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Neighbours Episode 5154 from 2007 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5154: All Aboard The Guilt Train
Australian airdate: 22/02/07
UK airdate:
Writer: Michael O'Rourke
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Lolly Allen: Adelaide Kane
Sen Sgt, Allan Steiger: Joe Clemments
Gerard Tate: Ian Rooney
- "Rhythm To Fly" by Wesley Carr
- "Put Em Up" by 1200 Techniques
- "Hard As Hell" by 1200 Techniques
- "Leave It All Behind" by Philip Foxman
Summary/Images by: JA/Izzy-da-vixen
Susan, Zeke and Rachel, finding lice in Karl's beard and on Springsteen.
Susan telling Lou that Lolly has a bruise, and Lou accusing Pepper of being the perpetrator.
Janelle telling Ned not to rush to pay back the money he owes her.
Ned stealing the PC from Number 26, and being interrupted my Harold knocking at the door.
Wacky races with Janelle as Penelope Pitstop, and Steiger as Mutley
Sky, Dylan, Bree and Stingray are looking on as Janelle and Steiger race each other in rally cars.
Steiger narrowly beats Janelle, and she is far from happy about it, accusing him of not giving her a chance. Janelle in a Porshe, something I never thought I would see when she first arrived.
Dylan and Stingray decide to race each other, Dylan is being pretty competitive, Stingray looks a bit worried at Dylan's intentions.
Dylan displaying a high level of maturity gives Stinger the Loser sign, something that most people stop using at the age of 15, and puts on his helmet, eager to get the race started, Stingray is evidently less enthusiastic, but gets ready for the race.
The Back Yard of Number 26
Ned is sneaking out the back, with more of the things that he is stealing from the Timmins, but almost drops what he has in his hands when he hears Harold calling 'Hello' He has come round the back to see if anyone is home.
Ned has to hide, and as he looks petrified that Harold might discover him, as he wanders around the garden shouting each of the Timmins in turn, but luckily for Ned, Kerry's tummy starts rumbling and Harold decides that he better get her home for something to eat.
A worried Ned remains hidden until he is sure that Harold is gone.
Ramsay Street
Karl, Toadie and Susan are wandering along the street. Coming back from the shops, and laden with bags. Toadie looks rather good in a fetching purple shirt.
Karl is wondering if he can claim steam cleaning on his car insurance, but Susan and Toadie are sure that you can't. Well what about medical insurance? wonder's Karl, after all the lice are a health issue.
They meet Steph outside Number 32, Susan tells her that the car has been commandeered by lice, but as Toadie and Steph stand around awkwardly with each other, Toadie makes his excuses and goes home.
Steph tells Susan and Karl, that she is getting her bike ready as she is going for a ride next week with some old friends. Karl muses that it is good to catch up with old friends, it certainly did Toadie the world of good catching up with his 'old friend' Abbie, she really perked him. Steph comments that is really good, but is not entirely convincing.
Steph makes her excuses and leaves.
KARL: Want to give me a hand to get my foot out of my mouth
SUSAN: Oh I think you'll need a doctor for that. Pity we don't know one.......
Number 24
Lolly is giving Kerry her bottle, and amazingly is doing quite a good job. Lou offers to take care of Kerry if Lolly wants to go and see her friends, but she says that she doesn't want to as she thinks they are avoiding her.
LOLLY: I think they are avoiding me after this whole Miss Steiger thing.
LOU: They're not taking her side are they?
LOLLY: I guess they know her better than they know me.
LOU: Well they don't deserve you then, that's all I can say.
LOLLY: (To Kerry) Have you had enough baby?
LOU: You're a bit of an expert aren't you. You must have spent some time looking after your little brother and sister?
LOLLY: Not really I wasn't allowed to play with them all that much actually.
How much more deluded can this man get, Lou can see nothing but good in Lolly.
Before Lolly can finish the conversation, no doubt about to play for some more sympathy from Lou, Harold interrupts them when he comes in from hanging out the washing. He is confused as he could have sworn that he heard somebody next door again, when both he and Lou are sure that they have gone car racing.
To rest his mind Harold decides to go and have a second look, but as he answers the door he is greeted by Gerard Tate from Human Services, there to see Lou and Lolly. As Harold invites him in, and Lou rushes to greet him, Lolly is looking a little uncomfortable, no doubt worried about what is going to be said.
The back yard at Number 26
Ned is throwing yet more of the haul from the robbery at Number 26 over the fence, when he is again disturbed by the sound of Harold shouting Hello. He shouts to his accomplice to be quick and hops over the fence.
Harold perseveres with his investigation and shouts for Janelle and Bree, but of course neither are there. He is surprised by Susan who has come over to see who has been making all the banging noise. It's odd, but they can't see anything out of order.
SUSAN: You alright?
HAROLD: Yes, I'm just giving Lou and Lolly some space, they've got a visitor from Human Services
SUSAN: Well, Pepper was obliged under duty of care to report her suspicions, but it's put her in a very awkward situation.
HAROLD: What's going on?
SUSAN: Oh Harold I thought you knew. I'm sorry I shouldn't have said anything.
Susan quickly disappears before she says too much, leaving a bemused Harold to wonder what on earth is going on.
At The Races
Stingray and Dylan are racing it out in their rally cars, Stingray crosses the line first, and immediately celebrates his win enthusiastically with the gang. But as Dylan's car approaches he scares everyone when he looks on course to knock Stinger down.
STINGER: (as he starts pushing Dylan about) What kind of spigging still brain are you?
STEIGER: Knock it off you two, that's enough.
