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Neighbours Episode 4755 from 2005 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4755 - Triskaidekaphobia
Australian airdate: 01/07/05
UK airdate:
Writer: Graham Hartley
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Dylan Timmins: Damien Bodie
Janelle Timmins: Nell Feeny
Janae Timmins: Eliza Taylor-Cotter
Bree Timmins: Sianoa Smitt-McPhee
Greg Little (Quizmaster): Peter Byrnes
Summary/Images by: Tracy C/Elin
- Kayla gives birth to a baby girl, with Boyd by her side
- Paul is told he must lose his leg
Sky walking in on Dylan fighting with Stingray
No. 26
An upset Sky wants to know why Dylan and Stingray can't talk to each other instead of fighting like ape men. Dylan says that Stinger started it but Stinger holding his ribs tells Dylan that he hasn't changed a spiggin bit before leaving.
No. 32
Boyd tries to sneak back into No. 32 but Steph pounces on him wanting details of Kayla and the baby. Max asks if they're both all right and Boyd tells them "it's a girl" and as Boyd heads to the kitchen, Steph and Max hug each other in the background. They break off their hug and follow Boyd into the kitchen wanting more info like 10 fingers and toes, her weight but Boyd tells them he doesn't know but that the nurse said she was perfect. Max asks if he was there for the whole thing, he was, and Max says that seeing a baby born is an awesome experience. Eventually breaking out of his grim expression Boyd agrees and says that Kayla was amazing. Steph can't believe that 'their' baby is finally here and goes to hug Boyd who doesn't reciprocate the hug back. Boyd says that he is knackered and heads off to his room with Steph in hot pursuit wanting more information but he ignores her and keeps on walking and Steph wonders if something is wrong.
Harold arrives and tells Karl that he is here to see Paul. Karl is pleased and hopes that Harold can talk some sense into Paul about having his leg amputate since the infection has taken hold and antibiotics aren't working. Harold wonders what Paul is thinking about and Karl tells Harold that they were going to consider legal intervention until Paul sent his lawyers in, telling the hospital ironically "they didn't have a leg to stand on". Harold enters Paul's room and Paul is surprised to see him. Harold tells him that if he is holding out because of Lil then it is very sad and very wrong and if he really loved Lil then he wouldn't do this to her. Paul says that Lil doesn't love him. Harold tells him that love isn't dependant on one person and the greatest love in the world is God's love, which is with him, right her and now but given Paul's state of mind he refuses to believe that.
No. 32
With Boyd carefully eavesdropping from outside, in the kitchen Steph tells Max that she wishes that she could see the baby and hold her and Max tells her that in a few weeks they can do so forever. Steph replies that a few weeks feels like forever because she wants to know her now. Steph gets off the island (they've been sitting on it) to see Boyd (he moves to go back into his room) but Max stops her.
STEPH: Oh Max, I just want to know if she's got any hair, what colour her eyes are.
(Boyd resumes his position by the door as they sit down at the table)
MAX: Hey, he's just been through a pretty huge experience for someone of his age. He's not going to be able to rabbit on about hair colour and eyes.
STEPH: I just wish he could have told us more.
MAX: You just wish we could have been there?
STEPH: And I wish it could have been us.
MAX: Well a few weeks it will be. We won't have to wait much longer.
STEPH: We've just missed the birth and now we have to miss the first most important days of her life. They're so special.
MAX: Well what happens after that.
STEPH: Well after that we get to be her mum and dad for the rest of our lives.
MAX: Can you believe it?
Steph and Max hug each other and outside Boyd just sadly looks on.
No. 24 front yard (next day)
Dylan comes running up the drive and hands Sky her the newspaper. She thanks him and walks away and Dylan asks if that is all she is going to say. Sky tells him she did all her talking last night and he replies that it is so unfair, so she tells him that he beat up his little brother and she can't stand that sort of thing. Dylan quickly tells her that is what Stinger wanted and not to let it ruin anything. Sky informs him that Stingray was right he hasn't changed at all so he tells that the first thing Stinger did when Dylan arrived was to punch him! Sky says that Stingray is his little brother and that he's supposed to look after him and Dylan shouts at her that he can't because Stinger can't stand to see him happy. Sky tells him that there is no excuse for violence so Dylan suggests they jump in the car and go for a drive! She tells him that he is unbelievable, so he informs her that he knows she likes him since he likes her a lot! Calmly, she tells him that she did like him but he's too dangerous and walks into the house.
Outside somewhere
