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Neighbours Episode 4591 from 2004 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4591: Boyd vs Satan
Australian airdate: 18/10/04
UK airdate: 14/01/05
Writer: Martin McKenna
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Travis Dean: Adrian Foley
Mrs Jeffries: Gail Becker
Steve Smart: Luke Tarrant.
- "Lift" by Sunk Loto
Summary/Images by: Adam/Karen (Katie)
Lyn stealing one of the chocolates from the counter in the Coffee Shop.
Mrs Jeffries in the Coffee Shop wondering how Libby can show her face in public again after what she did.
Jack telling Steph that everything is not alright with Lyn and that he thinks she and Joe are going to split up.
Boyd climbing into the back of Travis's ute.
Somewhere Unknown
As Travis drives off Summer looks worried.
N0 32
Max is sitting in the lounge when Summer rushes in and tells Max what has just happened. He asks her if she can remember which way they went or if she managed to get a registration number. Summer tells him she didn't as it was covered in mud. Max tells her not to worry and calls the police.
No 28
Susan is on the phone to Candace. She tells her that there is a danger of blowing the whole thing out of proportion, but she will be at the parent-teacher meeting all the same. Susan puts the phone down as Libby enters. Libby asks Susan what Candace wanted and Susan lies by telling her it was to do with a year twelve curriculum meeting. Libby knows she is lying and wants the truth. Susan says she wanted to spare Libby from this, but Libby considers herself involved. Susan tells her that Candace has brought forward the parent-teacher meeting to now.
No 26
Jack arrives home with some shopping and shouts "Hello". Lyn comes in and tells him to be quiet, as she's just managed to get Oscar off to sleep. She asks him what's in the shopping bags and he tells her he picked up some basics and some snapper fillets for dinner. Lyn asks him if there is anything he wants to tell her, as although she likes the attention, it's not normal behaviour for him. Jack says he just wants her to be able to rely on him to do things around the house for a change.
N0 28
Susan tells Libby that this is a very sensitive topic for both students and parents, but Libby wants to go to the meeting to defend herself as a teacher. Susan wonders if Libby can really remain cool and calm, as they will throw everything they have at them. Libby says of course she can remain calm and they head off.
No 26
Steph arrives and Lyn offers her a cup of tea. She begins to tell Lyn about her argument with Jack the other day but he tells her to leave it. Steph refuses to and apologises for their argument, but says they have to be able to talk about what's happening to the family. Lyn wants to know what's been going on. Steph tells her that Jack thinks her and Joe are splitting up and asks her to tell him they aren't. Lyn tells them she is going to Bendigo. Jack doesn't believe her. He can see what's happening because he's living there unlike Steph. Jack reassures Lyn that he will support her whatever she decides to do. Steph says there is no need to support her in anything, as Lyn is going to Bendigo to be with Joe and that's it. Lyn smiles unconvincingly and nods.
No 32
Max tells Summer that he tried Boyd's phone but it must be switched off our out of range. There is a knock at the door and it's Stuart. He tells Max not to worry as they will find Boyd and that he'll probably even come home himself soon. He asks Summer if she can remember anything about Travis or the ute. She tells him all she remembers is that it was just a plain white old ute.
Travis' House
Travis pulls into his drive. As he goes round to his backyard his mate asks him if he has a spanner so he can open the gas bottle for the barbeque. Travis says he has one in his toolbox, which is in the ute. He goes back to get it. As he fiddles around with the toolbox, Boyd wriggles down even further under the hood to avoid being seen. Once Travis has gone, he pulls his phone from his pocket and begins to text.
No 32
Summer is worried that she didn't do enough to help Boyd. Max tells her she did fine. Stuart reassures Max that they will find him. Max receives a text message from Boyd.
I'm fine. Hiding out. Will call when safe. Sorry.
Stuart says they will be able to trace that and radios in. Summer wonders why he can't just get out of where he is. Steph hugs her.
Erinsborough High Classroom
The parent teacher meeting is taking place. Mrs Jeffries argues that these sorts of issues should be "kept behind closed doors" and that they "are not for the classroom". Susan and Libby defend their decision to go ahead with the programme. Mrs Jeffries is outraged and tells them that she doesn't believe that being gay is alright and that she knows how to raise a normal kid. She believes what they are suggesting is hypocritical, especially when one of the teachers slept with a student. Susan tells her she has crossed the line and until she knows the facts should keep her opinions to herself. Mrs Jeffries gets up and says that if they won't listen to her then maybe the principal will. She threatens to go to the papers with this, and will take Lisa out of Erinsborough High until she can find a school that still has some standards.
No 26
Jack is tidying up when he comes across an elaborate candlestick in Oscar's buggie. Lyn comes in with Oscar and sees him looking at it. She asks him if he likes it. Jack says it's nice but he didn't think they could afford things like that at the moment. Lyn says that because of all the stress she was under at the moment she went for a bit of retail therapy. It's just something nice for the home. Jack doesn't believe she bought it and Lyn assures him she did. She places it on the shelf in the lounge and Jack looks at it.
Travis' Backyard
Boyd climbs out the ute. There is a dog barking ferociously. He scratches of the mud from the number plate and memorises it. He sneaks round the backyard but then hears voices so runs and hides behind the shed. Travis and his mate begin to set up the barbeque. He rings Max.
No 32
