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Neighbours Episode 4582 from 2004 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4582: Get Out, Stay Out
Australian airdate: 05/10/04
UK airdate: 17/12/04
Writer: Jeff Truman
Director: Ali Ali
Guests: Lana Crawford: Bridget Neval
Brendan Bond: Michael Wahr
Peter Parthimos: Kane Alexander
Clive Dawson: David Tulk
- "She Said" by Selwyn
- "Free" by Endorphin
- "Raincloud" by Charlton Hill
Summary/Images by: Linda/Karen (Katie)
Peter making his work intentions clear with Stu.
The students calling Lana a 'lezzo'.
Sindi and Stu's near second kiss.
Libby notices Stu hanging around outside the door and wonders what he's doing. He mumbles something and walks away. When inside, Libby immediately asks Sindi whether or not she and Stu had another fight. Sindi walks away, saying she doesn't want to talk about it, Libby musing that this is a first.
Coffee Shop
Sky pours her concerns over Lil's illness to Lana, worried that the worst may happen and that she will die. Lana comforts Sky, telling her not to worry about this right now and that she will be there for her. Some kids walk in and snigger in their direction and Lana quickly excuses herself to get something.
Toadie tells Stu the good news - that he and Sindi are getting back together.
Sindi spills the beans on Stu and their "one little kiss". She rationalises that it was just one huge mistake and that she should just put it behind her. She looks at Libby for some agreement, but Libby just looks dumbfounded.
Stu sits in silence after hearing Toadie's news. Toadie asks him not to be like that, as Stu and Sindi together are like watching a traffic accident.
Libby finally speaks and thinks that Sindi is always seeking reassurance from someone else, everytime she hits a rough patch with Toadie and this time it was just Stu. She thinks it's fairly immature that she needs to be told she's constantly attractive.
Stu reckons that Toadie needs to lift his game - if he loves her, then treat her like she deserves, not at his convenience. Toadie is very confused as it sounds like he is on Sindi's side now, but Stu corrects him saying he's on his side but it's clear that those two are made for one another. Not many people get a second chance at their relationship - he just does not want to see him stuff up again.
Libby believes that if it's not immaturity, than it's just a really low thing to do. Sindi fires back that whose self-esteem wouldn't be in tatters when she's a part-time girlfriend, or if the other person prefers to spend their time with robots? She spits out that "at least when I crash and burn, I do it with an adult." Of course, Sindi is referring to Taj and the two are about to get into a full on argument before Susan interrupts them. They explain they were just having a discussion and Sindi says that it's her fault, turning to Libby and genuinely apologises.
SINDI: We were talking about politics, and I get very passionate about those...um, issues.
SUSAN: What issues?
SINDI: Um...?
LIBBY: Sindi's an anarchist.
SUSAN: Right, well, I wouldn't have picked that.
It was a surprise to Libby as well, but they've just agreed to disagree.
Coffee Shop
The group of kids continue to snigger and point towards Lana, one girl blowing kisses to Lana before walking out. Sky tries to distract Lana from their antics, but Lana can't ignore it. It wasn't her name plastered on the blackboard. She has decided to do something about it...as in what she does will mean that there'll be no more rumours.
In the morning, Libby attempts to talk with Sindi about the progression on her column, but it is thrown back in her face. Susan comes in and notices the frosty tension between those two but Libby brushes it off. She changes the subject to the newly moved lunchtime timeslot of their soap opera. They're both disappointed that the community tv network has changed it.
SUSAN: They're anarchists! Maybe that's where Sindi learnt her politics - working on "Making Mansions".
Unfortunately, due to Ben "posting some toast" into the VCR, they won't be able to use it and panic at this prospect of missing out on the storylines.
LIBBY: A lot can happen in half an hour!
They're not game to ask Lyn to tape it because she will surely give them the lecture on how "it's not a patch on 'The Bold and the Beautiful'". Libby desperately comes up with the idea of taping it at school and using it as a "cultural teaching aid"... but realistically it wouldn't work as they don't teach Portuguese. Finally, they both come to the conclusion that if they miss it, it's surely won't be the end of the world!
LIBBY: The world won't end if they miss an ep or two.
SUSAN: Yeah yeah. We can catch up on the stories another time.
LIBBY: Yeah of course we can.
SUSAN: How pathetic are we to get so caught up in some stupid soap opera!
LIBBY: I know, how pathetic!
Erinsborough High
Lou relaxes as he guides a student on the picking up pieces of rubbish - noting that he should have been more careful on 'insignificant' pieces of paper that he throws out. Lou laughs evilly as they walk to the playground. Sky walks in and sees Lana, with Brendan's arm wrapped around her shoulder. They waltz up and he invites her to a party as the 'olds' are away. Sky asks if Lana is going and Brendan answers for her - saying that it'll be the best night of her life.
TOADIE: What's going on with you and Stu?
Sindi defiantly answers that nothing's going on between them and Toadie explains that something has changed in Stu and he's almost become a fan of hers. He did notice the two of them together...the other night when they were talking. She says it was about nothing, but Toadie replies that it had an effect on Stu as he gave him some advice on how he should treat her. The two hug, however Sindi looks very guilty.
Peter roughs up some bloke, saying that he'll have him arrested for damaging police property and the man says he doesn't have a clue on what he means. Peter points to the police car, telling him his head denting the back of the police boot if he doesn't go away. Stu walks up and Peter explains that the man, Clive Dawson, used to bash his ex-wife who lives in the flats behind them. There is restraining order, however he just hangs about just outside it.
He looks at Stu and says, "harassment with menace" - the official term for what he just did and what he should write on the report. Stu has no problem with it and asks if he thinks he'd dob. Peter shrugs, not caring what Stu will do and walks off.
