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Neighbours Episode 4771 from 2005 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4771: Hat Trick
Australian airdate: 25/07/05
UK airdate: 14/10/05
Writer: Helen MacWhirter
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Paul Robinson: Stefan Dennis
Rosemary Daniels: Joy Chambers
Lucy Robinson: Melissa Bell
Doug Willis: Terence Donovan
Phil Martin: Ian Rawlings
- "Bruises" by Sandrine
Summary/Images by: Carly/Emily
- Annalise finally catching up with Lou
- David hearing the great news - Lil and Paul are over
- Susan hacking into Izzy's computer files
- Izzy seeking out Paul for help - he's got an answer
Finally, an opening credit update! The Timmins starfish-sprawl is ace.
Lou's House
It's Lou! In his own house! Quick, the apocalypse is coming - or perhaps just two visitors who like to draw moustaches on unassuming home occupants whilst they are asleep on the couch with a Jackie Collins novel.
The visitors turn out to be none other than Doug Willis and Phil Martin who found Lou's spare key outside. "Your old neighbours have come back to haunt you!" After the initial shock, Lou asks where Pam and Ruth are. The fellas reply that they made this a blokes trip - they didn't want the girls to get all soppy at the documentary screening (Annalise invited them down). They also let Lou know they're both in early retirement and want to entice him to come on a fishing trip with them.
Paul's Hospital Room - The Psychiatrist Is In Session
Izzy doesn't get what Paul's obvious plan is and wants him to spell it out. He points to his leg - "because I ended up half-dead and missing a leg people went easy on me. See, their pity was my rabbit in the hat." Izzy's all, 'You want me to amputate a LEG?!' but Paul's more about playing the sympathy card. Why stop lying when you're on a roll? He suggests she puts a little twist on the truth. Well, she's pretty damn good at doing that, Paul.
General Store
David hands Lil her coffee in a gooey-eyed trance while her and Susan sit down. She asks if Susan's told Karl yet but Susan is thinking that he'll be sorting through the wreckage at the moment. Or y'know, he could have just walked into the store right behind them, whatever.
Karl frantically asks if they've seen Izzy, she hasn't been home all night. Lil and Suse make shifty eyes at one another and say no, but they'll let him know if they do. He heads out the door; brow furrowed in concern, while the ladies express their distaste in Izzy doing a runner. Lil thinks someone needs to tell Karl what happened, looking pointedly at Susan. Suse hates being the bunny that has to do that each time... perhaps she'll give it a day.
LIL: Don't leave it too long. It's not fair to leave somebody in limbo.
She says, staring at Dave. I do believe we have a double meaning here, people!
Paul's Hospital Room - The Psychiatrist Is In
"Absolutely NOT!" Izzy screeches. Whatever Paul has suggested she say to Karl obviously has not sat well with her. Paul tells her to get off her high horse though, she needs this sympathy vote. Izzy begs to differ. You see, she's going to tell Karl the truth, and sure, he'll be angry and shocked, but he'll forgive her for being honest because he loves her.
PAUL: I hate to be the one to break this to you, Izzy, but no one could love you that much.
Preach it, brother! He reiterates that it's the only way. "He. Loves. Me," Izzy insists, thinking that if she says it enough it might actually come true.
General Store
Lil saunters up to David at the counter where he thinks she's after a nice big slab of chocolate rum torte. Lil ain't after that, but I can tell ya she's after a big slab 'o something else...
LIL: I want to know if the offer still stands.
DAVID: What?
LIL: I want to come home.
DAVID: (shocked) You're kidding?
LIL: Yeah... (realising) No! No! I mean no I'm not kidding! Yes, yes I want to come home.
DAVID: You really mean it?
LIL: Yeah!
They burst into brilliant smiles and run around the counter for a bear hug. Serena walks out of the kitchen wanting to know what's up and they tell her the good news. Aw, group hug. "We're going to be a family again!" Dave exclaims. Weeee!
Lou traipses in with Doug and Phil (who tell them to keep Lou's drawn-on beard a secret), introducing them to the Bishops. Lil wonders why those surnames are so familiar and Lou informs her that's because they're the greatest larrikins that ever lived.
LIL: I assume you're here for Annalise's reunion, huh?
PHIL: Yeah, wouldn't miss it for the world.
DOUG: (grinning) Some of the best days of our lives were spent here.
DAVID: (cuddling his girls) I know exactly what you mean.
How sweet. It makes me want to run through a meadow of daffodils with a boatload of happy puppies.
Karl & Izzy's Flat
Karl does his 'I've been worried sick' routine when Izzy finally arrives back home. She tries to tell him she got drunk and stayed at Max's place but Karl says he's already checked there and wants to know the real reason. Izzy hesitates and then says she slept in the park because she was too scared to come home.
IZZY: I don't want you to hate me; I really want you to understand.
KARL: You're not making any sense.
IZZY: Just tell me that you love me.
KARL: (cautious) You know that already.
IZZY: I need you to tell me that you love me and that you'll forgive me for anything.
KARL: Forgive you? Forgive you for what?
