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Neighbours Episode 4604 from 2004 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4604: A Kiss Is Just A Kiss
Australian airdate: 04/11/04
UK airdate: 2/2/05
Writer: Martin McKenna
Director: Chris Adshead and Julie Bates
Guests: Luka Dokich: Keelan O'Hehir
- "No More" by Pete Murray
- "Tell Me What You Like" by Selwyn
Summary/Images by: Carly/Karen (Katie)
David noticing that Luka was looking at a wallet in a car
Lana getting upset and angry at Sky
Ramsay Street
Stingray and Boyd are walking back from the skate park when they see Sky sitting alone in her car. Stingray says, "It looks like boyfriend duty to me" and leaves him to it. Boyd gets in the car with Sky and notices that she's been crying. She half jokes that she doesn't usually pick up strangers and that she's going for a drive along the Great Ocean Road. Boyd plays along but looks concerned for her all the same.
David and Liljana are still talking about the wallet incident with Luka. He goes down the street to get some more butter for her leaving Lil to have a chat with Serena.
SERENA: You know things would be much simpler if Luka never showed up here.
LIL: Yeah, much simpler... of course I'd be dead.
Lil says she knows it mustn't be easy for her and her dad but the way they treat Luka is pretty awful. Serena sticks up for David though and tells Lil that he's been really supportive of Luka, and how he's always telling her to give Luka a go. This surprises Lil. "He's never said a bad thing until the car," adds Serena. Lil says that it would be good if Serena could try and understand and help Luka with what he's going through. Serena snits back that Luka may not be the "golden boy" she thinks he is.
Sky's Car
Boyd tells Sky that he saw Lana before all upset and how she was ripping the plants up they put in at Lassiter's. He adds that she said to ask Sky what was going on. Sky says that Lana's upset because she has to move back to Canada, and that things have been pretty full on for the both of them. Boyd tries to find out more but Sky goes back to her pretend driving game. He asks if there's something he should be worried about but she doesn't really answer him. Boyd concedes defeat and says he's got homework to do. Sky looks worried when he gets out of the car.
Karl and Izzy's Flat
Max and Steph have come over for dinner. Steph says to Izzy that she promised Max she wouldn't get all emotional but she hasn't been able to stop thinking about her and wants to know if she's okay. Izzy says that she's fine though. Steph gives Karl a hug and asks how he's doing. He says he's okay given the circumstances and then asks how Joe is. Steph admits he's not coping that well and he's throwing himself into the farm work. She also adds that she hasn't seen her mum since she's been back. Izzy takes Steph to see the new dress Karl bought her leaving the guys to chat. Max concernedly asks Karl how Izzy's really doing and Karl says she's been very calm about everything. This worries the both of them. Karl says that when she does decide to face what's going on he'll be there for Izzy.
Coffee Shop
Harold notices Boyd sitting at a table looking glum and guesses that it has something to do with Sky. Boyd asks him how he can ever really know if he can trust someone. Harold replies that if he's talking about Sky he's always found her to be honest, "to a fault sometimes". Boyd says he had a chat to her before and that he knows she's upset about Lana, he just hopes that's all it is. Harold says he should just try and take it at face value then, "after all, a kiss is just a kiss". Boyd can't believe his ears and says Sky never said anything about kissing anyone. "Now it all makes sense. So much for honesty, huh." He rushes out of the shop all angry leaving Harold wishing he had a time machine so he could go back two minutes and put gaffer tape over his gob.
David and the girls are eating dinner. He tries to play a 'you'll never guess who I saw down the street' game with them, adding that it's a famous swimmer, but they don't seem too interested. Boyd waltzes in and says he needs to talk to Sky in private. Lil asks if it can wait till after dinner but Sky puts her plate on the bench and says she's finished. They go to her room. "It was Thorpie!" David calls out to try and break the confused atmosphere. "He looked very metrosexual," he adds knowingly.
Sky and Serena's Room
Boyd wants to know what guy Sky has been kissing and says not to lie to him when she mutters there was no guy. "You told Harold you've been seeing another guy. Who else knows about this or am I the last to find out?" Sky starts to cry and says it's not like that, "there is no guy." He clicks that Lana has something to do with it. She says that he has every right to be angry and that she's so sorry. Boyd's angry that Lana's been pretending to be his friend all this time when really she's been "trying to make a pass at my girlfriend". He starts to leave to go and have a word with Lana but Sky stops him.
SKY: Look, going off to Lana isn't going to solve anything.
BOYD: Yeah well maybe it'll make her think twice next time before she does it again.
SKY: Boyd...
BOYD: Why do you keep defending her?
SKY: Cause it wasn't her fault... Lana didn't do anything. I kissed her.
Boyd's face is a myriad of emotions.
Sky and Serena's Room
Sky says that if the kiss proved anything it was that she's completely in love with Boyd. She says that she was confused; she didn't know "where friendship ended and where love began." Boyd says that he's never doubted them; he's never betrayed her. She tries to say that it's not like she kissed another guy but this doesn't wash with Boyd. Sky says that she loves him but he replies that it's too late for that, "I don't trust you now." She pleads for him to not let one mistake ruin what they've got. Boyd tells her he's stuck by her and he's never given her a reason to cheat on him, but it doesn't matter how many times she says she's sorry now because she can do what she wants. Sky tries to make him stop leaving but he says they're over, "I'm not going to hang around and wait for this to happen again." She says it won't but he doesn't know that for sure now. He leaves and Sky gets even more upset.
Coffee Shop
David is telling Harold that he finds it hard to trust Luka sometimes but he'll just have to try and put the past behind him and try treating him like a stepson. "Maybe I did read too much into what I saw in the car park."
Karl and Izzy's Flat
