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Neighbours Episode 4983 from 2006 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4983: Can't Get You Out Of My Bed
Australian airdate: 05/04/06
UK airdate: 30/08/06
Writer: Chris Hollow
Director: Jet Wilkinson
Guests: Cameron and Rob Robinson - Adam Hunter
Katya Kinski - Dichen Lachman
Summary/Images by: Alex/Emily
- RealCam knocking CamRob out
- Izzy screaming at Elle to get out of the car and the car exploding as Elle ran away
Police officers are arresting RealCam for trying to kill Elle, and he is pleading with her to believe that it wasn't him. He thinks Rob did it. Paul doesn't believe this as he couldn't do it all the way from Europe. RealCam tries once more to tell Paul the truth, that Rob did it and he has actually been in hospital but Paul is having none of it and tells the police to get him out of there. The wisdom of knocking Rob out so he can't confirm this story is starting to look questionable. As the police do get him out of there, RealCam yells to Porky that she should know he isn't like that and he would never hurt her, but he is ignored and dragged out of the door. *Sob* Elle wants to know what he was saying about Robert...because Rob's in Europe...Don't they know by now statements such as this are fatal? Izzy wants her to just ignore him and Paul elaborates for the benefit of Elle and any viewers who have been in a cave for a wee while that he was going on about Rob putting him in a coma. Elle isn't so quick to dismiss this though because she can't believe Cam would do this. Girl's a genius. She clearly didn't get her genius skills from Paul though as he maintains all the evidence is there. Elle wonders if that was Rob they just took away and then asks where he was supposed to have been in a coma. Paul tells her it was St. Luke's and you can hear the cogs turning.
Scarlet Bar
Susan arrives and Karl asks her if she has heard his good news. I've no idea what good news this is. Apparently it is that he and Ned had their first paying gig. I think Karl has confused the meaning of the words good and bad here. But moving on... Karl thinks she should have come and Susan says that she should in a fantastically sarcastic way. Karl laughs and says he understands her cynicism, she has been at the coal face throughout his career. Career in music??
SUSAN: What career's that?
Hah, woman's a genius. Karl lists his 'career', The Right Prescription, The Rock Opera, Free as a River...Susan mutters 'classic' and Karl protests they were just phases he had to go through to get to this. Oh God. Susan tells him she is glad he has made it. Karl goes on about how he has found his musical niche and I'm pretty certain we have hit the bottom now. He goes into a reverie about what it feels like to perform on stage, singing songs you have written and seeing the looks on the kids faces. Susan tells him to be careful. While I'm wondering if he means he should be careful of the children she goes on to say he always gets so disappointed if things like this don't work out. Karl thinks you can't fool kids and puts an end to the conversation by offering her another coffee.
St. Luke's
Where Izzy states the obvious by saying Rob wasn't in Europe after all. Paul looks at CamRob lying in the bed and says that this is Robert isn't it? Elle says she doesn't know. This time I can't really blame the girl, it is starting to confuse me. Paul decides CamRob was in no condition to be planting bombs and after checking the notes at the end of his bed adds he hasn't opened his eyes in 7/8 weeks. Suddenly Elle turns detective on us and wonders if Rob was living with them from the start pretending to be Cam. Give this girl a gold star! Izzy thinks that they *know * this is Robert, he's the victim and that they are safe now. Well, one out of three ain't bad Iz. A shaky Paul agrees.
Scarlet Bar
Ned comes in with some more of that 'great' news, Oodles O Noodles has scored another gig. Susan can't quite believe the name but they went for an image change from KeNEDdy because naming bands after political figures is just so passé. Susan just nods and smiles and wishes she could walk away, when Ned elaborates they are at No.30 for a birthday party for a bunch of 4 year olds, but it's being paid to practise. That's certainly a glass half full attitude. Beatles had to start in Germany according to Karl. He tells Susan to come but she makes that classic excuse she has 'stuff' to do. Karl tells Ned Susan isn't a big believer but he says she might enjoy the Noodle Mania. Poor Susan is spared having to come back to that as Ned announces *drum roll here * that they have their first fan mail! It's for Karl and drenched in perfume!
Susan asks him if he is going to open it but he says he will leave it until later. Susan starts asking Ned something and Karl suddenly decides he might as well open it. Nothing like the attention shifting off you for a second is there...
Dear Oodles...Blah blah blah...loved your show, loved your performance...you're such a great role model for the kids...Intelligent, stylish, spunky...you can park your slippers under my bed...
And Karl suddenly decides that would be a good place to stop reading the letter out loud. Ned tells Susan that Oodles has been quite a hit with the ladies but Karl says he doubts he will be replying to that. Shocking way to behave towards dedicated fans.
Toadie comes and breaks up this happy party by announcing Cameron was just arrested because he tried to kill Elle.
Paul apologises to Izzy for everything he said and did to her. She forgives him and rushes off to get drinks, leaving Paul to have a lightbulb moment. He wonders whether it was Cam all along, that if he is capable of bombing Elle's car than perhaps he bombed the plane too. Izzy protests they have evidence it was Tony Corbett but Paul points out it continued after his death and he never confessed.
