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Neighbours Episode 5181 from 2007 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5181: Strewth Hurts
Australian airdate: 02/04/07
UK airdate:
Writer: Anthony Morris
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Sen. Sgt. Allan Steiger: Joe Clements
- "In Your Head" by The Panics
Summary/Images by: Tracy C/Izzy-da-vixen
- Ned trying to tell Elle that her dad is wrecking her life but she can help herself if she gets out now.
- Susan overhearing Izzy and Pete who Holly's dad really is.
- Janelle talking at the wake about learning to get on with life without Stinger.
New credits and the order now is - Ringo > Ringo, Lolly & Frazer > Rosie & Frazer > Pepper > Elle > Zeke & Rachel > Karl & Susan > Harold > Harold, Lolly & Lou > Carmella, Ned & Sky > Steph & Toadie > Steph & Toadie and Boyd & Janae > Paul & Elle > Bree & Janelle > Carmella > Boyd & Janae
No. 26 backyard
Janelle is talking to Stinger's plant about how they are coping and in the background Elle listens before laying her posy of flowers down on the ground.
No. 22
Elle is looking in a cupboard when Paul comes up on her but she feigns that she found what she was looking for. He brings her up to speed regarding Oliver's inheritance (the lawyers think they are in with a shout) and suggests that she takes the man out for dinner to keep things sweet. Elle doesn't want to go out with him because she doesn't want to smother him, so will call tomorrow instead, which Paul eventually accepts because he was puzzled initially.
No. 28
The newly weds arrive home with Karl carrying Susan a novel way over the threshold - pushing her in on his suitcase! They are a bit surprised at nobody being home and Karl wants to put their alone time to good use but Susan spots Janelle arriving and lets her into the house. Janelle is returning some dishes Toadie lent her and Karl thinks he's missed out on a party but Janelle leaves without telling them about Stinger. Both are mystified about Janelle's behaviour and Karl thinks it is because she is jealous of them before returning to kissing Susan.
No. 26
Bree and Steiger are looking through the sympathy cards sent in, including one from an old teacher of Stinger's. She tells him that she is grateful for all he has done lately and Steiger looks pleased as punch.
Janelle returns and tells Rachel and Zeke that Susan & Karl are back and they should get home. Both aren't looking forward to telling them the news and Steiger offers to be the one to say but Rachel would rather they did it.
Janelle issues orders on what needs to be done for the supper because she is making Dylan's favourite and Steiger tells her that Dylan won't be coming back...for a while. Janelle wants to know why and he tells her about Dylan leaving with his dad.
No. 28
Karl and Susan are stunned at finding out about Stinger's death and Zeke explains why they didn't say when they were in London. The kids start to cry and Susan immediately hugs them wishing they'd been there to help them through this
No. 26
Janelle is not happy at Steiger sending away her son even though he explains to her the reasons why. Bree backs him up but it doesn't seem to wash with Janelle when she tells Steiger she wants him out of the house adding not to come back.
Steiger picks up his jacket and starts to head out of the house after asking Bree to look after her mum.
Outside the Scarlet Bar
Boyd spots Janae sitting outside the bar and asks if he can do anything but she doesn't want anything. Trying to cheer her up, Boyd offers to get her some lasagne and chips, which gets a smile out of her, and that she can hang around for as long as she needs.
At another table, Elle is trying to change her plans for escaping with Ned (she wants to leave later than planned) but he reminds her that they are skipping out on her dad and he isn't going to like it.
ELLE: What's the worst he can do about it, talk me out of it?
NED: When we leave tomorrow I need to know there is no chance Paul Robinson is *ever* going to find us.
No. 28
The atmosphere is a bit sombre as the family cook supper. Susan tries to remember what she said the last time she saw Stinger, so Rachel takes the chance to say that he thought it was 'spiggin awesome' about them getting remarried. Karl wishes they could have told him how much that meant to them and Zeke says they still can at the service to scatter his ashes.
SUSAN: It still won't feel real. I don't think it will for a long time.
RACHEL: Nope, not for a spiggin long time.
Scarlet Bar
Janae returns an uneaten plate of food to Boyd, apologising for it not doing its usual trick. Paul interrupts to enquire if Elle has been in and Boyd informs him that she left with Ned so he gets on the phone to call his daughter asking where she is, asking her to call him.
Boyd asks Janae to stay when she says she is going to go home but promises to make herself scarce when Glenn comes in, so he tells her that things are over between them. She is about to jump on him for deserting a pregnant woman until he tells her that Glenn wasn't pregnant.
BOYD: You know I blamed everything that happened with dad for what I did. You stood by me through everything and I just walked out on you. I'm so, so sorry.
JANAE: You know I used to think that we were rock solid, nothing would shake us.
BOYD: Is that gone forever because I would give anything for another chance. Seriously, I would never, ever let you down again.
No. 26
Bree is trying to get some sense into her mum that Steiger did what he did for the best and that Dylan will be back. Janelle isn't so sure and doesn't like what Bree has said but the attention shifts to Janae and why she was talking to Boyd when she returns with some dessert courtesy of him. She tells her family that Boyd wants another chance and Bree doesn't give her some nice sisterly advice! Bree looks to her mum to back up her slagging off of Boyd but Janelle doesn't do that because Boyd was only a swine and didn't break up the family. This comparison doesn't please Bree but Janelle refuses to talk about it anymore.
BREE: (frustrated) You are trying to get back with a loser and you are trying to get rid of a guy who obviously loves you. What is wrong with you people?
JANELLE: I have just lost a son who will never get back and just when I need the other one, he's gone too.
Janelle's rant stops when she sees Susan arrive and instead starts to cry and Susan goes over to comfort her.
No. 22
Elle is surprised to see Paul when she returns home laden with shopping and suggests to him that they have an evening of computer games and ice cream but he surprises her by saying that he is thinking of taking two months off so they could go and see Scott & Charlene. Elle is surprised at the use of 'we' and Paul turns on the heartstrings by explaining that he hasn't see his brother for a while and once you cut yourself off from family it is hard to get it back. Elle doesn't bite even when he tells her about her cousin Daniel (15 and a keen rugby player) and Madison (who is almost 12).
PAUL: Count you in then?
ELLE: Definitely!
PAUL: Good.
Scarlet Bar
Susan has taken Janelle out of the house to talk to her about what Steiger did. Susan's explanation does seem to be bringing her round when Janelle spots the wedding band on Susan's finger and wants details! Susan doesn't want to make getting remarried a big fuss for fear of upsetting Janelle but she repeats what the kids told her earlier about how pleased Stinger was that she was getting remarried and tells her to cough up!
JANELLE: (when she sees Susan doesn't want to say) God knows I could do with a distraction.
