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Neighbours Episode 5133 from 2007 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5133: Swindler's List
Australian airdate: 24/01/07
UK airdate:
Writer: Martin McKenna
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Sen. Sgt. Allan Steiger - Joe Clements
Ringo Brown - Sam Clark
- "Genius Of Love" by Louise Perryman And The Paisley Couch Project
- "Quiet Clear Pool" by Skinful
Summary/Images by: Elizabeth/Izzy-da-vixen
Harold gets touchy when Dylan takes Kerry to look after.
Janelle and Steiger bond over what can only be described as an obsessive love for the Sherbets.
Paul tells Pepper that he's playing by his own rules to win Rosie's heart.
It pains me to have to summarise this scene, but summarise it I am about to do. Steiger and Janelle have just finished watching Dirty Harry, which Janelle thinks is still the one. Steiger thinks Magnet Force is as good and the last three of the series are on next week, so they can do 'this' again. He gets up to leave but Janelle suggests he kicks off his shoes and stays awhile. Steiger makes the lame excuse of an early start but Janelle says she's barely spoken to him and asks why he wants to go home to an empty house. Steiger's reluctant because of the kids but Janelle tells him not to worry.
STEIGER: Don't you think it's a little bit too soon for sleep overs?
JANELLE: Who's talking about sleep?
Then she basically climbs on top of him and quotes Dirty Harry: 'Do you feel lucky, punk?'
Ramsay Street
Pepper's in PE teacher/sergeant major/Steiger mode and blowing a whistle for Frazer to join her and Paul in the middle of Ramsay Street. Rosie comes out of the house just as this is going on. Pepper gives an assessment of each of their dates.
PEPPER (to Paul): You first. First date. Complete disaster. You took your eye off the ball in the last quarter and got creamed.
PAUL: I wouldn't say creamed exactly.
PEPPER: You showed determination and discipline every step. Then bam! One wrong move and you got red carded.
PAUL: Well I did better than this bozo, didn't I?
PEPPER (to Frazer): Frazer's run was completely different altogether. He was behind the whole way. Greater men than him would have chucked in the towel.
PAUL: Yeah, tea towel in his case.
PEPPER: But Frazer here dug deep. He found that extra ten per cent and never said die. (To Paul) You'll need to lift your game if you want to stay in the competition.
FRAZER: Up to my level.
PEPPER: Ah, don't get cocky. Remember, one wrong move...
FRAZER: And red card, yep.
Pepper makes them pick straws, saying the longest gets to go first. After some time spent bickering about who's going to pick first, including Frazer's observation that he thinks it's a bit tacky, Paul picks first and gets the shortest. Frazer wants to go last, and thinks he gets to pick because he got the longest straw. After some more bickering, Pepper referees and says that she had said longest went first. Meanwhile, they're being watched from the hedges by a thus far mysterious figure. Pepper, who's starting to become really obvious in her thing for Paul speaks to him as Frazer walks back into the house. She tells him that his strategy is all wrong - Rosie is bored with the whole Paul Robinson thing. Paul tells her that he doesn't have any more... things. Pepper suggests he show Rosie a side that nobody else sees. Paul suggests honesty. Pepper says perfect; Rosie's a sucker for that kind of thing.
As Frazer puts the wheelie bin out, we see that the mysterious figure watching is an acne ridden teenager.
It's the morning after and Janelle is lovingly ironing Steiger's shirt. Dylan and Bree appear from their bedrooms and Janelle gets a bit jumpy, commenting that they're up early and telling them that their breakfast is ready before running to block them from going into the kitchen. It's too late, they walk straight into the kitchen, Janelle walking backwards, and find Steiger there wearing a monstrous blue dressing gown. I cannot describe in words the look of shock on Bree and Dylan's faces, but they are agog. Steiger's trying to be calm and casual by saying 'morning' and offering tea and coffee. The kids can't bring themselves to say anything so Steiger offers to put eggs on for them. Janelle tries to explain before they 'chuck a wobbly' that she and Steiger have been spending a bit of time together and it's been going well. Still looks of shock from Bree and Dylan. Steiger puts his arm around Janelle and explains that he's 'very fond of Timmins'. Janelle adds that she's 'very fond of Steiger'. Still looks of shock from Bree and Dylan. Steiger knows they might have their doubts - Pepper certainly does - but he and Janelle are having a great time together. He continues to say that nobody's talking about taking Kim's place, they're just taking it slowly and seeing how things pan out. Still looks of shock from Bree and Dylan. Janelle smiles and tells Steiger that she told them she'd understand. Steiger says he's glad that they could have a chat about it. He's got to hit the shower, he's got a big day ahead. Still looks of shock from Bree and Dylan. Steiger makes this fatal mistake: 'Oh, and kids. It's Allan from now on. OK?' All this whilst wearing a horrid blue dressing gown. Oh no, oh no, oh no. All I can do is shake my head in embarrassed dismay. Janelle remembers the iron, but it's ok. Steiger says he'll be quick and Janelle suggests she join him. It's this sole statement that prompts a reaction from Bree and Dylan, and it's a role of the eyes combined with a small look of disgust.
