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Neighbours Episode 4807 from 2005 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4807: One False Move
Australian airdate: 13/09/05
UK airdate: 05/12/05
Writer: Piet Collins
Director: Jet Wilkinson
Guests: Ned Parker - Daniel O'Connor
Tracey Richardson - Andrea Swifte
Jenny Thewlis - Nancy Finn
Tina Thewlis - Kate Osborn
- "Sublime" by Shakaya
Summary/Images by: Ally (AllyAngel)/Elin
- Janelle asking Janae what Karl has done to her.
- Izzy being arrested.
- Janae has run away, and Janelle tells Scott he should believe her side of the story over Karl's.
Waiting for the bus, waiting for the bus, high ho the derio we're waiting for the bus....la la la lala....err...hi! Janelle and Stingray are waiting at the same bus stop that they have apparently been at for days, to see if Janae turns up, but Janelle decides they are wasting their time. Stingray thinks they should look at Nan and Pop Timmins' or Tracey Richardson's but Janelle doesn't want to waste her time - Janae obviously isn't here. They get in the car and drive off...just as Janae toddles up the road...
Max is on the phone, and has just found out that Izzy has been arrested. He asks what happened, and then hangs up and goes back to Steph. He relays the story to her, but she is pre-occupied with something beside Max. 'What do you think they're for?' she asks, pointing to a box of tissues.
MAX: I dunno, for when you get a call about your sister's criminal behaviour?
Steph tells him to think about it - the hospital is filled with both happiness and grief - how many expectant parents just like them have had tragic news there? Max tells him there are going to be fine. Mate, have you forgotten you're a Hoyland? Just watch your back...Just to prove they are going to be fine, Max stomps on the box of tissues. Steph thanks him, then asks what happened with Izzy - she does care, she just isn't giving it too much energy. Max says that is fair enough - he's just sorry they have to put up with it. Steph says they have been getting caught up in all Izzy's dramas but maybe it's time just to think about the two of them for a while. Karl comes to call them in.
Pizzy Palace
Stu brings Izzy home and tells Paul they hopefully won't have to speak to her in official capacity again. She goes off to her room, and Stu has a word with Paul. He says that charges haven't been pressed, but Izzy ahs been given a warning and is on a state-wide registry so she can't buy any pills. Nurse Dodgy has also had the book thrown at him. Izzy also has to undergo Narcotics counselling, and will need someone to nurse her through...Paul doesn't think he can be 'her saviour' but Stu says if she's going to have a shot at getting through this....he needs to do his best.
Karl is showing Steph and Max the video of their ultrasound, and he says they have a lovely healthy baby. Max says it is going to be an Olympic Swimmer, but Steph worries if there are any more tests she should be having. Karl says there are a few, but she doesn't fall in the risk category. She still wants to be safe, but Karl says all the boxes are ticked, the baby's fine and they should just enjoy the pregnancy.
STEPH: Hear that? You have to treat me like a queen!
MAX: Aaah, so no changes then?
Karl asks if they 'want to know...' Steph says yes, but Max says he has thought about it and wants to keep it a surprise. Steph argues that then they've got the mad last minute rush with names and stuff. Max points out they just have a short list for either sex. But what about clothes? Max thinks they should keep a bit of romance and mystery in the pregnancy. Karl looks on bemused as they have the whole yes, no, yes, no, I love you more, no I love YOU more, yes, no....etc argument, until Steph tells Max:
STEPH: Oh, so while I'm busily pushing out a watermelon (Max cringes), you're happy to nick off down the shops to buy clothes for whatever sex child we have there? Are you? Huh? (laughs)
MAX: (laughs) Stop it, I can't take anymore!
Serena tells Connor she wants to do it today. Connor's all huh? What? Serena says she wants to move in today - she was dead serious, she can't live with her parents anymore. The HoT tell her about the recent arrivals at their pad, and Serena is all 'so isn't there room for me?' Stu says he doesn't want to offend her, but her and her family have a lot of 'challenges' and they don't want them spilt over into the HoT. Connor mediates the situation by telling Serena he'll talk them round, and telling the boys that the first time Serena sits on a pair of their dirty undies, she'll be straight back to Mummy and Daddy.
Janae storms up to a woman and demands to see her dad. The woman says it is good to see Janae, but Janae says to get her hands off her - Janelle has told them everything about her, and she's just husband stealing trash. The woman tells Janae she has got the wrong end of the stick, but Janae asks if she thought about what her actions would do to the Timmins kids. She says she isn't leaving until she sees her Dad.
Pizzy Palace
Izzy wheels her bags out and tells Paul not to stop her - she needs help, but she doesn't want to do the whole circle of love thing because the law says she has to...she is going back to the retreat. Paul says he can look after her, but Izzy says he never signed on to be her carer - it isn't fair on him. She thanks him for everything, and for letting her 'put it up the suburban cabbages of the street'...but it has got to poisonous, and it isn't fun anymore. She's burnt her bridges and it is easier if she goes.
IZZY: Nothing's keeping me here...
PAUL: I love you...let me be the one to look after you...
Pizzy Palace
Paul says he meant what he said, he has just been too afraid to say it. Izzy says she wants to say she feels the same way...but there's Karl...she says it is crazy but she's still not over him...could be guilt. Paul says he is prepared to wait. Izzy can't understand how he can love her - she hurts people, she isn't good for him...Paul says he knows her better than anyone - how can he not love her? Izzy asks about Lil, but Paul relies that he hates her, and as far as he is concerned she is dead to him - she gave up on them to go back to... 'that fool.' Izzy asks where to from here, and Paul says they get her healthy, look out for each other, and then take each day one step at a time.
