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Neighbours Episode 5149 from 2007 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5149: House of Wowzer
Australian airdate: 15/02/07
UK airdate:
Writer: Ray Kolle
Director: Jet Wilkinson
Guests: Ringo Brown: Sam Clark
Pepper Steiger: Nicky Whelan
Lolly Allen: Adelaide Kane
Abbie Stafford: Louise Crawford
Richard Perris: Greg Carroll
- "Bruises" by Sandrine
Summary/Images by: JA/Izzy-da-vixen
- Paul warning Pepper not to tell Rosie about their tryst.
- Rachel and Stingray deciding that their relationship has run it's course.
- Ringo telling Pepper that Rosie may find out about her sleeping with Paul.
The only classroom in Erinsborough
Lolly is showing off to Bree and Rachel about how many Valentines cards she has received. Rachel thinks that it's strange that all the cards have been written in the same handwriting, Bree thinks that Valentines day is nothing more than a commercial ploy for Chocolate companies and card manufacturers and florists to make more money.
RACHEL: Funny that they are all in the same handwriting
LOLLY: Don't take it out on me just because you got dumped.
Rachel and Lolly laugh at Ringo's 'dumb' nickname, He says that it was good enough for one of the Beatles, to which Lolly asks 'who'
Zeke has arrived back from Adelaide and seemingly gone straight to school. He has a Valentines card and a bunch of flowers for Bree, she seems to have forgotten about her earlier cynicism and accepts them gladly.
Rachel and Bree move to Zeke's table to ask how Katya is, Lolly seems a bit left out so leaves the classroom running into Pepper in the corridor.
LOLLY: Hey Pepper
PEPPER: Make that Miss Steiger at school please, where are you going?
LOLLY: I am just going to the loo.
PEPPER: Well be quick, Class is about to start.
LOLLY: Hey how cool was Andrew G?
Lolly looks disappointed to have been cut off so sharply.
Number 24- The Full House.
Lou is lounging on the sofa, feeling sorry for himself. His boss is there to see him, telling him that he is he only Bonsair flight attendant, who has never actually flown.
Lou says that the pain is too much for him, and is not fit for work, his boss seems less than impressed. Thankfully for Lou a 'doctor' arrives to confirm his illness. That 'doctor' is Karl, Karl is reluctant to fob off Lou's boss. The boss decides to leave, and tells Lou if he is not fit for work in the morning he will need a doctor's certificate.
LOU: Just make it for one month mate, and I will think of something else then.
KARL: Lou, as you well know I'm not practising anymore and no decent doctor is going to give you a medical certificate for something that doesn't exist.
LOU: I'll find an indecent one.
KARL: Come on Lou, you have got to face this fear of flying, if you don't then you will lose Mishka. She rang me you know, she wants to know if this fear is real, or you are seeing another woman.
LOU: What did you say?
KARL: Another woman.
LOU: What? She'll put a contract our on me.
KARL: Obviously, I am joking, but she believes that if you love her enough, then you will get over the fear.
LOU: What if I can't?
KARL: Kaputski
LOU: Oh no this can't happen, there must be some way.... I know hypnotise me (as he lies back and tries to put his feet up on Karl's knees) I'm getting sleeeepy
KARL: And I'm getting annoyed (as he throws Lou's feet back on the ground.
LOU: Oh Karl come on help me out here.
KARL: Oh Lou come on just get on a plane, face this fear you've got to get through it.
Karl leaves, looking rather annoyed with Lou, and Lou is for the first time starting to look very ill.
Casa Kennedy
Susan has come down for lunch, and is going through the mail. Toadie is getting ready to leave for court, just as we hear the not so sweet sound of Springsteen breaking the peace and quiet.
TOADIE: Get those murderous thoughts out of your head.
SUSAN: Eurghhh coming home for lunch, used to be such a relaxing thing to do.
Susan forgets her annoyance, by doing a very bad job of feigning surprise at finding something in the mail for Toadie. She tells him someone wants to be his Valentine.
Susan again does a very bad job of acting surprised when Toadie tells her it's from Libby. Toadie accusingly tells Susan, that someone must have told Libby how down he has been recently. Susan tries to dissuade that notion, but Toadie tells her that he is fine, and he doesn't need anyone's pity, but Susan offers a little bit of mollycoddling instead.
Karl arrives home, and is in the door for approximately 4 seconds before Susan begins to complain about the Rooster, she says that they will have no friends left, due to the amount of noise it makes. Karl tells her that he feels under appreciated, after all the effort he has put into the housework, and the fact that he has not been given a Valentine's day gift, after all the thought he put into Susan's.
