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Neighbours Episode 5065 from 2006 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5065: Swap Meet
Australian airdate: 29/09/06
UK airdate: 22/12/06
Writer: Ray Kolle
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Loris Timmins Kate Fitzpatrick
Anne Baxter Tessa James
Mr Baxter Roy Edmunds
Mrs Baxter Lana Williams
Summary/Images by: Kellie/Izzy-da-vixen
Loris telling Harold not to believe everything he hears because it could affect friendships
Karl saying to Stingray that there might be complications from his injury
Janelle paying Anne a lot of attention but ignoring Bree
Number 26
Janelle's dragging up the past on Angie (how she cried when she got a part of a meat pie in a play) for Anne while she sets the table when Lou and Bree walk in. Bree announces her plan to stay with Sky for a few days to help her with the wedding, plus it will give Janelle and Anne a chance to get to know each other. Lou adds that it's fine with Harold and him as long as it's okay with her. Janelle replies she'll think about it, but Bree can't tonight because she's having a big dinner for Anne, a proper Timmins welcome. Bree is so thrilled, not!
Number 24
Loris and Harold are at the stock of Tazzle again, Harold recalling when Lou gave Janelle a credit card in one of his schemes. Loris is having a good laugh at Janelle's expense and even has a laugh when Harold tells her Lou's claiming he has dementia. Harry wishes she wouldn't enjoy other people's pain. She tells him she only laughs at Janelle's. He knows but thinks it's beneath her, for someone with such high breeding. She admits that's one of her problems is living in the past, she needs something to occupy her mind while she fixes things there. Some sort of business; she has invested in her personal trainer but she needs more than that. Harold jokes that maybe she should buy up 40% of Lassiters but it gets her attention. Loris loves hotels you see!
LORIS: How much do you think it will go for?
HAROLD: Oh hoha I have absolutely no idea. Err a few million.
LORIS: So it's affordable?
HAROLD: (tad surprised)
Number 28
Rachel gets Stingray comfy on the couch with some extra pillows. He says it's fine, it isn't his head that's hurting, and he guesses he won't be doing the whole dad thing. Dr K told him he won't be a having kids. Stingers thinks it might be a good thing because he's just a big kid himself, it's a good thing he won't get to breed. Too many Timmins's as there is. Rachel apologises, if only she hadn't done that stupid stunt. Stingers tells her it worked, it's hurt more than anything in his life so he's going to get off the booze.
STINGRAY: I really don't know why you bother with me.
RACHEL: You know why.
Aww Rachie answers the door and hey it's Janae! When Janae asks how he is Rachel informs her that Stingers is still in pain but Janae has no time for sympathy. She tells him that their mum wants them home for the big dinner thing.
STINGRAY: I can barely walk.
JANAE: Oh Scott it's not actually possible for me to care less!
STINGRAY: Oh, nice.
JANAE: Look you've been pulling stupid stunts like this for years, one of them was going to get you eventually.
STINGRAY: You're probably right.
The girls help him up, and he thanks Rachel for all her help. Janae gently pushes him along.

