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Neighbours Episode 5109 from 2006 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5109: Gardening For Beginners
Australian airdate: 30/11/06
UK airdate:
Writer: Ben Marshall
Director: Aarne Neeme
Guests: Katya Kinski: Dichen Lachman
Guy Sykes: Fletcher Humphries
- "Sleep" by Philip Foxman
- "Twos Company" by Charlton Hill
- "One Word" by Leah Haywood
Summary/Images by: Elin
- Guy talking to Rachel about Katya having a secret hiding place
- Paul and Lyn watching the Timminses as their new fancy stuff arrives
- Sky telling Karl she's reporting him to the medical board
Aaaaah, Neighbours...
The Home of the Kinskis and a Kennedy
SUSAN: Do you realise you could end Karl's career?
SKY: Susan, I'm not here to argue. I just thought you should know what I'm doing.
SUSAN: He's been a doctor for over 20 years, he's a good, honest, hard-working doctor!
Is is just me or is it very funny that Susan would say this despite all of Karl's breaches of the medical code of ethics only in the past year? She's sure got some nice rose-coloured glasses on today. Maybe it's that little thing they call love, I don't know.
Karl says it's OK and gives Sky the name of the person on the medical board that she should talk to. This Carol Lee can help guide Sky through the whole complaint process and Karl points out how it's a lot easier for patients to ger a hearing these days and they won't be made to feel like they're at fault either. Sky leaves and Susan's just shell shocked.
SUSAN: How can you let her do that?
KARL: How can I stop her?
The Allotment™
Guy and Rachel have gone to Harold's allotment since apparently Rachel and Katya go there sometimes to help Harry pull out some weeds and, um, whatever other stuff you do in a garden. This is weird though since I can't remember ever seeing Rachel or Katya at this allotment ever before. Hmm. Guy asks if there's a shed for their tool, but Rachel says they just take along whatever they need when they go there.
Guy: So you don't have a place to keep all that stuff that you put on plants... Like, um, herbicide, whatever?
RACH: You mean pesitcide?
Apparently no, the visits to the allotment is just 'compost, veggies and talk'. Guy says it's like him and 'Kat' back in nursring school and Rachel keeps using 'Kat' to refer to her sister too. It bugs me since this has only just come out of nowhere, but if she's 'Kat' now instead of 'Cartier' then fine, that's how it is.
Rachel tells Guy that Kat 'kinda freaked' when she found out about the two of them spending some time together and Guy says that maybe it's because Kat's still got feelings for him. Guy wants to know where Katya's 'plot' is in the allotment and Rachel sayd they don't really have one, they just help Harold and Lou and do work all over. Guy is not happy to hear that.
The House of Timmins
GangstaStinger™ comes in only to find Dylan sitting in a big sun tanning machine which looks almost like a shower.
STINGER: Mum's spending spree is way out of hand.
DYL: For sure. But until this thing goes back to the shop, I'm scoring myself a tan!
They talk about how aside from the big plasma screens Janelle bought the other day, she's also now bought another one and this one is going in the loo! Stinger reaches for the remote to switch the TV on, but Dyl says he can't. With him in the big sunbed-you-can-sit-up-in they can't have any other techy stuff plugged in or they'll blow the fuse. Stinger says he's still expecting the repo (sp?) man, good ol' Trev, to come and take all this stuff back and asks Dylan to take care of the business side of things before Janelle send them into bankruptcy. Dyl says it'll all calm down soon anyway. Stinger holds up this soft toy of undefinable sort (I think it could be a cow or a pig, but it's hard to tell) and says he'd like Kerry to have it. It's an old toy called Russell that Stinger had when he was little and he'd like his brother to give it to Kerry for him.
DYL: You are such a baby!
STINGER: Better than sucking a bottle!
Stinger says he's been to one of the AA meetings again and Dylan says he'll get there in the end with overcoming his alcohol problems. Oh, and since Dyl's going over to visit his daughter now anyway Stinger can come along too and give Kerry the toy himself.
The House of Bishops, Mangels and Lou-bears
Sky's cooing over Kerry when Lou comes over asking in a posh voice if she wants some tea or coffe. She says herbal tea would be good and they muck about with that until there's a knock on the door and the Timmins brothers come in. Sky's excited about Kerry being given Russell and even knows his name since she recognises him from the old baby photos that Janelle's showed her. Speaking of baby photos, on the shelf behind Sky there's a very nice black and white picture of her and Dylan holding Kerry. Aww. They get ready to help Kerry with her bath and Dylan wants to know what's up with Lou and his fancy speaking. As it turns out it's all part of Lou's plan to get Mishka back, or at least for him to be able to see her.
LOU: The only way we're going to meet is joining (sp?) air travel, I'm going to join an airline.
STINGER: (laughs) Who'd have you?
SKY: He's got an interview with Bonzair.
DYL: You're going to be an air hostess?
LOU: Flight attendant! That's why I'm being nice to you two ratbags!
The Scarlet Bar
Ned's sat at a table with two unknown females and the teens (Rachel, Bree and Zeke) can't help but talk about the fact that Kat's boyfriend isn't so loyal after all. It doesn't matter if those chicks are just after a personal training session with Ned, him talking to them is a sure sign he never really loved their sister. Karl points out that Katya's in recovery now and slowly but surely she is getting better. Zeke picks up on the fact that Susan and Karl are a bit quiet tonight, but they say it's nothing. Knows-it-all Bree informs them that Sky's taking Karl to the medical board and he might get de-registered which has Rachel choking on her drink and Zeke looking at her with an 'OMGWTF' expression. Susan and Karl look like they want to sink through the earth now and Karl sarcastically thanks Bree for letting everyone know what's going on.
BREE: One mistake and bam! You're scramblin in a food bin trying to find a tin can that isn't creamed corn. Why do people always donate creamed corn?
SUSAN: It's not going to come to creamed corn!
