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Neighbours Episode 4577 from 2004 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4577: Schoolyard Jungle
Australian airdate: 28/09/04
UK airdate: 10/12/04
Writer: Sarah Mayberry
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Lana Crawford: Bridget Neval
Summary/Images by: Linda/Karen (Katie)
Boyd telling Stingray that Lana kissed Sky.
Max comforting Steph about the needles.
Lana telling Sky she is gay.
A close up of Karl preparing a syringe, as the camera then focuses on Max who slightly recoils and looks a little woozy. Karl informs them both that it'll be become really easy and places some rubbing alcohol on Steph's waist. He asks Max to come a little closer, as he demonstrates how he should do the injection. It's soon over - and Steph is surprised as she hardly felt it! Still, she would still like a lollipop and chooses a red one. They both look at Max to ask him what he thought, but he just collapses into Karl's arms.
Erinsborough High
Sky tells a worried Lana that she doesn't hate her, nor should she feel ashamed of who she is. "Whether you hate chicks or guy it's none of my business. We're cool okay? Okay!?" Lana is still unsure, but Sky jokes that if she were going to get her back she'd be more creative about it. They call a truce to be friends and hug, just as Stingray sees them together.
Lana tells Sky the story of how she basically got ostracised by the entire school after she told Diane about who she really was. They'd fill her locker with garbage, she started getting hassled anywhere and everywhere and one day got beaten up in the change room. The principal then decided for her it'd be better if she move schools because they didn't know what to do with her...Sky is outraged at the fact, I mean do they still live in the stone age? She again reassures Lana that they are friends and nothing will change that and hug once again.
There is one more thing...the kiss. Lana is sorry that she just got a bit carried away, but Sky understands. "It's nice to know she's irresistible to both sexes."
Karl throws around some ideas about why Max would have fainted, including the needles, but Max assures them that he is probably doing too many shifts at the pub. They then leave for some tea at the Coffee Shop - just as Izzy walks in and notices how pale Max is. Once they are gone, Izzy pounces on Karl for answers. Of course Karl can't tell her, so she pleads that "if she guesses - than that won't be telling." She wonders if this has this have anything to do with injections - and when Karl gives a small smile she can't believe that he's still afraid of needles and wonders if he fainted as well. She starts laughing after Karl pretty much confirms it.
Erinsborough High
Stingray races up to Boyd, announcing what he just saw with his eyes. Before he spills the beans, Boyd gives him his share in the money from the posters and says that there's more work for them. Finally, Stingray excitingly tells Boyd that he saw "Lana and Sky, embracing, if you know what I mean." Boyd tells him that he's dreaming and that girls hug all the time. Stingray says not in the way they were and tries to demonstrate the hug on Boyd. "Dude, get with the program, your girlfriend is on the turn."
Stingray is still on a high after learning what he saw, but Boyd wants him to strictly stay with the facts. Unfortunately for him, Stingray is still convinced that "they were speaking the international language of love". Anyway, why is he worried because should he "play his cards right" he'll be able to live out the ultimate fantasy and don't tell him that he's never thought about it. Boyd says that this is Sky he's talking about it and they start play fighting. Now at a telephone post, Boyd rips down some of Trevor's posters (including a Jet one!) and replaces it with their own. Stingray looks into Boyd bag and sees he'll still toting the crowbar and looks worried.
Coffee Shop
Izzy changes some prices on some baby clothes and is about to put them away when Karl comes in. He sees the clothes and can't hide his annoyance at Izzy spending so much money - despite how reduced they are. She sighs and informs Karl that her psychiatrist told her to embrace the idea the baby is coming.
IZZY: Try to embrace the idea that the baby is coming.
KARL: Right, your psychiatrist said you should go shopping.
Karl wonders if they can deduct the cost of the clothing from the fee and Izzy says she can take the clothes back...but he says it doesn't matter and she should keep them.
Street Fence
Boyd says they'd better hurry or they'll be late for maths class, so when he's not looking, Stingray wrestles the crowbar out of Boyd's bag and throws it over the fence. He asks Boyd if he thinks having that in your bag is going to make a difference if one of Trevor's mates come up to him. What is he going to do then? He thinks that Boyd is full of cotton balls, I mean, "guys who are afraid to miss maths class don't go around smacking peoples face in with a metal bar." Boyd is still determined however, so Stingray asks him if he gets it back make sure he is not afraid to use it.
The Pub
Izzy and Karl continue to bicker about the clothes she just bought. She feels that he always lectures - and not necessarily about this, but everything! Despite him having gone through this, this is her first and she just wants the moment to be special. It is like Karl is "sucking all the joy out of this!" They get interrupted by Max, who takes their order. Izzy cracks a joke about Max not wanting to lift anything too heavy or he might get a bit light headed and Max sarcastically thanks Karl for keeping his secret.
Erinsborough High
Stingray attempts to talk to Boyd who is giving him the silence treatment. He starts talking about guys in his old town about getting stuck into each other with cricket bars and bits of wood...you'd have to be a real idiot to do that. Boyd wryly asks if was going to tell him this before he ripped down Trevor's posters. They both joke it's odd that Stingray is doing the right thing. Stingray asks "when are we gonna go check out the lezzos?" but Boyd once again that Sky is not into that.
Lana admits to pretending that she liked Britney Spears - because she thought that is what normal girls did.
SKY: My dad says that normal is a setting on a washing machine.