The girls and Janelle are having a BBQ but Bree is fretting that they won't get there in time to let her compete and she freaks out even more when Janae wants to stop too for a shower because she hasn't had one in three days. Bree tells her that she's tired, sick, and hot but she still needs to concentrate. Janae replies that she's just getting the excuses in early in case she's a loser and besides they need the money to pay off Janelle's credit card debt. The girls start to bicker and Janelle tells Janae to stop but she just tells Bree not to let them down. Bree asks how many times has she let them down and is told to stop by Janelle.
JANAE: Name one time, I dare you.
BREE: Okay, the time you were supposed to be visiting Dylan in Juvie and you went to the pool party, em the Christmas you threw out the pudding and the time you went to the nightclub with Mike.
JANAE: It wasn't a nightclub.
BREE: And you went and got your drink spiked.
This of course is news to Janelle and she wants details. The girls try to deny it happened but Janelle wants the truth right now.
Paul wakes up to discover Dylan standing at the bottom of his bed. Dylan wants him to confirm that he won't get his leg amputated asking if he wants to die. Paul tells him that he's sick of the battle, so Dylan says that isn't like him and that he can't die because he needs him. A weak Paul tells him that he doesn't know how long he's going to be conscious for but if he blacks out he needs Dylan to keep fighting for him. Dylan asks, "what fighting", so Paul replies that if they want to cut off his leg then Dylan has to ring the press or anyone so they don't amputate. Teary, Dylan says he can't do that and Paul begs him, so Dylan reluctantly promises.
Janae finishes telling her mum about what happened at the nightclub and didn't say earlier because she didn't want to worry her. Janelle asks why she didn't tell her (earlier) and Janae replies that she'd have just got mad if she had. Janelle firmly tells her that she is a child and although she may be grown up, she isn't and that she should have told her mum.
The General Store
Harold comes into the store in his Salvo uniform and David comments that he's surprised it still fitted! Harold tells them that when he put it on it felt like he'd never taken it off. He publicly thanks Lou for getting him back into the Salvo's and Lou tells him to keep his voice down and his War Cry to himself! Harold tells Susan she's to remember to come to the BBQ and she tells them she wouldn't miss a party, and David adds that all food and drink are taken care of. Susan leaves and Stingray comes in and Sky tells him that although she can't condone what Dylan did to him last night, he was pretty annoying. Stinger says he wasn't deliberately doing that, and exasperated Sky tells him that he knew they wanted to spend time alone with but he didn't leave them alone and instead baited him. They start arguing about Dylan and Stinger says, "who trashed your house Sky?" which leaves her stunned.
Janae approaches Janelle who is standing by a body of water and Janelle asks if everything is packed. Janae replies that Bree is doing it before approaching her and asking if she's crying. Janelle denies it and Janae apologies to her for not telling her about what happened and adds that she doesn't want to fight with her. Janelle says the same back to her and says that if every they are in trouble they've got to let her know and not leave her in the dark. Tearfully, she tells Janae that she loves them like crazy and a teary Janae says that she loves her mum too and they hug each other until a bull ant bites her and she starts hopping around.
No. 32
Boyd finishes his conversation on the phone with Kayla (he wanted to find out how she was) and Max asks him if that is wise contacting her before they've been given permission. Boyd says nobody in the hospital knows who he really is and Steph asks how Kayla is, to which Boyd replies she is fine. Steph now asks about bubs and how they spent their first night and Boyd says fine before telling them he's going out to lift some weights. Max stops him and tells him that although he has an overwhelming experience he doesn't need to be so territorial and Boyd replies that he isn't.
STEPH: Boyd please don't shut us out. We're just excited, this is our new baby, we just...we can't help but want to know everything.
BOYD: (coldly) She's Kayla's baby, not yours. Not yet. Can't you just leave them alone for a while?
At last it is the final of the Spelling Bee competition and before Bree leaves them to take part in it, Janae apologises for saying that Bree needs to win the money to pay off the credit card debt and Janelle asks Bree is she wants to pull out of the competition. Bree says no and she isn't doing it for the family but for herself. As the annoyingly loud quizmaster speaks in the background (instructions for the competition entrants), Janelle tells her to do her best and if she doesn't win it doesn't matter. She then tells Bree she'll wait in the car (due to Bree's tendency to spew) but Bree says she doesn't feel sick so it is safe for her to stay.