Hehe. Karl has to leave for his evening clinic and on the way out he meets Carmella. They talk about how she's going and how she's not as bad as she Elephant Man at least. Once those dressings come off she'll be as good as new, Karl says. Here's to hoping she'll turn out better since she used to be extremely boring!
Susan spots Harold and asks him if Sky's told him about the reporting Karl thing. He says she has, and that Sky's decision has nothing to do with him.
SUSAN: I don't think she understands the repercussions.
HAROLD: Susan, Sky did not create this situation.
SUSAN: He could lose his career!
HAROLD: Which strongly suggests you think he has a case to answer!
SUSAN: Please, *please* talk to Sky.
HAROLD: If you want Sky to change her mind you're speaking to the wrong person. I suggest you accept your lot and learn to live with the consequences like we all have.
The House of Bishops, Mangels and Lou-bears
As the Timmins brothers faff around with Kerry's clothing, Lou has to give them instructions that they can't not understand. Stinger then comments on how it's not that great for an air hostess to be rude like that and Lou reminds him that he's going to be a flight attendant, nothing else. Harold returns from his Salvo round down at the bar and asks to speak to Sky in private. He tells her about Susan talking to him and her attempt to try and influence Sky's decision through Harold. Sky notices how what Susan said still got to Harold and he says it's because Suse looked so scared.
They go over to the others who are still squabbling since Lou calls Stinger and Dylan stooges.
STINGER: Better be a stooge than an old mangy air hostess!
LOU: Flight attendant if you don't mind! And I'm not old, I'm mature!
HAROLD: Lou, are you sure that this Bonzair is going to hire someone of your...maturity?
LOU: Well, I can pass for a man in his 40s!
STINGER: (laughing) Yeah, 140!
LOU: Well, mid to late 40s...
The others laugh.
LOU: Very late 40s?
The Scarlet Bar
Ned's just saying bye-bye to his little ladies and walks over to talk to Carmella while Rachel and Bree are watching them from a distance. Carmella says she's heard about what happened with Katya and just wants to let him know that she's sorry to hear that. Bree concludes that Ned is now about to crack onto Carmella. Ned explains how he's just signed up another client to work with and Carmella asks if he's got time to do some sessions with her too. He says sure but wants to know why she'd choose him considering the history between them. Carmella says she'd like to work with someone she knows and is comfortable with and who isn't going to be looking at the bandages on her face all the time.
The Surgery™
Karl's on the phone to another patient that wants to leave him behind for another doctor and says he'll get the files transferred the next day. He gets the file ouf of the cabinet and finds these drawings he's been given from kids who are his patients which say 'Super Doc! Thanks Dr Karl from Maddy' and 'Love Bubette'. He looks at his diplomas on the wall and takes one down to have a closer look at it. We then find out that Karl received his 'Certificate of Registration as a Medical Practitioner' from Wrexham University, Melbourne, Australia and this particular document is for the year of 1979.
The Allotment™ the next morning
Guy's busy digging up the flowerbeds when Harold turns up in his dungarees to plant some seedlings. He yells at Guy, wanting to know what's going on and why on earth someone would be ripping up good plants for no reason at all. Guy says he must have made a mistake, he only came down to do some work now that Katya can't do it. Harold's very sad, but accepts Guy's apology and concludes that he could probably re-plant most of the plants Guy pulled up. Guy says he'll help out and after an introduction and a handshake they get going with getting the garden looking nice for Katya getting out of hospital.
GUY: Harold, You are too kind.
HAROLD: Yeah, I think I am.
The Hospital™
Rachel and Zeke are hanging out in the corridor looking very upset when Bree appears, flowers in her hands. Apparently she knicked them from the hospital garden and they're for Katya. And people say she's not a real Timmins, ey? Well, she's certainly acting like one of them now what with the family history of breaking the law. They all go in to see ComaKatya™ and Rachel once again calls her sister Kat for unknown reason. Hmm. Rachel and Bree try to make small talk about the weather but that only lasts for a few seconds before Rachel walks up to Katya's bedside and tells her sister that she'll be OK and once she wakes up she can tell the police what really happened and be cleared from all charges. Zeke points out that there's a witness to the crimes though. He says he wishes none of this was happening and that they could go back to the way things were. Bree says she knows the current situation sucks, but they need to push through it and stick together. Rachel agrees and goes on to talk about Guy and how nice he is. Katya moves a few fingers, but no one notices it.
Dylan and Stinger appear at the door to speak to Bree and in the corridor they show her these new credit cards they've got and tell her they're going shopping. Bree says she'd rather stay at the hospital though and Dylan suggests they take the Kinskis with them on their shopping trip then, they could use some encouragement anyway. This makes Stinger and Dylan think and they get an idea to do something about it.
The House of Bishops, Mangels and Lou-bears
Despite its name there are neither clergymen, wringers/manglers ('mangel' means wringer/mangler in Swedish) nor a Lou around the house today, just a Sky and a Susan at the door. Sky tells Susan that the matter at hand is between her and Karl only. With Harold eavesdropping in the background, Susan says half the reason Sky's angry is because of her and she's really sorry. Karl's the one copping all the punishment for it though which isn't fair. Sky reckons the conversation is going nowhere.
SUSAN: He might deserve your anger, Sky, but he doesn't deserve to lose his career.
Sky says she's sorry and closes the door in Susan's face. Ouch. Harold appears from his little hiding place in the kitchen and points out to Sky that at least Susan apologised. Sky says she was just defending Karl.
SKY: What do I do Granddad?
HAROLD: Depends on if you see Karl as being malicious or mistaken.
SKY: Both.
HAROLD: That's why we feel so bad. You want to forgive and punish and it's impossible to do both.
Lassiters the next morning