Number 30
Rosie is making a list of Frazer and Paul's pros and cons. Pepper asks what she's doing and Rosie explains that she's taking the emotion out of making her decision. Pepper reads them - Frazer's include spending too long on his hair, skipping breakfast and being serious. Rosie insists they're genuinely annoying but Pepper thinks that nobody is ever going to stack up if she's that fussy. Rosie thinks it's the only she's going to be able to make a decision. Pepper tells her it's normal to be scared but Rosie says she's not scared. Pepper thinks to the contrary, she's worried about the unfamiliar physical aspect of it. Rosie shows that this may well be the case, and asks what if it's awful. Pepper tells her that if it's with the right person, it won't be. I withhold my personal opinion on this one. Pepper goes on to tell her that Frazer was gentle, kind and giving and he didn't even love Pepper. Paul, however, is an unknown quantity. Rosie asks if she's treading on any toes with Paul (I'll give her one thing, she's astute that Rosie). Pepper denies it. Rosie tells her to wipe the drool of her chin and Pepper jumps on the defensive - it's not about her it's about Rosie.
Pepper has taken Rosie's cons list for Paul over to show him. Paul asks if she's made her decision. Pepper says yeah, because she didn't write one for Frazer. Paul is apparently indulgent, bratty, only has one leg, is manipulative. Paul wants to make sure she didn't do one for Frazer. Pepper insists she didn't and thinks this means that Paul will pull out. Paul says not a chance, this list has given him new hope because it shows he's gotten under her skin and that she's put a lot of thought into him. He tells Pepper to excuse him - he has a date to plan. He thanks her being a trusted ally.
Ramsay Street
Steiger's telling Janelle about how briefings and things can go on for hours. Janelle asks if he's avoiding her already but Steiger explains that it's a police officer's hours - 'Join the force, get a divorce' is the saying apparently. They see Pepper coming out of Paul's house. Steiger wants to know what business she has with Robinson. Janelle tells her to be careful because he's nothing but trouble. Steiger explains that Paul has featured in dozens of investigations. Pepper asks if they've ever charged him with anything, unlike Janelle and her family who are petty criminals. Steiger says that the Timmins family may have cut a few corners over the years but they've learnt their lesson, unlike Paul. Pepper tells Steiger that given he'd told her to stop chasing perfect men, she thinks Paul is just her type and if Steiger is allowed to see Janelle she's allowed to see whoever she wants. Steiger tells her she's out of line but Pepper just walks away. Janelle says it's good to see that his kids don't listen to him either, just like hers don't listen to her.
Number 30
Zeke's cleaning or something. Anyway, he comes across Rosie's list and starts to read it just as Frazer comes in and asks if he's doing a bit of light snooping. Zeke claims it's Pepper's poetry. Frazer wants to have a look but Zeke tries to keep it back. Eventually, Frazer just grabs it out of his hand and starts reading his own con list - he dresses conservatively and is superficial. Zeke has the pro list - he's funny and he's got good hair. Frazer asks if he's got Paul's list of faults too. Zeke explains that he couldn't find one. Frazer continues to read his con list - he wears v neck jumpers and is a noisy eater. Paul's pros are, apparently, rich, charming, powerful, perfectly groomed. Zeke spots the acne kid looking in through the window just as Frazer reads another of his cons - suspiciously large feet! Zeke asks Frazer to go with him to look for the spying kid but Frazer's too concerned about being eager to please being a fault.
ZEKE: There is someone spying on us!
FRAZER: Why am I even bothering? If this is what Rosie thinks of me then it's a waste of time.
Zeke is telling Harold that he didn't get a good look at the kid who was snooping around and Harold says he'll keep his eye open for him. Zeke says he's going to tell everyone else to do the same. He suddenly spots Willow and exclaims, 'There he is!' Harold wants to know what he means, so Zeke tells him it's Bree's cat. Harold explains that it's Tazzle, a stray that he adopted. Zeke's insistent that it's the cat he gave Bree but Harold tells him that Bree's been there numerous times and there's absolutely no question that he is hers. Zeke accepts this and leaves just as Dylan comes in.
ZEKE: Oh, hey Dylan. Have you seen any weird kids in the street?
DYLAN: Just you dude.
Dylan tells Harold he's there to grab Kerry to take her to see Sky. Harold's reluctant to let Dylan go - apparently she didn't have a very good night last night and she'll be better off at home. Dylan thinks a snooze in the car might be just thing. Anyway, he's got to keep moving so... Harold wants to know how long he thinks he'll be. Dylan doesn't know but does Harold have a few bottles ready? Harold says yes, luckily for Dylan he does and hands Kerry over to him, telling him how to hold her. Dylan spots some school brochures and asks what they are. Harold explains that they're information for some good schools. Dylan recognises that they're the top expensive schools - who are they for? Harold tells him - Kerry of course. Dylan can't believe it, she's only a few months old. Harold explains that if they want to get her into a respectable school her name's got to go on the list now. Dylan points out that there's no waiting list for Erinsborough High. Harold says no, girls perform better at single sex schools and anyway he and Sky have put a lot of thought into this and the time to put Kerry's interests first is now. Dylan says he's got to get going, he's clearly not impressed. Harold's parting words are to tell Dylan that he'll be there regardless of what time they get back from visiting Sky and to tell him to drive carefully. Dylan's not interested.
