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Neighbours Episode 5174 from 2007 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5174: And So It Goes...
Australian airdate: 22/03/07
UK airdate:
Writer: Katrina Foster
Director: Jet Wilkinson
Guests: Ringo Brown: Sam Clark
Sen Sgt Allan Steiger : Joe Clements
Glenn Forrest: Cleopatra Coleman
Dr Roberta Marley: Anna McCrossin Owen
- "Do You See What I See?" by Hunters And Collectors
Summary/Images by: JA/Elin
Ringo and Rachel making up.
Dylan and Stingray beating up Boyd for the way he has treated Janae.
Stingray having a tough time on the operating table but coming round and speaking to his family.
A Green Place Somewhere
Stingray has just been to the video store, he is a little uneasy on his feet, but looking a lot better than he did in the hospital. He runs into Rachel who asks how he is, he says that he needs to rest for a couple of weeks, but he should be fine.
Ringo appears in the background, but when he sees them he stops in his tracks and watches, Rachel is about to say something deep to Stingray, as usual, he makes a joke, asking if he has parsley in his teeth. Before Rachel has a chance to say what she was about to, they are interrupted by an over excited Zeke, he has some good news.
ZEKE: She said yes!
ZEKE: She. Said. Yes
RACHEL(Jumping up and down with excitement): Oh My God. Yes!
STINGRAY: Oh My Go, Cupid, yes. Who said yes?
ZEKE: Well her and Karl.
RACHEL: He asked her to marry him.
ZEKE: Again
STINGRAY: This is spigging awesome
ZEKE(To Stingray): Oh, Don't tell Bree.
STINGRAY: Why, does she fancy Karl?
ZEKE: No, because I want to tell her.
An excited Zeke runs off, presumably to share the exciting news with Bree, Rachel and Stingray are excited, and Stingray tells her that things are on the up. He puts his arm around her, and they are in good spirits.
Ringo is looking on, and looks shattered to see the object of his affections so cosy with her ex.
The Scarlet Bar- Where adulterers discuss dinner plans
Glenn wants to know if Boyd likes Curry, apparently she does a mean Thai curry, (which by the way is probably one of the simplest things to cook ever) or she could do pasta. Boyd, anticipating Glenn's culinary ineptness, tells her that a take away will be fine, but Glenn wants them to have dinner together, like a couple. Boyd tells her that he will be home about six, and gives her a kiss on the cheek. A happy Glenn makes her way out of the bar, but as she does so she bumps into Janae. There is a frosty atmosphere between the two women.
Janae tells Boyd that she is there to pick up her order, she ignores Boyd's enquiry as to how everyone is, and tells him that the order should be there, Dylan rang it through this morning. Boyd looks hurt that she is ignoring him.
BOYD: Janae please
JANAE: Please what? Please pretend that everything's OK. That nothing's happened? I can't do that Boyd, our marriage was the biggest part of my life, and now it's over. It just hurts too much to do this polite chit chat thing.
BOYD (not entirely sincerely): I'm sorry.
JANAE: Just get the order.
Boyd looks hurt at Janae's frostiness, but it has to be said that he deserves this treatment. After the way he has treated his poor wife, what does he expect, a nice chat over a coffee?
The Timmins House- Preparations for the party are underway
Steiger is exhausted, in order to keep Janelle out of the house, so that the kids can organise her a surprise birthday party, he has been taking her power walking all morning, and he convinced her to go straight to the hospital.
BREE: She wasn't suss?
STEIGER: Well it was touch and go for a while there. I thought she was going to twig, when I wouldn't let her come back here to get changed.
BREE: What did you say?
STEIGER: Told her that seeing her hot and sweaty in a pair of trakkie dags really did things for me.
BREE: Yeah, I'm sorry that I asked.
And poor Bree looks like she really is sorry that she asked. Steiger wants to know if they are all set to go down to the hospital, Bree says that she is, but Dylan says that he is not going. He has too much work to do for the party. Steiger senses that perhaps Dylan is just a little frightened of going to the appointment they have with Doctor Marley, as today is the day that they will find out if the operation was successful for Kerry. Steiger tells Bree to go and wait in the car, he is planning on having a chat with Dylan.
When Steiger gets into the kitchen, Dylan is busying himself with preparations for the party, after all he doesn't want the sauce to get burned. Steiger however senses that it is all an act, and takes the softly softly approach with Dylan. Steiger tells him, that one of the best things about being with Janelle, is getting to know her kids, he tells her that he is proud of how brave the Timmins' boys are. He never would have believed that he would one day be singing the praises of the Timmins' boys.
