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Neighbours Episode 5015 from 2006 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5015: A Stinger In The Tale
Australian airdate: 21/07/06
UK airdate: 13/10/06
Writer: Drew Tingwell
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Leah Pullman Fleur Murphy
- "Eleventh Avenue" by Ammonia
- "Kimchi" by Blind Munkee
Summary/Images by: Kellie/Izzy-da-vixen
Stingray having a go at Dylan about why Sky wants nothing to do with him
Bree opening the letter and money from Kim
Sky fainting in the middle of the Scarlet Bar
Scarlet Bar
Harold goes to call an ambulance and Sky finally comes to and asks if she fainted. Dylan helps her up and replies she did something like that (erm yeah she did!) and they'll get her to the hospital. He helps her walk away leaving Harry on the phone.
Karl's done checking her over. Harry asks if she is fine and Sky butts in saying she is. Karl tells him that 'Dr Mangel' is right and nothing really seems to be wrong. Dylan asks why she fainted, and Karl replies that she was dehydrated because she hasn't been able to keep anything down. Now she has an IV drip she'll be right and the baby seems to be fine, but a little bit on the small side for the start of the second trimester. He doesn't think it's a problem, but he'll run some tests anyway. And he's glad she came as soon as something abnormal happened. Harold's surprised, asking if this has happened before. Sky tells him she came for a check up that morning and she didn't want to tell Harold because she didn't want to worry him. Harold says that he admires her independence but she's got another life to consider and she isn't doing the baby any favours by refusing help. Karl agrees, saying she is allowed to use those that care if she needs help. Sky looks over to Dylan and then looks back to Karl and says she knows.
Lassiters Complex
Toadie's seeing two random 'gone to see a lawyer' type guys when a girl in a coat walks up and says hi. Toadie asks if he can help her and she says that maybe he can. She takes her coat off to reveal a... sparkly dancing costume! She starts dancing and Toadie is a bit confused. She asks him to join in so he does... oh good lord. They do the hold the leg while jumping move. Toadie asks if he knows her, she replies no but she knows him - she's a big fan. They continue dancing while her friends take a photo until she makes a blunder by saying 'tango with the Toad'. He asks what she means, but she doesn't stick around to answer. Toadie calls out to her if she wanted to get a coffee with him or something. Nope she wants to make a run for it and I don't blame her, dancing in an ickle outfit in public like that.
Sky thanks Dylan for bringing her to the hospital, and tells him that he doesn't have to stay. Dylan says that she's carrying her baby and he doesn't want to leave until he's sure it's okay.
SKY: So I'm just an incubator on legs, you don't care about me?
HAROLD: Sky...
DYLAN: It's not what I said.
SKY: Well that's what it sounded like.
DYLAN: Okay hear what you like!
He storms out. Sky says that he's such a pain but Harold thinks otherwise, he was very worried when she collapsed. He's very concerned about her, and Harold thinks all this roughness is just a front. Karl comes back in and explains that they think it's something called HG, Karl won't bore us or complicate the summary with such long medical names. It's just a case of severe morning sickness, and it's quite rare. It can be serious if left untreated but if they get on top of it now there will be no cause for Sky or the baby.
Scarlet Bar
Lou and RandomMax™ with a camera are waiting around, I'm guessing for Toadie. After Lou gets it wrong with Dylan, Toadie finally comes in and Lou immediately starts dancing with him while Max takes pictures. Lou runs off with the camera and Max apologises, muttering about the things he does for people when walking over to Dylan. Dyl thanks Max for filling in for him. Max says it's fine, he can go see Sky anytime. After all his brother has. Ouch.
Toadie sits with Carmella and Ned, talking about how a hot chick danced with him and now Lou has. Carmella and Ned have a giggle which makes Toadie suspicious. Carmella tells him that there is a bounty on his head, people have to get a photo of themselves dancing with the email mystery man. It's a channel 44 competition and worth $1000.
TOADIE: Well Lou could've just asked, it's my public humiliation and I'm entitled to a cut.
NED: A cut? From Lou? Good luck!
TOADIE: Yeah I won't be needing luck.
HAHA he walks into the door.
Everything's quiet throughout the room, but after a second came a boom when a bunch of Timmins's came in to loom! Sorry bad rhyming... Janelle, Bree and Stingray barge in asking how she is. Harold says that Sky needs to be resting. When that subtle hint doesn't get though Harold tries that it's family only but unfortunately for him, they are now technically family. Stingray gives her the magazines he got her, it's a nice random mixture of body building, truckin' and cross stitch. Janelle hands over some flowers that came from Harold's garden.
JANELLE: Well I wasn't going to give her Max's skanky weeds, you should be chuffed.
Janelle goes to get the flowers into some water. She's about to put her bag on the bed but Harold isn't happy about that and pulls... and breaks her bag's handle. Janelle's upset because it's her favourite bag, and tells him he's going to compensate her for it.
Just as this ruckus is going on Bree walks over to Sky and gives her an envelope. It's a baby voucher for $500! Which stops Harold and Janelle from bickering. Stingray and Janelle asks where she got the money, she replies that she got some royalty cheques. Janelle thinks that's some royalty cheques! Sky thanks her then Stingray pulls Bree outside, leaving Janelle to talk to Sky.