STINGER: I've got a psycho for a brother.
JANELLE: I've heard of bad losers in my time, but this takes the cake.
STINGER: I thought we were supposed to be cool now?
DYLAN: We are cool why else would I be kidding around like this?
BREE: Kidding around? I think I must have missed something.
DYLAN: So who's next then?
But Dylan gets a frostier reception from his family, that he would spending a week in a freezer, nobody really wants to 'kid around' with him.
DYLAN: Don't all rush at once, has everyone lost their sense of humour all of a sudden?
But the group decide that the best thing to do would be to just walk away from him, and Dylan is left jumping about on the race track, with only Steiger looking on in disgust.
Number 24
GERARD TATE: Victims are often reluctant to actually name the person who actually hurt them.
LOU: Well I think we all know who did that.
GERARD TATE: Well as I said before, John and Sandy were totally taken by surprise when I spoke to them, I would keep a very close eye on Louise if I was you.
LOU: Sure, thanks for the advice.
As Gerard Tate leaves, Lou is outraged, he tells Harold that Pepper is obviously throwing up a smokescreen, but Harold is not convinced that Pepper is the one responsible. Lou thinks that by some of the questions that he was being asked, Gerard Tate thinks that Lou is the one that is hurting her. Harold who is as ever the voice of reason tells Lou that it is his job, and that often when something like this happens it is often someone very close to the victim who is responsible.
But an ever deluded Lou assures Harold that Lolly wouldn't lie about something like this!?!?
Harold also points out to Lou that he should have told John and Sandy about the situation, after all they are still legally responsible for Lolly, and they have to know. Lou promises Harold that he will call them later.
Conveniently Lolly has been standing at the door listening to the conversation, and doesn't look too happy at the prospect of John and Sandy finding out.
The Scarlet Bar
Susan is at the bar getting drinks, when she and Steph catch sight of Karl eating a burger with all the decorum of Tarzan. Susan frantically apologies to Steph, who just laughs it off. It seems that Susan is more worried about it that Steph is.
She tries to support Karl's new self sufficient life style.
SUSAN: This self sufficiency thing it's very admirable in so many ways.
STEPH: But the beard though?
SUSAN: Well, You know I suppose that's even not too bad, its, it's disgusting. It's like kissing a broom, I don't know what to do about it.
STEPH: Well I've got a solution.
SUSAN: Anything.
Steph whispers something into Susan's ear
SUSAN: (with a gaping expression) I couldn't
STEPH: Yes you could you know you want to.
Over at the table Toadie's phone starts to ring, Karl takes a look and tells him that it is Abbie. Toadie tells Karl he will call her back later, and ignores the call.
Susan returns with the drinks, as Karl continues to gorge himself in his burger.
KARL: What were you two talking about?
SUSAN: This and that you know.
KARL: Oh yeah? My beard don't deny it.
SUSAN: What?
KARL: It was obvious.
SUSAN: Actually Steph was just asking me if you had put on a bit of weight.
KARL: (speaking with his mouth full) What me?
SUSAN: Well I said that you hadn't, its just the beard makes you look fat.
KARL: Oh Thanks.
TOADIE: But there is only a certain type of guy who can actually wear a beard Karl.
KARL: Oh this coming from the guy who invented the mullet.
TOADIE: Hey, no need to fight dirty.
KARL: We've got documentary evidence of that haven't we.
SUSAN: Yes, sorry Toad.
TOAIDE: Time for a change of topic.
KARL: You can dish it out but you can't take it.
Ned arrives, to ask Steph if he can have a bit more time to pay back the money he borrowed from Max, Steph says that will be fine, and if any more odd jobs come up then he will be the first to know.
Steph tells Ned that if things are tight at the moment, there is still an empty oom at her place going cheap. Ned rather ungraciously and defensively tells her that he doesn't need her sympathy, and he will pay back the money as soon as he can.
He then storms off, leaving Steph looking a bit upset.
Number 26
The Timmins and Steiger arrive home from the races, to discover that they have been robbed. The computer and the plasma are gone, and the train set is looking in a pretty sorry state on the couch. Stingray and Dylan want to find those responsible and 'rip their bloody arms off'
Steiger takes a more calm attitude, and tells everyone not to touch anything, he and Dylan go to investigate that the intruders are definitely gone, Bree rushes to her bedroom in a panic, to ensure that they didn't steal her make up.
A disappointed Janelle, tells Stingray that they haven't even finished paying it all off yet.
At the Scarlet Bar
A self sufficient Karl takes out a jam jar full of orange juice and tops up his glass.
SUSAN: It's official you are pathetic.
Karl can't see what the problem is.
Toadie is talking to Ned, he asks what is bothering him, but Ned tells him to give it a rest as he is fine. Toadie doesn't seem to buy it.
He tells Ned that Stu phoned him the other day to see if he should come down,
his parents are concerned that Ned has money worries. Ned tells him that this is not the case, and his parents are freaking out over nothing. He tells Toadie to tell the family to stop worrying, as he has finally got a job he is good at, something that he has apparently got a real flair for. When Toadie asks what it is, Ned says that it is nobodies business but his. HOW RUDE.
Steph is clearing tables, and makes awkward conversation with Toadie about what he said to Ned, She then decides to continue the conversation mentioning his date....
STEPH: Heard you went out on a date last week...
TOADIE:Well sitting around nursing a broken heart wasn't helping anyone.
STEPH: Hope it works out for you.
TOADIE: It's early days yet.
STEPH: Toad, you know I never wanted to hurt you.
TOADIE:But someone was always going to get it in the neck.