STEIGER: I've seen some brave acts in my time mate, but I've got to hand it to you, you boys really stand up for what you believe in, what you love.
DYLAN: That's not the same.
STEUGER: I'm not talking about acting tough, I'm talking about real bravery, When you're scared witless, but you go on anyway, because you know that if you don't you'll be letting down the people you love. You know that's worse than any amount of pain. So are you ready?
DYLAN: Ready.
Steiger's chat seemed to have helped, and he is getting through to Dylan who even now looks like he is scared of what is ahead for him, when he gets to the hospital, he seems to appreciate the chat from his almost step-father.
Number 30
Rachel comes over to see Ringo, she has been reading his blogzine piece, it's good, but she doesn't like his over-use of explanation marks, she seems to be a pedant for punctuation. She would certainly get along well with Pete (Bouncer) who also gets more than upset with SPAG abuse, let that be a warning to all the abusers of SPAG out there, it's me who has to listen to him bemoaning it, so help me out here.
Anyway ignoring that little aside, Ringo doesn't seem to appreciate Rachel's criticism of his punctuation. She wonders if he is getting all narky on her because of it. Ringo just wants to know why they never laugh together, Rachel tells him it's because they fight, it's what they do, and means that there is a spark between them. Ringo says that he is sick of fighting, but Rachel thinks that is a pity, as it means that they don't get to make up. Ringo likes this seductive reminder, and suggests in that case they should discuss punctuation to provoke a fight, and the two share a kiss.
At The Hospital
Everyone, especially Sky and Janelle, seems to be on edge about waiting for the test results. Zeke arrives and has a piece of paper Bree, he tells her not to read it until later. She tells him that he should go.
Sky is on edge, and worries that the nurse is 20 minutes late to talk to them about things, Stingray tries to reassure her, but she is almost beyond the point of being reassured, that is until Dylan steps in. He tells her not to give up. They have to hold it together.
DYLAN: Hey, Hey, we have got to hold it together here, because we are all Kerry's got. I mean what happens in the doctor tells us it hasn't worked, what are we going to do? Give up? No of course not, because no matter how scared we are, or how hopeless it seems, we are going to fight for her, so we stay strong. Deal?
SKY: Deal.
Sky nervously nods her approval throughout the speech from Dylan, and she seems to take some comfort in his words. Doctor Marley is there eventually and apologises for keeping them waiting, she tells them that they have the results and asks Sky and Dylan to come in to her office to talk about it. Sky and Dylan nervously make their way there, with the reassurance of their family around them, Janelle and Harold look particularly worried, and are obviously sharing the concern of Kerry's worried parents, who are moments away from learning the outcome of the operation. Steiger is as ever on hand to be the shoulder on which worried gran Janelle leans on, and if nothing else it is nice to see the Timmins (and Harold) sticking together.
Doctor Marley's Office
Doctor Marley tells Dylan and Sky that the tests on Kerry, will continue for a few weeks, there is no definitive answer yet, but so far tests indicate that the transplant was a success. Sky breaks down in tears, thanking Dr Marley- so much. Dylan kisses Sky on the head, before rushing out of the office to tell the family that it worked.
There is jubilation all round, as the Timmins family take in the good news. There is hugs for everyone. When Sky comes out of the office, Stingray embraces her, and Sky says thank you.
Harold is praying to the Lord, thanking him for not taking Kerry. Stingray asks what he is doing.
HAROLD(in tears): Thank you, thank you for not taking her.
STINGRAY: Having a chat to the man upstairs huh?
HAROLD: I'm just saying thank you.
STINGRAY: Put in a good word for me too will you?
HAROLD: Certainly.
Lets hope that Harold's good word is a success, the family all get excited that they can finally see Kerry.
Number 32- Where Glenn has two things to tell Boyd
The earlier talked about meal, is ready, and it turns out that Glenn can't be that great at making Thai curry as she has opted for pasta, albeit home-made, but I could teach my dog to make pasta if I really tried. Boyd however, is impressed with the meal, he asks how you get pasta to taste so good, Glenn says that she made it herself, but then if you really want pasta to taste good, just save yourself the effort and buy some Lloydd Grossman sauce, much tastier, less effort and there are less dishes at the end of the night.
