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Neighbours Episode 5281 from 2007 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5281
Australian airdate: 20/8/07
UK airdate: 12/11/07
Writer: Katrina Foster
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Richard Aaronow: Blair Venn
Alan Napier: Barry Friedlander
Stonefish Rebecchi: Anthony Engelman
Tim Collins: Ben Anderson
Dr Peggy Newton: Carolyn Bock
- "Quiet Clear Pool" by Skinful
Summary/Images by: Tracy C/Holing
Lou coming up with the plan to sell hats and donate a cut to Mickey's footy club.
Elle telling Ollie it is over because Camry is pregnant.
Paul promising Rebecca that he won't let Richard get to her or her sons.
Frazer finding the joint Stonie threw over the fence and telling Rosie.
Rosie accepting Tim's offer of a partnership at Toadie's expense.
There is a change in the titles today. The Parker photo shot now has Riley added to it, Bridget has a photo scene with Riley and then it cuts to the whole Parker family mucking around with a footy. There is also a change when Neighbours comes up too and the photos that land on the grass - its pics of Susan & Karl, the Parker men kissing Miranda on the cheek, Steph & Toadie and the No. 30 mob now.
No. 32/Law firm
Toadie is giving his brother the third degree and Stonie promises not to do it again.
Tim welcomes Rosie as a partner before adding that they need a reason to sack Toadie so that she can be signed up.
Toadie is still ranting away at the amount of work he has got, what he hasn't had time to do before the meeting and that Charlie needs collecting from the nursery because he has lice. Stonie volunteers to drive him but Toadie replies that he can't and warns his brother that he is out the next time.
Tim is curious as to Rosie's sudden change in mind and she replies that she is a harder worker than Toadie and how he's paying the price.
No. 22
Elle answers the door to Ollie and tells him to wait while Declan gets his things together for his first day at work. Declan arrives and the brothers depart.
Rebecca apologises for Elle having to see Ollie because she and Declan are now housemates and offers to find alternative accommodation but they both tell her to stay and Elle assures them she is fine before heading to her room.
REBECCA: And they all lived happy ever after.
She tells Paul that since Richard is never going to leave her alone, she should go to the police...after she had told Declan.
Ollie is getting Declan suited up when Richard calls him. Taking the call so Declan can't hear, Richard invites Ollie to go fishing with him but turns it down as he is busy.
When Ollie goes back to Declan, he enquires about the call and he lies saying it was a business call before telling his brother he will be right back, he needs to pop to Charlie's first. However, he forgot to take his mobile with him and inquisitive Declan goes to see who called and the name 'Richard' appears on the screen.
The General Store
Lou is counting the money he has raked in from selling the hats and promises to think again at the cut the footy club are getting when Janae quizzes him.
Ned and Mickey walk in and tell Janae about Mickey having lice but Ned can't figure where he got them from. Janae announces that they are "everywhere" when she checks Mickey's hair and Lou has an OMG expression on his face when he discovers that they are in the hats he is trying to flog. Trying to deflect attention, Lou suggests that Jake gave Mickey the nits until Janae informs him you can't catch nits from a dog.
LOU: Well I can't think where else he'd get them from.
No. 22
Rebecca feels like she is getting the cold shoulder from Declan as she and Paul plan dinner and they agree to tell Declan after supper tonight. When Paul & Rebecca go to get supplies for dinner and Elle retreats again to her room, he dials a number on his telephone. I wonder who he could be calling...
...oh look, Richard's phone starts to ring. I wonder who it could be?! He doesn't recognise the number and thinks it is Ollie but eventually Declan makes himself known.
Law firm
Frazer shows Rosie the evidence of what has been thrown over the fence into their backyard and it sounds like there is more than one. He congratulates her on the partnership just as Toadie arrives and he decides to leave.
Rosie hands him the carrier bag of evidence but he denies that they are his. She wants to know who they belong to but Toadie remains silent and adds that she knows him better than that.
ROSIE: When I first met you, I thought you were a lazy arrogant slob.
TOADIE: (sarcastically) Thanks.
ROSIE: But then I thought no, I'm wrong, somewhere underneath the chip crumbs there's a brilliant mind in there. Clearly I was right the first time.
TOADIE: Really? When I first met you I thought that you were an uptight, soulless, career hunting suit that would sell her own grandmother for a leg up. But I guess my first impression was right too. Huh? I should have know you'd buy into this contest that Collins has set up.
ROSIE: There is no contest.
TOADIE: Oh yes there is and you're going down.
Rosie has a smirk on her face as she tells Toadie "good luck."
No. 26
Janae is removing the nits from Mickey's hair and Ned sets about washing all the bed clothes and cushion covers. Steve comes in with a nit lotion but Mickey doesn't want it used on him, so they tell a story of how Ned got his hair shaved as a kid due to nits and why Steve has his hair shaved too.
MICKEY: Isn't it because you are going bald?
The adults try to contain their laughter and Ned gives Mickey the choice - use the lotion or it's a Number 1 all over. Mickey chooses the lotion as long as everyone else uses it too except Uncle Steve who is exempt.
Ollie arrives to meet Richard so they can go on the fishing trip and at his back, Declan appears. Richard guesses correctly that it is Declan and has a big smile on his face when his other lad comes up to him but it is quickly wiped from his face when Declan punches him! Ollie has to restrain his brother as he wants to lay into his dad shouting that he has wrecked their lives. Richard stops Ollie from dragging Declan out of the bar to tell him what happened between Rebecca and himself.