Number 24
Sky's on the phone to a caterer, getting a bit frustrated over what they serve. After she's done Loris says that she's so happy Sky's marrying 'bottie'. Yes the explination for this one is that he had a dear rosey bottom as a baby. Harold can relate, Sky did too. Sky isn't in the mood for this kind of convo, she can't get anything booked not even the church. Harold's delighted that she's having the service in the church and is more than happy to help, also getting Loris involved with picking out her fav hymn in the process. Sky's phone rings and goes out of the room to take it. Loris says it's nice to see young people with traditional values. Harold doesn't think Sky has traditional values.
Loris changes the topic to how lovely his garden is. She misses hers, she did have people to help with the tedious things but she's won the odd ribbon at the show. Royal Melbourne Show? That impresses Harold! Loris offers for him to come out the next time they have an open day. Just as he accepts she scraps it because she's selling it, then asks about the hotel. Harold admits it was just a joke, it would be too big of an investment. He couldn't let her go into business with Paul, he might try to exploit her. Oh but Loris finds that thrilling... err.
Out by the pool Sky's screwing up paper and throwing it into the pool, so Dylan asks her to chill out so they can relax for five minutes. He looks at her notepad and says he wouldn't have taken her for a Bridezilla. Sky gets a tad upset at that remark, she'a taking it seriously like he wanted. Dylan offers to help out if she needs it, but he work won't be needed until maybe after she finishes the lists. Meanwhile while all this has happened Loris has walked up to Dylan and they hear Bree call out from the fence, telling Dyl to get his butt over for dinner. He uses helping Sky as an excuse but when Bree says it's important to their mum he changes his mind. Loris mentions that there seems to be a bit of tension between them. Dylan replies it isn't him, Bree's just stressed out about Anne, their biological sister. Obviously she's never heard about this because Loris drops her drink, oh no she's lost her hit of Tazzle!
Number 26 - Night
They family is gathered around the dining room table having spaghetti, and when I say family well... Lou seems to be included. Stingray asks if Rachel can come over but gets knocked back so Janae has a little go back at her much to Dylan's disapproval. Janelle tells Janae she should be thankful Lou's here otherwise she'd be getting a hiding. Lou thinks it might be best if he goes, he'll catch Janelle tomorrow. Just as Lou leaves Loris arrives, as she puts it to Janelle she has a right to meet her biological granddaughter. Anne asks if she is which err she just said so girlie! Loris replies she is and takes a good look at her before Bree tells her she's vision impaired. Loris says that Anne looks like a Timmins, they all do. Bree adds except for her, so if this is a Timmins dinner she's the odd one out. If they're going through with all this it's about time she met her real parents, tonight.
After the break Anne's trying to convince Bree it isn't the best time, they'd freak if they knew Anne was spending time there. Janelle agrees, especially after what happened last time. Bree doesn't care if they don't want to know her she just needs them to tell her face to face. Janelle doesn't want Bree to get hurt. Loris puts her two bobs in, she thinks Bree is right. She was separated from Anne for the longest time and now feels very deeply for her. Janelle says it was only natural to which Loris agrees, and says does she think it's right to rob another of the same kind of feeling. Plus doesn't Bree have the right to meet her real mum.
LORIS: You know that you'll always have loving family here don't you bickie?
BREE: Yeah.
JANELLE: Well I suppose that's it then, you'll meet them. But tomorrow coz tonight's about the Timmins', which you still are whether you say you are or not okay?
STINGRAY: Hey, Timmins fingers!
They all start wiggling their fingers over the table, such a heart warming moment. Anne's looking not too happy with the whole thing though.
Number 24
Lou's telling Harold about his relationship with Janelle, he's getting nowhere fast with the kids coz they still love their father very much. Bree's the only one that gives him a second chance the poor kid. Harold thinks he can understand their stand offishness towards him, they're the age difference between him and Janelle.
LOU: Hey what's 5 years?
HAROLD: Heh, heh, heh
LOU: Alright, 10.
LOU: Would you believe 15? Don't insult me I'm still as virile as I used to be.
Harold sees Sky in the kitchen out of the corner of his eye and asks if she's alright. She replies she's fine but secretly dumps her dinner into the bin. Harold suggests that Lou step back from Janelle so she comes to him, the kids will then see what she wants instead of them thinking he's coming in like some old 'letch'.
Sky answers the door, it's Rachel - she's come over to talk to her about her and Stingray.
Number 26