Dylan is watching an unconscious Paul and picks up the consent form...that he then hands to Karl who is in the corridor outside of the room. He apologises for the mess of the signature, he had to help Paul sign it and doesn't let Karl into the room saying Paul's out of it again. Karl wonders how he managed to get Paul to change his mind and Dylan says he talked some sense into Paul by saying how much Paul mean to him and Paul just signed it! A relieved Karl quickly gets on the phone to theatre.
Bree spells her first word correctly, chrysanthemum despite the quizmaster telling her to speak louder and being again, and makes it to the final 10 contestants. Janelle and Janae clap excitedly in the audience.
She has a bit of trouble with the next one, nihilism, before eventually getting it right to make the final two. Janelle goes wild again in the audience as a stunned Bree watches.
Ramsay Street
The BBQ is in full swing, complete with lots of non Ramsay Street resident's aka extras. Susan comes out of her house and is stunned to hear Lou say Harold is going to make a speech but to make it quick, as the steaks are nearly ready!
HAROLD: Susan it's all right, we know you're not the one to push yourself into the limelight but at times like this.
SUSAN: Can I just say something Harold?
HAROLD: Please, let me have my say. (scratching his head) What did I say? Oh yes, at times like this when the neighbourhood is losing one of its long-standing residents.
SUSAN: I'm not going.
HAROLD: You're what?
SUSAN: I'm not going. (everyone looks stunned) I'm so sorry. My heart really wasn't in it from the beginning and I made such a fuss when I made the announcement and I spoke to Libby and she agrees that if I don't want to go then I shouldn't and I don't so I'm not (tears start) and the fact that you've done this.
Everyone comes up and hugs Susan delighted that she isn't leaving. Stingray breaks off his hug and runs into Sky, telling her he's on the way to tell Serena about Susan not leaving but Sky just wants to know why he told her about trashing Number 24 since Paul Robinson gave Dylan an alibi. Trying to get away from her, he tells Sky "I lied, I'm a cake taker and he's my brother and he's hot headed but he's no psycho". Sky asks if he's sure about that and Stinger leaves to get some food.
Max tells Harold he's please to see him back with the Salvo's and Harold says it feels good. Lou and David have a "chat" about serving finding happiness serving others and Lou asks if David is going to join the Salvo's like Harold but he replies "not in a million years."
Susan tells Steph she feels like a complete idiot but Steph says she's made the right decision, as the place wouldn't be the same without her. Susan asks about Steph's news and Steph says there is a cooling off period before they can see her and it's killing her. Lou drags Susan away as Max comes over. Max asks Boyd if he wants something to eat but he just blanks them and walks away leaving Max and Steph confused.
It's crunch time at the Spelling Bee Competition. If Bree spells the next word correctly she wins. The quizmaster gives the word (triskaidekaphobia) and in the audience, Janae asks what kind of a word is that. Cue Bree asking for the meaning from the quizmaster. He kindly tells her, the audience and the viewers it means fear of the number thirteen. Via Janae's camcorder we see Bree spell the word correctly. He tells her that Bree has won and Janae and Janelle run on the stage to congratulate her and Janelle grabs the microphone.
JANELLE: This is my daughter and this is her sister Janae and I'm their mother Janelle and we are proud to be from Colac!
Cue muted applause from the audience as Bree receives her gigantic winners cheque.
In the corridor, Karl tells Dylan that Paul will take some time to recover from the trauma of the operation but that things are looking positive and confirms Dylan's question that he has beaten the infection. Karl tells Dylan that whatever he said to Paul he saved Paul's life.
Dylan enters Paul's room where he's hooked up to various monitors and an oxygen mask but he starts to come round from the noise of the door opening/closing as Dylan came in. He pulls off his oxygen mask and sees Dylan then looks down the bed and notices the cage has gone along with part of his right leg and quietly starts to get hysterical as Dylan looks on.
<<4754 - 4756>>
Janae Timmins, Janelle Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4755
Janae Timmins, Janelle Timmins

Harold Bishop, David Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4755
Harold Bishop, David Bishop

Janae Timmins, Janelle Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4755
Janae Timmins, Janelle Timmins

Boyd Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4755
Boyd Hoyland

Boyd Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4755
Boyd Hoyland

Janelle Timmins, Janae Timmins, Bree Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4755
Janelle Timmins, Janae Timmins, Bree Timmins

Bree Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4755
Bree Timmins

Harold Bishop, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 4755
Harold Bishop, Lou Carpenter

Stingray Timmins, David Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4755
Stingray Timmins, David Bishop

Max Hoyland, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 4755
Max Hoyland, Steph Scully

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