no matter what anyone says and I'm really into animals, which is handy, because my dad's a vet...
Then it's Declan's turn.
DECLAN: Declan Napier, I'm usually overseas, not surprising because my dad's an Asio-spy and my mum's Nicole Kidman's stylist. Nic's a real sweetie.
Pepper asks for the truth, and Bridget is doubtful she'll get it.
DECLAN: Ever since I can remember my mum and I have been running away from my dad. He's a violent sociopath. Mum's career consists of whatever deadend job she can find in whatever place we wash up in. I recently found out I have an older brother, who I have Zilch in common with. Mum's finally found a guy who doesn't treat her like dirt. Bonus. We might be sticking around here for a while. That's about it.
All the while he's been talking right to Bridget, who looks a little embarrassed by the time he finishes.
The Hospital
Carmella and Oliver are walking down a corridor after a yoga class in which Carmella only had two loo breaks. Go her. Oliver has been thinking. He's thinking of buying a property for Carmella and the baby to live in, he was hoping she's go and look at some houses with him today. Carmella seems lost for words. Oliver thinks it would be a good investment and he wouldn't ask her to pay rent and it would alleviate her situation with Lucia. She says she'll think about it. It only takes her a second though. If it's purely a business arrangement for the baby, they should go house hunting!
Erinsborough High
Karl is waiting outside the classroom for the kids who want to take his photo for the blogzine. He asks if they can give it a miss, the publicity so far hasn't been great for his career prospects. Zeke doesn't know why, he's a legend. Karl explained that there isn't a lot of demand for a middle aged whistle blower. Karl leaves and Ringo takes Rachel to one side. He wants to talk about before when he said they were still friends. Rachel looks hopeful, but Ringo just wants to say thanks for her standing by her during his Carmella melt down. Rach tries not to look disappointed.
The Classroom
Declan is sitting alone on a desk when Bridget comes into the classroom. She asks him if he doesn't care what people think. She didn't realise his mum and him had it so rough. Declan tells her that she hates him and he's comfortable with that. She doesn't have to pretend that she cares.
The General Store
Pepper and Carmella enter and Pepper tells Carmella that the doctor was lovely and very professional. They head over to Adam, but Carmella is called away by Oliver to go and look at Prams - and here was me thinking they were looking at houses. Adam and Pepper discuss Adam's interview. Pep thinks her dad might have blabbed about Adam needing residency. He tells her not to get her hopes up about him staying.
Carmella and Oliver are bickering a bit over the houses which they have just seen. Oliver knows he could afford something perfect but likes the idea of fixing something up. Carmella tries to appear disinterested, but Oliver knows she's excited about it.
A Carpark
Paul is leaning on Richard's car when Richard arrives. Paul just thought he'd stop by to tell him he and Rebecca are getting married and when they do, he'll be formally adopting the boys. Of course, Oliver is a bit old, but he suspects Declan will take his name. He asks Richard if he likes the sound of "Rebecca Robinson". Richard thinks Paul has made his point, but Paul stops him and thanks him. He'd forgotten the point he'd come to make. He says that the boys wanted him to return the cricket membership medallions. He drops them at Richard's feet. Richard sees right through Paul's plan. He knows Paul is expecting him to punch him. (It's alright Paul, this actor only plays guys who hit women.)
RICHARD:You should have practised a little longer in the mirror old boy.
PAUL: You listen to me, if you come anywhere near her...
RICHARD: (laughs) Oh you really are quite terrifying person. A real menacing thug. What could you possibly do to hurt me, little man?
(Cue Flashback) A match is lit and thrown to the ground. Shelves go up in flames and Paul runs from the scene of the crime....
Back to reality and Paul looks very very confused.
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Adam Rhodes, Harold Bishop, Pepper Steiger in Neighbours Episode 5289
Adam Rhodes, Harold Bishop, Pepper Steiger

Richard Aaronow in Neighbours Episode 5289
Richard Aaronow

Paul Robinson, Rebecca Napier in Neighbours Episode 5289
Paul Robinson, Rebecca Napier

Interview panel in Neighbours Episode 5289
Interview panel

Adam Rhodes in Neighbours Episode 5289
Adam Rhodes

Snr. Const. Sophie Cooper, Rebecca Napier in Neighbours Episode 5289
Snr. Const. Sophie Cooper, Rebecca Napier

Rosie Cammeniti, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5289
Rosie Cammeniti, Paul Robinson

Zeke Kinski, Bridget Parker, Justin Hunter in Neighbours Episode 5289
Zeke Kinski, Bridget Parker, Justin Hunter

Zeke Kinski, Bridget Parker, Justin Hunter, Declan Napier, Rachel Kinski, Ringo Brown in Neighbours Episode 5289
Zeke Kinski, Bridget Parker, Justin Hunter, Declan Napier, Rachel Kinski, Ringo Brown

Carmella Cammeniti, Pepper Steiger, Rosie Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5289
Carmella Cammeniti, Pepper Steiger, Rosie Cammeniti

Dr Dylan Masters in Neighbours Episode 5289
Dr Dylan Masters

Richard Aaronow in Neighbours Episode 5289
Richard Aaronow

Toadie Rebecchi, Oliver Barnes in Neighbours Episode 5289
Toadie Rebecchi, Oliver Barnes

Pepper Steiger in Neighbours Episode 5289
Pepper Steiger

Bridget Parker in Neighbours Episode 5289
Bridget Parker

Zeke Kinski, Pepper Steiger, Bridget Parker, Ringo Brown, Rachel Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5289
Zeke Kinski, Pepper Steiger, Bridget Parker, Ringo Brown, Rachel Kinski

Declan Napier in Neighbours Episode 5289
Declan Napier

Oliver Barnes, Carmella Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5289
Oliver Barnes, Carmella Cammeniti

Oliver Barnes, Carmella Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5289
Oliver Barnes, Carmella Cammeniti

Karl Kennedy, Zeke Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5289
Karl Kennedy, Zeke Kinski

Rachel Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5289
Rachel Kinski

Ringo Brown, Rachel Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5289
Ringo Brown, Rachel Kinski

Paul Robinson, Richard Aaronow in Neighbours Episode 5289
Paul Robinson, Richard Aaronow

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