Janelle's looking through applications from artists to make her bust. She's not impressed with the 'art school freaks' Bree thought Janelle was only choosing a sculptor based on his photo. Janelle replies that this was before Steiger. Choosing by spunk appeal is now officially out - she wants someone who's going to make her look beautiful. Bree remarks that they're going to have to be good, then. Zeke comes in to see Bree and says he thought he'd see how Willow is. Bree tells him she just let Willow out. Zeke tells her that she's supposed to have kept him in for the first couple of weeks. Bree says he must be a fast learner because he's pretty used to the Timmins' place. Zeke says he hopes so and gets really serious - he doesn't know what he'd do if Willow ran away. I have suddenly got this. He was playing dumb at Harold's and he's here with the sole intention of winding Bree up. He's becoming a streetwise kid, this one. He explains that Willow is like their first child: a symbol of their love for each other. Bree gets nervous and runs to see 'if he's outside'. Zeke starts grinning.
A road
Kerry is crying and Dylan can't get her to stop so he pulls over. He gets her a bottle, but that doesn't work. He smells the nappy, that's fine. Kerry is still crying. Dylan gets frustrated. He shuts the door of the car before sighing, huffing and puffing and asking out loud why she won't stop crying. If I were him I'd just leave at the side of the road. He gets back in the car and starts waving a toy bunny in front of her. Then a toy bear. She continues to cry.
Scarlet Bar
Steiger's briefing some other police officers about a repeat offender. Rosie and Pepper come in as Rosie says she wants her stupid date with Frazer to be over with. Paul hears this and starts talking to Rosetta. Pepper stops him, saying he'll get his turn. Janelle comes in and says, 'Hey serg,' across the bar. Steiger tells his officers to give him a minute whilst he 'deals with Mrs Timmins'. Janelle hears this and is annoyed with the way he spoke about her. Steiger explains that he's at work. Janelle points out that he's in a pub and asks if he's ashamed of her. Steiger says he's in uniform. Janelle points out that she ironed it and she's had grief from the Colac girls about dating a copper only for her to spoken about as being dealt with. Steiger apologises and offers to buy her lunch. Janelle tells him she's lost her appetite and goes to the bar.
Paul approaches her and tells her she can't blame him because he's got a reputation to uphold. Janelle asks him what he means. Paul explains that she's a hairdresser and a girl who got pregnant and dropped out. Janelle points out that she's all the co-owner of a hotel and that people change.
PAUL: No, no, no. You is what you is Janelle. People make themselves miserable denying that. (Janelle walks away but Paul stops her.) Alright, alright, I can solve your problems right here, right now. How about I buy out your share of Lassiters. Then you can buy a big caravan and park it wherever you like.
JANELLE: Get lost!
PAUL (holding a cheque up to her face): A million dollars. Do your family a favour.
Harold's asking Bree if this is a result of Zeke spotting him there before. Bree explains that Zeke gave him to her for Christmas but that she hates cats. Harold wants to know why she didn't say so. Bree tells him that she didn't want to hurt Zeke's feelings. Harold's reluctant to hand Tazzle over to someone who doesn't love him. Bree replies that his name is Willow and Harold has to because the cat is like, hers. Harold thinks being honest with Zeke would have been a better course of action.
Dylan comes in with a still crying Kerry, explaining that something is up. Obviously chose to take a different course of action to my first choice, then. Harold takes Kerry, explaining that he had told Dylan she was a little out of sorts. Dylan wonders what Bree is doing there - she tells him she's come to get the cat. Harold tells her he'll consider taking Tazzle over later but that she should remember the cat has made a home there. Bree thanks him, tells him he's a legend and leaves.
Dylan's nonplussed - Kerry usually loves driving. Harold tells him that she's happiest at home amongst familiar surroundings. Especially when she's not at her best and he did tell Dylan that. Dylan knows, but... Harold says no, Kerry is even more out of sorts than she was. Dylan says sorry, he stuffed up, but he's still learning. Harold acquiesces - and he does have more experience. He just wishes that Dylan would listen to what he has to say and take it seriously. Dylan will, he promises.
Number 30
Zeke is scrubbing the oven as Pepper comes through and asks if he wants to go for a swim. He says nothing and doesn't look up. Pepper (who I probably should point out is in her bikini) asks if he's ok and, without looking at her, Zeke says he's fine, why wouldn't he be? Pepper points out that he seems a bit off. Zeke confesses that he might have done something he probably shouldn't have.