SUSAN: (nonchalantly) Well, I guess Karl and I both saw this as a chance to start a fresh, put the issues from the past behind us.
SUSAN: Um... I found out something I wish I hadn't and I have absolutely no idea what to do about it.
During the break, Susan has obviously filled Janelle in because her first words are "wow" quickly followed by "I didn't see that one coming." Susan is in agreement of that one but doesn't want to go into exact details. Janelle asks the $64,000 question - what is she going to do and Susan replies that she wishes she could forget the whole thing and tentatively agrees with Janelle that that isn't an option before Janelle offers her own tuppenceworth.
JANELLE: Don't even think about it. Take it from me, I found out I had a daughter I never knew I had and I've just lost a son. I would give my right eye for another minute with either of them. It doesn't matter how they come about but kids are the best things to happen to us.
SUSAN: Course they are. Yes. Of course I'll have to tell him.
No. 22 (next morning)
Elle is up and waiting for Ned when from the kitchen Paul asks if she is looking for these as he holds up a bag and her passport.
No. 26
Boyd calls round to give Janae some flowers but Bree is just about to slam the door in his face until Janae realises what is happening and quickly goes to the door.
JANAE: Boyd, what are you doing here?
BREE: Leaving!
In the end, it is she who leaves and he hands the flowers over to Janae and she asks if he is trying to buy his way back in.
BOYD: If that's what it takes I'll do it.
She tells him it will take more than a bunch of flowers, so he suggests breakfast but before Janae can give her answer, Steiger arrives to get some things. Realising it might not be the best time to have breakfast with Janae, he leaves after saying they can do brekkie at any time and Bree gives her sister the evil death stare when she closes the door.
BREE: I can't believe this.
JANAE: Look, he's making an effort alright. I owe it to him to at least listen.
BREE: You don't owe him anything. You know where those flowers should be right now?
STEIGER: (interrupting) Same place as his offer of breakfast. (Janelle listens in from the kitchen) What Boyd did to you was a disgrace, no-one deserves to be treated like that especially a sensational young woman like yourself.
BREE: Thank you.
Janae asks if she should chuck the flowers back into Boyd's face but he says no, she should treat herself with more respect than how Boyd treated her with because she deserves it. He then adds that relationship advice isn't his strong put at the moment and just as he is about to leave, Janelle makes her way through from where she has been listening in the kitchen to ask him where he is going.
STEIGER: I'm leaving.
JANELLE: What for?
(He gives her a look as if to say you know why I'm leaving.)
JANELLE: You didn't take any notice of what I said yesterday did you?
STEIGER: Sounded like you meant it.
JANELLE: You did what you thought was best for my family because you cared. Now I have waited my whole life for a bloke to do that and I throw it back in your face. Now I still don't agree with you about Dylan going but I know why you did it.
STEIGER: So what are you saying?
JANELLE: I'm saying I want you to stay here...with us. Oh I have lost enough people I love lately; I couldn't cope if I lost you too.
Aww. Steiger puts down his bags and jokes with her that he has to move all his stuff back before pulling her into a hug.
No. 22
Elle is trying to wrestle her passport off her dad and he asks that he listens to her but she doesn't want to and finally Paul's strength wins and he claims her passport. Naturally she isn't chuffed at having to fight her father for her passport so she can run away. He gloats that she won't get far without her passport and she asks if that's what he wants - a daughter only staying because she has too. Elle follows that up by asking if that is his idea of a family and realising she isn't going to get the passport, tells him to have it as long as she is far away from him.
As she grabs her bags, Paul realises she is off with or without the passport and asks that she thinks about it, pulling on her heartstrings that he doesn't know what will happen and goes on about how much he has personally lost adding that he thought they were a team. After a pause she says they once were.
PAUL: Daddy, daughter, we take on the world eh?
He then tries "that life's too short to be spending it with losers" and she asks for clarification on what that means, so he repeats that she is a Robinson and so should enjoy it!
ELLE: Good one dad. You just blew it. You now what, have a nice life.
Elle then picks up her bags and storms out of the house ignoring her dad.
Ramsay Street
Ned opens the boot of the car as Elle makes her way down the driveway followed in hot pursuit by Paul trying to get his daughter to come back but she isn't listening and despite him trying his best to restrain her, she breaks free and places her bag in the boot. He isn't amused to see it is Ned she is running off with and Elle reminds him that he can't stop them and despite a last minute plead; they both get in the car and drive off.
Ned pulls the car to a stop and Elle gets out, starting to walk home. He reminds her that she has just done the tough bit and will get over it. It's her turn to pull on Neddy's heartstrings by saying that Paul is still her father and he looked so hurt at how they parted. He reassures her that Paul will get over it and bluntly adds that Paul may be her father but it doesn't mean he is good for her. His words haven't worked and she still wants to go home and won't make the same mistakes again. "He'll suck you into his world and you'll never get out again," he tells her. Elle tries to say that he doesn't know Paul like she does and he'd never hurt her like she did to him.
NED: He wouldn't think twice about hurting you... he already has.
ELLE: What do you mean?
Ned then tells her about Paul breaking up her relationship with Dylan and he's got the proof.
No. 28
Karl asks the kids for fashion advice to see if his shirt and tie combo go because he feels that the shifts he put in before the trip weren't good, so feels like it is his first day all over again. This causes the kids take the Mickey out of him but he doesn't mind their banter as they turn their thoughts to breakfast when Susan surfaces from the bedroom.
Rachel brings up the topic of their surname and thinks it would be a good idea if they all had the same one. Before she gets too far though, Karl says he's flattered that they'd want to have his surname but adds that he is happy to have use Kinski in his name too and thinks that Karl Kinski-Kennedy has a ring to it.
KARL: (proposing a toast) Here's to the Kinski-Kennedys!
KIDS: The Kinski-Kennedys.
He suggests that it could be the opposite way around and offers to shout the kids breakfast on the way to work if they get a move on but Susan asks the kids to have breakfast without them because she wants to talk to Karl about something.
The kids leave and he wonders if it is the surname she wants to talk to him about but she says there is something she needs to tell him. He thinks it is about Stinger but she assures him that isn't it.
SUSAN: Look, maybe you were never meant to know but I do. I overheard Isabelle and Peter talking at the ambulance. (Pause) Karl, that little girl is yours. Holly, Holly's your daughter.
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Elle Robinson, Janelle Timmins in Neighbours Episode 5181
Elle Robinson, Janelle Timmins

