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Neighbours Episode 4823 from 2005 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4823: Nude, Where's My Jar?
Australian airdate: 5/10/05
UK airdate: 28/12/05
Writer: Michael O'Rourke
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Ned Parker: Daniel O'Connor
Elle Robinson: Pippa Black
Carmella Cammeniti: Natalie Blair
- "Trigger" by Sandrine
- "Skin" by Endorphin
Summary/Images by: Linda/Elin
- Serena catching Connor with Carmella in the dressing room
- Carmella lending Connor the money on one certain condition
- Ned being secretive to Boyd
- Dylan finding out Elle is the new trainee
Sky shows Elle the sketch of nude Dylan. She wasn't supposed to show anyone...but this is a major assessment and she wanted some feedback. Elle likey very much. Actually, while Sky is there, she would love her help in brainstorming some ideas about the Lassiters' 20th Anniversary. Izzy overhears and snipes Elle should be doing the work on her own. Paul walks in and she uses the opportunity to ask his opinion. He agrees she needs to work this out on her own. Elle pouts a little, but nods. Her phone rings and when she answers it, Sky has a peek of some medication in her bag.
The General Store
'Boom-tish! Boom-tish!' It's the Harry and Dave show folks and today we are tambourine playing. Unfortunately, Dave ain't got the rhythm. Outside, Serena gives an update on the Maddy situation. Turns out Lori's parents found the money somehow...although she is confused as to why they took so long. Lil says what done is done, and they can now move forward... Oh hey there Carmella! She sweetly reminds Serena about the photoshoot her magazine is having at Bounce tomorrow (80s beach party theme)... However, Serena had no clue about this though Connor and Toadie did. Yeah so anyway, she'll see her tomorrow. Serena and Lil have a good seethe about Carmella's true intentions but David is completely clueless. (she is simply keeping her in the loop you see)
Scarlet Bar
Dylan is working furiously in the bar on his own Lassiters' 20th Anniversary idea, as he explains to Sky it is much quieter here than at home. His idea is a 'Fabulous 40s' theme - glitzy limos, vintage plane...that kind of thing. Sky is very impressed but points out a few flaws. Firstly, the budget is big (doesn't matter, it's Paul!) and...he is contending with the daughter. A daughter who is trying to reconnect, but Dylan is positive Paul will only choose the best idea.
Elle is still working on her anniversary proposal, much to Paul's surprise. Yes, she just wanted to produce very good work. She notices he is down and he agrees - it is Izzy. He thought she looked off-colour before she left for work...Elle asks not to worry so much. She does have a brother and nephew. Paul can't help it, as afterall she is the first woman in a long time he can be comfortable with.
Serena is not too happy with Toadie for the lack of information regarding the photoshoot. In the future, she will want information about anything going on with the shop. Stu adds in it is part of the law (thanks). Toadie explains Carmella needed an answer right then and there...and besides! He is also going to be in the photoshoot, the new hunk on the scene! Serena calls him pathetic, but Toadie can't help it. He has his mojo back baby! Look, whatever dude, just don't make any decisions without me!
Ned hurriedly scoots out the door and dodges Toadie's questions about his whereabouts. This further sparks interest into where Ned's activities, and mentions to Stu how Boyd copped a mouthful when he questioned Ned about it.
STU: Boyd thinks he is making riveting conversation, when he's being nothing more than completely annoying!
Yes...this may be correct. However! They know it does not take much to get a rise out of Ned, so something must be up.
Scarlet Bar
Sky and Dylan play pool...or at least Sky plays pool and Dylan dreams of his Lassiters' proposal. He groans, hoping he's not turning into a workaholic. Nah, it's okay, besides Sky has her own image ingrained in her mind. It's Dylan, naked. She grins slyly, as she has another nude portrait in mind.
DYLAN: Me and my tackle are not for artistic consumption!
Stu plays a video game, whilst Toadie continues to wonder about what Ned is up to...something just is not right, he can feel it! He peeks outside and seeing he hasn't left yet, quickly shuts the game off and chucks on a hat and sunnies. RightyO, they're going to stalk Ned.
Carmella has brought back Izzy's handbag and notices how groggy she is. Izzy thinks she is coming down with a cold, but Carmella is sure looking glowy. She lets slip about lending Connor the money...Izzy remarks it was nice, though it may be awhile before she gets the dosh back. That's no problem, she is positive Connor and her will work out something. +wink wink+ Izzy grins and asks about the little obstacle that is Serena Bishop. Oh her? +shrug+ Well, she won't be trouble for long.
Shopping Centre
Ned makes his way through and down some stairs. From behind a post, Toadie pops his head out - all very spy and sleuth like. But not. Stu yanks the sunnies off, exclaiming he isn't being inconspicuous enough. They argue a little and soon notice they have lost the trail on Ned. They quickly make their way up the same said stairs.
The General Store
Harold and David make their way to band practice (though Dave is simply observing today, no tambourine for him!), leaving Sky and Serena to clean up. Serena continues her conspiracy theories about Carmella's intentions. Sky asks her to look at it another way: she is giving Bounce free PR. Yes...OR, she is trying to steal Connor away. No, he loves her too much and Serena finally agrees. She leaves and Sky heads to the kitchen to Dylan. Right, strip off darling. He sighs, he is only doing this 'cause he loves her.
Paul is eager to see Elle's proposal, though this is much to her annoyance. She asks about the competition - Dylan - he seems quite raw and not very bright. Paul laughs, she shouldn't underestimate him. He is fond of Dylan and in fact, Paul would not be alive if not for him. Elle gets it...but Paul continues that she is his daughter. She turns the conversation to Izzy, and how unwell she seemed. In fact, she might bring her some milk of chamomile tea later...
