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Neighbours Episode 4722 from 2005 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4722: "Snakes and Ladders"
Australian airdate: 17/05/05
UK airdate: 5/8/05
Writer: John Upton
Director: Nicholas Bufalo
Guests: Paul Robinson: Stefan Dennis
Janae Timmins: Eliza Taylor-Cotter
- "Empty And Alone" by Sunk Loto
- "Beautifully Ugly" by Sandrine
Summary/Images by: Ally (AllyAngel)/Elin
- Sky and Stingray lying to Boyd about why Stingray is upset with him.
- Serena saying she'll never forgive Lil.
- Stu finding Lil unconscious.
Suse's Home for Unconscious Lil's...
Sindi shakily grabs the phone and starts telling Stu about the cobwebs, and that she got the ladder for her, but got distracted, changing her outfit. Stu tells her just to dial 000 as Lil starts to come 'round. She mutters that she fell off the ladder, and Stu says they are calling an ambulance. Lil says she is fine, she doesn't need an ambulance.
Ramsay Street
David arrives home from his rotten day and greets Serena, who is sitting on the edge of the driveway. They look over the road as Stu, Sindi and Lil come out of Susan's, Lil protesting that she doesn't need a doctor, she is fine, and she feels stupid. Sindi said she feels so responsible - she wishes she had never mentioned the cobwebs. David asks what happened, and Stu says Lil had a knock to the head, but Karl is back today, so they are taking her there. David says he will come too, but Lil doesn't want him there. She doesn't even want any of this fuss - it isn't necessary. Sindi tells Stu the stove is on and there is food in the oven, so Stu stays behind to take care of it, and Sindi hops in the car to take Lil to see Karl.
David tells Serena he is going to go with them, and Serena asks why - Lil told them and half of the street she didn't want him there, and he is just going to get hurt again. David replies that as soon as he knows he can't do anything to help, he will come home.
Skate Park
Boyd says hi to Janae, asking what she is doing there. She says she came especially to watch him - he is really good at it. Boyd laughs that she has never even seen him. Janae can just tell. Stingray ... err... busts a move... on his skateboard, and Boyd cheers for him, but receives a dirty look in return. Boyd says to Janae that he doesn't think her brother wants to talk to him. Janae doesn't think it is too great a loss, but Boyd thinks it is. Janae tells him to 'skate or die.'
Boyd skates off down the ramp, but Stingray cuts in on him and knocks him to his knees. Boyd turns around and tells him that he gets the point - Serena is his girlfriend, but Boyd isn't interested. When Stingray learns to let go of ancient history, then they can be mates again. Janae says to Stingray that Boyd isn't even moving in on Serena, so why is he so jealous. She asks if it is Serena - Stingray doesn't trust her. Stingray tells her to shonk off.
Number 30 - Home of...THE SHAMROCK!
Undie-Head-Connor (aka 'The Shamrock) is pretending to be on the phone to Toadies manager, when the Toadster himself comes in with some pizza. Connor is bragging about the wrestling moves he can do, when Toadie grabs the phone and realises it is just the dial tone.
TOADIE: Come on, you could have at least called the talking clock or something - I mean just a dial tone? That's lazy!
Connor says it doesn't make a difference - he is committed.
TOADIE: You're dreaming! The noble art of wrestling requires cool moves, skill, and a high degree of physical and mental toughness - none of which you have!
They challenge each other to a wrestling match...after pizza, of course! Connor slides his undies sideways so he can fit the pizza in his mouth...
Sindi is telling Lil to be careful - the path is rough, and she would never forgive herself if she fell a second time. Lil says she is fine, but Sindi says she is going to see Karl, even if she has to inflict a head wound on her herself. Paul comes running up to see what is wrong with Lil, and also insists that she see a doctor. But they discover Karl's surgery door is locked. Paul says Karl's car is still in the carpark, and starts knocking on the door. David pulls up in the carpark and looks dark when he sees Paul there, who is still knocking on the door.
Karl finally answers and Paul and Sindi tell him what has happened. Sindi and Lil go through to the surgery, while Paul waits in the waiting room, as David enters. They look at each other like they could go 50 yards with a couple of pistols. Although with death stares like that, they probably wouldn't even need them...
DAVID: You don't seem to have an appointment Paul...Oh, that's right - you'd be after my wife again.
Paul says that Lil - a friend and colleague - hurt herself, and he was just being supportive. David jumps in and says he will look after her, and Paul leaves, telling David to give Lil his regards.
Stu is checking on the food in the oven when Dahl starts squawking. He retrieves her from the top of the ladder which Lil fell off, but when he goes to put it away, he finds that the steps are slippery - there is some sort of oil all over them. He flashes back to Sindi saying that she got Lil the ladder to help. He runs his finger over the slippery step again, and then flashes back to Sindi standing there watching Lil on the floor. Stu rubs his fingers together and looks suspicious.
