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Neighbours Episode 4988 from 2006 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4988 You Can't Hop The Music
Australian airdate: 14/6/06
UK airdate: 06/09/06
Writer: Ray Kolle
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Gail Robinson: Fiona Corke
Robert Robinson: Adam Hunter
Katya Kinski: Dichen Lachman
Summary/Images by: Tracy C/Emily
Gail arrives.
Cam pleads his innocence.
Izzy says Gail raised a cold blooded murderer.
No. 22
Izzy again reiterates that Cameron is a cold blooded killer and Paul tells her that is enough but Gail admits much to Elle's disgust that Cameron may have psychological problems. Izzy tries to point out to Elle that the facts speak for themselves but Gail interrupts to ask if she has kids but she doesn't allow Izzy time to answer.
GAIL: I'd say not then otherwise you might have a little bit of sympathy for what I'm going through. So wait until you are a mother and then you'll know.
Paul pulls Izzy aside before she has a chance to retaliate back an answer to tell her that things are bad enough without her apportioning blame, so Izzy leaves telling him to deal with his family crisis.
Katya backs out of CamRob's room after being freaked out at him because he looks so much like Cameron and runs straight into Karl. He tells her that he is a different person from his brother and shouldn't hold what his brother did against him and reminds her that she has to be professional about it just like he's had to do in the past. Katya re-enters the room still freaked out.
No. 30
Lyn drops Oscar off with Ned and gives him the instructions for Oscar before leaving and Oscar calls out "bye Ma." Ned tries to interest Oscar in his new costume for Oodles and Noodles (a kangaroo complete with boxing gloves ie a boxing kangaroo) but intelligent Oscar just wants his toys. Ned decides to answer the door in his costume to give whoever knocked on the door a fright, but it is Max who has called round and isn't the least bit frightened when he's let in and says "hello Ned" as he heads towards the livingroom.
Max is round to see how Boyd went with his exams and Ned tells him that Boyd isn't in [s]because he isn't scripted for this episode[/s] and tells Max to ask the next time he sees his son. Max replies that the two of them aren't speaking atm and it is driving him crazy not knowing how Boyd got on. He isn't exactly happy to hear about the stethoscope being stuck to Boyd's head and that Toadie kept him up drinking when Ned lets slip
No. 22
Gail realises that she put her foot in it with Izzy over the fact she can't have kids and adds that she wouldn't have said that if she'd know. Paul tells her that she had no way of knowing then tells confesses that Izzy tried to warn him over what CamRob was up to but he wouldn't listen. Elle suggests that she should see how Izzy is and Paul agrees that would be a good thing and before she leaves, Gail wants Elle to tell Izzy that she is sorry and Paul asks for her to say that he loves her.
As they head through to the livingroom, Paul tells Gail that Izzy just needs a lot more reassurance then admits to Gail that he should have given her some too but she replies that it is all water under the bridge now. They begin to talk and Gail is a bit surprised that the kids haven't told Paul much of what she has been up to but he says that they are just protective of her and was scared that she'd bite his head off when they were talking on the phone about maintenance and school fees.
PAUL: You're one of the few women who can actually scare me.
Gail is a bit shocked/stunned/embarrassed by that as Paul gets off from his chair and sits on the table directly in front of her as they begin to talk.
Scarlet Bar
Izzy is taking her frustrations out on some glasses as Max passes and asks what is up. She replies that one of Paul's ex's has reappeared and thinks that Paul still has feelings for her. Max tries to allay her fears by saying that Paul is bound to have a connection with her because he is the mother of his children. He stops their conversation when he spots Elle coming into the bar and when Elle reaches the bar; she asks Izzy if she would like to do some retail therapy. "Why don't you take your mum," replies Izzy and Elle apologises to her on Gail's behalf and asks her to either go shopping or to come home. Izzy is reluctant to do so because she feels that she will be in the way.
ELLE: No, you are part of the family. (Pause.) You are and we owe you an apology for saving us from Cam. We'd have never seen the truth. (Pause.) Dad sends his love. (Pause.) You know he means that.
IZZY: Yeah I suppose.
Katya finishes attending to CamRob and tells him that he shouldn't be blamed for what his brother did before taking his hand in hers. She then gets the shock of her life when he grasps her fingers and after screaming, she shouts for Karl while trying to half back out of the door as we head into the first commercial break.