No. 30 driveway
Frazer sweeps the driveway and another joint gets thrown over from No. 32. Once he extinguishes it, he leans over the fence and catches Stonie looking guilty as hell and confirms to Frazer that it belongs to him. He tells Frazer that it is a one-off and promises that it won't happen again...as long as he doesn't tell Toadie.
FRAZER: Why not mate? I reckon he might be interested to know why thanks to you, he's about to lose his job.
Law firm
Toadie tries to butter Tim up with a new attitude and a cup of espresso in a real cup, not the paper one. When Tim enquires about him having to pick Charlie up, Toadie replies he told "the missus" to do it because he has to bill hours. Just as the two of them are about to leave, Frazer bursts in wanting to talk to Toadie but he doesn't have time and departs with Tim to go and see some clients.
Frazer tells Rosie that Toadie wasn't the one responsible for the joints, that it was Stonie.
No. 26
The 3 of them and the dog are now sitting with nit lotion on their hair when Lou arrives telling tales of getting his hair shaved too. Mickey doesn't hear it though as he is concerned that the other kids won't play with him at school because he is infected. Lou tries to cheer him up by saying the kids will change their tune when the footy club is saved because of him and hands over some money to buy a trophy with.
MICKEY: Thanks Pops.
LOU: Who's Pops?
JANAE: Who do you think?
Lou is overcome when it dawns on him who Mickey was referring to and hands him over more money so the lad can buy some new footy boots.
Mickey then apologises to Janae for being mean and adds that he loves her. Aww. She replies that she loves him too and the three of them have a group hug but Lou refuses his hug from Mickey (in a jokey way) because he stinks with the nit lotion. Aww.
Law firm
Rosie doctors the flip chart with the billable hours on to show that they are level on 60 hours each. Toadie catches her and is bemused because he only had 48 billable hours and so Rosie is forced to say that she now knows the stubs weren't hers. While apologising to Toadie, she also says that Tim is sacking him and that she has been offered a partnership.
TOADIE: I'm getting boned?
Rosie explains that she thinks that if they billed the same number of hours, he will be forced to keep them both on. Toadie wants to know why she is doing this for "a lazy arrogant sod".
ROSIE: Because I may be career hungry and uptight I will not accept soulless.
Declan has obviously been told Richard's side of the story and wants to know why Rebecca is lying and storms off when Richard replies it is probably easier for him to think that. Ollie follows and Declan asks why he has anything to do with Richard. He replies that he is trying to work out who he is but Declan isn't willing to listen and accuses Ollie of being on his (Richard's) side.
OLIVER: I'm not on anyone's side.
DECLAN: Well you should be...Mum's.
No. 22
Rebecca mentions to Paul that she is supposed to be working tonight but will skive as telling Declan is important. He suggests to her that she quit and work at Lassiter's instead. Their conversation is interrupted when her mobile goes off and Paul answers because she thinks it is her boss calling and announces that she is quitting. However, it isn't her boss on the phone but the hospital to say that Alan Napier has got worse and to let Ollie know (they couldn't reach Ollie on his mobile). Paul volunteers to drive but Rebecca doesn't want to go but he isn't taking no for an answer.
The doc comes out of Alan's room to tell Paul and Rebecca that Alan is very weak and she asks Paul to contact Ollie while she goes into the room alone. When he does call, its Ollie's voicemail he gets and so leaves a message.
In the room, Rebecca gets teary when she approaches her dad. He looks stunned to see her and asks if she hates him, she doesn't, and then that she should! Rebecca smiles as she tells him she did it for the best (talking about giving Ollie away) but it isn't that that he is talking about.
ALAN: That night I did nothing. Can you ever forgive me?
Richard thanks Ollie for his support and that Rebecca once trashed her own home and told the police he did it. Sounds familiar! Ollie has an OMG look on his face and bolts from the bar, ignoring his dad on the way out.
The machines attached to Alan are going haywire and Rebecca has a real reason for turning on the waterworks as the doctor comes in and ushers her outside.
Ramsay Street
Paul makes Rebecca a cuppa as they wait for news from the hospital as Declan comes home. He announces that he has met Richard and that he knows the truth and why she is scared of him. While mother and son bond, Ollie comes in and gets an update from Paul about Alan (he's critical but stable).
Declan starts squabbling with Ollie over him and his new best buddy, and Ollie brings it up about him hitting Richard. The three of them start squabbling over who is taking what side (Declan is firmly on his mum's) and Paul is forced to stop them and tells the boys about a witness to whatever Richard is/isn't meant to have done - Alan. Rebecca doesn't want to use him because he is so sick but Paul says this could be his way of making it up to her.
The four of them head towards Alan's room but when they enter, Peggy informs them that Alan has died. Paul comforts the upset Rebecca as we head into the last commercial break.
Break over and Ollie tells Rebecca about how Alan helped him as he grew up because Cliff (adopted dad) was always too buys. She is glad he was able to bond with Alan but then has a subtle dig at him for the tension between himself and Declan over "the truth". Ollie assures her that he believes her; he just needed to find out what Richard was like for himself.
REBECCA: I wish you hadn't but you're my son and I love you and I want us to have a relationship.
Close to tears, Ollie takes his mums hand and replies that he wants that too.
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Toadie Rebecchi, Stonie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 5281
Toadie Rebecchi, Stonie Rebecchi