(Izzy just looks at him)
KARL: Come on, Izzy, what have you done?
Yeah, Izz, tell the good doctor what you've done.
Karl & Izzy's Flat
The two of them are sitting down whilst Izzy regales us in the wondrous Jerry Springer episode called, 'I know that I helped in breaking up your marriage, and we kissed in an elevator and you rocked my world, but I thought I wasn't worth it so I hooked up with Mr. Psycho Issues 2004 and got kinda pregnant and shacked up with you in the end cause I heart you - Well, the baby wasn't yours... and I'm married to a horse.'
Karl doesn't quite understand why she's dredging up the past like this and making herself upset but Izzy just wants him to listen.
KARL: (he holds her hand lovingly) What made you think you were going to lose me?
IZZY: (looooong pause while she gets some courage) The baby... (more courage, more courage) ... it wasn't yours.
Karl throws her hands down and looks positively crushed.
Serena hastily cleans up the rest of the house while David carries Lil over the threshold. They fuss over her, wanting her to chill out, because they're so glad she's back for good. Lil just wants to fuss over them though and starts to make lunch - Serena says her and Dave will be on dinner duty then.
Dave follows Lil into the kitchen for a bit of nookie but Lil just wants to take things slow, even gently asking to stay in Harry's office for a little while. David's a bit crestfallen but understanding. "Won't be forever," Lil assures him.
Karl & soon not to be Izzy's Flat
Izzy tries to crawl out of the hole she's dug herself into while Karl quietly rages in silence. She says that people would have thought she was just using him if she told the truth but if that were the case, she would have left after she lost the baby. "I didn't because I love you."
Karl bolts up and heads towards the bedroom, moving Izzy out the way when she tries to get him to stop and listen to her reasoning. He starts dumping her stuff into a suitcase, "You are leaving, you are leaving now." Izzy wails and flails away.
Paul's Hospital Room
Paul hears a noise behind the curtain and thinks it's a nurse. The curtain swings back to reveal a woman. "Do I look like a nurse?"
PAUL: (not very thrilled) Rosemary.
ROSEMARY: Aunt Rosemary to you.
To play catch-up, they're not on very good terms because Paul ripped her off back in the day (what a surprise), but it seems Rosemary is over that now. She's in town for a few reasons but the main one is to strike a deal with him; she wants to buy Lassiter's. Paul is having none of that but Rosemary tells him his name is mud because of all his dealings with Affirmacon, "Nobody is going to want to do business with you and Lassiter's will go down the gurgler." Rosemary isn't going to stand by and watch that happen. A cheery voice rings out as a woman with flowers enters the room.
PAUL: (surprised) Lucy!
LUCY: (gets upset with how he looks) I was just getting you some flowers and... oh, Paul!
PAUL: Yeah I know, I don't look my best at the moment but trust me I'm fine. Come here and give your big brother a hug!
Karl & uh... Karl's Flat?
Karl unceremoniously dumps more of Izzy's stuff in the suitcase while Izzy looks on, clutching her sonogram picture. He grabs it off her and rips the picture out of the frame.
IZZY: Please don't be angry.
KARL: Of course I'm bloody angry. You let me grieve for another man's child.
She cries that she just wanted them to be a family and he reminds her he had great kids until she busted them up. Karl grabs her and the suitcase and high-tails them out the front door. "I don't know if I hate you for your despicable lies or me for being such a bloody idiot."
Outside the Flat
Izzy wails that he can't throw her out, she has nowhere else to go. Karl says his only regret is that he didn't do it sooner; Lord knows he's wanted to.
KARL: There's so many times I almost walked, there's so many times I was drawn back to Susan but I didn't go because I wanted to be with you! I wanted to be with you and our baby.
IZZY: Karl...
KARL: All that time was completely wasted. Least Susan's love was real.
Izzy is completely gobsmacked while Karl turns away, leaving her by the car.
IZZY: When I fell pregnant to Gus I wasn't with him anymore!
(Karl turns to look at her in confusion)
IZZY: But he couldn't accept it. He didn't listen when I said no.
KARL: What are you saying now?
IZZY: That he didn't listen. And I screamed out and it didn't stop him, I couldn't make him stop.
Karl looks utterly confused and dismayed and all other emotions. Let me just speak for the general population when I say *&@#! &&^$%@$!
Outside Susan's House
Lil and Suse laughingly watch Serena and David take Lil's stuff back home as quickly as they can. Suse says she'll miss her but Lil jokingly says she'll only miss her homemade plum brandy.
LIL: But, there's a secret stash hidden in the pantry.
SUSAN: Ah, that would be the secret stash hidden behind the cereal.
LIL: No! You're a shocker!
SUSAN: That's why you love me!
They say they'll miss each other and Lil thanks her for having her around to stay. She asks if Susan's going to check on Karl but Suse just wants to leave that be for a bit longer. "Right now though I'm just going to catch up with some old mates."
Scarlet Bar
Doug and Phil have joined Susan for some drinks (that Lou is buying at the counter). They're reminiscing about the good old days.
SUSAN: What's this I hear about you going back to writing?
