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Neighbours Episode 4868 from 2005 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4868: Rude Awakening
Australian airdate: 07/12/05
UK airdate: 02/03/06
Writer: Sacha Hamilton
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Kim Timmins - Brett Swain
Drew Kirk - Dan Paris
- "Always" by Sam Hawksley
Summary/Images by: Linda/James
- Connor deciding to go with Harold.
- Harold telling Sky she has him.
- Steph having a "passionate" dream about Drew.
Max arrives home with Steph's chocolate but she's already fallen asleep. He looks fondly at his wife, and starts caressing her face.
Dreamy Drew Dreamland
They're both mucking around in the garage, and this quickly turns to a hot smoking smooching session.
Still asleep, Steph mumbles not to stop - and Max obliges.
Dreamy Drew Dreamland
They profess their love for each other.
Steph mumbles she loves Drew too...completely confusing Max. He wakes her up, and she's startled. She mentions a movie is probably not a good idea as she'd probably fall asleep. Max tells her about some strange stuff she was saying...mainly who the heck is this Drew fella?
Paul hangs up on Jordan, promising they won't need his help. Izzy just grins when questioned, she was simply helping Elle with a project...yes, "Jealously Games" it seems. Nah, Izzy was simply restating the old rule of "treat 'em mean, keep 'em keen"! Paul wants Izzy to be more of a mother figure, someone Elle can get advice from.
IZZY: I gave her great advice!
PAUL: No you didn't, you taught her your major: Male Manipulation.
IZZY: What are you? The perfect parental role model?
PAUL: What?
IZZY: (gestures to the large gift he's holding) Why don't you buy her a whole island nation next year, show her much you really love her.
PAUL: Excuse me, there is nothing wrong with spoiling my own daughter.
IZZY: What? Buying her affection, did you say something about manipulation?
PAUL: Oh really. At least I made an effort, when was the last time that you bought something really thoughtful for someone.
IZZY: (shocked) I am a great gift giver!
PAUL: No you're not! You recycle things - you give things away that you don't want anymore.
IZZY: I do not!
PAUL: Oh really. Okay, well Summer's last birthday. Um, that make-up travel kit that Carmella gave you...
IZZY: Yeah well, those colours didn't suit me.
PAUL: Oh and Max's birthday? A bottle of bubbly left over from the botched wedding to Karl?
IZZY: That is a great drop! There is nothing wrong with re-gifting...
PAUL: Ahh, whatever...
IZZY: ...Especially to those people that you love.
Lesson learnt: make sure Paul is the main gift giver from that duo.
Steph explains her unrequited love for Drew, and how he had a family with Libby. When he died, she got over it - it's a non-issue now! Max doesn't believe so, but Steph insists on it. She never told him as it's in the past, where it belongs. He just needs to get over it, because she has! (walks out)
MAX: Oh you call having a wet 'n' wild dreams about an old flame getting over it?
Harold was thinking on going on a cozy little picnic for the 3 of them...since realising he HAS been neglecting her. Connor agrees...but thinks Sky should realise it's a 2-way street.
Toadie, I mean Jarrod pops over as he needs some advice from Connor. Connor prematurely assumes it's something relating to the type of prank Toadie should pull (he starts going off at Toadie) but instead, it seems Toadie needed advice about Ned's reading problem. Toadie thought they were mates who could rely on advice from each other, but it seems that they're not anymore? He leaves.
Harold congratulates Connor on resisting that "latest temptation".
Lyn's (morning)
Wow, the magic Christmas elves went CRAZY in the Scully/Timmins' household. Janelle and Kim admire their handiwork, when Lyn storms in looking frazzled. She is annoyed Gino refused her pay rise, considering the amount of work and overtime she has been putting into the salon. Janelle suggests she help with the hair and makeup on his play...that's what she did, and she got her pay rise AND Gino is treating her like royalty. Lyn is flabbergasted.
Salvo's Soup Kitchen
Harold and Connor help some people, when Toadie shows up for another word. Connor is reluctant...but afterall the Salvation Army do lend a helpful ear to those who need it. Toadie needs Connor's advice at losing a mate. He's tried all his tricks but doesn't know how to get him back. Does Connor have any ideas?
Scarlet Bar
A fetching fella walks past, and Max teases Steph by asking if she's had a dream about him too? SIGH. Noooo, Max is the only man she loves, the only man who has given her something (pats her belly), they should just leave Drew in the past.
Overhearing, Izzy remarks how sad it was - Drew dying so young. She didn't know him but felt like she did as Karl talked about him all the time. What a great guy, father, son-in-law he was. Oh and gorgeous from the pictures she saw.
MAX: He's so perfect I should start dreaming about him. (walks off)
Izzy wants Steph's advice...for any good gift ideas for an older girl. Something more meaningful... Steph susses it's for Elle, but not to worry so much as she should figure out something.
Meanwhile over at the Timmins' table with brightly coloured and elaborately garnished drinks, Lyn happily enters. She has decided to stop whingeing, and act. She has decided to leave the salon and apply for a personal assistant's job. A fresh new beginning! The job ad reads a personal assistant at Lassiters Complex - hours negotiable. Lyn frets she has no experience however Janelle and Kim shrug that off. She is a lifecoach, salon manager, domestic goddess...not to mention all that work she did with Joe's old building business. And anything she doesn't know, she can learn. This pumps up Lynny and they toast to the new her!
Salvo's Soup Kitchen