Stonie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 5281
Stonie Rebecchi

Tim Collins in Neighbours Episode 5281
Tim Collins

Rosie Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5281
Rosie Cammeniti

Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5281
Elle Robinson

Rebecca Napier, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5281
Rebecca Napier, Paul Robinson

Oliver Barnes, Declan Napier in Neighbours Episode 5281
Oliver Barnes, Declan Napier

Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 5281
Lou Carpenter

Declan Napier in Neighbours Episode 5281
Declan Napier

Rosie Cammeniti, Frazer Yeats in Neighbours Episode 5281
Rosie Cammeniti, Frazer Yeats

Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 5281
Toadie Rebecchi

Mickey Gannon, Janae Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 5281
Mickey Gannon, Janae Hoyland

Ned Parker, Steve Parker in Neighbours Episode 5281
Ned Parker, Steve Parker

Stonie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 5281
Stonie Rebecchi

Frazer Yeats in Neighbours Episode 5281
Frazer Yeats

Toadie Rebecchi, Tim Collins in Neighbours Episode 5281
Toadie Rebecchi, Tim Collins

Mickey Gannon, Janae Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 5281
Mickey Gannon, Janae Hoyland

Declan Napier, Oliver Barnes, Richard Aaronow in Neighbours Episode 5281
Declan Napier, Oliver Barnes, Richard Aaronow

Dr. Peggy Newton, Rebecca Napier, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5281
Dr. Peggy Newton, Rebecca Napier, Paul Robinson

Alan Napier in Neighbours Episode 5281
Alan Napier

Richard Aaronow in Neighbours Episode 5281
Richard Aaronow

Paul Robinson, Oliver Barnes in Neighbours Episode 5281
Paul Robinson, Oliver Barnes

Declan Napier, Rebecca Napier in Neighbours Episode 5281
Declan Napier, Rebecca Napier

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