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Neighbours Episode 4966 from 2006 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4966: The Unrighteous Brothers
Australian airdate: 15/5/06
UK airdate: 07/08/06
Writer: Hamish Cameron
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Kim Timmins: Brett Swain
Carmella Cammeniti: Natalie Blair
Rachel Kinski: Caitlin Stasey
- "I Will Lie" by Wesley Carr
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Max telling Janae he doesn't want Boyd to get married to anyone atm and Janae telling him that she has him running scared.
Mrs Cammeniti asking Connor to track down Carmella as she has been missing since Christmas day.
Stinger telling Rachel that it has to end.
Janae telling Max that he'll be happy with the decision she has come to (saying no).
No. 26
Stinger decides to do capture some footage on his camcorder. First on is Janae who is hovering outside No. 32 trying to pluck up the courage to enter or not but decides instead to have a seat on her kerb. He then notices Dylan come home in his car just and as he stop, Sky gets out of her car but he blanks his ex's request to talk.
While he has been recording, he has been making comments about what he has been observing and when he sees Dylan blank Sky says, "you love someone but then you have to hate them when everything turns to skimpy."
Rachel walking Audrey is next up and he zooms in on her face just as she looks up at him.
STINGER: Maybe the only way not to get hurt is to not to fall in love in the first place.
Dylan enters and he isn't exactly in the best of moods and calls Stinger a perve for recording everyone's movements in the street. He isn't impressed either when Stinger brings up his treatment of Sky.
DYLAN: Maybe when you grow up and stop going after fourteen year olds I'll give a stuff what you think.
Stinger looks at Rachel again from the window before roughly closing the screens.
No. 32
Janae watches Boyd as he folds up Charlie's clothes before she makes herself known and volunteers to help.
Scarlet Bar
Steph spots Janelle entering the bar and asks her if she thinks Charlie's head looks big because the nurse at the health centre made a comment about it. Max joins them and Janelle says he is just fine and for them to stop worrying about it and reassures them it is normal for head sizes to vary in babies.
Janelle then hands them an invitation to the wedding and Max automatically jumps to the conclusion that Janae has said yes until Steph quickly points out that the invitation is to Kim and Janelle's wedding. She however is curious over Max's original reaction and wants him to spill and Steph tells her about Boyd proposing to Janae. To say Janelle is over the moon would be the understatement of the year and she thinks it is fantastic news and gets out her seat and goes round to hug the three of them, delighted that her daughter is getting married. Steph brings her down to earth though when she tells Janelle that Janae said that she was going to turn Boyd down and Janelle is now annoyed that her daughter didn't come to her for advice.
The General Store
Dylan enters the store and after playfully hitting his brother, orders something just as Sky walks in. Naturally he isn't pleased to see her and threatens her with a restraining order as he thinks she is stalking him until Sky reminds him that she works there. Dylan asks for his food to be served outside because something is rank inside.
Sky tells Stinger that she isn't following Dylan but confirms to him that she isn't there to work. She moves away and Rachel enters and the atmosphere is very tense. She asks if they can try and have some sort or friendship but he tells her to stop pestering him before he heads outside.
No. 32
Charlie's clothes have all been folded up and the duo are making very polite conversation with each other. The conversation then gets round to the future and Janae asks Boyd if he will have time for anything else bar curing people in the future. Boyd says he will as life is too short to waste just getting by paying the bills but adds that he doesn't want to have a relationship with his kids like Bobby had with Max and Izzy. This admittance pleases Janae and she leans up and kisses Boyd.
BOYD: Does that mean yes?
JANAE: Yes, I'll marry you Boyd.
The two have a hug to seal their engagement.
Lassiter's Complex
Sky watches on as Dylan cajoles his dad into selling more DVD's to pay for the wedding even though Kim isn't as keen as his son. Dylan then notices that Sky has been watching them and doesn't like it and Kim tells his son to settle down. Kim makes his way over to Sky and apologises for Dylan before adding that it isn't a good idea for her to be following him around. Sky replies that she is just having lunch and can't help it if they bump into each other. Dylan shouts over to his dad to stop wasting his time and Kim looks up to see a happy Boyd and Janae run into Dylan. Dylan wonders why they are so happy and Boyd replies "mate that is no way to talk to your future brother in law okay!" Dylan is doing his best impression of a stunned mullet at what he has just heard.
Scarlet Bar
Janelle brings back a fancy cocktail for herself and Steph and she apologises to Steph for not having her in her bridal party. Steph is a bit bemused when Janelle says that is because Izzy and Susan are her top two favourite neighbours and Steph is surprised to find out that Janelle has a list!
Their chat is brought to a halt though when Boyd and Janae enter and asking for everyone's attention. Max's attention is brought to his son.
BOYD: Glad you are all here 'cos Janae and I have some really good news. We're...
JANAE: We're getting hitched!
Janelle rushes over to congratulate them as does Steph and Stinger while Kim and Max remain at the bar.
KIM: How do we handle this one?
Max replies that he hasn't a clue and was looking for help from Kim for that as Boyd and his father exchange looks across the bar.
Saint Clare's Convent
Connor pulls up outside the convent and quickly runs after someone who he believes is Carmella but when he does catch the person up, it isn't Carmella. She however has spotted him and asks if it is him and he can't believe how Carmella is dressed when he sees her dressed in a trainee nun's outfit!
CONNOR: Mary mother of god.
She is overjoyed to see him as she thought he was dead before rushing to him and hugging him.
Scarlet Bar