IZZY: He never got a chance.
It is a bit difficult when you're dead. Paul agrees with her, he was silenced. Izzy asks in disbelief if he thinks it was Cameron.
IZZY: Why would anyone do that?
PAUL: Who knows how a person's mind works. How my son's mind works. Oh God. My son killed Harold's family.
Susan tells Katya and Toadie that it is confirmed, Cameron is in custody and is the chief suspect for planting the bomb in Elle's car.
KATYA: You have *got * to be joking.
I'm not sure our Suse would joke about something like that Katya... Anyway, Elle is fine. Katya is rather quiet and Susan quickly reassures her that he had his whole family and everyone else fooled, not just her. She starts panicking about the cliff, the car and what if. Toadie points out she can't think like that. She says she loved him but Susan maintains it isn't her fault. Katya is having none of it though and goes on to say that she believed him and trusted him and he was a complete fraud.
Izzy reassures Paul that Cam will get help and it isn't Paul's fault. A lot of reassuring going on today.
PAUL: Oh what would I do without you Izzy?
Izzy says in a little girly voice that he would be fine but he disagrees, without her Elle would be dead and he would be alone.
PAUL: I love you Izzy.
IZZY: I love you too.
Elle interrupts their little moment bringing in one of those garish jewellery boxes that plays an annoying tune. It's broken though and Izzy asks what happened to it. Elle says it was Robert and she thought it was weird Cam had it with him. Elle thinks it was Robert living with them. Give this girl a prize. Robert has a mean streak in him, whereas Cam would never do these things. Would a normal person do this?
And she slams the jewellery box shut. Ooh. She thinks Cam is in a coma and Rob has been living in RS and has done all these things.
Karl, Ned and Harold are sat around discussing RobCam. Well, they are discussing Robert but they think it's Cam. Obviously. *head spin * Karl can't believe it because he worked at the hospital and seemed like a good kid. Harold though mentions the first time he met him he thought something wasn't quite right but of course never dreamed of anything like this. Paul wanders into the background as Ned remarks you would have to be sick and twisted and he is glad he didn't have much to do with him. Karl stops Ned from going any further in Paul's hearing by yelling Paul! Loudly. Paul wants a word with Harold and Ned and Karl make a sharp exit. Harold wants Paul to know if he needs help or guidance he knows people who he can talk to. Paul thanks him and then quickly moves on to why he is there.
PAUL: Harold, my son put that bomb on the plane. He killed your family.
Katya is going on about those people on the news who say that they are so surprised because so and so were so nice and that is her now, looking like a class A idiot. I really don't think she needs to beat herself up over this, he had his own sister convinced he was someone else. Toadie agrees with me and says she isn't, and what is needed is a trip down Ocean Road to get out and forget everything. She doesn't think so but Toadie carries on trying to persuade her and even offers to come with her if it makes things easier. Susan looks away at that comment but Katya agrees that it might be nice and says maybe in the next couple of days. Katya goes to bed while Susan says she will walk him out. Ooooh that tone so says she wants to have a talk about things. Sure enough she calls him back and asks that he will be careful with her, won't he? He agrees, seat belts and...Susan cuts him off saying that isn't what she meant. As everyone knows. Apart from Toadie apparently. Susan says that Katya has been through a rough time and is vulnerable. She knows that Toadie likes her and she could get hurt. Toadie is distinctly unimpressed she would think he would do that. In all the time she has known him has she ever known him to act like that to anyone? He walks out in disgust.
Harold is telling Paul he cannot blame himself and he has been though the most dreadful ordeal. Paul replies he has learnt the depths his son would go to in order to get back at him and how he has failed him. Harold tells him to look for the positives. Paul looks at him in disbelief but Harold thinks that Cameron was unable to hurt the famile despite his best efforts so the bond he shares with Elle and Izzy must be very special. Paul can't believe it, all this and Harold still finds a positive. He tries to apologise but Harold is having none of it and says he feels quite close to him. And with that Harold puts his arm around Paul's shoulder and tells him that they both know the pain of losing a son.
And on that poignant note, we head into the commercial break.
Izzy asks how it went and Paul simply replies Harold is too good a man. Izzy points out firmly he wasn't the one who planted the bomb on the plane. A devastated Paul thinks you reap what you sow and he should expect one of his children to be a murderer with his track record. The viewers wait on tenterhooks to see what Paul is going to admit to. There is a flashback to the torching of Lassiters in the 2004 finale and Paul adds quietly:
PAUL: Gus.
Izzy tries to rationalise this away by saying Gus was vile and dangerous and this is completely different.
PAUL: No. I created a murderer because I am a murderer.
Karl is telling Ned that he doesn't think that they should limit themselves. Although who really cares what he said when you can just focus on the wonderful green shade of Ned's Noodles top. Ned wants to know if this means that he doesn't want to be Oodles O Noodles anymore but Karl says no, he loves singing about gooey sticky stuff but thinks they should up the ante a bit more. To really gooey sticky stuff? Ned points out kids just want to have fun. *resist all Gloria Gaynor jokes* Ned hears what he is saying but can they stick to the current material for today? Karl agrees...for now, as Toadie goes to answer the door. It's Paul saying that Cameron needs a lawyer.
