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Neighbours Episode 5145 from 2007 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5145: G Whizz
Australian airdate: 09/02/07
UK airdate:
Writer: Chris Hollow
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Lolly Allen: Adelaide Kane
Ringo Brown: Sam Clark
Jim Farrow: Richard Cotzabuyucas
Andrew G: Himself
- "Bail Me Out" by Pete Murray
Summary/Images by: Miriam/Izzy-da-vixen
Lolly thanking Bree for covering for her
Lolly suggests to Bree that Stingray and Rachel's relationship isn't right
Lolly admits to her father that she took the cigarettes into school
Aaaaaaah...I think it's time for a new version of the theme tune. Sung by a guy this time.
Number 28
Everyone's wearing pink except Susan. Susan thanks Lolly for admitting the truth about the cigarettes, and tells her that she shall have to take on Bree's punishment - a one day suspension, during which she must write a thousand word essay on the dangers of smoking. Pepper agrees, and Lou takes Louise home.
Bree, Rach and Stingray turn up, and Susan tells Bree that Louise had admitted the truth. Susan reminds Breezer (who's wearing skull clips in her hair) that she shouldn't be covering for other people. VagrantKarl™ decides this is a good point at which to add his two cents and starts to tell a story about him pulling a similar stunt at school. Bree looks bored.
Cut to Stingray, who wants to know what's going on. Rachel relates the story of the cigarettes, and Scott's face says that he could not be less interested in the perils of teenage angst. Bree joins them.
BREE: Karl seriously needs to get a job. I'll take a suspension over a Karl lecture any day.
Rach and Bree want to watch TV, and Scott's disappointed - he wanted her to watch TV alone, with him. She reminds him she needs to work on the blogzine, and again, his face says that surely something that puerile can't be that important.
Number 24 where Lou will have to Pull Some Strings
Dylan cannot believe that Sky is refusing an invite to go and see The Drats. I'm assuming they're a punk band of some sort. Sky says she has Kerry to take care of - she can't go and Dylan should take Elle. Harry offers to look after Kerry if Sky wants to go, on the condition that he gets some KerryTime next week at the park. Sky agrees.
Cut to the kitchen area and Lolly comes out her room. Lou is reading the paper and Louise sees that Andrew G from Australian Idol is doing a supper thing, inviting people from food establishments from around Melbourne. She strongly hints how much she'd love to go, so Lou pretends that he's had an invite and says he'll take Lolly. She's thrilled and runs to her room.
Harold can't believe that Lou lied to Lolly - how is he going to pull this one off??
Number 30 where I Hope I Got The Name Right
Ringo is hammering nails into something when Pepper sees the same Andrew G article, thrilled. She's desperate to see him, but she has to work tomorrow - Ringo tells her to take the day off.
Rachel comes to the door and Ringo gets all flustered, dropping his hammer. Rachel came to see him to complain about the name of the blogzine - BUNS. Because the school won't pay to change the name.
RINGO: Far out. It's just a blogzine. It's not like anyone's going to read it.
RACH: Right. Well at least I know how you really feel.
Rachel strops out.
PEPPER: Not your best work.
RINGO: She just makes me all...
PEPPER: Hot and bothered?
RINGO: No! Well, yeah. Kind of.
Number 26 where there's something Not Right
Dylan and Sky are heading out and Stingray asks to join them, as he and Rachel aren't spending the evening together. Sky hopes everything's okay between them. Just then, Rach bursts through the door - she's changed her mind, she'd like to spend time with Scott instead. He tells her he's now going to see The Drats and she can't come because you have to be eighteen to go. So Scott changes his mind - he'll stay at home with Rachel.
Number 30 where neighbours are Borrowing Sugar
Pepper is lecturing Ringo on how to chat up a girl and make her interested. No teasing. No lying. No sleazy jokes. Look for common interests. Just be yourself.
Pepper wishes Frazer was that good at taking advice. She comments that Frazer still hasn't told Rosie the truth, and that's wrong.
RINGO: Just like you with the Paul Robinson thing, huh.
Sprung! Ringo saw her coming out Paul's house.
PEPPER: I needed sugar.
RINGO: I bet you did.
Ringo points out that if he's managed to work it out, it won't be long before Rosie does, too.
Number 26 where we find a Eighties Underscore on the Television
Rachel is still complaining about the blogzine but Stingray so isn't interested, so he makes lots of jokes about the word 'buns' until Rachel laughs. He kisses her.
TV: (Aussie woman with bad American accent) That's what you're like! You cheated me! You take it with both hands but you take it alone!
It all gets bit romantic and Rachel pulls away from an anticipated kiss and settles for a cuddle.
RACHEL: This is nice.
Scott clearly doesn't think so. Well, it didn't take too long for sex to get in the way, did it?
The Kennedy House where there are bad Beatles Quotes
Susie and Bree are tidying up from dinner. Karl comes out the bedroom with pillows and a quilt, settling in for a night of Beatles films. Susan reminds him he said that he'd do the dishes; he comments that he'll do them later. Susan wants them done now because she has to get up early in the morning.
KARL: I'll do them after the films! This is the beauty of not working nine to five - you can stay up as late as you like!
Exasperated, Susan starts the dishes.
KARL: Susan, come on. I will do it.
SUSAN: No, no. Just don't worry about it. Okay? (To Bree) Sometimes it's just easier to let it be.
Pepper's at the door, coughing and spluttering - she thinks she's coming down with the 'flu. Susan suggests she take the day off tomorrow to get herself right. Karl goes to get his thermometer but by the time he's returned Pepper has left.
KARL: She's up to something.
SUSAN: I'm very happy to discuss it over the dishes.
Karl goes to the sofa, and Susan to the kitchen, where Bree is looking thoughtful.
BREE: You're approaching this all the wrong way. You need to appeal to his sense of pride. Give him a list of chores and make it very clear you don't think he's capable of doing them.
SUSAN: Ah. Go for his ego. So either the chores get done...or I have the pleasure of seeing him look like an idiot.
BREE: It's a win win!
SUSAN: You're a genius. Game on!
Susan holds out her hand for Bree to grab in a 'Game On!' way, but Bree continues with a whole set of hand clappy movements which Susan doesn't get, so just stands there with her hand out, looking confused!
I have to say, I'm surprised Susan didn't think of the ego thing. After being married to him for thirty years, you think she'd know how to be more wily in pressing his buttons.
Number 26 where the Television says it all
TV: Leo, I can't do it no more! What are you saying? I guess I'm telling you you're on your own from here. But you're the reason I've done this!