In the hallway Stingray says that Bree had put her last royalty cheque into her education fund, so where did she get this from. She tells him that she got another cheque but he doesn't buy it. After the ad Bree explains that it's from their dad, he sent the money in a letter. He got a job up north somewhere. Stingray asks if that means he's coming back but of course it doesn't because he's still got the jitters about the DVD thing. Stingers asks why she has the money. Bree says that he didn't really send it to her, it's for the whole family. She didn't steal it, she just didn't want their mum to see it and get excited. She's been really positive and she didn't want to go ruining that by reminding her of dad. Stingers thinks that's fair enough, but if the money was for the family it should be spent on the family. Bree tells him she has, with the new Timmins and they can do something with the next instalment. Stingray asks her to keep him in the loop and their mum out of it.
Number 24
Toadie let's himself in, he wants a talk with Lou. Lou says that he can't barge in like that but Toadie is on the defensive, saying that Lou can't use him like some object, he feels cheap. Lou tells him there is nothing cheap about it, this photo is worth a thousand.
TOADIE: My grand.
LOU: My grand sunshine I've been stalking you for days.
TOADIE: We live in the same street how hard could it be?
Toadie wants a cut but Lou isn't budging. Toadie tells him about the bootylishous competition he has. Lou tries the guilt trip effect, talking about how he was going to use that money to go see Mishka. Toadie throws different percentages at Lou while he babbles until he reaches 70-30 Lou's way, and they reach a deal.
Scarlet Bar
Dylan takes some drinks back to the bar, complaining about how chicks are crazy and want real lime in cocktails instead of lime cordial. Max asks if Dylan wants to talk about this but he's right. It doesn't make sense anyway. They tell you you're not giving them enough attention but when you do they tell you to back off. Max says to take it easy, pregnancy hormones make woman do odd things. Dylan thinks that's a lame excuse, and if she continues to act like that until the baby comes well Max should kill him now.
MAX: Now I remember when my first wife was pregnant with Boyd, she kicked me out of the house once for a week because I came home from the supermarket with the wrong kind of toilet paper.
DYLAN: Oooh really?
MAX: Nah made that up to try and make you feel good.
Max gives him some advice, that he should just tell Sky that he wants to be there for her. Dylan thinks that works for married couples but that doesn't work for whatever you call them. He doesn't want to be with her, but she's the mother of his baby. Sky's made it pretty clear, she bites his head off whenever he goes near. But it's his kid, he wants to be in the loop; he's got rights. Max agrees that he does, but why is he at work and Stingray's with her (because it's love! HEHE!).
DYLAN: Coz my brother has a way of muscling in on other people's territory.
MAX: Or maybe he's told her he's going to be there for her unconditionally.
DYLAN: Unlike you, you mean? Who has no interest in this baby at all? Look I've tried everything Max. Sky doesn't want me involved.
MAX: Maybe she wants you involved in a different kind of way as a father huh? Maybe as a partner.
DYLAN: Maybe you should mind your own business.
Now THAT isn't something to say to your boss.
Harry's disapproving of the fact Janelle put the flowers in Sky's drinking water. Sky thanks her, and says they look pretty. Stingray, Bree and Karl all walk into the room, Karl asking if it's rush hour. Harold tells him that they are just about to leave but Janelle isn't going anywhere because it looks like Karl has news. Karl says that she's book for an ultrasound in an hour. Sky doesn't want to have one. Janelle takes the hint to leave, but Sky asks Stingray to stay with her . Janelle and Bree leave and Sky starts her argument that she's heard that it can be disturbing for the baby. Karl assures her that the research doesn't back that up and she's due for one soon anyway. That's Sky's point though, she wants to stick to the timetable. Karl tells her that the risks far outweigh the benefits, she's just had a fall and it's very important to know the baby is okay. Finally she agrees.
Scarlet Bar
Oh good lord! Lou and Toadie are nutting out things to do in the photo. One suggestion which they both like (for some strange reason) is Toadie on the dunny doing dunny things and Lou coming in dressed as Elvis. Toadie doesn't agree on the Elvis, thinking a cowboy is more Lou's character.
LOU: How would that suit me?
TOADIE: Are you kidding? Chaps Lou, leather chaps! Eh!
Carmella and Ned walk in which gives Toadie a brainwave. Lou explains to them they're thinking of ideas for this competition. Toadie gives them his idea, Lou dressed in Carmella's nun outfit. He thinks it's a winner. Oo err... Carmella asks god to help them (I don't blame her!) and Ned isn't so keep on the idea, wanting them to at least show some respect. Oh no now Lou suggests that maybe Carmella actually do the dancing. Ned, still annoyed, tells him to give it up. Lou decides to give up, he can't compete with that booty jiggling thing that girl did. Carmella gives them some hope, she's thought of something.
Lassiters Lake
Toadie and Lou are dragging Harold, dressing him in his Salvos outfit as they go along. Poor old Harold is protesting, he wants to get back to Sky but they say the sooner he co-operates the sooner it will be over. Carmella tells him to relax, doesn't he want to help get Mishka back too. Harold realises it's all for that competition and takes the tuba Ned hands over.
TOADIE: Alright Harold. Your mission if you choose to accept it, and you should and will, is to dance!
HAROLD: Alright come on let's get it over and done with.