Anyway back to 32 Glenn has something to tell Boyd, two things actually. Firstly, she doesn't know for sure but.......her parents are renovating their beach shack, and maybe she and Boyd could move in. Boyd asks about Uni, and she suggests that he moves to UTaz. Boyd isn't keen, he has promised Steph that he would run the bar, Glenn suggests that there are other staff, but then he suggests Max, he promised to visit him this holiday, he and Summer have been talking about it for ages, and he can't let her down. Glenn says that it is just an idea, and they have to do something, they can't continue to live across the street from Janae. Boyd agrees, but he thinks that Tasmania is a bit full on. As much as Tasmania is a great idea, he doesn't really want to leave his commitments in Erinsborough. Glenn is disappointed with Boyd's response, but it seems that she was half expecting it.
Anyway says Boyd what was the other thing? Glenn seems to forget, which is strange as she made such a big deal of there being two things that she had to tell Boyd. When she finally remembers that there were two things to say, she realises that she has already told him both, one was the beach house and the other was moving in. Now forgive me if I am being stupid, but I thought that moving into the beach house would be one thing? Perhaps they do things differently in Tasmania, or you know here is an idea perhaps Glenn is hiding something from Boyd, which I must say looks very likely from her behaviour over dinner. And remember viewers this isn't any old dinner this is pasta that Glenn has made herself, and must taste delicious, as neither of them have eaten any. The other thing to note in this scene is that there is a bottle of red wine half empty on the table, Boyd is the only one drinking it, as Glenn has only a glass of water at her place. It seems Boyd must have been thirsty.
Number 30
Ringo and Rachel look like they are having fun, trying to out do each other, in seeing who can get their tongue the furthest down the other's throat. But when Ringo suggests that they go somewhere more comfortable, Rachel tells him that he is ruining everything. Rachel suggests that he thinks that she is easy when Ringo says that he assumed that it would be what she was used to what with having an older boyfriend previously in Stingray. She tells him not to worry, it's him that she wants to be with now, and as they have another 'fight' they have some making up to do.
Number 32 - Where they still haven't finished their dinner
There is a staffing problem at the bar, meaning that Boyd has to go in and lend a hand, which is such a shame, as he won't be able to finish the delicious pasta, or maybe I should say he won't be able to start it. He tells Glenn to leave the mess until he gets back, she doesn't mind, I guess she will be glad to have something to do, as it's unlikely that she will be getting an invite to the celebrations at the Timmins. Before he leaves Boyd says that the more he thinks about the move to Tasmania, the more he thinks that it will be a good idea, so he tells her that she will look into it. Glenn tells Boyd that he has to be sure of what he wants, not just tell her what he thinks she wants to hear. Boyd gives her a lingering kiss, and asks what that tells her. I would say that told her that he thought with his trousers, but Glenn obviously wants to think that it means he wants to move to Tazzy.
This is further highlighted, when Boyd leaves and Glenn reaches into her bad and takes something out, which is revealed to be a pregnancy test. Shock Horror, now I am not sure if they sell Clearblue in Oz, but Glenn you really should have spent the extra few dollars and got one of those as it's the one the doctor's recommend, even though this one- 'Pregnosis Acustreant' claims to be over 99% accurate, I would have chose Clearblue myself.
The Hospital
Janelle is giving Dr Marley, a huge hug, and even a kiss on the cheek, proclaiming her to be a genius, also shouting at the top of her voice announcing to everyone in the hospital that this is the doctor who saved her granddaughter's life. Dr Marley looks slightly embarrassed, and it is up to Steiger to calm Janelle down, suggesting that he take her to get a cool drink.
Janae and Bree decide that they are going to deny even knowing Janelle, Janae wonders what the note from Zeke says. Bree takes it out of her pocket, and whatever it says it has got her excited. Janae thought that it might say 'Meet me at the lake at midnight and I'll take you away from all this' but obviously not. When Bree shows the not to her sister, she is equally excited, and the pair jump up to tell Janelle. The note actually bore the good news that Karl and Susan have decided to get remarried. Harold, Janelle and Steiger seem to be equally as thrilled by the news, Janelle proclaiming Karl to be a 'Sly old dog'
Kerry's hospital room
Sky, Dylan and Stingray, all decked out in their green scrubs and hairnets, are looking over Kerry. Why is it only now that they have to wear scrubs? Maybe it wasn't necessary before she had the operation.
