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Neighbours Episode 5277 from 2007 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5277
Australian airdate: 14/08/07
UK airdate:
Writer: Stuart Gaunt
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Richard Aaronow - Blair Venn
Stonefish Rebecchi - Anthony Engleman
Denise Nicoll - Theresa Borg
Kelly Fields - Kate McNamara
Raylene Combes - Julie Hume
Tom Corbett - Christian Charisou
- "Kimchi" by Blind Munkee
- "Tapestry" by Shapeshifter
Summary/Images by: Carly/Holing
- Rebecca panicking about Richard knowing where she is
- Ollie discovering he's already unwittingly bumped into his dad
- Steph telling Toadie to find out what's really troubling Stonie
- Paul inviting Rebecca and Declan to stay with him
- Oliver catching Rebecca demolishing her house
Rebecca's House
Bewildered, Oliver asks Rebecca what on earth she's doing. But Rebecca reasons that it's the only way the police will take Richard away. Oliver doesn't think that falsely accusing him of a break in is the way to go, but Rebecca is at her wits end.
REBECCA: You don't understand. He's got this mixed-up distorted view that makes him the victim.
Bursting into tears (not for the last time this ep of course), Rebecca says that she just wants the nightmare to end. Oliver hesitantly comforts her.
Police Station/Number 30
Adam's on his mobile to Pepper, fretting about his imminent psychological assessment. Pepper's in the midst of reassuring him when Denise, the psychologist, appears to take him inside. This woman talks in such a horrendously monotonous fashion and doesn't seem to be blinking... I think she's a robot.
Denise leads Adam into her office, and robotically explains that she's going to ask him a series of multiple-choice questions and he's to answer instantly. Does he compute? Y/N?
DENISE-BOT: Red or yellow?
Adam's all confused until Denise-Bot gives him a wide-eyed stare and tells him they're abstract questions. Does he compute? Y/N? Thinking this whole thing is hella weird, Adam answers red.
Number 22
Paul is trying to boost Rebecca's confidence, assuring her that she and Declan will be safe at his house. He directs Declan upstairs to unpack his stuff in Ned's old room and invites him to treat the place like his own.
DECLAN: (wry) I'll take the master bedroom then.
Well, I'm quite sure Paul was hoping to share it with the *other* Napier, but whatever. Rebecca thanks Paul again for his hospitality, while Elle guiltily looks on. Oliver stumbles in with the rest of the luggage and Elle prepares to make herself scarce, believing that Oliver's still angry with her. But Oliver's over his annoyance and invites her to have dinner with him.
As they leave, Paul urges Rebecca to go to the police but Rebecca doesn't want to drag up all of her bad history. And she definitely doesn't want Declan to know what his father did to her. Emerging from the hallway, Declan asks her why not. Doh.
Denise-Bot's Office
The multiple-choice quiz is still in session.
DENISE-BOT: Tree or mountain?
ADAM: Tree.
DENISE-BOT: Tropical island or bustling city?
ADAM: Tropical island.
But then Adam suddenly wants to change to 'city' or else they'll think he can't handle the stress. Denise-Bot reminds him that they take his gut reaction for a reason, and that there's a deeper process involved in calculating the results of the test. Annoyed, Adam states that although he had one bad experience, he's still a good copper and a dedicated one at that. Denise-Bot only stares at him, trying to access her human emotion chip, when Adam snits at her to forget it and strops out.
No wonder he chose red. He is one angry little fire engine.
Number 22
Declan is getting sick of his mum's evasiveness about his dad and complains that Paul knows more about the situation than he does. Paul tries to get Declan to settle down, but Declan tells him to go jump and leaves the house in an Adam-like strop.
Rebecca looks on the verge of tears. Again.
Angry Town
Somewhere in the great outdoors (possibly in the allotment), Declan kicks some crap around and irately bashes the side of a shed with a shovel, before collapsing against it in angry boy tears. Look out, it's hereditary.
Number 30
Adam is complaining to Pepper about the test.
ADAM: So, I'm about to tackle some geezer with a knife; do you think he's going to care whether it's red or yellow?
Pepper reminds him he's got to do it to get the Visa, but Adam is determined to find something else.
PEPPER: (trying to be helpful) Hairdresser was on the list. You'd be alright with bleach and scissors, yeah?
You could share the old salon with Steve and open up a doggie grooming service! Answering a knock at the door, the duo are surprised to find Denise-Bot on the stoop. In her scary, wide-eyed way (until her blinking function kicks in) she tells Adam that she doesn't usually make house calls, but she wants to help him. If he underwent intensive therapy, he could be back on the beat in no time.
DENISE-BOT: I'd be happy to supervise, but you'd have to deal with it head on.
PEPPER: And then he would get back in the force?
DENISE-BOT: Pending another assessment, yeah.
Leaving them to think about it, Denise-Bot buzzes and clicks her way home. Doing her excited squealing and clapping combo, Pepper excitedly says that Adam could get the job after all. But Adam doesn't seem to share her enthusiasm.
General Store
Elle and Oliver nearly bowl over a poor unsuspecting waitress carrying a tray outside.
ELLE: Wow, have you noticed they serve a lot of quiche here? Their egg bills must be very expensive.
But Oliver has more important things to think about than eggs. He's worried about whether or not he can trust his mum.
OLIVER: I've just realised that I don't know who she is at all.
Charlie's/Number 32
Stonie is trying, and failing, to woo a blonde chick called Kelly (whom I seriously thought was Janae for a second and was all, "Eww! Related!"). Realising he's been out of the dating game for a while, Kelly takes pity on him and tells him to just be himself. Pointing out her friend Raylene, Kelly invites Stonie and his friend (Toadie) to have a drink with them.
Scampering back to the table, Stonie tells Toadie that he's on to a good thing. Toadie reminds his brother that he's married, but Stonie shoots back that his marriage is on the rocks. Eye rolling, Toadie says that he'll stay for one beer and that's it.
Back in Ramsay Street, Steph's watching a footy game with Bob in her pj's when Toadie rings on an SOS call. He wants her to call him with a Charlie emergency so he can come home, but Steph tells him that he has to stay until he gets to the root of Stonie's problems. Toadie splutters at her but she hangs up on him.
TOADIE: (sarcastic) Thanks, sweetie. Really nice talking to you.
Surrounded by the two laydeez, Stonie waves a very unenthusiastic looking Toadie over to join them.
General Store
Oliver's still trying to figure out the mystery that is Rebecca. Just ask her if she prefers red or yellow, Ollie. Questioning Elle, Oliver wonders if she believes that Rebecca is being truthful. Elle thinks that she is. She also thinks that Oliver should go and see Richard.
OLIVER: But that's exactly what Rebecca doesn't want me to do.