The four of them are talking about houses and Izzy says that Number 32 will be bulging with kids soon. Max and Steph look a bit wary talking about children in front of them but Izzy seems persistent about the subject. She also asks how the IVF is going. Steph says it's going okay and they're just waiting to see if their first tries worked. Izzy wishes them luck and says she's sure they'll have the most beautiful baby. Steph says that Izzy's amazing how she can still be happy for them after all they've just been through. "How can I be anything but thrilled for the both of you?" she replies. She then changes the subject and says she feels like going out somewhere. Max and Steph say that they're going to Sindi's birthday and Izzy jumps up to get ready, "but if they play one of those Darkness CD's I'm outta there." Max and Steph look concerned about her forced cheeriness.
Lil, David and the kids are doing the dishes when Luka pops by. Serena is uncomfortable with him there and says that her and Sky are going for a walk. David is trying to be extra nice to Luka offering him some chocolate cake, and then goes and has a bath to leave Luka and Lil a chance to chat.
Luka asks his mum if there's something wrong and Lil slowly admits that David saw him looking at a wallet in a car today. Luka shakes his head in dismay and admits that he's stupid and he saw it as a quick way out of the mess he's caused. Lil gets teary and asks him not to go, "I couldn't stand it if you left." She adds that they've just found each other and she doesn't want to miss out on anything else. Luka says he's sorry and that wants to be there with her too, "my family". He hugs her.
Coffee Shop
Serena brings some chocolate cake with extra cream over to an upset Sky and asks her if she's sure she doesn't want to tell her what happened. Sky just sits there.
Boyd's Bedroom
Boyd is lying on his bed listening to his Discman. He looks over to the photo of Sky he has on his bedside table and then plays with the dog tags around his neck (the ones Sky gave him for Christmas). He looks sadly over at the photo again and decides to rip the necklace off and throw it on to the floor. Boyd gazes sadly up at the roof.
Lou hands Stingray a $100 note telling him it's a bonus because the auto parts are selling so well on the website. Stingray is suitably excited. He says that he should pay off his Coffee Shop debt and give the rest to his parents. Serena walks in and he jokes that she's come to have a beer. She tells him that Sky and Boyd broke up and when he asks why she says that she doesn't really know. Stingray jokingly orders two beers from the "barkeep" but Lou just points at the door and waves them goodbye. Serena wonders if he should check on Boyd but he says guys don't really do that sort of thing. She asks him if he wants to do something then because she feels like a laugh. He smiles and shows her the $100 note. "Lets run amuck!"
Harold arrives home to see Lil and Luka at the kitchen table. He says he's got good news: he was able to track Ivan down in a small town in Victoria, but that address was for ten years ago. Lil guesses that Harold's been in touch with Svetlanka. He admits he has but that it's done now and that they should work on the information they've got for Luka's benefit. Luka's happy and thanks Harold for his help.
Youth Disco
Stingray brings over some fruity mocktails to Serena with extra umbrellas because he tipped the barman. Serena says going to the disco was an awesome idea but she feels bad for spending his money. He says not to worry about it. She smiles and gives him a kiss on the cheek. He looks pleased and asks what that was for. "I'm sorry if I ever took you for granted," she tells him. "I don't know what I'd do without you, you always seem to be there when I need someone." "I hope I always will be," he grins back. The take their drinks and go and have a boogie.
David and Lil are having a cuppa on the couch. Lil's lamenting over Svetlanka's presence in their lives and how the information they've got isn't really much to go on. She apologises to David for him having to go through all of this but he says he wants to help any way he can. "And Luka can move in here any time you like," he adds. Lil thanks him and David says he must have misinterpreted what he saw in the car park. Lil looks a bit guilty but says David has been fantastic. They kiss.
Izzy makes fun of Max's outfit saying he looks like he's going to a community fete. He says it's just a party at the neighbours' house. Izzy suddenly has a change of attitude and says that's her cue to leave; she knows she won't be welcome. They try to stop her but she won't stay. Max hopes that she really has gone home "and not out on the tear".
There's a knock at the door. It's Sky who really needs to have a chat with Boyd. Max doesn't think it's a good idea, Boyd isn't even talking to him about anything. She just wants to know if he's awake. "I'm awake," says Boyd, standing near the door to his room. She steps closer to him and says she really needs to talk to him.
BOYD: I can hardly even look at you, Sky. Why would I want to talk to you?
She quickly leaves and leans against the wall when she's out the door, eventually sliding down it, crying her poor little heart out.
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Boyd Hoyland, Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 4604
Boyd Hoyland, Sky Mangel

Liljana Bishop, Serena Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4604
Liljana Bishop, Serena Bishop

Steph Scully, Max Hoyland, Izzy Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4604
Steph Scully, Max Hoyland, Izzy Hoyland

Karl Kennedy, Max Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4604
Karl Kennedy, Max Hoyland

Harold Bishop, Boyd Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4604
Harold Bishop, Boyd Hoyland

Sky Mangel, Boyd Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4604
Sky Mangel, Boyd Hoyland

Sky Mangel, Boyd Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4604
Sky Mangel, Boyd Hoyland

Luka Dokic, Sky Mangel, David Bishop, Liljana Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4604
Luka Dokic, Sky Mangel, David Bishop, Liljana Bishop

Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 4604
Sky Mangel

Boyd Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4604
Boyd Hoyland

Stingray Timmins, Serena Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4604
Stingray Timmins, Serena Bishop

Steph Scully, Izzy Hoyland, Max Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4604
Steph Scully, Izzy Hoyland, Max Hoyland

Sky Mangel, Max Hoyland, Steph Scully, Boyd Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4604
Sky Mangel, Max Hoyland, Steph Scully, Boyd Hoyland

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