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Neighbours Episode 5273 from 2007 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5273
Australian airdate: 08/08/07
UK airdate: 31/10/07
Writer: Hamish Cameron
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Stonefish Rebecchi - Anthony Engelman
Tim Collins - Ben Anderson
Dr Peggy Newton - Carolyn Bock
Judge Roy Evans - Peter Byrne
Marty Rolfe - Andy McPhee
Matcham Rolfe - Hamish Sinclair
- "Fill You In" by Josh Pyke
Summary/Images by: ~Em~/Holing
- Steph telling Toadie he should be standing up for himself.
- Rebecca telling Oliver she knew there was something not right about Richard and Oliver telling her he'll respect her wishes from now on.
- Carmella's first baby scan
- Rosie telling Carmella she needs to tell Oliver about the baby.
The Hospital
Carmella is getting ready to leave. Rosie says they could arrange for her to stay another night. I don't get why. Carmella says its alright, she'll tell Oliver. Rosie's phone rings and she has to dash off to Toadie's court hearing, leaving Carmella alone and looking like things are really messed up again.
It's lunchtime and the Napier/Barnes/Robinson clan are perusing the flashy new menus. Declan wants the dirt on Paul, but is afraid to say there are no secrets. Except for the ones Paul has from himself having forgotten all of his dastardly deeds. Rebecca tries to change the subject suggesting they order. Declan will have a single malt as he's turning eighteen tomorrow. His mother reminds him he's turning seventeen and he'll have an OJ. Declan tells his brother there's still time to get him a present for tomorrow. He wouldn't say no to a car. Rebecca is shocked by her son's incorrigibility and says he doesn't even have a license. There's more birthday banter and then Elle arrives just in time to order. Oliver's paying so everyone can have what they like.
DECLAN: Screw politics, I'm having the steak.
That's my boy!
Oliver proposes a toast "to family" just as Carmella comes in, the next addition to the Barnes/Napier/Whatever family baking away in the oven. She leaves.
Tim Collins and Associates
Toadie is searching through a pile of files, but Rosie has the notes he's looking for. She won't give them to him though, because she is going to be representing him. Defending himself reeks of desperation. Apparently Rosie is the only one who can help him beat the charge. Steph looks relieved (oh she's there too). They're about to leave when who should appear at the door but Stonie! It's been a while since we saw him. He's come to support his little brother in court. Aww.
A Courtroom
Rosie addresses the judge saying she has several witnesses to testify to that Toadie only had three drinks over the course of the afternoon, which isn't enough to put him over the legal limit in normal circumstances. The Judge doesn't seem too happy that she's questioning the test results, but Rosie says they are in the discretionary margin of error. She also submits that Toadie neither caused nor contributed to the accident and that his quick reflexes actually saved lives. The judge says that's irrelevant. The judge evidently doesn't understand NeighboursLaw™. Rosie continues by calling Susan as her first character witness. Susan tells the judge that Toadie is a much loved and respected member of the community, which in no way blames him for the accident. Rosie then calls Harold to the stand. The Judge realises that there's a while courtroom there to testify that Toadie is a top bloke. He says he'll take their word for it, and gets Harold to sit down. He's going to take ten minutes.
As the lunch party is breaking up, Oliver spots Declan's new swanky shoes. Rebecca wants to know where he got the money for them. Declan explains that Oliver gave him some money to get some new clothes. Rebecca demands that Declan pay back every cent, though Oliver says it isn't necessary. Declan wants to know where he's going to get the money. Elle suggests that they could find him a job at the hotel. Well that's all sorted then.
Paul, Rebecca and Declan leave, allowing Elle a chance to grill Oliver about why he doesn't care about finding his biological father anymore. Oliver asks her to trust him on this one and leave it be.
The Courtroom
In another fabulous display of what real law is, when the judge returns Toadie "Lawman" Rebecchi asks if he may address the court. He couldn't let judgement be passed without first expressing to the court and his friends how truly sorry he is for what happened/
TOADIE: I made a promise to a man on his wedding day, that I would look after his family and friends and I broke that promise. I shouldn't have got behind the wheel with even a drop of alcohol in my blood, someone could have been killed. It was just sheer luck that that didn't happen. I'm supposed to be an officer of the court, someone the public can put their trust in and my actions belied that and as such I should be held accountable.
Rosie tries to protest that her client evidently doesn't....but she's interrupted by the judge. He tells Toadie that clearly a lot of people care for him and he's satisfied that he had no inkling that he may be over the legal limit (er, with three drinks?!) but, he should be setting an example; he was over the limit and in his own words should be held accountable. Toadie's license is suspended for six months and he must pay $1000 plus court costs.
So lesson learned and justice done then....
Ramsay Street
Ned, Janae, Harold and Mickey pull into the street. Ned leaps out of the car to go and pick up Mickey's football kit - he has "Pups" this afternoon. Harold remarks that they start them young these days, but Mickey's not young. He's eight. Suddenly I feel ancient, how must poor Hazza feel? Harold thanks them for the lift. Mickey is evidently nervous because when his dad comes back, nature calls and he dashes off to the house.
Carmella arrives on the street and apologises to Harold for causing a scene at Sky's leaving do. Harold says that they couldn't have sent them off without a bit of drama. Janae says she's told Dylan to look after Sky and Kerry or she'll box his ears. She really has gone from 17-40 hasn't she? Harold says he's missing his two girls dreadfully. Janae suggests he come and watch Mickey play, Carmella's coming along. Carmella wasn't aware of this. She thanks Janae for the invite but says she's not up for being sociable. Janae says she looks miserable and she needs someone to help her keep Harold in line. What's done is done. Carmella agrees.
Rebecca's House
Rebecca is seeing Paul out of the house. She thanks him for lunch , he says it was a pleasure, the food and company were excellent - except for Declan's non-stop sarcasm, says Rebecca. I should note that she's leaning on the drivers door of Paul's car in a manner that could easily become flirtatious. Declan appears at the door and obviously thinks the same because he wonders if he's interrupting something. There's someone on the phone for Rebecca, something about money they're owed. Rebecca thanks Paul again and goes inside. Paul drives off and Declan watches him.
The Footie Ground
As Mickey runs off onto the field Janae remarks to Carmella that it's hard not to feel clucky watching them. Carmella thinks Janae's really good with kids - how does she know what to do? Janae thinks Mickey's so cute it'd be hard not to know what to do. There's a logic in there somewhere. She explains that Ned does most of the hard work, she just shares the load.
CARMELLA: Are you guys......?
JANAE: Yep, yeah.
CARMELLA: Oooh, about time!
JANAE: Yeah, I mean it's great but...um...we haven't exactly...y'know.