Serena is looking for stingray, and Janae is asking if she is sure Stingray wants to see her. Serena asks why wouldn't he? Janae replies why would he - he doesn't trust her. He thinks she is going to go racing off with his best mate.
SERENA: You know, I thought only town bikes raced...
Janae says Stingray is her brother, and not to give him a hard time, but Serena doesn't want her advice.
JANAE: Fine. I'll leave you to it. You can talk to Harvey. One dog to another.
Stingray comes out ("Hey Serena B!") and picks up on the tension between the girls. He tells a lame joke, but Serena drags him off to her house. He sees her out before doubling back to 'get his wallet.' He asks Janae if she said anything to Serena about him being jealous of Serena and Boyd. Janae says she didn't - why would she? Stingray warns her to stay out of it.
The New Surgery Which Is Totally the Old Surgery
Karl checks Lil out and says that apart from the bump on her head and a headache, she is fine. Sindi is worried about Brain Damage, but Karl says he has checked her thoroughly, and she is fine. Sindi apologises again.
LIL: Sindi, Sindi, Sindi - It's a mild headache, not a tumour!
Karl lets them out, and David is waiting in the waiting room. He asks if everything is ok, and Karl reassures him that it is. Lil says to David she told him not to come - she would have preferred it if he hadn't have.
KARL: it's what you would expect under the circumstances - the man cares for you.
Lil asks how Karl's trip was, and he replies that they will have to have him around for dinner one night so he can tell them all about it. He tells David to keep a close eye on Lil, but Sindi says she will do that, and escorts Lil out of the surgery. Karl asks David if he is in the doghouse or something, but David replies that Lil has left him. Karl says he is so sorry - he knows how hard it is. He asks David if he wants to have a coffee and a chat.
Stingray is telling Serena that her idea is mental, and they will get there butts kicked. He doesn't want in on it, but she asks what happened to Mr I'll Try Anything, and drags him off.
House of Trouser
Toadie and Connor are wrestling. Uh Oh. Ahh...Toadie gives Connor a sort of cuddle from behind...but Connor does a little Maypole dance, and cuddles Toadie from behind. Then Toadie does the Maypole dance, but grabs Connor and lifts him upside down, before throwing him on the ground and...kneeling on his chest. Toadie wins. Phewf . Connor tells Toadie he has a gift for wrestling, and everyone knows it - so what's the problem? Toadie replies that he doesn't want to go back on the circuit. Stu comes in and says he needs to ask them a question about Sindi.
TOADIE: Never would have seen that coming...
Stu tells them about Lil's accident, and about finding oil on the ladder. Connor and Toadie make jokes about how maybe she is really evil - lots of people seem to fall over around her. But Stu is serious - he can't ignore it - if there is truth to it, someone could get hurt. Connor says it could be a coincidence, but Stu says police don't believe in coincidences. The boys say they think it is suss, and Stu leaves, looking all serious. They burst out laughing, and SeriousStu pokes his head back around the corner. They stop laughing, but start again once he has gone.
General Store
David is telling Karl how his break up with Lil is turning him into a raving lunatic, and he says he thumped Paul. But Karl congratulates him, saying it couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. David tells Karl how he thinks Paul set him up on the fraud charges, and how he has a thing for Lil. Karl says he has always had his doubts about Paul - he has set people up before. He is a greedy, self centred ego-maniac - and they are just his nice points!
KARL: I wouldn't trust him as far as I could comfortably spit a large rat!
David is relieved to hear that there is someone on his side for a change.
Boyd is sitting down with a milkshake when Janae comes in. Boyd tells her to save it, but she says she isn't here to lecture him about Stingray - she just thought he might want to hang out. He says he was going to go shoot some hoops, but Janae LOVES shooting hoops, so she will tag along.
Boyd is amazed that Janae has shot five baskets in a row, and tells her she is really good at it, as she shoots a sixth. She says she is really good at a lot of things.
Across the road, Stingray and Serena are sitting in Dylan's car, which it appears Serena wants to take. She doesn't think Dylan would do anything about it, but Stingray thinks she is crazy - what about the cops? If they get caught, he will be the one going to Juvie, not her. She says he is right, and she is sorry - why doesn't he go and get them some milkshakes, and then they will go straight home. Stingray agrees, but as soon as he gets out of the car, Serena turns the key and takes off up the road.