Break over and CamRob acts like he has just woken up from a coma and asks Katya who she is then states the obvious that he is in hospital. While waiting for Karl to arrive, she tells him that he was in a coma. Karl arrives and tells him that he's been through quite an ordeal and before Karl can get a word in or check him over, CamRob is quick to blame Cameron for putting him into the coma in the first place. Karl forces him back onto the pillows and assures him that he is safe and that Cameron is in police custody before finally beginning to check him out.
No. 22
Paul admits to Gail that he is glad Elle arrived and was able to make up for his mistakes. She tells him that it has been good for Elle too being around her dad and Paul wants to know now much of him is coming out in Cameron.
GAIL: Oh Paul, you wouldn't kill someone.
Paul gives her a fake half smile before Lyn enters a bit surprised to see Gail there. Paul introduces them to each other and adds that Lyn is being invaluable to him with the business. After shaking hands, Gail remarks that Paul always needed a strong woman by his side! Lyn seems a bit flattered by that comment before saying that Paul isn't someone who you can push around.
GAIL: Oh he most certainly is as long as you get him to think that he's actually pushing you.
PAUL: Eh, excuse me. I'm a pussycat and you both know it.
Their chat is interrupted by the hospital phoning to let them know that Robert is awake.
Ramsay Street
Elle arrives home and heads over to Ned who is trying to do a kangaroo impression to keep Oscar entertained but this time thankfully without the additional costume. Oscar is still being intelligent though in ignoring Ned. Their 'lets see who can make the most eyes at the opposite person' chat is interrupted by Paul shouting over to her that Robert is awake and that he wants to see them, so she reluctantly says bye to Ned.
Karl asks Katya how he is now after her shock of seeing CamRob wake. She is still a tad embarrassed at screaming but assures Karl that she is going to be completely professional with him and that she is also going to give him the care any patient deserves.
Paul, Gail and Elle arrive at the hospital and ask Karl how Robert is and is told that he'll be fine but asks that they don't overwhelm him when they see him.
Gail hugs CamRob when she enters his room but he refuses to shake his dad's hand and asks for some private time alone with his mum, using the excuse that he can't cope with a room full of people, so reluctantly Paul and Elle head outside. When alone with his mum, CamRob 'turns on the charm' so that Gail feels guilty while he hides his smirk in her hug.
No. 30
Karl is so impressed at Ned's kangaroo costume while they wait for Lyn to collect Oscar (she's late picking him up) but isn't impressed at having to wear it himself! Ned wants Karl to put the head on and he is trying to find excuses not to wear it, and tries the 'but it so looks better on you' but Ned too looks for excuses not to wear it.
Lyn finally arrives to collect Oscar as Karl models wearing the full costume and like Max; she correctly guesses who is under it. Ned remarks to Lyn that he'd like a phonecall if she is going to be late, which Lyn isn't exactly enthralled to hear. Karl now moans to her about having to wear the kangaroo costume to their latest gig but she tells him that it is more him! With Lyn and Oscar away, Karl remarks Oscar was a bit reluctant to go home and Ned states that he looks after Oscar better than his mum does! Karl quickly comes to Lyn's defence that she is a single mum doing the best for her child and that he shouldn't be judgemental. "Just calling it as I see it," replies Ned.
Paul and Elle come into CamRob's room and he asks if Gail wants to go home (he is getting cold shoulder treatment from CamRob). Gail replies that she wants to stay and Elle indicates that she is going to go too but CamRob asks her to stay. Elle begrudgingly tells her brother that it is good to see him awake and he brings up what Cameron did to her and adds that he forgives her for what she did to him (the childish stuff, ganging up and teasing) whilst they were growing up. She promises that things will be different now and he replies that Cameron won't be around to come between them as we head into the next break.
Scarlet Bar
Max apologises to Izzy for being harsh with her over the whole gassing incident because he realises now that she wasn't to blame and agrees to her spending more time with her nephew. Izzy says that from now on she is going to be completely reliable and become the original doting aunt.