JANAE: Yep, not through lack of wanting to it's just a bit hard with buggerlugs.
...Another crystal clear conversation, thank you girls.
So the pups are all stretching and whatnot like you do before a game and Harold and Ned watch on, Harold is simply enchanted by it all, "certainly the starting point for champions, eh?" ...until the big bad coach pushes roughly past him. The coach does a lot of angry shouting and Ned and Harold are outraged, well Harold is anyway, and he tells the guy so. In response he has a bag of oranges chucked at him.
BIG BAD COACH: Alright, lets go and I don't want to see a repeat performance of last year's dismal game.
Harold wobbles his chins.
Tim Collins and Associates
Toadie, Steph, Stonie, Rosie and Susan are all in a celebratory mood so I'm guessing justice was done etc and Toadie got off. Stonie can't believe he's going back to work and Steph tries to encourage him to take the afternoon off. Toadie thanks Susan, though I'm not entirely sure what she did to swing the case other than just be her amazing self, and Steph thanks Rosie...again, not entirely sure what she did other than call a host of character witnesses. Anyway, it's all merry merry merry, banter banter banter until Tim enters demanding to know what the hell is going on. Apparently in the two hours he's been in the office he's taken a call from the cleaner wanting to know how Toad's drink driving charges went. Tim orders everyone except Rosie and Toadie out and they follow him into his/Toadie's office.
The Footie Ground
BIG BAD COACH: That was the sorriest game of football I've seen. You play like a bunch of nancy-pancies.
My, it's really not a day for manners is it? Ned wants to know what the guy's problem is. Janae thinks they should maybe go, but Ned is worried about the other kids too. The Coach continues his "pep talk" while Harold and Carmella cut up oranges. Carmella decides she could get used to spending her time in such a manner, then gets a phone call and scarpers. Pep talk over - if the pups don't win they're "LOSERS" (well, that is the appropriate term for the team that doesn't win) - and as they all run out onto the field Ned wants to know when the coach is going to let Mickey have a go. The coach asks if Ned is going to take another swing at him. Ah, that's where we've seen this guy before, back in the days when Mickey wet himself. Anyway, turns out Mickey's too soft, they'll play him when they need him.
Tim Collins and Associates
Tim is talking time. Last week his Sydney lawyers billed 55 hours each whereas Toadie and Rosie billed 23 between them. Toadie tries to explain that nobody on Ramsay Street does a normal days work (or something to that effect) but Tim doesn't care.
TIM: I'd give Satan the gig if he billed the hours.
Strange of him to talk of himself in such a way...he says that he could close the office for good, but because he's such a caring sharing kind of a guy, he's going to give them another chance, he wants them to get their billing hours up to 60 per week each.
TOADIE: But we only get paid for forty. How do we bill more than we work?
TIM: Time management. You make a thirty second phone call, bill it. You write an appointment in your diary. Bill it. Thinking of a case on the toilet? Bill it.
Oh, and there's an incentive, their salaries are frozen for a month and whoever bills the most hours gets both paypackets at the end of it, the loser gets fired. Enter Stonie defender of people's jobs.
TIM: Who is this goose?
Tim says he can do what he likes and shoos him out of his office ordering Toadie and Rosie to "get billing".
The Hospital
Carmella is rubbing her stomach, here's hoping she's not going to be a Sky mark 2. The doctor wants to run more tests, she thinks there might be complications. Carmella asks if she could lose the baby, and the doctor confirms that yes, it is a possibility.
Number 22
Paul comes in and makes small talk about how nice lunch was. Elle disagrees, apparently it took all her strength to be nice to Rebecca. She doesn't agree with her keeping information about Oliver's father from him and thinks she's spun Paul a line too. Paul says Rebecca is justified in her actions and is completely trustworthy. Elle doesn't know how Paul can swallow the lies - because Paul likes her. Elle gets angry that her father falls for every blast from his past that walks through the door. Only a few weeks ago it was her mum! The Paul and Gail thread cheer.
ELLE: I don't like Rebecca, I don't trust her, and she's my boyfriend's mother for God's sake.
PAUL: So, I don't see the point of that, what's the big issue?
ELLE: Because I am bending over backwards helping Oliver deal with this, and I don't want you, her or anyone else ruining that.
Oh Elle....
The Footie Ground
Mickey seems to have had a go playing and even scored a goal. Ned and Janae cheer as he comes from the pitch. The Big Bad Coach wasn't impressed though and he lays into the team captain, who happens to be his son. Ned asks the other parents if they're going to carry on letting this guy treat their kids in such a way, they all stare mutely back. One is even smiling, which is so bizarre. Janae is behind Ned though and asks for a vote of who thinks Ned should coach the pups. Looks like it's unanimous, Ned gets another job he has no training for! In the words of the Pups and their supporters...WOOO!
Number 32
Stonie and Steph are sitting on the sofa reminiscing when Toadie arrives home. Stonie has already told Steph about Tim and Toadie suggests she has a good long look at his face because she isn't going to see it for a while. Steph sympathises and suggests she runs him a bubble bath. Toadie likes this idea and asks if Stonie needs a lift to the station, but Stonie announces he's staying around for a bit, if that's ok. Toadie doesn't seem sure, but agrees and Stonie goes out to grab some takeaway.
Elle is going through some paperwork with Declan who thanks her for setting him up with a job. Elle says she's sure they can find him something relatively painless. Elle needs to see Declan's birth certificate, Declan says it was a nightmare to find because his mum hides everything. Elle notices Declan's father's name, Aaronow, and says it's an unusual name. She tries to ask something but Declan cuts her off - they don't go there.
Number 30
Carmella has evidently told Rosie about the situation. Rosie asks what now and Carmella replies more tests. Rosie wants to know what Oliver said, but Carmella says she's not telling him anything until she's certain the baby is healthy. He's happy now without her and she's not going to make things worse unless she absolutely has to. Rosie questions her about it "making things worse". Carmella explains that if anything is wrong it's her fault, she's not telling him anything until she gets the all clear.
Number 22
Google has come up trumps again. Richard Aaronow is headmaster of Alkrington School, Elle finds out before Oliver sneaks up on her. He wants to know what she's looking at Alkrington for and she quickly lies that Ned wanted to know about schools for Mickey. Oliver thought Ned liked Mickey, the school is a boot camp for brats. He offers her champagne. Elle wants to know what they're celebrating, surely she of everybody should know it just runs out of the taps chez Robinson. They're celebrating everything. Oliver says he knows it's all been hard, but it's been worth it to finally have his family back together. Elle looks again at the website with the answers...
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Oliver Barnes, Declan Napier in Neighbours Episode 5273
Oliver Barnes, Declan Napier