PEPPER: Not my knickers again.
Zeke says no, it's not that. He tells her about the cons list for Frazer and how he let Frazer see it. Pepper asks how he took it. Zeke says that Frazer's given up, so Rosie's going to end up with Paul and that's going to be bad. Pepper says no, that's really, really bad and stares into the middle distance. Zeke snaps her out of it and she asks him what he's going to do about it.
PEPPER: Yes, you. This whole fiasco is your fault. Go and find Frazer. Fix it, now!
Janelle is doodling $1,000,000 all over a sheet of paper when Dylan bursts through the door. I'm not entirely sure why she's considering this so seriously - it's only about a tenner. Anyway, she comments that Dylan is back early and Dylan explains that Kerry cracked it so he turned around and took her back to Harold and the minute she saw him, she settled right down. Dylan says that Kerry is closer to Harold than she is to him and he's supposed to be her father. Janelle says that he is and always will be. Dylan thinks it's a taste of things to come because sooner or later Sky's going to meet some other bloke and Dylan will be just a visitor; maybe he should just back out now. There's a knock at the door and Janelle opens it to find Steiger standing in front of her, complete with a bunch of flowers.
STEIGER (solemnly): I'm sorry.
JANELLE: A crumby bunch of flowers and you think I'm going to forget what happened?
STEIGER: Timmins, I've come here to apologise.
JANELLE: Try again tomorrow. We'll see how forgiving I feel then.
Janelle slams the door and just as she breezes past Bree and Dylan she tells them that she's gotta make him earn it.
Lassiters Lake
Frazer's wearing, rather conspicuously, a round neck t-shirt, a pair of shorts and trainers. He's also reading the newspaper. Rosie comes up to him and apologises for being late. Frazer says it's fine, it gave him a chance to catch up on the latest news. Rosie asks where they're going for lunch, or does he have a helicopter landing to take them to some romantic getaway? Frazer says no, no helicopters. Rosie knows he's not into the whole lame picnic in the park thing, so... She sees his picnic basket. Frazer explains that it's just sandwiches and cake - he thought keeping it simple might be nice and he made the sandwiches himself. Rosie over compensates and says it's great - she loves simple. Frazer starts eating but he's a bit cautious. Rosie asks if everything is ok. Frazer says yes, it's fine. He's not eating too noisily for her, is he? Rosie says no. Frazer points out that there's nothing worse than someone chewing in your ear. Rosetta says yes, it can be a bit offputting.
FRAZER: So listen, this situation in the Middle East, huh?
ROSIE: I'm sorry?
FRAZER: Bit of a mess.
ROSIE: Yeah, I mean there's a long history of animosity there.
FRAZER: Yeah...yeah...
Rosie's not quite sure what's going on and asks if everything is ok. Frazer (who I have just noticed has got really long eyelashes) insists that everything is fine, why? Rosie points out that he doesn't seem to be himself. Frazer suggests it's a side of him that she's overlooked. Rosie just looks at him, confused. Zeke approaches them and tells Frazer he's been looking for him everywhere - he needs to talk to him about his assignment for school. Rosie points out that it's the holidays. Zeke makes some excuse about living with the teacher and getting a head start. He has to do an interview about someone he admires. Rosie wants to know why he admires Frazer.
ZEKE: He's intelligent, a man of substance and style.
Rosie wants to know what's going on. Frazer tells Zeke it's ok, he can drop it. Zeke just walks off. Frazer tells Rosie that trying to be something he's not lasted about two minutes. He's sorry, he can't do this. News and politics bore him stupid; he wears suits and does his hair because he likes to look nice; yes he chews loudly but that's just who he is. Frazer says that if she doesn't like it, that's fine by him.
The Park by Lassiters Lake
Zeke spots the acne teen and runs after him, telling him to 'come here'. Rather unexpectedly, Zeke not only catches up with the acne kid but manages to wrestle him quite impressively down to the ground. Harold sees this and tries to stop Zeke from pinning the acne kid down. Zeke thinks the kid was probably trying to rob them or something. Eventually the acne kid manages to push Zeke off and runs off. Harold grabs hold of Zeke's arm and tells him to let him go.
Scarlet Bar
Frazer's at the bar drinking coffee when Rosie comes in and asks Frazer what's going on - first he pulls the whole Jekyll and Hyde thing and then he just storms off. Frazer hands her the list and tells her that he had no idea she was so judgmental. Rosie's been put on the back foot and tells him he was never meant to see the list.
FRAZER: Until today, all I wanted was to be with you but now my eyes are wide open.
Rosie explains that she wasn't trying to hurt him. Frazer tells her that right now she's the last girl in the world he'd waste his time on.
ROSETTA: No, you don't understand, this was meant for me. It's the way I think things through.
Frazer says he doesn't care and walks off. Rosie tries to apologise. Paul has walked into the bar and sees this happen. Frazer explains that the whole competition is just 'wrong' and as he leaves he tells Paul that he can play it if he likes because he's sick of it.
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Allan Steiger, Janelle Timmins in Neighbours Episode 5133
Allan Steiger, Janelle Timmins

