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Neighbours Episode 4735 from 2005 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4735:One-on-One
Australian airdate: 03/06/05
UK airdate: 24/8/05
Writer: Tony Osicka
Director: Jeff Truman
Guests: Bree Timmins - Sianoa Smitt-McPhee
Bobby Hoyland - Andrew McFarlane
Janelle Timmins - Nell Feeny
Summary/Images by: Elise/Elin
- Karl begs Susan not to leave Erinsborough
- Janae agrees to come home
- Susan kisses Bobby
Scarlet Bar - Where it certainly lent its name last night.
So, as we begin from that steamy pash we left last night we have Susan sneaking about trying to leave the Scarlet Bar after her night filled of BobbyLuvin™. Lucky Suse is all I can say. As she tries to exit, she gets sprung by Bobby who has emerged in his dressing gown. Yes - I bet you're thinking - Where did he get it from?.
BOBBY: Susan?
SUSAN: (just got sprung voice) Hi.
BOBBY: Don't I even rate a goodbye?
SUSAN: Yes, yes you do of course, it's just that you were sleeping ... and I didn't want to disturb you.
BOBBY: Don't be embarrassed !
SUSAN: Oh no I'm not, I'm not embarrassed ... well I suppose I'm a bit embarrassed . Last night was well ...
BOBBY: Fantastic ...
SUSAN: (rolls eyes) Oh yeah ... (straightens herself up) Yes. It's just I don't normally behave like that.
BOBBY: Which bit?
SUSAN: Well you know, instigating the whole thing and then when you where (points) you .... Well all of it really.
BOBBY: Hope I didn't disappoint?
SUSAN: Oh no! Nooooooo, no, no. This is about me and ....
BOBBY: Go on ....
SUSAN: Well come on, Bobby, we both know the complications. There are people that will not look kindly on this.
BOBBY: Bella ....
SUSAN: Yep and Karl and Max and probably Steph and while last night was wonderful (cue dirty laugh) it can only be last night.
BOBBY: Let me make you some breakfast?
SUSAN: Ok (smiles) ... NO ... no, no what am I thinking?
BOBBY: Come on!
SUSAN: No I have to go!
BOBBY: I'm starving aren't you hungry?
SUSAN: (exhausted) I'm famished.
BOBBY: Let me cook you breakfast. I do a mean scrambled egg.
SUSAN: Oh I bet you do! ... but I have to go.
So then Bobby holds his hand out and Floozy Susy stays. Bless.
Lyn and Janelle are walking down the stairs of No.26. Lynnie is wearing a very bold ensemble whilst Janelle is chatting about her and Janelle's bonding night. Lyn says that it sounds like all has worked out and that's what kids like - one on one time. Janelle tells Lynnie that she thinks her oven is up the 'wazoo' as it burnt all the dinner but Lyn says she's never had a problem with it. She offers Lyn the leftover pizza for her breakfast - is Lyn supposed to be pleased?. Janelle then spots Bree walking over the road from The Hoylands with Summer. She shouts her over and hauls her inside after staying out all night.
Back inside, Janelle wonders if Bree thought she wouldn't notice that she was missing. Bree just shrugs her shoulders. Janelle and Bree to sit down at the table as she wants to sort this out. She starts off by shouting until Lynnie waves her arms as if to say 'Cool it Janelle'. Good ole' Lynnie. Janelle then tells Bree that she wants her to write down all the things that she thinks she does wrong. She promises that she won't get mad and that Lynnie can be her witness. Lynnie salutes! Whoo.
Dirty Scarlet Bar
It seems Sobby™ have been at it again. Deary me, you think they'd be tired from their antics last night but oh no - Sobby™ goes back for more! Susan says that she 'Must really go this time' but starts to kiss Bobster until they hear the voices of Max and Izzy. 'I can't be seen here' Susan says as Bobby throws her under the counter (de ja vu Suse? (snigger)). Max and Izzy seem to be arguing about Izzy choice of dress. Max has told her that her choices are often 'Bold'. I'm sorry but can Max talk - what about all his shirts?!. Bobby tries to put them off by saying there's a rat on the floor. They both scream and try and look for it while Suse scoobies out.
Outside, Susan gets sprung by the ex. Uh oh. It's bllaaiinnntantly obvious that Susan has been up to allsorts as her top is on inside out. Karl comments on this but Susan says 'It's just fashion'. Karl gives a sarcastic look and before going into the surgery says 'Right'. Susan knows she's been sprung bad style and follows Karl into the surgery.
SUSAN: Alright. You caught me. Red handed. Sprung. Is that what you want to hear?
Karl: Not really.
SUSAN: Because I'm not going to apologise as we are both free agents and I can do what I like.
Karl tries to show he's not bothered but he does about as good a job I would do if they told me Lyn was leaving the show. She asks him not to tell Izzy as she knows it would all blow up. Karl annoyingly says that if it comes up or she asks, then he well tell her. God Karl can be a sod sometimes.
Bree has finished her list about Janelle, but Janelle isn't impressed. 'Sweetie I meant the things that really get on your wicks about me'.
1. I don't like it when you try to crack onto my friends dads.
15. Clothes from the wash do need to be ironed. Steam from the shower doesn't work.
16. School lunches don't include 5 fat groups in the nutrition chart.
32. Telling me Mr.Whippy only played his tune when he ran out of ice-cream (OMG classic!! )
Janelle keeps moaning but Bree mistakes this for Janelle being mad. She reassures her that it's not.
JANELLE: Oh sweetie. I'm not bloody Cher. I can't turn back time,
BREE: Funny you should say that. Here's No.33. (Janelle reads pad)
JANELLE: Cher isn't classical music?