Scott starts to kiss Rachel again. She goes with it for a while, then pushes him away. He apologises and she apologises. Rachel admits that 'they' feel different now, and Scott agrees - they've changed heaps. They tell each other that they love each other, but they know that it feels weird now.
SCOTT: Maybe this is as far as we're supposed to go. You know what I mean?
RACH: Yeah. We can still be friends, though, right?
SCOTT: We can try. I'd like to.
RACH: Me too. So, er, this is it.
SCOTT: I guess.
RACH: It's strange. I thought I'd be sadder.
SCOTT: Yeah, me too.
Nice long camera shot of the two of them sitting alone on the sofa.
TV: You remember, now, I did love you, and I probably always will. Bye, Leo.
The Scarlet Bar where...
...Dylan and Sky return from seeing The Drats and they had a great time. Dyl comments that Sky has been on about Scotty all night, but Sky denies it. Dylan wants to know if she's got feelings for him - he doesn't mind and he's not angry or jealous...he just thinks she can do better. Better than someone who doesn't date kids.
Somewhere With Food
Harry, Lou and Lolly arrive to see Andrew G. Lou tries to talk round the doorman, but The General Store isn't on the Guest List. The doorman's having none of it, so Lou and Harry run round the building to find a way in.
Lolly sees Pepper and says she's been invited to lunch. Pepper admits that she has a huge crush and wants to meet Andrew G.
Cut to Lou and Harold walking into the kitchen where they are asked by Andrew G if they are waiters. They say they are, and Andrew - whom Lou and Harold think is the chef - asks if they can dish pig (wash up) instead. They agree, thinking that if they get in with the chef, he might be able to introduce them.
LOU: And you are?
ANDREW G: Anthony.
LOU: I was wondering if you could introduce us to Andrew. We are big big fans, never miss his show.
ANDREW G: I'll bet you don't.
LOU: Does he, er, pop into the kitchen every now and then?
ANDREW G: You know what? He doesn't really rub shoulders with the working class. You know what I mean? Between you and me, I don't think he's really a vegan.
Lou and Andrew's banter is raising smiles from girls at the end of the table who are also making up dishes, and 'Anthony' tells Lou that if they can get to work, he'll see what he can do about introducing them to Andrew.
LOU: (To Harold) Lolly is going to love me forever.
ANDREW: Come on! Chop chop!
He winks at the girls at the end of the table.
Erinborough High where I Love BreeAndSusan™
Rach is looking in her locker where she has a picture of Scott. She's crying a little. Ringo comes up and starts an inane conversation on whether or not Rachel likes scrapbooking. He sees that she's crying and immediately assumes it's because of the blogzine.
RACH: Despite what you might think, I do have other things going on in my life, okay?
Cut to TheClassroom™ where Bree asks Susie if Karl took the bait.
SUSAN: Hook, line and sinker.
BREE: Do you think the chores are done, though?
SUSAN: Not a chance.
She calls Karl's mobile from hers.
The Community Garden / TheClassroom™
Dylan and Karl are drinking homemade beers, and laying back in the sun. Karl's mobile rings.
KARL: Ooops - it's Susan. (To Dylan) I am doing chores.
DYLAN: Chores, yeah. Right.
KARL: Hallo, darling.
He gets his list out and tells his wife all the chores that he's done, and adds that he can't believe she has no faith in him. Susan comments that she looks forwarding to inspecting his handiwork - and reminds him that he has four hours til she gets home. She puts the phone down.
Karl tells Dylan about Susan being on at him regarding chores. He says he has plenty of time - the chores will only take an hour, anyway.
Somewhere With Food
Lou and Harry have finished and Harry comes clean with 'Anthony' - they're not fans. They're doing it for Lou's daughter.
ANDREW: Why didn't you say so, mate? What's her name?
LOU: Lolly.
ANDREW: Lolly? You called her Lolly? That's just cruel.
Andrew starts to tell them who he is when Pepper and Louise come flying into the kitchen, thrilled to see him.
PEPPER: Oh my God, can I just say, you are the perfect guy, ever. I mean, you're so cool, well-dressed and funky, and you hair, I mean, your hair is the most amazing hair I've ever seen in the whole world - is there anything you can't do? I mean, I know you're supposed to have a girlfriend and everything, and she's a model, and I mean I would never, ever...but, oh God. Oh God, I'm not usually like this, I'm sorry. I just...
LOU: You're Andrew G?
Andrew asks Lolly and Pepper to have lunch with him and goes to leave. Pepper throws her arms around him.
PEPPER: Oh, I just...! Oh! Sorry. Too much? Yeah? Okay.
She was *hilarious* in that scene!!
The Kennedy House where we have the Return Of NinjaSuse™
Dylan and Karl are trying to finish the chores, but Karl realises there's no time to iron - so tells Dyl to put the ironing under the sink and he'll do it when Susan goes to bed. Dylan is about to start the dishes when Karl hears Susan coming in. He tells Dylan to hide.
DYLAN: Why? Why, why?
KARL: She doesn't need to know I had help not doing the chores.
And in a rather unscripted manner, Dylan flies under the kitchen bench, and the dishcloth he's holding flies into the air before landing on the floor. Susan comes in with Bree and Rach.
KARL: I'm pretty much finished...
BREE: It looks like a bomb hit this place.
SUSIE: Now, now, be fair. It was a very big ask for Karl.
KARL: You have to understand, I've got the veggie patch to attend to as well - it's a question of priorities.
SUSIE: Yes, of course it is, darling, I completely understand. I think you've done a very, very good job. In fact, what about a celebratory afternoon tea? Any suggestions?? My shout.
KARL: Well - what about that flash new bakery down at Eden Hills?
SUSIE: Ooh, expensive taste. What do you reckon, girls?
RACH: Great!
BREE: Yeah!
SUSIE: Oh well, fancy shmancy Eden Hills it is, then!
KARL: Wonderful!
SUSIE: No, no, no, no, no. You're not invited.
KARL: What?
SUSIE: Well, obviously you have chores to finish.
Bree and Rach escape, and Karl resigns himself. Susan is about to walk out the door.
SUSAN: (drily) Oh, and Dylan? Don't help him and no more beer.
Dylan pops up from behind the kitchen bar.
DYL: Scotty and Rach were right. That woman's a Ninja.
Number 24 where it's so not Just Mates
Scott is telling Sky about his split with Rachel. They sit together on the sofa. He says that they're both happy with the decision, but they're upset about it. Sky suggests he's free to move on. Scott looks at her.
SCOTT: It's not just me, is it? There's seriously something here.
SKY: Yep.
SCOTT: So...
SKY: So...what do we do? You're my best friend, we have so much fun together. But do you think we'd work as partners?
SCOTT: Can you imagine what everyone would say?
SKY: I know.
SCOTT: And there's Kerry.
SKY: Right.
SCOTT: She's your priority.
SKY: She is.
SCOTT: Just mates, then.
SKY: Just mates.
They look at each other.
SKY: Or not.
Scott leans in and kisses her. She kisses him back.
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Louise Carpenter (Lolly), Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 5145
Louise Carpenter (Lolly), Lou Carpenter