Janelle suggests to Boyd that they have a double wedding and he replies yes, the sooner the better just as long as Kim agrees. It then dawns on Janae that she is going to be a wife and that mother and daughter can go bridal shopping together! At the bar, Stinger asks if Max is alright and jokes that he can see a vein pulsing in his neck! Steph returns and Janelle tells Steph that a spot has suddenly opened up in her bridal party and asks if she wants it but Steph replies that she needs to think about it because she isn't sure how involved she can be due to Charlie. Janelle tells her not to take too long and as Max comes over, Steph reminds Max that they need to leave for their appointment with the paediatrician but he wants a word with Boyd first!
In the office, Max wants to know why Boyd is doing this and even though he accepts that Boyd loves Janae, remarks to him that he is just throwing his life away and why did he persuade Janae to change her mind. Boyd replies that he didn't persuade Janae, she accepted herself.
MAX: Marrying that girl is going to be a huge mistake. Marrying anyone at your age would be.
BOYD: I'm marrying Janae. End of story.
MAX: (pause) Okay. Okay, but you remember this moment 'cos it's got 'I told you so' written all over it. Do you understand?
BOYD: Fine.
Connor tells Carmella that he came back for Maddie and she apologises for the way she treated him and Serena because it made her realise how selfish she was. He asks why she is here (at the convent) and Carmella replies that she was ashamed of herself and her actions and so needed to start again and in two weeks Carmella won't exist anymore, instead she'll become Sister Mary Catherine. She adds that she wants to make things right for what she did and Connor asks if that is to make her parents think she has disappeared off the face of the earth. Carmella explains that she knew her parents would never approve and so had to do it alone but adds that he can tell her mum where she is but she isn't going back. The prayer bell rings and she asks if he can wait a while, which he confirms.
Scarlet Bar
Janae sees through Janelle's questioning of which area of medicine he'd like to specialise in just so she can get some free cosmetic surgery! Max and Steph come back with good news from the paediatrician - that they've got nothing to worry about that Charlie is perfectly healthy and that the nurse just had a dodgy tape measure and they were the 3rd set of worried parents who had been referred that week.
Max walks away and Steph asks Boyd to look after Charlie before heading after him. Steph apologies for taking Charlie to the doctors for no real reason and Max replies that there is no need to apologise because they aren't going to take any risks with his health and the main thing is that he is okay and is great.
STEPH: (while hugging Max) That's it, isn't it you want him to be happy and healthy...just like Boyd.
Max realises he's just walked into Steph's trap and she adds that things may work out alright in the end just like them.
MAX: Yes, but we weren't a couple of hormonal teenagers.
STEPH: Well we certainly acted like it!
Max then tells Stinger that he can finish up and Stinger heads over to see Sky. Both of them are as miserable as each other and he suggests they go somewhere to take their minds off their problems. "Sounds good," replies Sky as they head out of the bar.
Grease Monkeys
Over a coffee, Kim tells Dylan that although he likes Boyd, the pair of them are too young to get married, so Dylan points out he age he got married at. Kim notices that Dylan isn't exactly with it and asks why he isn't giving a stuff over Janae getting engaged. Dylan replies that Janae will be ruining her life as he spots a police car coming down the street. Kim gets all jumpy and wants to warn their sellers but Dylan restrains him and reminds Kim that they need to distance themselves from the sellers. Kim tries to hide his face as the officer gets out of the car but he gets a message through the radio and turns on the sirens before leaving. With the police safely away, Kim tells Dylan that their selling days are over and gets up to leave but Dylan restrains his dad and informs him that it isn't his business anymore and that Kim will do what he says!
No. 24
Stinger tries to cheer Sky up by demonstrating his juggling prowess but she still has Dylan on the brain. He tells her to get over it and when his words have obviously failed on her, asks instead if he can join the club. She asks what is going on between them and he replies nothing and adds that nothing ever will. Sky enquires if that is because of the age difference and he replies yes and that he promised Susan but adds that he really likes her.
SKY: She's a pretty gorgeous looking fourteen year old.
Stinger points out that she is almost fifteen before adding that she totally gets him.
STINGER: At least we've still got each other.
SKY: Always.
Carmella returns to Connor after her prayers and although she has so much she'd like to say to him, he announces that he is off as his job is complete.
CONNOR: Look Carmella, you can become a nun and you can pray all you want but that's not going to fix any of the lives you've ruined or bring Serena back.
Carmella asks him to forgive her for everything she has done but he replies that the hopes everything works out okay for her.
No. 24
Sky and Stinger have totally cheered up and are laughing and joking with each other and Sky says she is going to be living her life soon by quantum physics. Once she's explained what that means, they continue to banter with each other before Sky gets upset. Stinger pulls Sky into a hug and offers to punch is brother for her and reassures her that they are both going to get through this. "How?" asks Sky and looks straight into his eyes with not an awful lot of distance between them. Stinger replies that by being together and by doing whatever it takes to get good again.
SKY: You make me feel better.
STINGER: You make me feel better too.
Their heads then get closer and closer together until they end up kissing each other.
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Sky Mangel, Stingray Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4966
Sky Mangel, Stingray Timmins

Sky Mangel, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 4966
Sky Mangel, Steph Scully

Stingray Timmins, Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 4966
Stingray Timmins, Sky Mangel

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