Susan tells him that she has something special planned for later, a romantic dinner, soft music and
candlelight. Susan's promise earns her some Karl lovin' and things get smoochy.
Toadie gets ready to leave, and tells Susan and Karl that they have not to stop on his account, he may even pick up some pointers for tonight. There is a girl down from Sydney who apparently can't wait to see him, so he has a hot date lined up.
Toadie excitedly announces that 'The Toad is in for a good night tonight' and goes off to work.
KARL: Poor guy.
SUSAN: It's so sad that he has to lie to cover up how lonely he is.
KARL: No doubt he will make some excuse later, some reason why she couldn't keep the date.
SUSAN:I think we should take a rain check on our dinner.
KARL: Yeah, it's probably not the best thing for him, is it?
SUSAN: We should just hang out with him, get some pizza, some beer, watch some sporting thing on the telly...
With that Susan decides to empty the contents of the trash can around the house, telling Karl that it's far too tidy, and Toadie can't feel at home there. (obviously they were regular visitors to Number 30 in the House of Trouser guise) Karl looks none too impressed and has to duck when Susan flings a plastic bottle across the room. Looks like his efforts with the housework have been for nothing.
The Only Classroom in Erinsborough- with not that many students in either
PEPPER: Lolly, how many times do I have to ask you to join your group?
LOLLY: Seven or Eight
PEPPER: Just do it please, and if I see that mobile again, I'm going to confiscate it.
As Pepper attempts to get the class to work, Lolly decides that she wants to go to the toilet, She has already been three times today, so Pepper is reluctant to let her go, but Lolly announces to the rest of the class that she has a weak bladder, and tells Pepper that she has to go. Pepper tells her to make it quick, as they can't finish the experiment without her. An already stressed out Pepper, does not look too keen to see Paul. He has popped down to see how the blogzine response is going.
Pepper is not keen to let him stay, as they are in the middle of a class, but she is helpfully reminded by Rachel that they do have to wait for Lolly to get back, so Pepper reluctantly agrees to let him stay until the student gets back.
Number 24
Lou is writing to Mishka, but gets as far as 'Dearest Darling Mishka' before he crumples up the paper and throws it across the room.
Lolly arrives home early, to Lou's surprise, but Lolly informs him that Pepper let them go home early because she wasn't coping very well. Without hesitating for a second at listening to Lolly's unconvincing story, declares that Pepper should be replaced.
Lolly finds the note and asks what it is. Lou tells her that he is breaking up with Mishka, because he is a 'stupid weak-kneed coward, who is afraid to fly' he thinks he should set her free to find someone else. Lolly tells him that not the answer, and sets about rearranging the stools at the breakfast bar, telling Lou that his flight to Moscow is about to depart.
Lou looks on suspiciously.
The Only Classroom in Erinsborough
Paul is learning about BUNS- Borough Uncut News Service. He likes it, it's very catchy and asks who thought of it. Ringo tells him that he did, and Paul tells him that he will go far with such clever marketing ploys.
Pepper decides that they have a class to finish, and encourages Paul to leave.
PAUL: I hope you kids realise what a good teacher you have in Miss Steiger, you could learn from her qualities. She's keen, she's persistent and really knows how to go after what she wants. Bit of a coincidence that her last name rhymes with tiger isn't it. Grrrrowl. (with matching hand actions)
With that Paul leaves as Zeke and Ringo have a good chuckle, and Pepper looks both embarrassed and furious.
Casa Kennedy
Paul McKenna, oh sorry I mean Karl, is hypnotising Springsteen, with what looks like the necklace he gave to Susan for Valentines day.
KARL: You are a silent rooster, mute. You will not crow. You will not crow.
For the first time ever Springsteen doesn't crow, Karl is delighted at his hypnotic expertise, and decides to reward Springsteen with some chicken food. Springsteen is so excited at the prospect of a reward he vocalises his delight. Karl is very angry with Springsteen, and threatens him with a frozen chicken. Forcing the poor bird to stare at his frozen relation.
Susan gets home to find Paul McKenna, sorry I mean Karl at work, and tells him that the house is still too tidy for their 'House of pants night', and tries to mess the place up a bit.
What is perhaps one of the funniest scenes for ages ensues as Susan tries to encourage Karl to sit about in his boxer shorts.
KARL: It's House of Trouser
SUSAN: What?
KARL: It's house of trouser, I don't want to mess the house up, after all the work I did to clean it up.