The General Store
Sky sketches a very nude Dylan and muses she'd like to sketch a whole series...maybe 10 or 20, all around town... Outside, Harry, Dave and the rest of the Salvo's have come back from their rehearsal. David is a bit moody as he only got to sit on the sidelines and grumbles he'll go make some food.
HAROLD: Don't sulk David.
Again like last week with Lou in the speedos, David gets the fright of his life when he walks in Sky's nude sketch session. Harry comes in, to see what the noise is about and also yelps (as do the Salvo's who get a quick peek). Dylan quickly grabs the pickle jar, to er, hide behind, much to David's disgust (it's not sanitary!). This spurs Dylan to open up the jar and throw pickles at him.
Shopping Centre
STU: You know what I keep ask myself?
TOADIE: Why you wasted all your money voting on "Dancing With The Stars?"
The dynamic duo come walking back, empty handed in discovering what Ned has been doing. They start assigning blame, but Toadie knows this is his Ned's fault. What is my fault? Oh, there is Ned. Toadie isn't going to sugar coat this...and asks why he has been so strange lately. This doesn't go down well with Ned, who asks to be left alone to do his own business and huffs off. Toadie asks Stu if he's ever seen his brother so fired up before...he hasn't, not since he was 3. 3?! Isn't that telling you something? Stu still isn't interested?
HoT (morning)
Toadie interrogates Ned over his activities (potentially illegal) over breakfast, but this only annoys Ned. Nevermind, Toadie has to get to the shop for that photoshoot! Alone, Stu let's his brother know, he is there should he want to talk about anything. Ned knows, but also knows he'd like some privacy. There are some things about him he will never get.
The photoshoot is raring to go, but mess begins to annoy Serena. Carmella understands, oh yes she does, but everything will be put back in place once it's over. Toadie arrives and he looks like a boy in a candy store...even more so than usual at Bounce. Serena once again walks over to Carmella and gets annoyed about the lack of Bounce stock being used (as in zero). Well, they brought their own wardrobe, as Bounce doesn't stock 80s beach gear, in order to have an 80s satire theme.
CARMELLA: Do you know what the word 'satire' means?
SERENA: Do you know what the world 'patronise' means?
CARMELLA: Sure do sweetie! So, we can all go back to our work then?
Serena fumes on the spot, but is comforted by Lil.
Paul is highly impressed with the work, thought and effort Dylan has put into the 40s theme proposal - he is particularly impressed with the plane idea. Unfortunately, he has decided to go with Elle's idea - it is simple, yet effective. To say Dylan isn't pleased, is putting it lightly.
Toadie reappears decked out...in a brown mullet wig (much like the one Joe had on last week), fluro board shorts and a "CHOOSE LIFE" singlet. Apparently he is the nerd who never gets the girls. Aww. Serena is very incensed, she will NOT ALLOW this to take place. Toadie shouldn't have to be humiliated this way - he is a major partner. Carmella has a moment...then decides Toadie can have a fantasy moment - the nerd becomes a hunk and gets the girls! Unfortunately for Serena, Toadie WILL be bought off so easily and totters off to choose his girls. And once again, Serena is left standing there to fume.
Dylan tries one last time to persuade Paul into using his proposal - as they all know it is the best one! He thinks the budget excuse is weak and maybe he is only doing it 'cause he thinks he is a lousy father (protests here and there from Elle)... Paul tries suggesting they combine the two...but Dylan rebuffs as they are way too different. He wants to talk about it later, but Dylan knows he won't change his mind and walks off.
The General Store
Dylan shares his disappointment at losing the proposal. Sky was right, the princess went over him and while he doesn't know her idea, he knows his was a lot better. Sky tries to say it wasn't her fault...but Dylan knows it was! Elle played Paul all along. He sighs, he worked so hard on this project but if you have rich parents...you get everything you want.
Elle is concerned her dad let Dylan talk that way with him, but Paul doesn't mind. He doesn't want a 'yes-man'. Izzy groggily appears but soon falls over. Paul rushes over and calls for Elle to give him a hand. He has to do this twice and still she doesn't properly respond...
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Paul Robinson, Izzy Hoyland, Sky Mangel, Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4823
Paul Robinson, Izzy Hoyland, Sky Mangel, Elle Robinson

Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4823
Elle Robinson

Serena Bishop, Liljana Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4823
Serena Bishop, Liljana Bishop

Carmella Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 4823
Carmella Cammeniti

Toadie Rebecchi, Stuart Parker, Serena Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4823
Toadie Rebecchi, Stuart Parker, Serena Bishop

Stuart Parker in Neighbours Episode 4823
Stuart Parker

Dylan Timmins, Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 4823
Dylan Timmins, Sky Mangel

Dylan Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4823
Dylan Timmins

Sky Mangel, David Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4823
Sky Mangel, David Bishop

Ned Parker in Neighbours Episode 4823
Ned Parker

Dylan Timmins, Elle Robinson, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4823
Dylan Timmins, Elle Robinson, Paul Robinson

Toadie Rebecchi, Serena Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4823
Toadie Rebecchi, Serena Bishop

Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 4823
Sky Mangel

Izzy Hoyland, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4823
Izzy Hoyland, Paul Robinson

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