PHIL: Yeah, Philippa Martinez is reborn.
SUSAN: Oh...
PHIL: I have to fund the retirement somehow.
(He takes Susan's hands in his all sexy-suave-like)
PHIL: And you know I've always been a natural when it comes to the romance.
DOUG: Aw get out! Have you read any of his stinkers, Susan?
SUSAN: I have had that pleasure, yeah.
Lou brings the drinks over and the fellas wonder what's taken so long, they could have grown a beard by now, yuk yuk. Lou looks into the reflection of the tray and notices his pretty drawn-on facial features. They all sit around making bad puns. It's punarific.
Lucy wheels her brother in, who cringes when he sees Phil. He says he wants to go but Lucy thinks it's time they all sorted things out. "Robinsons don't run away." Too late anyway, Phil has walked right over to them.
PHIL: Well look what came up from the bottom of the pond.
PAUL: Hey, Philip.
PHIL: I always did believe in karma; what you put out in the world comes back to you. Looks like yours came back in spades.
(Doug and Lou come over to oversee them)
PAUL: Yeah it's good to see you too. How long has it been?
PHIL: You mean how long has it been since you tried to frame me for fraud?
DOUG: Let it go, mate, it's all in the past.
PHIL: (points the finger at Paul) You know, if you weren't in a wheelchair I'd...
(Doug and Lou hold Phil back while Paul provokes him)
PHIL: You're nothing but scum!
Lucy looks upset and Paul looks Paul-ish with a slight dash of sorrow.
Karl & maybe Izzy's Flat?
Izzy is explaining to Karl that Gus forced himself on her after they broke up and that's how she became pregnant. Karl wants to know why she didn't go to the police (because she's LYING! ARGH!), but she says she was so ashamed she couldn't. She thought he'd see her as dirty and damaged if she told him the truth.
KARL: I would never have done that. Izzy, I was in love with you.
IZZY: (looks up at him) I know that now. I should have told you.
(She gets up and takes his hands)
IZZY: Gus just did what he did because I said I was leaving him for you.
Karl is caving like a sack of gullibility.
Scarlet Bar
Susan, Lou, Phil and Doug are chatting about old times some more whilst Paul looks on miserably with his sister at another table. Lucy says Paul's got as much right to be there as him. The Bishop family walk in to start up Round 2 of 'Sucked in, Paul'. Ding! Ding!
Lil tries to stop Serena from saying anything, but she's looking all kinds of kick-butt and wants to unleash it on Paul.
SERENA: You know what? I thought you would have left town by now.
PAUL: Hello, Serena.
SERENA: Don't even think about making a move on my mum, okay? She's back with my dad. (Takes a scornful look at Lucy) So you and your new bimbo can just clear off.
LUCY: I'm his sister you moron.
SERENA: Oh, you have my pity then. Just keep him away from my family.
Paul looks forlornly at Lil then asks Lucy if she's got Rosemary's mobile number. "That offer she made, I think I'd like to rediscuss it."
David and Serena have made the un-tastiest meal on the face of the planet. The meat is burnt, the gravy is mangy and the carrots aren't even chopped yet. Lil wants to help them but David has a better idea, "We'll order in!" Kevin then laughs like a happy psycho. Seriously! Marcella and Lara crack up.
Karl & Izzy's Newly Reclaimed Flat
Susan has come by to see if Karl's okay. She's surprised that Izzy has told him everything but Karl gets suspicious when Susan starts mentioning medical records and 24-hour ultimatums.
KARL: Why do you have to keep interfering? Why do you have to cause trouble?
SUSAN: You think I've come here to gloat? You should just be thankful that she's finally out of your life.
If only that were the case, Suse. We see Susan's look of disbelief as Izzy stands in the doorway of the bedroom, trying not very hard to hide a smirk.
SUSAN: Oh, Karl. What lies has she told you now?
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Doug Willis, Philip Martin in Neighbours Episode 4771
Doug Willis, Philip Martin

Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 4771
Lou Carpenter

Izzy Hoyland, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4771
Izzy Hoyland, Paul Robinson

Liljana Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4771
Liljana Bishop

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4771
Susan Kennedy

Serena Bishop, David Bishop, Liljana Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4771
Serena Bishop, David Bishop, Liljana Bishop

Doug Willis, Lou Carpenter, Philip Martin in Neighbours Episode 4771
Doug Willis, Lou Carpenter, Philip Martin

Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4771
Karl Kennedy

Karl Kennedy, Izzy Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4771
Karl Kennedy, Izzy Hoyland

Rosemary Daniels, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4771
Rosemary Daniels, Paul Robinson

Izzy Hoyland, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4771
Izzy Hoyland, Karl Kennedy

Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4771
Karl Kennedy

Paul Robinson, Lucy Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4771
Paul Robinson, Lucy Robinson

Izzy Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4771
Izzy Hoyland

Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4771
Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

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