Erinsborough High
In Libby's class, Sky tries to get Lana's attention. When she gets caught by Libby, Sky writes a note and passes to her. Lana reads it and quickly scrunches it up, looking down. The bell for lunch rings and Libby quickly runs out, apologising to the students. She is about to make a break for it when Susan bumps into her. The two women look at each other, wondering what the other is doing for lunch. Susan is just going to head to the staffroom, however Libby explains that she needs to do some shopping. They each walk in the opposition direction, eyeing each other off.
School Ground
Sky sits by herself and calls out to Lana who is about to deliver some chips to Brendan. She sits down and Sky asks what's going on. She asks about the party tonight and hopes Lana is not doing, what she thinks she's doing. Lana sighs, explaining that she doesn't know what it's like to be her, but Sky asks about what about her self-respect? She doesn't answer as Brendan calls her over and they start kissing.
Libby, complete with sandwich sits down on the couch and does a quick recap to Audrey about the soap storylines. Anything else she does not understand - ask the bird. She's about to settle down when Susan appears and they both exclaim that they're home! Unfortunately, Libby's shoes were giving her blisters so she decided to come home and get some lunch. Susan said she forgot some papers and asks if she wants a lift back to school...she doesn't answer and points to some papers, asking if they're hers. She agrees, taking them and walks out. "Ciao!" As soon as she's gone, Libby sneakily puts the chain-lock on the door and settles back on the couch for the start of the soap.
As the show starts, Susan tries to open the door yelling to Libby that she can hear her and knows what she is doing! Libby merely laughs.
SUSAN: Elizabeth Grace Kennedy open this door right now!
Peter finishes talking with the Sargent on the police radio and tells Stu that Clive Dawson has already filed a complaint against him. He says it's not the first, but with Stu's help it will probably be the last. Having copped enough flack from him, Stu stands up for himself, saying dobbing in his partner was the hardest thing and that she didn't just bend rules, she broke the law. He won't sacrifice what he believes in for him or anyone - that's how he sleeps at night.
Brendan's Party
The party is in full swing with teens dancing about when Lana arrives. Brendan greets Lana with a kiss, making her look very uncomfortable. He says he'll get her a drink and maybe he can show her his bedroom later. Lana looks worried as she notices one couple disappearing into a room.
Lou has brought some groceries, knowing that shopping will be the last thing on David and Harold's minds. Sky says she was just down at the hospital, but wanted to go as it was getting a bit crowded. She had brought her some books and things, but didn't think Lil wanted to read them as she was seemed tired. Lou suggests that she could read them.
SKY: I'd better not, it might put her in a coma.
She berates herself for making a bad joke, but Lou thinks that she shouldn't go changing herself just because Liljana is sick. Even though she is ill, she hasn't lost her sense of humour and wouldn't want Sky to change herself either. He suggests she go Brendan's party (Lou knows all of the playground) as it might help distract her. She groans and says it probably won't, as he leaves he says one more time never to change herself. Sky tries to get back to her work but is unsuccessful and hops up and leaves.
Brendan's Party
Brendan slyly suggests that he now show her his bedroom as it's "time to play our song". Lana resists until Sky shows up and tries to get her to leave with her. Brendan snidely asks if it's true that Sky has the hots for Lana.
LANA: Come on, I wanna see your room. BRENDAN: Looks like you lose Mangel.
Sindi and Toadie walk in holding hands and he encourages her to tell him about her day. He notices that a pool table is free and they go to play. However, Toadie then notices Stu sitting on his lonesome and wants to invite him to play doubles with them. Sindi is reluctant to play, but Toadie mentions that since Stu has been so nice to Toadie about her, he thought it would be a nice gesture. Toadie goes to ask him and when Stu is also reluctant, Toadie says they'll find him a nice hot chick, but to go and talk to Sindi while he goes to the toilet.
Stu walks on over and they both admit that they don't want to play pool but are because of Toadie. Sindi thanks him for whatever he said because they're back together. Stu replies that "he'd be an idiot to let you get away."
Brendan's Party
Sky sighs as she walks away from the party, but soon Lana comes up behind her with a wry smile on her face. She asks if Sky is a really good friend, as she has turned Brendan down.
LANA: I said he wasn't my type. I said guys in general weren't my type. I told him I liked girls.
Sky congratulates Lana on doing the right thing. Brendan and his friends yell across the lawn that Lana can stick it with her hairy friends and can't wait until 'everyone at school hears about this.'
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Libby Kennedy, Sindi Watts in Neighbours Episode 4582
Libby Kennedy, Sindi Watts

Sky Mangel, Lana Crawford in Neighbours Episode 4582
Sky Mangel, Lana Crawford

Sindi Watts, Libby Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4582
Sindi Watts, Libby Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 4582
Lou Carpenter

Brendan Bond, Lana Crawford in Neighbours Episode 4582
Brendan Bond, Lana Crawford

Sindi Watts, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 4582
Sindi Watts, Toadie Rebecchi

Clive Dawson, Peter Parthimos, Stuart Parker in Neighbours Episode 4582
Clive Dawson, Peter Parthimos, Stuart Parker

Libby Kennedy, Audrey in Neighbours Episode 4582
Libby Kennedy, Audrey

Libby Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4582
Libby Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Stuart Parker in Neighbours Episode 4582
Stuart Parker

Lou Carpenter, Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 4582
Lou Carpenter, Sky Mangel

Sky Mangel, Brendan Bond, Lana Crawford in Neighbours Episode 4582
Sky Mangel, Brendan Bond, Lana Crawford

Sindi Watts, Stuart Parker in Neighbours Episode 4582
Sindi Watts, Stuart Parker

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