Max's phone rings and Stuart answers. Stuart asks Boyd if he knows where he is, if there are any tall buildings nearby. They do know he is in West Warratah as they traced his text message. Stuart asks him if he managed to get a number plate. He did - PIY 733. Stuart hands the phone to Max and he tells him to sit tight and not do anything stupid.
Travis' Backyard
Travis tells Satan (his dog) to shut up and goes over to the shed to see what he is barking at, but can't see anything. Travis' mate asks him if he has had any more trouble with "that Boyd kid". Travis says he hasn't. Boyd gets out his phone and begins to video them. Travis admits it was him who threw the Molotov cocktail. His mate tells him to lie low now or he runs the risk of getting caught. Travis reassures him that will be his last cocktail. He says where's the fun in putting up posters without a little turf war?
No 26
Lyn and Jack are preparing dinner. Jack apologises for being funny with her earlier about the candlestick. He'd just forgotten how much stress she'd been under. He blames himself for that and for the business troubles. He believes the problems between Lyn and Joe have something to do with him and that he is entirely to blame. Lyn assures him they are not. She tells him that she is not holding her breath between reconciliation between her and Joe.
No 32
Boyd calls and Stuart answers. Boyd tells him that he is hiding and needs help. Stuart tells him that there are 10,000 houses in West Warratah and they need more information. Boyd spots and old pizza box in the bin and tells him the local pizza restaurant is called "Mario's". Stuart tells him they'll get there soon and hangs up. Max and Stuart consult the map and phone books.
No 26
Lyn asks Jack if he has contacted narcotics anonymous yet as the courts will be on his back to do it. Jack says he hasn't yet but he will get onto it. He thinks it's a load of old croc and doesn't understand how talking to them will help him get clean. Lyn tells him the longer he leaves it the harder it will be to do.
Travis' Backyard
Satan is still barking and Travis tells him he'll feed him in a minute. Boyd rings Stuart and tells him to hurry up as they are soon going to let Satan loose. He says he can see a level crossing nearby. Stuart tells him to stay where he is and that they are on their way. Travis lets Satan loose and he immediately makes for the shed. Boyd runs out and across the yard. Satan starts to chase Boyd around the yard.
No 32
Max wants to go with Stuart but Stuart says no and asks him to stay at home as that is where he will be most useful. Max asks that he has Boyd's mobile as that's the only contact he has with him, but Stuart needs to speak with Boyd directly in case he rings. He assures Max that they will have him home safely by nightfall. Steph comes in and tells Max that he should stay there with her.
No 28
Susan is sitting at the table doing some paperwork while Libby sits on the couch watching the Brazilian soap opera. Libby asks Susan if she thinks Mrs Jeffries will go the papers and Susan is pretty sure she will. Susan apologies to Libby for the remark Mrs Jeffries made about her and Taj. The soap finishes and the credits roll. Libby can't believe it's finished, as now she'll have to wait until the next episode to find out what happens. They suddenly hear a voiceover on the end credits offering viewers a chance to win a date with Alessandro Cortes aka Raul by ringing a certain number. They both mock the idea and wonder who on earth would want to go on a date with a vain model turned actor. Susan sneaks over to the couch and pretends to plump the cushions .She then slips her phone under her sleeve and tells Libby she is going to the toilet. Libby takes her phone out of her bag.
Travis' Backyard
Boyd is stuck up a tree and Satan is barking loudly at him. Travis says that if he comes down he will chain the dog up. Boyd asks him "Then what?" Travis says "then we'll let you go home.... minus a few teeth." Travis and his mates begin to throw food and bread rolls at Boyd. Boyd calls Stuart for help. Travis and his mates mock him even more.
Stuart's Patrol Car
Stuart answers Boyd's call and tells him that he is on his way.
Travis' Backyard
Travis and his mates are still throwing food at Boyd. One of the pieces of food hits Boyd's arm and he drops his phone on the floor. Travis picks it up and asks who is on the other end.
Stuart's Patrol Car
STUART: This is Constable Stuart Parker. Who is this?
Travis' Backyard
Travis mimics Boyd's tone and tells Stuart that he has to come quick as there is a kid trying to break into his house and he thinks his dog might go for him. He throws the phone onto the floor and tells Boyd to come and get it. Boyd is stranded up the tree.
Stuart's Patrol Car
Stuart frantically shouts for Boyd.
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Max Hoyland, Summer Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4591
Max Hoyland, Summer Hoyland

Steph Scully, Lyn Scully, Jack Scully in Neighbours Episode 4591
Steph Scully, Lyn Scully, Jack Scully

Travis Dean, Steve Smart in Neighbours Episode 4591
Travis Dean, Steve Smart

Boyd Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4591
Boyd Hoyland

Stuart Parker, Steph Scully, Summer Hoyland, Max Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4591
Stuart Parker, Steph Scully, Summer Hoyland, Max Hoyland

Susan Kennedy, Libby Kennedy, Andrea Jeffries in Neighbours Episode 4591
Susan Kennedy, Libby Kennedy, Andrea Jeffries

Susan Kennedy, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4591
Susan Kennedy, Libby Kennedy

Oscar Scully, Lyn Scully in Neighbours Episode 4591
Oscar Scully, Lyn Scully

Jack Scully in Neighbours Episode 4591
Jack Scully

Boyd Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4591
Boyd Hoyland

Boyd Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4591
Boyd Hoyland

Libby Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4591
Libby Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Boyd Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4591
Boyd Hoyland

Stuart Parker in Neighbours Episode 4591
Stuart Parker

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