Paul enters the bar and tells them about getting the cold shoulder from CamRob and that the call to say that he was awake threw him. Izzy is beginning to give him the cold shoulder by not being very responsive, so he takes her aside to say that she should not to be intimated by Gail because she is the woman he loves. Izzy is so pleased to hear that and stuns Paul by suggesting that Gail stays with them instead of at the hotel.
IZZY: No itching powder in the bed. I promise.
Gail tries to get Katya to give details on some of the accidents she had while going out with CamRob but Katya replies that she is going to put them down as near misses instead whist trying to play down what really happened. Gail apologises for what she has been put through and says that CamRob wants to see her, so he can apologises for frightening her when he came to. Katya explains that it was the identicalness which freaked her out and Gail assures her that Robert is a pretty sweet caring boy...if she can get over being scared half to death. Katya then remembers her 'professional hat talk' with Karl earlier on and says that she'll see him when she does her rounds, and so leaves to do the rounds.
Gail then chastises her daughter and suggests that she gives her brother a big apology when Elle says that Robert hasn't change.
In CamRob's room, he sympathises with Katya for the difficulty she is having given how close she was to Cameron. Katya tells him that she loved Cameron and CamRob replies that he loved his brother too "and look what he did to me" he adds. Seeing some hesitation, he then tells her that they have both been scared by Cameron and asks if she'll let him prove that he is nothing like his brother.
KATYA: Of course. You can't be blamed for something that he did.
No. 26
Ned calls by to drop off a cuddly toy Oscar left behind and Lyn is glad because Oscar is having trouble settling down without out. He seems put out that Lyn doesn't want him to try getting Oscar to sleep when Paul arrives wanting to be brought up to speed with what happened at work today. They start to head through to the kitchen and Ned asks if he can take the cuddly toy into Oscar and Lyn now agrees and thanks him, saying that Oscar wouldn't know what to do without him anymore.
Gail literally runs into Izzy and after apologising for running into her, Izzy apologises for what she said and Gail apologises back for what CamRob put her through. Izzy then invites Gail to stay at No. 22 and Gail accepts.
In CamRob's room, the two of them talk about what Cameron did and Elle remarks that he pulled the wool over her eyes.
CAMROB: No matter how well you think you know a person, sometimes they're just not who you think they are.
No. 26
Paul rejects a coffee from Lyn as he looks through the papers saying he's got enough trouble sleeping as it is with the stresses he is under, so Lyn volunteers to be there if he wants to talk to someone outside the family circle that is less involved. He thanks her and admits that there are things he feels he can talk to her about...then brings up that Izzy has invited Gail to stay with them. "Pretty nice of her don't you think," says Lyn and Paul agrees then admits that it is his own feelings that he is worried about...his feelings for Gail. Paul says that he thought the feelings he once had for her were gone but his heart skipped a beat when he saw her and that it frightens the hell out of him.
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Elle Robinson, Paul Robinson, Izzy Hoyland, Gail Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4988
Elle Robinson, Paul Robinson, Izzy Hoyland, Gail Robinson

Katya Kinski, Robert Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4988
Katya Kinski, Robert Robinson

Ned Parker in Neighbours Episode 4988
Ned Parker

Gail Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4988
Gail Robinson

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4988
Paul Robinson

Max Hoyland, Izzy Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4988
Max Hoyland, Izzy Hoyland

Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4988
Elle Robinson

Robert Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4988
Robert Robinson

Gail Robinson, Lyn Scully, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4988
Gail Robinson, Lyn Scully, Paul Robinson

Paul Robinson, Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4988
Paul Robinson, Elle Robinson

Gail Robinson, Robert Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4988
Gail Robinson, Robert Robinson

Oscar Scully in Neighbours Episode 4988
Oscar Scully

Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4988
Karl Kennedy

Lyn Scully, Karl Kennedy, Ned Parker in Neighbours Episode 4988
Lyn Scully, Karl Kennedy, Ned Parker

Izzy Hoyland, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4988
Izzy Hoyland, Paul Robinson

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