Bree Timmins, Dylan Timmins in Neighbours Episode 5133
Bree Timmins, Dylan Timmins

Janelle Timmins, Allan Steiger in Neighbours Episode 5133
Janelle Timmins, Allan Steiger

Pepper Steiger, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5133
Pepper Steiger, Paul Robinson

Pepper Steiger, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5133
Pepper Steiger, Paul Robinson

 in Neighbours Episode 5133

Rosie Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5133
Rosie Cammeniti

Kerry Mangel (baby), Dylan Timmins, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 5133
Kerry Mangel (baby), Dylan Timmins, Harold Bishop

Kerry Mangel (baby) in Neighbours Episode 5133
Kerry Mangel (baby)

Janelle Timmins, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5133
Janelle Timmins, Paul Robinson

Paul Robinson, Janelle Timmins in Neighbours Episode 5133
Paul Robinson, Janelle Timmins

Zeke Kinski, Pepper Steiger in Neighbours Episode 5133
Zeke Kinski, Pepper Steiger

Frazer Yeats, Rosie Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5133
Frazer Yeats, Rosie Cammeniti

Ringo Brown in Neighbours Episode 5133
Ringo Brown

Ringo Brown, Zeke Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5133
Ringo Brown, Zeke Kinski

Frazer Yeats in Neighbours Episode 5133
Frazer Yeats

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5133
Paul Robinson

Rosie Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5133
Rosie Cammeniti

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