Sindi is fussing over Lil, who doesn't want the fuss - she just wants to go and lay down. Stu tells her to take it easy, and she goes off. Stu says goodbye to Sindi, he has to go to work. Just as he walks out the door, Sindi whispers "I did it, you know." Stu turns around as Sindi says she is the reason why Lil slipped, and she feels so guilty. She explains that she had been cooking and had butter all over her hands when she went to get the ladder, and some of it must have got on the steps. But if Lil hadn't used the wrong cloth to wash up, she would have been able to wipe her hands. Stu tells her not to worry - it was just an accident, but Sindi says she feels terrible. Stu tells her it was just 'one of those things' and leaves for work.
Boyd is telling Janae once again how good she is at basketball, and that she should join the school team. She says yeah right - have you seen what they have to wear? Boyd says she could end up in the Olympics one day, and Janae asks if he would be her coach. Boyd tells her to join the team - it would be good for her. She says she'll pass. Boyd says it is up to her, but anyway, he has to get moving - Max will be around somewhere, and no doubt he will have something for Boyd to do. Janae asks if she will see him tomorrow, and Boyd says yes - he will see her around, but to think about joining the school team.
Janae leans in to kiss him, but Boyd pulls back. He wants to stay solo for a while. Janae says she isn't a little kid, but he asks her to leave.
Karl is showing David photo's from his trip, when a persistent knocking, which can only mean Stingray, starts at the door. Dave answers it, and a flustered Stingray bursts in, asking after Serena. David asks what is going on, and Stingray tells them Serena is out in Dylan's car and he is worried about her. They get up to go and look for her, but Stu arrives at the door with Serena. Stu says they found her in the supermarket carpark - they suspect she had been driving, but, as the car was stationary at the time - they can't press charges. He warns her tat someone could have got seriously hurt, and that he doesn't want it to happen ever again. David thanks him and he leaves, taking Stingray with him.
Serena is upset that she is guilty of a crime but they aren't doing anything about it, when David is innocent and they treat him like a criminal. David says the world doesn't always make sense, but the legal system came through for him in the end. Serena says it is stupid and wrong - the justice system is dumb. David says that what she did today was dumb - dumb and reckless. He knows she is going through a hard time, but she can't be endangering other people.
Lassiter's Park
Paul greets Lil and asks her how her head is. She says it is fine, and thanks him for yesterday, but he is just glad she is ok. He bids her farewell, but then decides he can't leave - it is killing him, there is so much he wants to say to her. He asks if they can just go away somewhere so that they can be together. Lil says they can't, but Paul says he would do anything to be with her - he'd give up everything he has to be with her. She asks how it would change anything, and he says maybe she is right. He gets up to leave, but she calls him back.
Random Jetty
Paul and Lil walk up the jetty holding hands and climb aboard a boat. They walk below deck, and then kiss. Paul says he loves her, and they kiss again. He hugs her, and she spies the bed over his shoulder. He catches her line of sight, and grins. Together they walk, giggling, through the bedroom, and close the door.
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Sindi Watts in Neighbours Episode 4722
Sindi Watts

David Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4722
David Bishop

Connor O
Connor O'Neill, Toadie Rebecchi

Liljana Bishop, Sindi Watts in Neighbours Episode 4722
Liljana Bishop, Sindi Watts

Stingray Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4722
Stingray Timmins

Stuart Parker in Neighbours Episode 4722
Stuart Parker

Janae Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4722
Janae Timmins

Karl Kennedy, Sindi Watts, Liljana Bishop, David Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4722
Karl Kennedy, Sindi Watts, Liljana Bishop, David Bishop

Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4722
Karl Kennedy

Stuart Parker in Neighbours Episode 4722
Stuart Parker

Stingray Timmins, Serena Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4722
Stingray Timmins, Serena Bishop

Boyd Hoyland, Janae Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4722
Boyd Hoyland, Janae Timmins

Sindi Watts, Liljana Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4722
Sindi Watts, Liljana Bishop

Stuart Parker, Serena Bishop, Stingray Timmins, Karl Kennedy, David Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4722
Stuart Parker, Serena Bishop, Stingray Timmins, Karl Kennedy, David Bishop

Liljana Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4722
Liljana Bishop

Paul Robinson, Liljana Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4722
Paul Robinson, Liljana Bishop

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