Anne asks Loris where she lives while they walk out into the living room with dessert. Loris answers that it's the western districts of Colac, but now she'll be staying in Erinsborough. Bree adds that her house is cool, they used to go for Christmas and she'd always have a real Christmas tree, not a fake. Janelle says there was still enough prezzies under her fake one. Stingray puts in they had the best food ever, Janae adding that he threw everywhere. Stingray admits (with a little push from Dylan) that maybe he did it twice. Loris remembers the stains and the smell on her curtains. Janelle pipes in that it was Kimbo that started that which makes everyone not as jolly. Anne asks if they can talk some more about Kim, she doesn't really know anything about him.
STINGRAY: Yeah well they're not much to tell really.
DYLAN: Talks a big game when it comes to love and commitment.
JANAE: Commitment? What would he know about that.
STINGRAY: Yeah he didn't really stick by us, he'd just turn up and shoot through when everything got too tough.
JANELLE: Okay that's enough. He is a good man with a good heart, and he is the only bloke I have ever, ever loved. He'd adore you Anne like he does the rest of his kids.
Number 24
Rachel can see that Sky and Stingray don't seem to get along like they used to, they are good friends aren't they? Sky says they are but she's just been busy with the wedding and everything. Rachel knows, it's just he's going to really need his friends around right now; he's promised to give up drinking. Sky thinks that's good, it wasn't doing him any favours. He was just stupid and immature with it. Rachel tells her that the docs have told Stingers he might not be able to have kids because of the accident. Now that gets Sky's full attention and shock, she had no idea the fall was so serious. Rachel says that he might be a bit sensitive about Sky and Dylan actually having a baby.
SKY: You know Rachel you're amazing they way you're coping with everything. Stingray is so lucky to have you.
RACHEL: Not really, I don't think I'm doing it very well.
Rachel thinks maybe Susan is right when she says that she's too young for him. Sky says that Susan isn't right about everything. Rachel says even if she is about this there is nothing Rachel can do, she loves him and she doesn't think she could live without him if she wanted to.
Number 26
The original Timmins clan are playing poker in the kitchen. Dylan's trying to explain this Texas kind of poker where they only get two cards but no one's getting it, Janae wants to play snap.
In the living room Anne's left out hehe. Nah she's with Loris talking about how her parents don't show her that they love her. Her family life isn't happy, just dull. But she doesn't find this lot overpowering, they say what they're thinking and feeling. Anne loves it there, she doesn't feel shut out like at home. Loris knows they want her to be a part of the family and so does she. Anne hasn't known what it's like to have a grandma, her mother's parents died and her dad's are in England. Loris tells her she's got one now and it's going to be fun.
Back in the kitchen the poker is still going strong, Janae thinks she's won but Dyl informs her reds don't count if they're different suits. Janae says they are from the red suit which gets everyone laughing at her. Janae complains about the game, on whats the point on sharing the cards. Janelle tells her to go put the kettle on but Janae considers herself a guest, and when she's over at her house Janae'll make the tea. Dylan asks so Janae says that her and Boydy are looking for a flat. Janelle offers that her and Boyd live with her where she belongs. Janae laughs until she sees that Janelle is serious, then says that she could never live there. Janelle thinks they all need to stick together right now plus she'd be saving a heap of money. After Janae replies that nan is helping Loris agrees with Janelle, she'll put something aside for her future but Janae should be saving to buy a house not put it all in rent.
After the break everyone's gone to bed except for Bree and Anne, they're going to stay up a bit. They listen to Dylan and Stingray talking loudly with Janelle telling them to shut up and Bree asks why anyone would want to be a part of this family. Anne asks that if tomorrow it doesn't work out for Bree, she won't blame her or stop her from coming around. Bree says she won't, she knows how Anne feels. After a pause she asks Anne if she's anything like her birth parents. Anne can't tell as far as looks go but she's smart like them, but she's a lot like this family in other ways. Nice, friendly, easy to get along with. Her parents are kind of uptight, they hide their feelings a lot - especially when something difficult comes up. Anne doesn't know what they'll do when Bree's actually standing there, she suggests maybe she should go tell them so they'll be prepared.
BREE: You'd do that for me?
ANNE: Yeah, but they're not going to like it.
Ramsay Street - Day