The woman (Tracey Richardson) tells Janae that she never touched her Dad, even though she thought about it. Janae fires accusations at her, but she stops her. She says Kim would never have cheated on Janelle in a million years. Janae can't understand why Janelle would make up everything but Tracey tells her she gave up trying to work out Janelle a long time ago. She didn't appreciate Kim, and she didn't know how lucky she was. Janae says she just wants to find him. Tracey says the last she heard he was staying at his parents' place; Janae thanks her and leaves, but not before Tracey says that Janae's dad is a good man, and for her to remember that.
Serena thanks Ned for helping her bring her stuff over.
SERENA: At leats there is one gentleman in the House of Pants!
Connor brings the beer in for the boys, but they soon let him know his 'wife' has arrived to move in. He rolls his eyes and tells them that Serena and the thick layer of filth present at Number 30 will not mix, and nothing will change even if they do...but as a desperate measure he will burp the National Anthem at half time. They do the Trouser Chant, as Serena comes back in and looks disgusted. Ned tells them she'll be right, just don't let them make her do all the work...that's Lou's job. He leaves to go to Paul's, as Connor kicks Toadie off the couch and calls Serena, who promises not to say anything girly or stupid, over instead.
Pizzy Palace
Max tells Paul he appreciates everything he is trying to do for Izzy, but Paul says he just wants to see her get healthy, and that puts him and Max on the same team. Max says it does, but to be honest, right now he and Steph are concentrating on each other and the baby. Paul says that is understandable, just as Izzy comes out and asks where Steph is. Max tells her she couldn't make it, but Izzy says it is going to take her a while to forgive her. Max says he ahs to go, but Izzy wants to say a few things. She says she is sorry for the accident with Steph, and the whole cheque bizzo...she wasn't thinking straight because of the pills...Max says she doesn't have to do this, but Izzy says she does. She has been asking him to forgive her for stuffing up since she was a kid, but this time she really needs it. Max is silent, so she tells him Paul is going to help her get better - she promises. She goes to hug him, but he just looks away, and she runs off as Ned waltzes in.
NED: I've ah, come to finish pruning the lemon tree.
Class. Ned walks into the kitchen to find Izzy wiping her eyes. She asks what he is doing there, and he says he has come to check on the lemon tree - it looked pretty crook last time. Izzy says that lemon trees are tougher than they look - the fruit even comes out in winter.
The Number 30 boys are on their way back from the General store, and run into Steph, who tells them about her ultrasound earlier. They get all excited and go ga-ga over her belly, while Janelle runs past up to Karl. He has to go to the hospital, but she tells him to hold his horses. She demands to know where Janae is. Karl says he doesn't know, but if he did he would tell her - he cares about Janae. Janelle says they all know about that...Steph and the HoT boys look on as Stingray runs up to Janelle and tries to stop her. But she turns around to Steph and the boys, and tells them that this might be their trusted family doctor, but to lock up their daughter's when he is around...lock 'em up.
Connor, Toadie and Stu are celebrating their team's victory, while commiserating about Ned's team's loss. Serena brings in the pies, and Toadie tells her just to chuck them on the table. Serena slams the down and storms off. Stu tells him to go off after her, but Connor says it is finals time, and he isn't going to run off after his girlfriend every five minutes.
Pizzy Palace
Izzy goes to leave, but Paul says they have everything they need for dinner. Izzy says she was going to get dessert, but seeing as he thinks she is going to buy something else, she'll just sit on the couch and watch the footy like all the other suburban sheep. Izzy says why don't they just cut to the chase - he says he loves her and wants to help her, but when he decides she is too much trouble he'll just leave her like all the other men. Paul says he knows her better than anyone, and he hasn't left. For the first time in their lives they have an open and honest relationship, and nothing she does will shock him.
Karl escorts a patient called Tina through the door of his surgery, but her mother runs in and says she has changed her appointment to another doctor. Karl will no longer be seeing her, and from what she (the mother) has heard, he should even be allowed to practise.
Stingray makes a sleep deprived and worried Janelle a cuppa. Janelle says that she knows she is a wreck, but the longer Janae is away, the more she is expecting 'that' phone call. She gets up and tells Stingray to phone the Salon - she isn't going to work today. Just as she leaves, the phone rings and Stingray answers. It is Janae - she has rung to tell him she is ok, but she doesn't want him to say anything to Janelle. Stingray says she has 'landed the Doc in a big crock a stimpey' but Karl is the last thing on Janae's mind - she tells Stingray Janelle has been lying to them about why Kim left. Stingray just wants her to come home, but Janae says she is going to find their Dad, and find out the truth. She wants to hear his side of the story...whatever it is.
<<4806 - 4808>>
Janelle Timmins, Stingray Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4807
Janelle Timmins, Stingray Timmins

Stingray Timmins, Janelle Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4807
Stingray Timmins, Janelle Timmins

Janelle Timmins, Stingray Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4807
Janelle Timmins, Stingray Timmins

Max Hoyland, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 4807
Max Hoyland, Steph Scully

Max Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4807
Max Hoyland

Toadie Rebecchi, Stuart Parker in Neighbours Episode 4807
Toadie Rebecchi, Stuart Parker

Serena Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4807
Serena Bishop

Janae Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4807
Janae Timmins

Izzy Hoyland, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4807
Izzy Hoyland, Paul Robinson

Connor O
Connor O'Neill, Toadie Rebecchi, Stuart Parker

Max Hoyland, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4807
Max Hoyland, Paul Robinson

Izzy Hoyland, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4807
Izzy Hoyland, Paul Robinson

Ned Parker, Steph Scully, Connor O
Ned Parker, Steph Scully, Connor O'Neill, Toadie Rebecchi, Stuart Parker

Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4807
Karl Kennedy

Janelle Timmins, Stingray Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4807
Janelle Timmins, Stingray Timmins

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