Ned and Carmella are doing some stretches while talking about the eviction from no. 30, Carmella can't believe Ned was the one who go kicked out. Oh really? I can, if I had the chance to kick out a roommate as boring as that I'd use the first chance I had too. Ned isn't upset about moving out though, in fact he's quite enjoying it at the Hoylands. Carmella points out how he's still got some of his stuff left at no. 30 and some of Katya's too. Ned then admits that he's been avoiding his old home just in case he says something he'll regret. Carmella says he's too nice to say something nasty and Ned can't believe she'd say that when he chose Katya over her. Apparently that's long gone and forgotten though, but Ned refuses to drop the subject. He says he was an idiot and then Katya conned him, but he's over her and it now. Ned still can't help but wonder if Carmella's really over it though or if she's still got feelings for him.
NED: You know, if you've still got feelings then um, so do I.
Tell me he didn't just say that. His stupidity continues to baffle me even though I really should be used to it by now since it's been more than a year since he arrived. Carmella's all nice about it though and just reminds Ned that she's with Will now even though she does think Ned's a really nice guy.
The Home of the Kinskis and a Kennedy
Well, well, well, if it ain't Miss Mangel dropping by to have a word with Susan and she's wasting no time on small talk either. Cutting straight to the chase she tells Susan that she's dropping the formal complaint against Karl. Susan's very relieved, but I'm more interested in the white wall with a painting on it that you see when you look over Susan's shoulder. It's not very often we get to see that wall and what's even stranger is how this wall seems to have appeared where there's usually a door out to the back. Hmm, these random interior changes to the houses get so confusing sometimes. Anyway, Susan thanks Sky for not going ahead with the complaint, but Sky says she's not doing it for Susan and Karl, she's doing it for herself. She'll forgive, but never forget what happened. Also, she doesn't need all the negative energy now when she's looking after her baby daughter. That's the end of it as Sky sees it, but Susan offers her to come in if she wants.
SKY: Susan, we're neighbours and that's all we are. We're not friends anymore.
And with that she leaves and Susan looks shocked and sad all at once.
The Parking Lot™ outside Lassiters
CUB3, better known as Dylan's new blue Audi pulls up and an ecstatic Rachel gets out of the car with a new laptop in hand. Zeke's got himself a new microscope and he's really excited so starts going on about science stuff that none of the others really follow. They head off for some more food despite having already eaten down at the mall and Stingray and Rachel fall behind a bit which means they can have a chat. Rachel says the laptop will really come in handy now for her work experience in Shepparton and Stinger wants to know how long she's going for. She says she's going for three weeks and they joke around about her cracking some big story despite being in a small country town. Stinger says it's going to feel weird when Rachel's away, for Bree that is, and she says she'll miss, um, Bree too.
Rachel then spots Ned walking towards them with Carmella in tow and heads over to him to give him a piece of her mind. It's pathetic how he's just dumped Katya now when she needs him the most, he's the most gutless man she's ever seen! Ned reminds her of the crimes Katya committed and tells Rachel that she shouldn't be hassling her sister's vitcims. Rachel refuses to believe that her sister would hurt anyone and Stinger leads her away. Carmella asks Ned if he really believes Katya did the things she's being accused of and Ned says he does. If he loves her, isn't he able to forgive her though, Carmella wonders. Ned tries to sound upset or angry when he replies, but fails miserably as usual, and points out that Carmella's not a nun anymore so should stop it with the preachings and he tells her that their personal fitness arrangement isn't working so she needs to find herself another trainer.
The Surgery™
Susan pops over only to find a whole lot of boxes in the foyer and Karl recording a message for his answering machine.
"You've reached Dr. Kennedy's surgery. I'm on permanent leave. Dr. Lee will act as locum until the practice is closed down. To any existing patients, your files will be kept on record and be transferred to another GP at your request. If you wish to leave a message, please do so after the tone."
Susan comments on Karl's dulcet phone manners as he wonders if the message was clear enough or if he should re-record it. Suse tells him not to bother because Sky has withdrawn her complaint. Karl says that's good, but then realises that he didn't leave a forwarding number in the message so maybe he should... Susan interrupts him since he's clearly not listening.
SUSAN: Karl, didn't you hear me? This is all unnecessary now.
KARL: No, it's not. I'm quitting medicine, Susan. For good.
Susan is lost for words.
The Hospital Room™
Ned's visiting Katya and tells her that maybe things aren't as they seem after all, maybe something else was going on for her to do what she did. He apologises for bailing on her just as Guy appears at the door, eavesdropping. Ned proceeds to tell ComaKatya™ that he's moved in with Steph now but that he still has a few things to pick up from no. 30 including Katya's things and he'll keep them until she gets better. When Guy hears this he leaves, just as Ned says he gave up to be with Katya and hopes he made the right choice. ComaKatya™'s fingers start moving again just as Ned says he really wants her to get better so that he can hear her side of the story.
The House of Newbies
Zeke's vaccuming while listening to his walkman and stops to take the bag inside the vacuum out so that he can go out the back and throw it away. In the meantime Guy breaks in through the front door and makes his way to the kitchen. Just then Zeke returns and calls out Guy's name, asking what he's doing there. We see Guy reach for the screwdriver he's got in his back pocket and then move to a shot of WorriedZeke™.
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Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5109
Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Guy Sykes, Rachel Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5109
Guy Sykes, Rachel Kinski