Paul wants Cam to have the best representation, he doesn't want to make the job too easy for the prosecution. Toadie wants to know why he cares if Cam gets fair representation after all he has done but Paul replies that he is still his son and he needs help.
Paul is on the phone to Gail (I can hear the squeals already) and says just wheneve she can get here and he will talk to her soon. Elle wants to know how she is, but she is n shock apparently. So...when are they picking Gail up, Elle asks? Together with a large amount of excited fans. She might be a week or so apparently because there isn't much she can do here, what with one son in a coma and another in jail and all. Elle wants to go down to the police station though so she can prove it's Robert that they are holding. Oh dear dear, I don't like the way this is going. Paul answers the door to Toadie who has reconsidered and will take the case. Although he is only doing his duty to the courts and personally he hopes that he rots in jail.
Police Station
Paul and Elle are let in to see RealCam, who Elle is of course expecting to be RobCam. She tentatively says Robert? But RealCam jumps straight in telling Porky he is in fact Cameron. Shut up man! Paul asks how they are treating him and he says fine but thinks they should ask if he can go back to the hospital. Paul tells him to stop the charade, they know what he has been up to. RealCam protests saying until yesterday he hadn't seen them for ages. Months ago he had the idea Rob was up to something because he was obsessed with Paul and suddenly he ran his car into a tree with Cam in it! Then he woke up yesterday. Paul's really believing this story but RealCam says it's the truth. He tries pleading with Elle again that she has the wrong brother and she agrees Rob is weird, she showed him the freak files! RealCam tells her she is the only person that can get him out of here. Paul cuts him off, they have heard enough now, he needs to stop. And as we head into the commercial break, Paul leaves poor RealCam with these wonderful words of comfort, that he will make sure he gets the help that he needs.
Where we have a bunch of about three 4 year olds and Oodles O Noodles. Karl tells the kids this is the ant rap and they start dancing around while Karl sings 'do the ant rap'. I think this has to be the lowest point. Focus switches to Toadie and Susan watching in the hall with faces of disbelief. Susan wants to talk to Toadie about yesterday. While we have the conclusion thankfully of the ant rap in the background and cheers from small children Susan apologises because she had no right to day it and should have known him better. Toadie says he wouldn't have her any other wa, she is just over protective and wants the best for Katya. Karl comes out at this point asking them what they think of Noodle Mania. They don't give him the few words I was thinking of, Toadie says 'rock on' while Susan tells him he is wonderful with the kids. Ned calls through to Oodles asking if they should give them one more. Haven't these poor children suffered enough? Karl yells does anyone want any more and the 3 kids cheer. He asks if they're ready, to more cheers and then he yells he can't hear them. Come on Karl, for the 3 that there are they're doing pretty well. Karl and Ned start singing again (Ned with hand movements) while Susan just looks on in impressed disbelief.
Elle says she was so sure it was Robert but now she isn't sure. Good instincts this one. Paul wants them to look at the reality and he just bottled up all his anger until it was too much. Elle disagrees, she isn't giving up, and what if that was Robert? He has been fooling them for months and one more day isn't much. Paul disagrees. As far as they are concerned Cameron is guilty of everything he is accused of and she has to learn to accept that.
St. Lukes
Where we conveniently cut to Robert now posing as...Robert. Two of the sisers come in, one to check on him and another to change the flowers. As soon as they are gone he removes his tubes and flicks on the conveniently placed TV. And we get an evil smirk.
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Paul Robinson, Elle Robinson, Izzy Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4983
Paul Robinson, Elle Robinson, Izzy Hoyland

Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4983
Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4983
Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Paul Robinson, Izzy Hoyland, Robert Robinson, Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4983
Paul Robinson, Izzy Hoyland, Robert Robinson, Elle Robinson

Paul Robinson, Izzy Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4983
Paul Robinson, Izzy Hoyland

Toadie Rebecchi, Katya Kinski in Neighbours Episode 4983
Toadie Rebecchi, Katya Kinski

Elle Robinson, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4983
Elle Robinson, Paul Robinson

Toadie Rebecchi, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4983
Toadie Rebecchi, Susan Kennedy

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4983
Paul Robinson

Harold Bishop, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4983
Harold Bishop, Paul Robinson

Karl Kennedy, Ned Parker in Neighbours Episode 4983
Karl Kennedy, Ned Parker

Cameron Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4983
Cameron Robinson

Elle Robinson, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4983
Elle Robinson, Paul Robinson

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4983
Susan Kennedy

Robert Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4983
Robert Robinson

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