She asks Lana if it's okay to ask when she realised she knew. She replies that it was a gradual thing, but she never liked to play kiss-chasey with the boys when she was little. Sky says as she went to school of the air, it only meant she could play chasey with her brother Toby and there was no way she was going to kiss him or the cows. They laugh and Lana says it was probably around year 7 or 8 when she had a crush on a female PE teacher. Sky asks about movie stars - but Lana doesn't want to answer in case it may incriminate her.
SKY: Not Gwyneth Paltrow?
LANA: After Apple, are you kidding me?
Lana did have a thing for Buffy and Sky agrees so did she! Well, it was for Spike, but it's the same thing. She suggest a Buffy marathon sometime, but Lana just smiles and is so happy talking about all of this because she has never had a chance to say this to anyone. Boyd and Stingray waltz up and Boyd half heartedly jokes if the two are hiding out together. Stingray sort of has a stupid grin on face and noticing this, Sky takes Boyd to get a drink.
Pub Office
Armed with a syringe, Max attempts to practice the injections on an orange. He is very shaky and groans in frustration at himself. Steph walks in and apologises for not realising his fear. She admits she finds it hard to believe, as she thought he was fearless. After all, he gets rid of mice, kill spiders - he is a superhero! However, she says it was very romantic for him to put aside his fears and be with her when she needed him. She wants to help him overcome his fear, so picks up the orange and uses some creative visualisation. She thinks the orange is exactly the face of the nasty bank manager they met the other day and at the time, did you'd you think "he needed a good jab in the bum?" He asks Max to remember how he kept staring at her and with that, Max picks up the syringe and jabs the orange.
Sky guesses that Boyd told Singray about the kiss and is angry with him. Boyd says that he won't say anything - but does Sky honestly believe that, as he was practically drooling before. She thought he could trust him, but obviously she can't. Boyd defends himself by saying he needed a mate to talk to. He also believes that this is another one of "Sky's Crusades" for the month to get all "hot and bothered about", how does she know she's not leading Lana on? Sky exclaims that Lana is her friend and is helping her out and Boyd asks how she would feel if a chick kissed him and he had been helping her out?
Just as Steph is about to leave, Izzy stops her and they talk about baby stuff. Obviously confused, Izzy tells her that she has been seeing a therapist and he has been helping her see who is important in her life. She's so excited about having the baby - and wants them to hang out and share baby tips. She thought that they could both do the help from one another.
Over at the bar, Karl notes to Max that "apart from male pattern baldness - they'd have to be the luckiest men in Erinsborough." After all, they have these "amazing, young beautiful women and at the end of the day they come home to us." Karl asks if he ever corrects Steph, as he does with Izzy but Max says it doesn't really score him brownie points. The two men make a deal, they agree not to turn into jaded all men who have seen it all before.
Erinsborough High
A bit distracted, Sky asks Lana if she can talk to her about something. She asks if she was meant that they she just wanted to be friends and is not just saying that. She just doesn't want to feel as if she's leading her on. Lana agrees wholeheartedly, she knows Sky doesn't reciprocate her feeling. Besides, Lana jokes that she has already found a replacement for her. Although while they are talking, she would like to clarify that Sky won't tell anyone else about what she told her. Looking guilty, Sky promises that she won't and starts talking about a really innovative movie she saw, "Cube".
As the two walk into the classroom, the kids start chanting "lovers, lovers, lovers, lovers..." and look up onto the board where "Lana is a lezzo" is scrawled. Lana looks horrified and runs away. Sky follows and tries to explain, but she won't listen. "How could you look me in the eye and say all that stuff!"
Karl wonders what Izzy and Steph were talking about and hope that she isn't worried about her fertility treatments, however Izzy says that they were talking about their kids going to school together one day. She thinks they may become real friends one day. If 6 months of therapy won't fix it then nothing will! Karl, uneasily thought that it was only a short-term thing and didn't realise it would be so long.
IZZY: Do you have any idea how messed up I am? We've only scratched the surface.
She says it's so amazing to just sit there and talk about herself, it's not as if she is being too self involved either as he is being paid to listen. Karl's glad she is has found someone she can connect with but when Izzy is gone, looks worried.
Sky corners Boyd and congratulations him on letting the entire school know about Lana's secret. He tries to get her to calm down, but she wants nothing to do with him. "No, don't touch me, ever again - we're finished."
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Max Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4577
Max Hoyland

Max Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4577
Max Hoyland

Lana Crawford, Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 4577
Lana Crawford, Sky Mangel

Steph Scully, Max Hoyland, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4577
Steph Scully, Max Hoyland, Karl Kennedy

Boyd Hoyland, Stingray Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4577
Boyd Hoyland, Stingray Timmins

Karl Kennedy, Izzy Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4577
Karl Kennedy, Izzy Hoyland

Stingray Timmins, Boyd Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4577
Stingray Timmins, Boyd Hoyland

Lana Crawford, Sky Mangel, Boyd Hoyland, Stingray Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4577
Lana Crawford, Sky Mangel, Boyd Hoyland, Stingray Timmins

Steph Scully, Max Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4577
Steph Scully, Max Hoyland

Karl Kennedy, Max Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4577
Karl Kennedy, Max Hoyland

 in Neighbours Episode 4577

Lana Crawford in Neighbours Episode 4577
Lana Crawford

Boyd Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4577
Boyd Hoyland

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