SUSAN: Well just get some dirty plates, and put them around the place.
KARL: No Susan, No NO NO
SUSAN: Just get your trousers off..
KARL: Well OK if you like.
SUSAN: No not for me you fool, for Toadie
KARL: Susan
SUSAN: Well the boys at number thirty like to relax by sitting around in their boxer shorts, I want Toadie to feel at home.
KARL: I don't want to feel stupid.
SUSAN: This from a man who just threatened a rooster with a frozen chook? Oh come on get your pants off.
KARL: Not in front of Springsteen he might fret.
SUSAN: Oh don't be ridiculous TAKE YOUR TROUSERS OFF Karl
A very shocked Toadie walks in
SUSAN: Toadie...
KARL: Hi mate, We're just preparing for a House Of Trouser Night
SUSAN: Yeah, why don't you join us.
TOADIE: Oh thanks, but I have my hot date tonight, remember.
SUSAN: Oh yes, but if for any reason that doesn't happen, you're very welcome to join us, we're gong to have pizza for dinner.
KARL: Mmmmm pizza
SUSAN: Yeeeeah
TOADIE: It'll happen, trust me....
In the hall of Number 28- Out of Earshot.
TOADIE: Thank god.
Number 24- aka Bonzair Jet
Lolly and Lou are doing some role play. At first Lou doesn't look like he is getting into it, but Lolly talks him round, and Lou realises that he maybe is not as frightened of flyng as he first thought. Lou looks very impressed with Lolly, and is probably about to reward her when there is a knock at the door. It's Pepper
PEPPER: Hi Lou, although I should probably call you Mr Carpenter in these circumstances.
LOU: What circumstances.
PEPPER: It's about Lolly.
LOU: My brillant daughter? What's the problem?
PEPPER: Well apart from her attitude in general, she walked out of class today and didn't come back.
LOU: Well you dismissed her early.
PEPPER: No I didn't, and she knows it. All due respect, she needs discipline, and this starts at home.
LOU: Don't tell me how to raise my own daughter.
PEPPER: I am sick and tired of her attitude, and if it doesn't improve, I am going to have to suspend her.
LOU: I'll look into it.
Pepper leaves, and Lou turns to Lolly, who has put on her best sad face, poor Lolly look again.
LOLLY: What a dragon..... Are you going to discipline me
LOU: No of course I'm not, but I am confused.
LOLLY: You're on her side, she is a hopeless teacher who blames her students, and you're blaming me.
Lolly storms off to her room as usual, Lou looks more confused than angry, he looks as if he is still having trouble believing anything but good about his wonder child.
The House Of Robinson
For the second time that day, Pepper decides to visit a neighbour at their home to give them a piece of her mind. This time she is here to see Paul, she is annoyed at him visiting her at the school, undermining her in front of the students.
He tells her that he really hopes that the students couldn't see the lustful look in her eyes, his arrogance is obviously getting to Pepper who continues to give him what for.
He takes none of it, getting some Champagne and two glasses from the fridge.
PEPPER: You know that Rosie and Frazer are an item, and you can't stand seeing them together, you can't stand to be alone on Valentines day.
PAUL: I don't ever have to be alone, because there is a certain school teacher who will come running.
PEPPER: Don't flatter yourself, that was a mistake and it won't happen again.
PAUL: (waving the champagne n Pepper's face) Oh really? Why are you here again?? Hmmm... If you want some bring the glasses.
PEPPER: You arrogant egomaniac, I would rather eat glass than have anything to do you again.
PAUL: Blah blah blah, C'mon
PEPPER: You do nothing for me, NOTHING.
Pepper looks affronted and turns to leave, but before she gets to the door, she changes her mind, and turns and runs straight up the stairs....
Number 26
Bree, Zeke, Rachel and Ringo are back from school, Ringo is saying that he doesn't think that Paul is not that bad, the others dispute this, but he tells them that 'Miss Steiger doesn't seem to mind him' Rachel and Ringo are embroiled in a bitter argument, I sense some tension here, sexual or otherwise.
Bree and Zeke seem to sense it too, and disappear (presumably to the general store) for a milkshake.
In the kitchen Ringo and Rachel continue to snap at each other. Ringo thinks that Rachel thinks that she is superior to the rest of them, and Rachel thinks that Ringo is immature.
Ringo tells her that having an older boyfriend doesn't make her mature, and he will dump her when he finds out she is just a kid. This seems to hit a nerve, and Rachel orders Ringo out of the house, since when did Rachel say who could come in to Number 26? Ringo seems apologetic, but Rachel is having none of it.
Number 28- The All New House of Trouser
Karl and Susan are sitting on the sofa, in their best slob outfits, seems that Suse manages to wrestle the trousers from Karl (I'll leave all you Kusan fans to process that in your minds. ) whilst Susan has somehow acquired a lumberjack shirt and footy scarf.