ELLE: There is what Rebecca wants and what you need. If this is going to plague you then you have no choice.
Toadie is bored out of his brain, so Stonie tries to encourage him to chat to Raylene, who is conveniently a law student. And an angry one at that. Her father walked out on her when she was young, so she's studying family law to nail all the "deadbeat dads" she can. Toadie's red alert alarm wails overhead and he makes a motion to leave.
KELLY: You can't leave now, we're just getting to know each other.
RAYLENE: Yeah! I REALLY want to pick your brain!
Said in such a forceful way, that I kind of think she would take an actual pick and pound into Toadie's skull with it. Toadie obviously senses the same thing, as he quickly makes his excuses to leave with Stonie hot on his heels. Stonie just wants to try and convince him to stay, however, but Toadie just wants to get home to his sane girlfriend.
TOADIE: This whole single act thing, it's just tragic. If you want to come home, watch some footy and actually really tell me what's going on with Chantelle...
STONIE: If I had a wicked chick like Steph at home, do you think I'd be down here? I've got nothing to go home to. It's over, okay? I'm not good enough for her.
Looking back at the girls, Stonie decides to stay on.
STONIE: You have a good night. Two birds, one stone.
Toadie looks on in concern as Stonie masks his anger and happily heads back to the 'two birds'.
Number 32 - Bedroom/Lounge Room
Toadie and Steph are in bed chatting about Stonie. How romantic. Steph thinks that if Stonie's really telling the truth about Chantelle, then Toadie can't blame his brother for moving on. But Toadie doesn't buy it; Stonie and Chantelle were really solid. Steph figures that a little flirtation to boost the ego wouldn't hurt Stonie, but Toadie just laughs.
TOADIE: You really don't have the first idea about blokes, do you?
STEPH: Why, you think he'll take it further?
TOADIE: (ponders) ... Nah. Nah, he's not that type of guy.
Um, he kinda is. Busting through the front door, pashing madly, Stonie and Kelly make their way into the lounge room and on to the couch.
Hearing a woman's voice, Steph and Toadie look incredulously at one another all, 'Oh no he didn't!' (do a finger waggle and head bob Oprah-style when you read it, it gives it more sass).
Stonie looks like he's getting a bit uncomfortable when Kelly suggests that they take it into his bedroom.
STONIE: Don't you want that coffee first?
KELLY: People actually have coffee when they say 'come home for coffee'?
Kelly resumes the kissing, but Stonie puts the ultimate buzz kill on the mood when he tells her he's married - just as Toadie and Steph walk out. Calling him a creep, Kelly storms out. Stonie apologises to his housemates.
STONIE: I just couldn't go through with it. I still love Chantelle.
Number 32 - Next Morning
Brow furrowed, Stonie inspects a small, slim box of something in his hand before guiltily shoving it in his shirt pocket when Toadie appears. Hmm, watch this space. Toadie asks if he's spoken to Chantelle yet, but Stonie replies that he was just being over-emotional last night and that it didn't mean anything. Toadie and Steph look at him, quite bewildered with his sudden change of tune.
Denise-Bot's Office
Adam meets up with Denise-Bot for a therapy session after deciding to get himself sorted out. And in return, I think you should teach her how to blink, Adam.
Number 22/Richard's School
Rebecca's on a frantic phone call to Declan's friend, Luke, after discovering that Declan's bed wasn't slept in at all last night. But Luke hasn't seen him.
We're looking through the eyes of an unknown POV hiding in the bushes while Richard talks to one of his students. Ooh, Dec-Cam or Ollie-Cam I wonder...
Fretting, Rebecca tells Paul that it's not like Declan to at least call her. He knows that she worries. Paul assures her that Declan will turn up but...
Rebecca cries. Again.
She's concerned that Richard might find him, but Paul wonders if it might be the other way around. Declan *was* pretty adamant about getting some answers. Perhaps he went to the source?
The mystery POV turns out to be Oliver, however, as he approaches Richard and promptly tells him that he's his son. Richard is quite taken aback.
Number 22
Rebecca is both immensely relieved and immensely p'oed when Declan finally arrives home.
REBECCA: Where have you been?
DECLAN: Jury duty. It's important not to shirk my civic duty.
Paul pipes up that a phone call wouldn't have gone astray, and Declan gives him this glare like 'Gee, thanks *dad*'. Rebecca wants to know why Declan's acting like this, but Declan just retorts that it's horrible not knowing stuff, isn't it? Point made, he trundles upstairs. At a loss for words...
Rebecca gets teary. Again.
She tells Paul that he shouldn't have to put up with all of their dramas, but Paul is just so wrapt to have her back in his life that he doesn't care.
Richard's School/Number 22
Richard tells Oliver that deep down he knew all along that he was his son, even when Rebecca claimed that it wasn't the case. Smiling, Richard marvels over the fact that he has two sons. Oliver says that Rebecca didn't want him to contact his dad, but Richard replies that Rebecca has always been highly strung.
Paul tells Rebecca that he wants to look after her the way she deserves. Giving him a warm smile, Rebecca tells him he's a good man.
Richard says that he would have supported Rebecca if he knew she was pregnant from the beginning. He only found out years later when she tracked him down. He reveals that they tried their relationship again, and he thought they could play happy families, but Rebecca told him that his wage wasn't enough to support them in the end.
OLIVER: What happened?
RICHARD: She went looking for someone who could give her what she always wanted.
Taking this in, Oliver wonders which parent he should be trusting here. I say cut all your losses and just get Harold to adopt you, dude. I hear he's in the market for a new grandchild these days.
Richard's School/Number 22
Trying to suss things out some more, Oliver wants to know why Richard called Rebecca - she's terrified of him. But Richard just wanted to know what the score was and why she kept stringing him along when she knew he's always loved her. He wonders if she sent Oliver to see him, but Oliver staunchly says that Rebecca wants nothing to do with him.
Rebecca wishes she had handled everything differently, and knows she's made it hard on her boys with all of her secrets and demands.
REBECCA: And now Richard's back.
PAUL: But this time you've got me.
Walking through the school grounds, Oliver says that Richard's story is nothing like what Rebecca told him. He reasons that Rebecca can't just be faking all of that fear. Richard calmly says that if Rebecca was really telling the truth, she would have gone to the police years ago.
Practically half a centimetre from Paul's face, Rebecca thanks him for believing in her. Kissing him on the cheek, she carefully rests her head on his shoulder.
PAUL: Of course I believe you.
Rebecca looks like she could cry.
I'm not at all surprised.
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Oliver Barnes, Rebecca Napier in Neighbours Episode 5277
Oliver Barnes, Rebecca Napier