Anne's about to get into the taxi, saying to give her about an hour or so and she'll try her best to calm them down before Bree gets there. Janelle says after this she'll never have to get a taxi again, she'll be able to chauffer her. Janae mumbles they'll never get rid of her. Bree takes Anne's hand while Anne thanks them for everything, especially after everything she'd done. She doesn't deserve their forgiveness. Bree tells her to just try and talk her parents round for her. The taxi takes off and there Anne goes, about to give her parents one hell of a shock.
Number 24
Sky rushes off for a dress fitting, she tells the oldies she doesn't know when she'll be back. Harold says she can't leave without eating plus he found her dinner in the bin. He knows she's uptight about the wedding... He doesn't get to finish because Sky grabs an apple and makes a quick exit. Harold sits down with Lou and sifts through the mail, coming across a letter from Mishka. Lou takes it, says there's only one place for it before ripping it and throwing it in the bin.
Scarlet Bar
Dylan helps Stingray in asking if he needs anything like an ice pack, inflatable ring that you sit on lol but Stingray is fine, so Dylan goes off to do his work thing leaving Stingray to sit by himself in the empty bar. Sky walks in and sits across from him, she wants to tell him something. She knows she's been distant from him but wants him to know she cares about him so much (woo!!) and he's one of her best mates, she's always here for him. Stingray replies it's ditto from him aww. Sky tells him that Rachel told her what the doctor said and she's so sorry. Stingray says he doesn't mind, he's still got his health sort of. Sky holds his hand (yay!!) while Stingray goes on to say he thought that one day there would be a few stingers running around , but the worlds probably better off without them. Aww poor Stingers. Sky says he'll always be close to this one. Stingers laughs and agrees, the fav uncle. He tells her Dylan's been so happy about all this since she told him yes, he's going to be a good dad. So what was it she was going to say? Sky answers it's just that he'll always be a very special someone in this baby's life. Tell him!
Number 24
Harold's taped up the ripped letter and asks Lou to read it, it might explain a few things. Lou doesn't want to so Harold does it for him.
'My Lou Bear,
I am very much sorry for all the things and especial for what to you happened when you were in my country. I must to try send this letter with my husband not knowing or there will be trouble (Lou says he thinks she is). You are my very good man, I will always love you my Lou Bear and hope you are safe and good.
With much, much sadness,
Lou thinks that's a load of rot. Harold on the other hand thinks she sounds terrified of her husband and he wouldn't be surprised if he caused what happened to Lou in Russia. Lou asks who said anything happened to which Harry asks what happened to one week of his life then.
Random House
Janelle and Bree are at Anne's house, Janelle banging on the door but no one is answering so they walk out the front. Bree says that maybe they don't want to face her or maybe Anne is lying again and it isn't even her house. Janelle doesn't think Anne has a reason to lie anymore. Janelle gets a letter out of the mailbox to check it is them, which it is. She suggest Bree give her a call so Breesey does. Out on some random raod we see a Ford driving along and Anne in the back of the car Anne answers her mobile. She tells Bree that her parents have freaked out and don't want to meet her so they're on their way to the airport. She doesn't know where they are going but she doesn't think they're coming back. Someone takes the phone from Anne and Bree can hear her begging to speak to her but the person that did it ends the call. Bree informs her mum that they're going to the airport, they've gone.
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Janelle Timmins in Neighbours Episode 5065
Janelle Timmins

Loris Timmins, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 5065
Loris Timmins, Harold Bishop

Stingray Timmins in Neighbours Episode 5065
Stingray Timmins

Dylan Timmins, Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 5065
Dylan Timmins, Sky Mangel

Loris Timmins, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 5065
Loris Timmins, Lou Carpenter

Sky Mangel, Rachel Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5065
Sky Mangel, Rachel Kinski

Bree Timmins, Stingray Timmins, Janelle Timmins, Janae Hoyland, Dylan Timmins in Neighbours Episode 5065
Bree Timmins, Stingray Timmins, Janelle Timmins, Janae Hoyland, Dylan Timmins

Anne Baxter in Neighbours Episode 5065
Anne Baxter

Janae Hoyland, Dylan Timmins in Neighbours Episode 5065
Janae Hoyland, Dylan Timmins

Janae Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 5065
Janae Hoyland

Sky Mangel, Stingray Timmins in Neighbours Episode 5065
Sky Mangel, Stingray Timmins

Bree Timmins in Neighbours Episode 5065
Bree Timmins

 in Neighbours Episode 5065

Anne Baxter in Neighbours Episode 5065
Anne Baxter

Janelle Timmins in Neighbours Episode 5065
Janelle Timmins

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