Karl is trying to teach Susan how to belch, he tells her that the full body belch was a main stay at the House Of Trouser, so they have to learn it.
It seems that as Susan has borrowed the lumberjack shirt, Toadie has to opt for something a lot smarter, and looks pretty dapper. Unfortunately his date is running late, get this- she is picking him up.
Susan and Karl ask him to join them instead, they are getting pizza after all. Well what Susan actually says, which probably scares Toadie is:
SUSAN: Oh well never mind, grab a beer, take your trousers off, whack a footie grand final on.
Having someone who was once almost a step mother to you asking you to take your trousers off has to be pretty scary.
Karl jumps to answer the door, he is hoping that it will be the pizza. Susan asks if he is going to put his trousers on, but Karl is sure that the pizza man has probably delivered pizza to lots of men in their boxer shorts before... but uh oh it's actually Abbie, Toadies date.
As Karl makes a sharp retreat to get his trousers on, and Susan makes excuses for the mess and their appearance. They were obviously not anticipating that she would actually turn up. Abbie seems bemused, and as she and Toadie leave for their date, Toadie tells Karl and Suse not to wait up for them. Looks like the Kinky K's will have to belch alone this evening.
Paul's Love Shack
Back in the kitchen, Paul is telling Pepper that she was amazing, but then rather tactlessly in the same sentence asks how serious things are between Rosie and Frazer. He thinks watching them together is like watching paint dry.
Pepper is not impressed, but Paul tries to appease this by saying that he wants to take her to dinner, and then....
Pepper refuses, she doesn't want anyone else catching on about what's going on between them, and lets slip that Ringo knows. Paul seems interested at the prospect, but Pepper warns him not to ruin Rosie's happiness with Frazer, after all it's not going to make her want Paul any better.
Paul has a look in his eye that suggests, that he may use the information to his advantage. He has rattled Pepper's cage so she storms away in disgust, not that it seems to bother Paul.
The Scarlet Bar
Lou's novel form of punishment seems to be taking the offender out for dinner.
Little Miss Manipulative decides to punish her father, but he assures her that he doesn't believe what Pepper said. Lolly tells him, that the problem is that Pepper is jealous of her popularity, and that is why she has it in for her. Lolly claims that Pepper likes all the attention for herself.
Lou thinks it's unprofessional, and ridiculous, a teacher trying to compete with a student. But don't worry Lou is on your side, the wool could not be pulled any further across his eyes.
Over at the next table, Toadie has really pushed the boat out for Abbie, a meal at the Scarlet Bar, what a lucky girl.
ABBIE: That is one weird couple you live with.
TOADIE: They're not normally like that.
Abbie doesn't seem to believe him somehow, but they continue to flirt, and Abbie showers Toadie with compliments 'well dressed' 'intelligent' 'lawyer' (is lawyer a compliment?) Toadie seems to enjoy the attention, and shouts a cheerful 'hey' to Lou. Abbie rightfully has the impression that Toadie wants everyone to see her with him, he admits that this is in fact the case. Abbie doesn't seem to mind though, and Toadie looks slightly uncomfortable. Will they get to a second date he wonders, and does he in fact want a second date.
The Lumberjacks Cabin - aka Number 28
Rachel has received a mysterious Valentine's card. Zeke thinks its from Stingray, but Rachel observes that it is not his handwriting. Whoever has sent it has wasted their time she muses, as she is not in the game at the moment.
LumberSuse and SlobKarl, and happily belching away on the sofa, with their beer, pizza and Footy. Susan asks Zeke to come and tell her more about Adelaide, but the pair seem to be more than a little disgusted at their step parent's behaviour. Zeke would rather tell them about Adelaide tomorrow. Rachel agrees, it would be better when the aliens have returned their step parents. Karl and Susan are delighted to hear that Rachel has included him in the step ladder. Their is a knock on the door, and Karl looks disappointed at the prospect of putting his trousers on. But Susan tells him not to worry about it.
SUSAN: Don't worry about that, leave your legs out, they're gorgeous.
Lou is there, not for beer, belching and pizza it seems, but to make a complaint about Pepper picking on Lolly. Susan assures Lou, that there are two sides to every story, and Pepper has always been very professional. But Lou begs to differ, and informs Susan that Pepper had been to his house, unannounced and making threats. He asks Susan if that is her idea of professionalism?