STEPH: I know this sounds really lame, but I do, I really hope that we can still be friends.
TOADIE: Yeah.... probably not. It's probably just best to keep busy and see other people. I think Willie Nelson once wrote a song about that.
Well I would never have had Toadie down as a Willie Nelson fan, but I can't say I blame him the man is a bit of legend in country circles, and you know he was the one who wrote 'Always On My Mind' which was subsequently ripped off by Elvis.
Toadie disappears and Steph again has the disappointed dejected look on her face, which is becoming a bit of a trademark.
Casa Kennedy
Karl is asleep on the sofa.
In whispered voices we hear this conversation.
TOADIE: Connor and I did the same thing to Stuart once.
SUSAN: Yeah I know but still.
TOADIE: He thanked us for it, and so will Karl.
The two emerge from behind the sofa with a can of shaving foam, Susan carefully covers Karl's hideous beard with foam....
Number 26
The police are there searching for fingerprints and evidence.
Dylan and Stingray are reeling off a list of the stolen property to Steiger who is noting it down, three plasma screen TV's (each with a DVD recorder) two computers, a laptop, camera's, it looks like the robbers got quite a haul.
Harold and Sky are there to offer the family support, and Harold has made Janelle a nice cup of tea, Bree quite rightly points out that it was lucky that they didn't steal kettle.
Ned drops by like the good neighbour that he is to offer his sympathy at the news of the robbery.
NED: It's not much comfort at the moment, but at least you will get it back on insurance.
HAROLD: Of course you will.
JANELLE: We didn't have insurance.
JANELLE: It always seemed like such a waste of money.
BREE: We never had anything worth insuring before.
There is a slight flicker of guilt from Ned who gulps a little.
STEIGER: I better get down the station.
JANELLE: Hey, I'm sorry love, I know some of your stuff's gone too.
STEIGER: Oh I'm not worried about most of it, but dad gave me one of those trains before he died, it was the last thing he ever gave me.
JANELLE: Oh Al.....
At this there is a definite look of remorse from Ned, who is showing many signs of a conscience.
Casa Kennedy
Susan and Toadie are still sneakily applying shaving foam to Karl who is still asleep in the sofa, but just as she is about to get to work with the razor Karl wakes up.
KARL: Would you like to tell me what you think you are doing?
Susan and Toadie's heads silently retreat back behind the sofa.
At the Timmins
Lou and Lolly arrive with a battered old stereo and Steph comes to give them a TV.
The still guilty Ned decides that he better get going, as he is sorry that there is nothing that he can do. (how about giving them back their stuff?) But Janelle is thankful for his support and gives him a hug, Ned can't shake the look of guilt from his face, it is just a shame that nobody else can see it.
Sky is sitting on the sofa with Kerry who is crying and running a temperature. Stingray and Dylan look concerned as Sky says that they have to take her to the doctors.
Erinsborough Hospital
Sky, Stingray, Dylan and Kerry are leaving the hospital, Stingray is reassuring Sky that it is a relief that it is just a bit of gastro according to the doctor, but Sky is still concerned about the tests that the doctor wants to give her.
As Stingray straps the car seat into the car, Sky apologises to Dylan for what happened in the hospital, obviously the doctors just assumed that Stingray was Kerry's dad.
DYLAN: The only thing that really matters is that Kerry's OK
SKY: For sure.
DYLAN: So if you to want to be together that just shows that there is no accounting for bad taste. And I'm sorry about what happened at the race course.
STINGER: It's cool
DYLAN: I mean it.
The three get in the car looking like they are all friends again.
Back at the Timmins
Steiger is making a list of everyone that has a key to the house.
The list goes as follows.
Steiger is not impressed at the lack of home security, when Dylan gets in he adds the cleaners to the list, and the one that is taped inside the letter box for when Scotty forgets.
Dylan tells the family that that the robbery is not that big a deal, they were happy before they were rich, and all that is important to him now that his family and his little girl are happy.
The Scarlet Bar
Ned is looking at the train that is in his bag, but quickly hides it when Toadie comes in to apologise for what happened yesterday that he really was just making sure that he was OK. They make it up and Toadie tells him that they will have to have a beer sometime.
Ned then apologises to Steph for his behaviour, and tells her that he would understand if she wanted to chuck him out. She tells him that she was just a bit low recently, and she again asks Ned if he wants her spare room, ironically she says that after the break in at Janelle's she would feel safer having him around. Ned tells her that She should get a new project, and overhaul of the bar perhaps, Steph agree's and also gives Ned a key to Number 32 telling him to move in by the time she gets home.
At The Timmins
Janelle takes the train into the kitchen, telling Steiger that it was on the doorstep, he is amazed as crims aren't usually known for their conscience.
He also tells her that he has run a check on the company that sent them the speedway tickets, and that they are totally bogus, and it was just a ploy by the burglars to get them out of the house. Whoever was in charge knew what they were doing, but what they didn't count on was someone getting an attack of the guilts, and that might just be their downfall.
Number 24
Neither Harold or Sky can appease an agitated Kerry who is crying.
They are interrupted by a distressed Lou who tells them that Lolly is gone, her bed's not been slept in and a lot of her clothes are missing too.....
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Stingray Timmins, Janae Hoyland, Bree Timmins, Dylan Timmins in Neighbours Episode 5154
Stingray Timmins, Janae Hoyland, Bree Timmins, Dylan Timmins