Sky says that they should never take anything for granted again, and Dylan agrees. Dylan asks Stingray how it feels to be a hero, not bad says Stingray modestly. But Stingray gives him a playful punch on the arm, and Stingray winces. Sky asks what is wrong, but he insists it is fine, she doesn't believe him, and he reveals his upper arm to be bandaged up. Sky is concerned, but when he lifts the bandage he reveals that he has had a tattoo, a black heart with Sky and Kerry's names tattooed in the arches.
STINGRAY: Not that I'm doubting the bonding the power of the twin sons of Vorteus or anything, I just wanted something a bit more...
DYLAN: Real?
SKY: You're the best pod mate in the world.
Sky and Stingray go in for a kiss, (my goodness there has been a lot of kissing in this episode, maybe it should carry a warning)
DYLAN: Oh not in front of the child. Tsk, sorry Kerry.
The three laugh and joke, and it is really wonderful to see the three of them get on so well.
The Scarlet Bar
Steiger has splashed out on a whole bottle of Champagne, they have a lot to celebrate, Kerry, Susan and Karl, or as Janelle puts it Susie Q and The Hippie' Janelle tells him that actually there is something else that they could celebrate, but compared to everything else that has been happening it is nothing, She mentions that it's her birthday tomorrow. Steiger feigns surprise, (as we all know what is planned) He wonders why she didn't say anything, but she didn't want a fuss, after all she is years off the big birthday. Steiger wishes her a happy 33rd birthday, and they toast to that.
When they spot Boyd on his way out, Steiger urges Janelle to ignore him, but unfortunately Boyd decides to approach them.
BOYD: Hey, how's Kerry holding up?
STEIGER: News is all good.
JANELLE: I reckon someone up there is looking after us.
BOYD: Seems like it.
JANELLE: Yeah, I used to pray that one day I'd be holding yours and Janae's baby, but now I thank god for a lucky escape. Imagine your kids growing up with a lying skirt chasing dog for a dad, unlike Kerry's those scars are permanent.
Boyd at least has the grace to look ashamed of himself and has nothing further to add to the conversation.
Number 32
Glenn is waiting for the results of the test, she is calling her mum for a chat, but all she gets is the answer phone, the stress is obviously getting to her. Just then the door bangs closed, and she quickly disposes of the pregnancy test in the bin, as she doesn't know where else to put it, but when Boyd gets in he takes the rubbish out, and off goes the contents, before Glenn has a chance to see what the result of the test is.
Ramsay Street
The whole street are playing their part in organising the surprise party for Janelle, well obviously Boyd and Glenn haven't been invited, but they can always stay in and make pasta. Zeke is firing up the BBQ, Ringo is buttering rolls, and Harold has the desert. The street is decked out in pink banners, table cloths and balloons. It looks great, and Stingray is looking like he is having lots of fun play fighting with Bree. Rachel has something to say to him, but he doesn't have time to hear it.
Zeke has a question, If the older Timmins boy Dwayne is 26, then why does the sign congratulate Janelle on her 39th birthday. Does that mean that Janelle was only 13 when she had him? The Timmins kids tease Zeke about it, but Bree admits that they have recycled the sign for a few years, as Janelle likes it. Steiger asks dubiously how many years, and Janae playfully dares him to ask her, though I don't think that is a dare that Steiger looks too keen to take up.
Rachel gets Stingray on his own again, and asks if they can talk, but Stingray tells her that she should be giving all her attention to Ringo, in fact he insists on it, She agrees, but makes him promise that they will get to talk later.
Janelle, still wearing her bed head, and swigging on coffee, comes out into the street to see what the fuss is about.
JANELLE: Haven't you people got homes to go to
EVERYONE ELSE (well everyone contracted for that episode): SURPRISE!!
(That is a point considering that Pepper was only a few episodes ago initiated as part of the family, why is she not at this party? - Oh yeah that's right- she is not contracted for this episode!! )
Janelle is stunned to see that everyone is there to wish her a happy 39th (plus a few years) birthday. There is a big grin on her face.
The Hospital
Kerry is a little grouchy, Sky is urging her to get better as soon as she can. She tells Kerry that her grandad and uncle Toby will want to see her before she gets too much bigger, and that they can go lots of places, her, Sky and Stingray, the three of them are going to have so much fun.