Dylan Timmins in Neighbours Episode 5109
Dylan Timmins

Stingray Timmins in Neighbours Episode 5109
Stingray Timmins

Sky Mangel, Stingray Timmins, Lou Carpenter, Dylan Timmins in Neighbours Episode 5109
Sky Mangel, Stingray Timmins, Lou Carpenter, Dylan Timmins

Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 5109
Lou Carpenter

Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Zeke Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5109
Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Zeke Kinski

Susan Kennedy, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 5109
Susan Kennedy, Harold Bishop

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5109
Susan Kennedy

Harold Bishop, Rosie Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 5109
Harold Bishop, Rosie Hoyland

Bree Timmins, Rachel Kinski, Ned Parker in Neighbours Episode 5109
Bree Timmins, Rachel Kinski, Ned Parker

Ned Parker in Neighbours Episode 5109
Ned Parker

Carmella Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5109
Carmella Cammeniti

 in Neighbours Episode 5109

Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5109
Karl Kennedy

Harold Bishop, Guy Sykes in Neighbours Episode 5109
Harold Bishop, Guy Sykes

Stingray Timmins, Dylan Timmins in Neighbours Episode 5109
Stingray Timmins, Dylan Timmins

Zeke Kinski, Stingray Timmins in Neighbours Episode 5109
Zeke Kinski, Stingray Timmins

Zeke Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5109
Zeke Kinski

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