Rebecca Napier, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5273
Rebecca Napier, Paul Robinson

Carmella Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5273
Carmella Cammeniti

Steph Scully, Toadie Rebecchi, Stonie Rebecchi, Janae Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 5273
Steph Scully, Toadie Rebecchi, Stonie Rebecchi, Janae Hoyland

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5273
Susan Kennedy

Janae Hoyland, Rosie Cammeniti, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 5273
Janae Hoyland, Rosie Cammeniti, Harold Bishop

Judge Roy Evans in Neighbours Episode 5273
Judge Roy Evans

Steph Scully, Stonie Rebecchi, Susan Kennedy, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 5273
Steph Scully, Stonie Rebecchi, Susan Kennedy, Harold Bishop

Declan Napier in Neighbours Episode 5273
Declan Napier

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5273
Paul Robinson

Ned Parker, Harold Bishop, Mickey Gannon in Neighbours Episode 5273
Ned Parker, Harold Bishop, Mickey Gannon

Carmella Cammeniti, Janae Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 5273
Carmella Cammeniti, Janae Hoyland

Ned Parker, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 5273
Ned Parker, Harold Bishop

Toadie Rebecchi, Rosie Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5273
Toadie Rebecchi, Rosie Cammeniti

Tim Collins in Neighbours Episode 5273
Tim Collins

Matcham Rolfe in Neighbours Episode 5273
Matcham Rolfe

Ned Parker, Janae Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 5273
Ned Parker, Janae Hoyland

Steph Scully, Charlie Hoyland, Stonie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 5273
Steph Scully, Charlie Hoyland, Stonie Rebecchi

Carmella Cammeniti, Rosie Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5273
Carmella Cammeniti, Rosie Cammeniti

Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5273
Elle Robinson

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