Harold interrupts to see how things are, he tells Sky, that it is a lovely day for the party, and that she should go. Harold tells Sky that she should go, he will stay with Kerry and call her if anything were to happen. Sky thanks him for everything that he has done, and in return Harold thanks Sky. She wonders what for, after all she feels a bit guilty that all she has done recently is cry on his shoulder, but Harold says that he is grateful that the two of them are around, as that is enough for him. Sky smiles, and decides that she will go to the party, she also tells Harold a bit of good news, she didn't have any nightmares last night. It is the first time in ages that she has slept all the way through, and they both think that is good news, and that everything is going to be fine. Sky is a bit reluctant to leave, but Harold tells her to go and have a good time.
Ramsay Street
The party is in full swing. Janae walks past Glenn who is raking through the bins.
JANAE: Looking for leftovers?
GLENN: Wait, I want you to know that I don't like this anymore than you do, me living here I mean.
JANAE: Is that it?
GLENN: We, Boyd and me, we'll be moving soon, to Tasmania. I think it will be better for everyone.
Glenn smiles as she tells Janae, I'm not sure if she was expecting Janae to be pleased at the news, but gracefully Janae doesn't even greet the news from the woman who stole her husband with a reply and leaves her love rival standing in the street with bin bag in hand. Obviously Glenn is interested in the contents of that bag, as she is hoping to retrieve the pregnancy test, but before she can say anything Boyd appears, and takes the bag from her, telling her that he will put it in the skip at work. Again the pregnancy test slips through her fingers, will Glenn ever discover the results?
Ramsay Street- After The Commercial Break - Where we must say goodbye to one of our favourites.
Janelle's cake, complete with those number candles, a three and a nine is ready to go. The three and the nine candle have obviously had plenty of use, as there is quite a bit of them already burnt away, obviously these have been recycled for as many years as the banner that was earlier erected. The party cheer as Janelle blows out the candles and makes a wish. As she cuts the cake, Bree reminds her that if the knife comes out dirty she has to kiss the nearest boy. Every man in sight quickly gets as far away as possible, all except Steiger that is, who moves in for a sloppy kiss. Which is met by a chorus of 'Eurgh's' from the group. That doesn't deter the love birds though. Janelle who is on top of the world makes a speech. Thanking everyone there, each and every one of them.
Janelle seems to be enjoying herself, and tells her kids how much she loves them, and says a special thank you to Sky, who has in a funny way been the glue for the family, and for giving her the most beautiful granddaughter in the world. She says that the fighting spirit that Kerry has shown has proven that no matter what the world throws at the Timmins, they still come up fighting every time. It would have been nice if adulterer Boyd, and his new bit of fluff could have been around to hear this, after all Janae is also fighting back and enjoying herself.
Janelle then announces that it is time for a time honoured family tradition, and Janae doesn't seem keen, but Janelle is insistent. The whole family proceed to do a stupid dance.
Rachel and Ringo seem to be enjoying the party too, and proceed to play a bit of tonsil tennis, Bree and Zeke take this as confirmation that their relationship is official.
Sky and Stingray are also enjoying a bit of a dance, but Stingray wants to sit this one out. Dylan decides to cut in for this one, and dance with Sky. Stingray tells her that he will see her for the next one.
STINGRAY: I'll see you for the next one.
STINGRAY: You're perfect you know that?
Stingray sits down and watches the rest of the group enjoy the festivities. But as the music swims around in his head, the scary music from Sky's dream returns. and Stingray seems to be losing consciousness. Janae, Bree and Janelle rush over to see what the matter is, They are frantically calling his name urging him to speak to them and getting more panic stricken by the minute, but they can't get him to wake up. Everything fades to white, leaving us wondering if this is the end for Scott Timmins, one of the finest characters the show has ever seen.
Fun-loving and always up for a laugh. But ultimately a guy who cared for the ones he loved, so much so that he risked his life so that his baby niece might recover from the ravages of leukaemia, but as the scary music plays as the scene fades, it seems that one of Ramsay Street's best loved residents may have paid the Ultimate price. Good bye Stingray, may there be a plentiful supply of fish fingers for you in heaven mate. We are going to spigging miss you.
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Stingray Timmins in Neighbours Episode 5174
Stingray Timmins