BREE: She isn't.
Janelle says she will take a good long hard look and will make some changes. This amazing scene ends with a hug.
Lou, Bobby and Connor are talking about Japanese golf. They start talking about this random guy and that there are no golf courses. Was a very random conversation. Bobby then stops when he sees Lynnie enter the store. (cue Lobby™). Bobby goes over and sits with Lynnie, complimenting on how she looks very nice. Oh you big charmer. 'Those colours really suit you'. 'Thank you very much' says a gushy Lynnie. 'I was feeling bold today!'. Lyn then says that she has a couple of nights free as Oscar is staying with his dad for a little holiday. LYNOE . Oh wait, back to my new Lobby ship. All aboard. Bobby looks very pleased by this offer. He says 'Mums need time to 'pamper' themselves'. Lyn then says she wants Bobby to go round for a dinner or two! Lobby™ passion on the cards!!!! Bobby accepts.
Back over to Lou, Connor and Paul they are talking about a new credit card that's out. I sense another Lou scam.
Scarlet Bar
Izzy is telling how happy she is to have Bobby back. Bet she wouldn't be if she knew he's been bedding Karls ex. Scandal! She then goes on to say how much she understands what Karl has with Libby and it's like that now with her and Bobby. Karl looks as if he's gonna spill any minute.
Suses' pad
Bree knocks at Susan's asking can she stay with her. OMG should she just give Janelle her house?! Yes actually, because then Suse could move in with Lyn and they could have lots of wonderful sleepovers! Maybe they could invite Bobster to one? Susan then asks why and Bree tells her about the list she made. Susan says she's moving away soon and that her mum loves her very much.
BREE: But she makes me spew.
SUSAN: I know.
Corner Shop
Susan walks in and spots Karl sitting down. He really is acting like a sod today. He comes over as if he's doing her a favour and says that 'She can relax, her secret if say with him'. She thanks him and he says he's doing it for Izzy. She gives him a 'your pathetic' look and says thanks. Her phone goes and she has a smile on her face.
Suses' pad
Lyn runs in. She's on something. Not sure what but she is on something.
LYN: OMG I need to tell you my news.
SUSAN: Oh it must be big.
LYN: It's huge.
SUSAN: Huge!
LYN: Well not huge - huge but it's huge for me. You've got something too right?
SUSAN: Yeah, but mines pretty big too.
LYN: Can I please go first - I know it's selfish.
SUSAN: Yeah yeah!
LYN: I know we've both sworn off men ...
SUSAN: That might have been a bit rash.
LYN: Against all advice. Esp from Max Hoyland, I've asked Bobby to dinner and he said yes!
(cue Susans face)
LYN: And I think I'm gonna let him stay the night!!! (Lyn Scully you tart)
(cue Susans face)
SUSAN: What ... when?
LYN: Today.
Lyn picks on Susans face and thinks that Susan disapproves. She gets up and leaves to go and tell Bobby it's all too complicated leaving Susan looking like she's just been told that the tents have gone forever ( ). Poor Susan.
Lyn comes hom to find Janelle sat in mess. She asks her what all the mess is and Janelle says she has gone on strike since she is the worst mum. Bree says she knew the list was a bad idea and goes off to her room.
Scarlet Bar where Suse kicks some ass
She catches up with Bobby and he says he hoped they would catch up. She says that they won't be doing that anymore and that she isn't going to share a roster with her good friend Lyn. Bobby looks shocked. She then says how Lyn told her about her plans for dinner and then for afters and she's not impressed. Bobby then worms his way out of it by saying that he thought Lyn meant it was a family meal with the whole crew. Suse looks a bit more pleased. His phone goes but he cancels it. It's soooo Lynnie, how dare he! Bobby aks if he can book Suse in for tomorrow, she says she will talk to him later. OMG Sobby are going to do *it* again!
We see a sad Lynnie on a bench. Bobby comes up and asks her what was so urgent.
LYN: Bobby, this is so awkward.
BOBBY: What is it Lyn, you can tell me.
LYN: You know what I have really enjoyed out time together ...
BOBBY: Yeeeaaahhh me too.
LYN: And that I was looking forward to taking it to the next step.
LYN: It's just so complicated. If they found out it would cause ructions.
Then we get some Lobby action. Bobby touches her chin and says she can't worry about what other thinks. He then pulls her towards him and says that 'she is a very passionate person'. CUE SNOGGAGE!!
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Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4735
Susan Kennedy

Bobby Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4735
Bobby Hoyland

Bree Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4735
Bree Timmins

Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4735
Karl Kennedy

Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4735
Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Bree Timmins, Janelle Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4735
Bree Timmins, Janelle Timmins

Bobby Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4735
Bobby Hoyland

Lyn Scully in Neighbours Episode 4735
Lyn Scully

Paul Robinson, Connor O
Paul Robinson, Connor O'Neill, Lou Carpenter

Susan Kennedy, Bobby Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4735
Susan Kennedy, Bobby Hoyland

Lyn Scully, Bobby Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4735
Lyn Scully, Bobby Hoyland

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