Lou feels that Pepper is persecuting Lolly, C'mon Lou take the blinkers off!! A concerned Susan invites him in, to tell her all the details.
Number 22
Paul has invited Ringo over, and quite rightly Ringo is bemused as to why. Paul tells him that he wants to congratulate him about the blogzine again. Ringo tells him that he wants to change BUNS, as a girl he likes really hates it, now I wonder who that girl could be?? Hmmm nope nothing springs to mind right now, I must be wearing the same blinding blinkers as Lou.
Ringo is going to get the web designers to change the name, but Paul tells him it won't be in the school budget, but Ringo is adamant that he will pay for it himself. But Paul, the kind friend and neighbours that he is offers to foot the bill. Ringo doesn't know what the motivation for Paul's offer is, because they are friends of course, Paul tells him. Paul asks Ringo to sit down and tell him a bit about himself. Does he like living with his big brother here, and if they get along?
Pepper storms in.
PEPPER: That is none of your business. Ringo it's your time to do the dishes.
RINGO: But he was going to give me money...
PAUL: He came to me.
PEPPER: I heard your message on the answering machine, Paul leave it alone.
PAUL: No, I care about Rosie, and if there is something there that is going to hurt her, then I want to find out what it is.
Back at the Scarlet Bar
Toadie and Abbie's date is wrapping up, and both agree that they have had a good night, they have both had fun.
Toadie tells her that he will walk home, but before he can leave she asks him if he has forgotten something?
No he hasn't forgotten and he hands her what looks like a cheque, presumably for her services.
TOADIE: Thank you very much, I'll tell your boss you're excellent.
ABBIE: Ta, and if you want to go to dinner again, then just ask for me.
TOADIE: Will do
ABBIE: Night.
TOAIDE: Night.
A sad and dejected looking Toadie, seems to be in a reflective mood. Is paying for an escort really better than sitting around with Karl and Suse in their underwear, and belching. Apparently to Toadie it is.
The Only Classroom in Erinsborough
Pepper attempts to confiscate Lolly's mobile, but with an 'I don't think so Pep' Lolly refuses to hand it over. Pepper's getting more and more infuriated withLolly's actions, and starts to shout at her just on cue for Susan to walk in to have a word with her.
The two go to the corridor to have a word. Pepper tells Susan that Lolly is driving her up the wall, but Susan's advice is to not let people see that Lolly is getting to her. She tells Pepper that Lou has made an informal complaint, but Pepper is refusing to be submissive, and wants to get to the root of whatLolly's problem is.
When she returns to the classroom as the bell rings, she aks Lolly to stay behind. She first tries to offer an apology to Lolly for yelling at her before, but she wants to know why Lolly was going out of her way to aggravate her.
Little Miss Manipulative looks at the ground and whilst playing with the collar of her dress, conveniently revealing the large bruises that are on her shoulder blade.
Pepper looks horrified at the sight, and asks Lolly if she hurt herself in P.E. but as Lolly tries to brush it off and asks to be excused, Pepper demands to know who has hurt her.
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Bree Timmins, Louise Carpenter (Lolly), Rachel Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5149
Bree Timmins, Louise Carpenter (Lolly), Rachel Kinski

Rachel Kinski, Bree Timmins in Neighbours Episode 5149
Rachel Kinski, Bree Timmins

Toadie Rebecchi, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5149
Toadie Rebecchi, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Pepper Steiger, Louise Carpenter (Lolly) in Neighbours Episode 5149
Pepper Steiger, Louise Carpenter (Lolly)

Pepper Steiger in Neighbours Episode 5149
Pepper Steiger

Karl Kennedy, Springsteen in Neighbours Episode 5149
Karl Kennedy, Springsteen

Pepper Steiger in Neighbours Episode 5149
Pepper Steiger

Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5149
Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 5149
Toadie Rebecchi

Abby Stafford, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 5149
Abby Stafford, Toadie Rebecchi

Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5149
Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Susan Kennedy, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 5149
Susan Kennedy, Lou Carpenter

Paul Robinson, Ringo Brown, Pepper Steiger in Neighbours Episode 5149
Paul Robinson, Ringo Brown, Pepper Steiger

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5149
Susan Kennedy

Louise Carpenter (Lolly) in Neighbours Episode 5149
Louise Carpenter (Lolly)

Pepper Steiger in Neighbours Episode 5149
Pepper Steiger

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