Allan Steiger, Dylan Timmins in Neighbours Episode 5174
Allan Steiger, Dylan Timmins

Ringo Brown in Neighbours Episode 5174
Ringo Brown

Sky Mangel, Dylan Timmins in Neighbours Episode 5174
Sky Mangel, Dylan Timmins

Harold Bishop, Stingray Timmins in Neighbours Episode 5174
Harold Bishop, Stingray Timmins

Glenn Forrest, Boyd Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 5174
Glenn Forrest, Boyd Hoyland

Boyd Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 5174
Boyd Hoyland

Rachel Kinski, Ringo Brown in Neighbours Episode 5174
Rachel Kinski, Ringo Brown

Stingray Timmins in Neighbours Episode 5174
Stingray Timmins

Janelle Timmins in Neighbours Episode 5174
Janelle Timmins

Rachel Kinski, Stingray Timmins, Janae Hoyland, Allan Steiger, Zeke Kinski, Bree Timmins, Dylan Timmins in Neighbours Episode 5174
Rachel Kinski, Stingray Timmins, Janae Hoyland, Allan Steiger, Zeke Kinski, Bree Timmins, Dylan Timmins

Harold Bishop, Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 5174
Harold Bishop, Sky Mangel

Ringo Brown, Janae Hoyland, Dylan Timmins in Neighbours Episode 5174
Ringo Brown, Janae Hoyland, Dylan Timmins

Allan Steiger, Janelle Timmins in Neighbours Episode 5174
Allan Steiger, Janelle Timmins

Ringo Brown, Rachel Kinski, Zeke Kinski, Allan Steiger, Dylan Timmins, Sky Mangel, Bree Timmins, Janae Hoyland, Janelle Timmins, Stingray Timmins in Neighbours Episode 5174
Ringo Brown, Rachel Kinski, Zeke Kinski, Allan Steiger, Dylan Timmins, Sky Mangel, Bree Timmins, Janae Hoyland, Janelle Timmins, Stingray Timmins

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