Rebecca Napier in Neighbours Episode 5277
Rebecca Napier

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5277
Paul Robinson

Denise Nicoll in Neighbours Episode 5277
Denise Nicoll

Adam Rhodes in Neighbours Episode 5277
Adam Rhodes

Rebecca Napier, Declan Napier, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5277
Rebecca Napier, Declan Napier, Paul Robinson

Declan Napier in Neighbours Episode 5277
Declan Napier

Adam Rhodes, Pepper Steiger, Denise Nicoll in Neighbours Episode 5277
Adam Rhodes, Pepper Steiger, Denise Nicoll

Pepper Steiger in Neighbours Episode 5277
Pepper Steiger

Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5277
Elle Robinson

Oliver Barnes in Neighbours Episode 5277
Oliver Barnes

Kelly Fields in Neighbours Episode 5277
Kelly Fields

Stonie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 5277
Stonie Rebecchi

Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 5277
Steph Scully

Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 5277
Toadie Rebecchi

Raylene Combes in Neighbours Episode 5277
Raylene Combes

Toadie Rebecchi, Steph Scully, Charlie Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 5277
Toadie Rebecchi, Steph Scully, Charlie Hoyland

Richard Aaronow, Oliver Barnes in Neighbours Episode 5277
Richard Aaronow, Oliver Barnes

Richard Aaronow, Oliver Barnes in Neighbours Episode 5277
Richard Aaronow, Oliver Barnes

Rebecca Napier, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5277
Rebecca Napier, Paul Robinson

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