Allan Steiger, Janelle Timmins in Neighbours Episode 5154
Allan Steiger, Janelle Timmins

Harold Bishop, Kerry Mangel (baby) in Neighbours Episode 5154
Harold Bishop, Kerry Mangel (baby)

Ned Parker in Neighbours Episode 5154
Ned Parker

Louise Carpenter (Lolly), Kerry Mangel (baby), Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 5154
Louise Carpenter (Lolly), Kerry Mangel (baby), Lou Carpenter

Ned Parker in Neighbours Episode 5154
Ned Parker

Susan Kennedy, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 5154
Susan Kennedy, Steph Scully

Stingray Timmins, Janelle Timmins in Neighbours Episode 5154
Stingray Timmins, Janelle Timmins

Harold Bishop, Ned Parker in Neighbours Episode 5154
Harold Bishop, Ned Parker

Toadie Rebecchi, Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5154
Toadie Rebecchi, Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Sky Mangel, Stingray Timmins, Kerry Mangel (baby), Dylan Timmins in Neighbours Episode 5154
Sky Mangel, Stingray Timmins, Kerry Mangel (baby), Dylan Timmins

Sky Mangel, Stingray Timmins in Neighbours Episode 5154
Sky Mangel, Stingray Timmins

Ned Parker, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 5154
Ned Parker, Steph Scully

Janelle Timmins, Allan Steiger in Neighbours Episode 5154
Janelle Timmins, Allan Steiger

Harold Bishop, Lou Carpenter, Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 5154
Harold Bishop, Lou Carpenter, Sky Mangel

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