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5145
Susan Kennedy

Rachel Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5145
Rachel Kinski

Andrew G in Neighbours Episode 5145
Andrew G

Ringo Brown, Pepper Steiger in Neighbours Episode 5145
Ringo Brown, Pepper Steiger

Stingray Timmins, Rachel Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5145
Stingray Timmins, Rachel Kinski

Pepper Steiger in Neighbours Episode 5145
Pepper Steiger

Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 5145
Sky Mangel

Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 5145
Sky Mangel

Dylan Timmins in Neighbours Episode 5145
Dylan Timmins

Pepper Steiger, Louise Carpenter (Lolly) in Neighbours Episode 5145
Pepper Steiger, Louise Carpenter (Lolly)

Harold Bishop, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 5145
Harold Bishop, Lou Carpenter

Ringo Brown, Rachel Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5145
Ringo Brown, Rachel Kinski

Andrew G in Neighbours Episode 5145
Andrew G

Andrew G in Neighbours Episode 5145
Andrew G

Andrew G, Louise Carpenter (Lolly), Pepper Steiger, Harold Bishop, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 5145
Andrew G, Louise Carpenter (Lolly), Pepper Steiger, Harold Bishop, Lou Carpenter

Sky Mangel, Stingray Timmins in Neighbours Episode 5145
Sky Mangel, Stingray Timmins

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