Paul Robinson, Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5181
Paul Robinson, Elle Robinson

Elle Robinson, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5181
Elle Robinson, Paul Robinson

Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5181
Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Allan Steiger, Bree Timmins in Neighbours Episode 5181
Allan Steiger, Bree Timmins

Bree Timmins in Neighbours Episode 5181
Bree Timmins

Janae Hoyland, Zeke Kinski, Rachel Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5181
Janae Hoyland, Zeke Kinski, Rachel Kinski

Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5181
Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Susan Kennedy, Rachel Kinski, Zeke Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5181
Susan Kennedy, Rachel Kinski, Zeke Kinski

Bree Timmins, Allan Steiger, Janae Hoyland, Janelle Timmins in Neighbours Episode 5181
Bree Timmins, Allan Steiger, Janae Hoyland, Janelle Timmins

Janae Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 5181
Janae Hoyland

Bree Timmins, Susan Kennedy, Janelle Timmins, Janae Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 5181
Bree Timmins, Susan Kennedy, Janelle Timmins, Janae Hoyland

Susan Kennedy, Janelle Timmins in Neighbours Episode 5181
Susan Kennedy, Janelle Timmins

Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5181
Elle Robinson

Boyd Hoyland, Janae Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 5181
Boyd Hoyland, Janae Hoyland

Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5181
Elle Robinson

Ned Parker, Paul Robinson, Janelle Timmins in Neighbours Episode 5181
Ned Parker, Paul Robinson, Janelle Timmins

Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5181
Karl Kennedy

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5181
Susan Kennedy

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