Oh lordy. Toadie starts his holding his leg hoping move and Harold is... bopping slowly in one place. Toadie's trying to get him into the groove... Hehe!
Scarlet Bar
Stingray walks in just as Dylan is serving some customers. Dylan asks if he's seen Sky and.. Stingray tells him she's got MG or something, it's bad morning sickness and she needs to have an ultrasound to make sure the baby is okay. Dylan asks if she passed on any messages and isn't too happy when the answer is no, pushing Stingray into the office. Dylan starts asking why she didn't call him or tell him about the ultrasound. Stingray doesn't know alright! Dylan thinks she should've called him. Stingray says that maybe she has other things on her mind.
DYLAN: Yeah it's alright for you to know all about it thought, I've warned you about getting close to my...
STINGRAY: What your girlfriend? Is that what you were going to say?
Oh nice one now they start brawling on the couch. Max comes in with the Spray 'n Wipe which he really should've used on the boys to break them up but he stops the fight anyway. They both say they were fighting about nothing. Max warns them not to fight in his bar, he's got customers out there. He tells Dylan go get himself together and go in the kitchen and Stingray to go home. Stingray leaves, but tells Dylan he has a girlfriend but it isn't Sky first.
Number 26
Janelle's putting rubbish in the bin when she finds an envelope from Kim stuffed in the sofa. Just in the nick of time Bree walks in with a prezzie for her mum; a new bag. Janelle asks her to spill on what was in the envelope. Bree lies and says that she doesn't know; it's old. From before the last time he came back. Janelle apologises, realising they've just got to keep going on with things. With a little baby Timmins on the way it's all about the future, not the past. Janelle thinks she's lucky, she's got a gorge new handbag. But she's still going to try and get some compensation from Harry.
Scarlet Bar
Toadie, Lou, Ned and Carmella are crowded around the laptop to have a laugh at the piccies they got. Lou goes to get them drinks and Ned asks what Harold gets from this. Toadie replies that he gets diddly squat, Lou thinks he's getting 70-30 his way but he's dreaming. Off the topic, Toadie comes to a picture of Carmella and Ned standing together having a laugh. Everyone agrees it's a good shot. Carmella says that it's the first time she's had a photo taken since she joined the convent. Ned tells her she looks gorgeous which makes Toadie a bit suss on them. Ned continues with the complements. Carmella thinks this is the first time she's been happy in ages.
Number 26
Bree runs to Stingray when he gets in to tell him that she had to cover up about the envelope. Janelle also comes into the lounge room asking what he's doing home now. Stingray explains that Dylan was picking fights with him about Sky so he got sent home by Max. Janelle thinks this is good, if Dylan's getting worked up about Sky he'll end up dumping Elle by the end of the week. Stingray doesn't know, he's been a caketaker since they broke up so he isn't sure Sky would take him back. Janelle says they'll will just have to help him convince her. Stingray wishes her luck with that task.
Sky apologises to Karl for getting on her high horse earlier. Karl says that most first mums are nervous, it's completely understandable. He warns her that the gel he put on the ultrasound doovey will be cold, and it is! She jumps a bit. Karl asks if she wants to know the gender of the baby, he'd only be guessing though. Sky thinks she pretty much has a good idea of what it will be so she'll leave it at that.
In the hallway Bree walks over to Harold with a purple bag and asks if it's okay to see Sky. He tells her it isn't, she's having the ultrasound. She asks if he could give her this present to Sky and say it's from Dylan. She thanks him and walks off... Harold looks very pleased.
Back in the room the ultrasound continues, we can see Sky's little baby! She thinks it's amazing. Karl says that everything looks alright.
SKY: It's my baby.
Scarlet Bar
Ned and Carmella are alone at a table having a yak. Lou asks Max to have a look at them. Max is looking but he doesn't know what he's seeing. Lou says that well it isn't a confessional. That gets Max's interest up, asking if it's mutual. Toadie tells him not to listen to Lou, it's all perfectly clean unlike Lou's dirty mind.
Carmella gets up, saying it's now dinnertime at the convent. Her and Ned part ways so Toadie walks up saying he's been playing fire-fighter for him. Meaning him and the sister, people have been talking. Toadie knows Ned wants to keep it on the QT but the neighbours are even noticing. Ned tells him there is nothing to notice, she's a nun.
TOADIE: Wrong answer. There's something going on between you and the sister, and you're going to tell me all about it.
Stingray joins Harold, asking if this is where the spunks hang out hehe. Harold thought he was going to work. Stingray says he came back, his had is ready for Sky to hold awww!
Sky looks at her first ultrasound picture of her baby. She says to Karl that she's going to do a version of it for the comic book as well. He doesn't seem to interested so Sky asks what's wrong. He tells her that everything is fine, but he's a little unsure about the date of conception. By looking at the information she would be much more that 8 weeks on. Sky thinks that's impossible, her and Dylan broke up three months ago. Karl says that the figures don't add up, she could be pushing it for 9 weeks. Sky's surprised. Karl geta a pager and has to leave. Sky looks out to the hallway where Stingray is sitting in full view, and it hits her. Skray baby!
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Sky Mangel, Dylan Timmins in Neighbours Episode 5015
Sky Mangel, Dylan Timmins

Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 5015
Sky Mangel

Toadie Rebecchi, Leah Pullman in Neighbours Episode 5015
Toadie Rebecchi, Leah Pullman

Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 5015
Toadie Rebecchi

Max Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 5015
Max Hoyland

Harold Bishop, Janelle Timmins, Stingray Timmins, Bree Timmins in Neighbours Episode 5015
Harold Bishop, Janelle Timmins, Stingray Timmins, Bree Timmins

Bree Timmins, Stingray Timmins in Neighbours Episode 5015
Bree Timmins, Stingray Timmins

Harold Bishop, Lou Carpenter, Toadie Rebecchi, Ned Parker in Neighbours Episode 5015
Harold Bishop, Lou Carpenter, Toadie Rebecchi, Ned Parker

Dylan Timmins, Stingray Timmins in Neighbours Episode 5015
Dylan Timmins, Stingray Timmins

Janelle Timmins in Neighbours Episode 5015
Janelle Timmins

Ned Parker, Lou Carpenter, Toadie Rebecchi, Carmella Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5015
Ned Parker, Lou Carpenter, Toadie Rebecchi, Carmella Cammeniti

Toadie Rebecchi, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 5015
Toadie Rebecchi, Harold Bishop

Ned Parker, Toadie Rebecchi, Carmella Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5015
Ned Parker, Toadie Rebecchi, Carmella Cammeniti

Ned Parker, Carmella Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5015
Ned Parker, Carmella Cammeniti

Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 5015
Sky Mangel

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