Toadie just wants things to resume to how they were...but Connor doesn't agree. He doesn't want to go through life making stupid jokes, he feels he should help people, make his life more meaningful. Toadie agrees that he can! But it doesn't mean he should shut people out or go nuts. Connor recalls how Toadie changed after Dee died. Well...Toadie did change but if he means how he shut himself off, to protect himself from getting hurt, well than that changed when Connor and Stu showed him on what a life he was missing out on if he lived his life in a total state of avoidance. Glancing at Harold, Connor states he is not alone. Toadie gets it, and simply leaves. Connor is shocked he got the last say and Harold nods, as it's never easy to end a friendship but he did the right thing...
The General Store
Toadie lets his frustration out on Lou - Lou understands as Harold hasn't been around. Toadie just feels he lost a part of himself... Lou doesn't know what they could do? They just have to learn with it. Even if it's unhealthy and WRONG?! Toadie's theory is that Harold is replacing David with Connor. Yep. Shirts say it all matey. Lou nods, he's right! Toadie formulates a plan to 'break them up' so things can get back to normal. Lou and Harold, Toadie and Connor. He's gonna do everything to get his friend back!
Steph and Max get ready to sleep on the comfy coach, and he reminds her about any car polishing, it will be with him. They sleep...
$150 000...is the amount from David's life insurance. Harold is shocked, but has figured out the good that can come from it. He will split the money between Connor and Sky so they can both get a kick-start to their lives. Connor is just shocked, it's amazingly generous...but he needs to think about it.
Steph is off to dreamland...I wonder where she'll go?
Dreamy Drew Dreamland...with a twist
Stephs tells Drew he is the perfect husband, and they have the perfect family. They smooch more, before Steph walks over to check on the baby. Drew doesn't want her to go, but Steph doesn't listen and peeks over the baby stroller...there is no baby. She starts yelling at Drew about her baby, but he merely grins ever so eerily.
Steph wakes up in a state of panic, yelling about her baby. Something is wrong with the baby!
"Morning Neighbours!" chirps Izzy in her smoking hot red dress. Izzy has muffins...that she baked in the spirit of the season. The only surprise ingredient is lots of good cheer! Janelle has a sniff, and remarks there aren't that many there! Well actually, Izzy is there because she wanted to bake some miniature Christmas puddings but wanted to grab a good old fashioned recipe, and thought Lyn was the perfect person. Ya know, some good old girlie chatter.
Well she's in the bathroom at the moment but Izzy doesn't mind waiting, no way. She asks for some recipe books to start off, so Kim grabs them out. They hear a door slam...I guess that was Lynny. Well nevermind, no siree - Izzy needs help from Janelle with gift ideas for girls.
JANELLE: Kimbo, put the kettle back on. Me and Izzy need to talk Chrissy cheer.
Izzy happily grins...how surreal.
The General Store
Connor goes to have a chat with Harold - Lou earsdropping behind the door. Connor can't take Harold's money, it should be for his family and those who really need it.
He then comes out and tries to chat to Toadie...but Toadie plays it cool. Lou is bewildered, but Toadie has it toally under control. Treat 'em mean, keep 'em keen! (works on the ladies too apparently...) Nevertheless, Lou spills the beans on Connor rejecting Harold's money.
Paul drops off some Christmas present - thought Harold could give it to the needy, and bring some Christmas cheer. Harold is a real inspiration...I'm sure Harry thinks so, but with the sinister/creepy music that plays over the scene we may beg to differ. Harold just takes the box and drops it, scowling at the doorway in the meantime.
Lassiters' Lobby
Lyn repeats her mantra, that she is the best person for the job! Behind her, Paul asks if she is lost? Well no, she is just here early for a job interview, and nervously babbles a bit...Paul just grins, and Lyn figures he knows the people, and they're just awful! Well...depends on who you ask... (note Lyn, don't ask Harold). So...is she still interested?
Steph frantically runs into the house and tells Max it's gone! The box with magic stuff is gone, did he take it?! She refuses to sleep in the house without it - Lil told her it was a charm to keep the baby safe, and now she's having these scary dreams. Max tries to calm her down, but Steph refuses. She is the one pregnant and feels something bad will happen to the baby!
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Drew Kirk, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 4868
Drew Kirk, Steph Scully

Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 4868
Steph Scully

Izzy Hoyland, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4868
Izzy Hoyland, Paul Robinson

Harold Bishop, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 4868
Harold Bishop, Toadie Rebecchi

Kim Timmins, Janelle Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4868
Kim Timmins, Janelle Timmins

Steph Scully, Max Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4868
Steph Scully, Max Hoyland

Kim Timmins, Lyn Scully, Janelle Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4868
Kim Timmins, Lyn Scully, Janelle Timmins

Connor O
Connor O'Neill, Toadie Rebecchi

Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 4868
Toadie Rebecchi

Drew Kirk, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 4868
Drew Kirk, Steph Scully

 in Neighbours Episode 4868

Izzy Hoyland, Kim Timmins, Janelle Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4868
Izzy Hoyland, Kim Timmins, Janelle Timmins

Connor O
Connor O'Neill, Harold Bishop, Lou Carpenter

Harold Bishop, Lou Carpenter, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4868
Harold Bishop, Lou Carpenter, Paul Robinson

Paul Robinson, Lyn Scully in Neighbours Episode 4868
Paul Robinson, Lyn Scully

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