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Neighbours Episode 4569 from 2004 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4569: Pure Filth
Australian airdate: 16/9/04
UK airdate: 30/11/04
Writer: Martin McKenna
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Lana Crawford: Bridget Neval
- "One Word" by Leah Haywood
Summary/Images by: Phil/Karen (Katie)
Steph telling Max she's going away for a few days.
Stingray seeing Luca with Serena and jumping him.
Bishop house
Sky walks into the lounge room to find Serena doing homework with Lana. When she finds out that Lana is sleeping over, she retreats to her room. Meanwhile, Lana and Serena talk about boys, and Lana assures Serena that Luca will call her.
Number 30
Connor is delighted because his internet boyfriend has sent him a lovely package of chocolates, candles and moisturisers. He's happy to have met a man who really knows women. Toadie warns him that he's leading him on, but Connor tells him he can't send it back. Toadie also warns him that his boyfriend will want to meet him eventually. Toadie's annoyed about something. Connor guesses it's because he hasn't had as much luck in the chat room.
Bishop house
Serena is still talking about Luca. When she realises she hasn't shut up about him, she asks Lana if she has a boyfriend. Lana tells her that a boy in year 12 called Brendan asked for her number. Serena is pleased for her, because apparently he's an absolute babe, but Sky overhears from the kitchen and says he's completely brain-dead. But she supposes that makes him perfect for Lana. Serena gets up to get Lana and herself drinks, and in the kitchen tells Sky off for being rude. Sky tells her she thinks Lana is fake. Serena asks her to just be polite, and Sky tells her that Erin was better than Lana. Serena says that she has more in common with Lana than she does with Sky, so if Sky thinks Lana is a loser, she thinks Serena is too. Sky tells her she doesn't.
Hoyland house
Max comes home and is greeted by Harvey, and then by Lyn, in the lounge room. He asks Lyn where Summer is, and she tells him she's in her room doing her homework. She told her she couldn't watch TV until it was all done. Lyn is ironing Summer's school uniform, and Max tells her she doesn't have to. He asks when her place will be ready to move back into, and Lyn says it's still a few days. She tells Max she can go to a hotel, but Max tells her she doesn't need to do that. Lyn suggests that Max and Steph check into a hotel for the night, while she babysits the kids for them. Max tells her about Steph going away.
Number 30
Toadie is typing an email to an internet boyfriend. Connor reads over his shoulder, very disgusted. He asks Toadie if that's the stuff that Sindi sends him, but Toadie says it's for Sebastian. Connor tells him it's not so much keen, as desperate. Toadie complains that it's so hard to be flirty without sounding tarty. He thinks the email is romantic; Connor says it's filthy. "And there's no 'e' in 'bulgy'", he tells him.
Bishop house
Serena, Lana and Sky are watching "The Butterfly Effect". Sky keeps complaining about it and pointing out the plot holes. Serena keeps telling her to shut up. Then she informs Lana that Sky's only interested in movies that are black and white with actors who died 50 years ago. Lana tells her she likes old movies. Serena says that she won't like Sky's taste in movies. Sky says she might, and asks if she's interested in a Marilyn Munroe movie after this one. Lana says she loves Munroe.
Hoyland house
Lyn is talking to Steph on the phone. She says that if she wants them to leave so she and Max have some space, she doesn't mind. She also says she agrees with her about whose fault it all is. When Max comes into the room, Lyn quickly pretends to be talking with Joe and hangs up. Lyn leaves to put dinner on. Max asks Jack if Joe is coming back soon, and Jack says he didn't say. "Must be a Scully thing," says Max.
Kennedy house
Susan and Sindi are reading Toadie's email that he sent to Sindi thinking she's his internet boyfriend.
SUSAN: It's pretty racy.
SINDI: It's obscene.
Susan : How do you reckon you actually do that with a cherry?
SINDI: I know! And what about this one? "I'd like to be your pizza base so you can cover me in toppings." What is that?
SUSAN: Well, it does have a certain gourmet appeal.
SINDI: Why does he think I would be into that filth?
SUSAN: Because he thinks you're a bloke. You shouldn't take it so seriously.
Sindi wonders why he never mentioned this stuff to him before, it's obviously his idea of the perfect woman. She heads for the bathroom, saying she has to soak in antiseptic.
Susan, meanwhile, continues reading the email, surprised at one bit and having to reread it.
Hoyland house
Sky and Lana finish watching their old movie. They discuss Marilyn Monroe when it finishes. She seems to be a favourite among the two of them. Sky starts to say something to Serena, then they realise that she has fallen asleep. Later on, Lana turns out the lights in the lounge room. Sky has also fallen asleep. Lana lies down next to her, looking at her and playing with her hair.
Outside Hoyland house
Jack loads up his ute to go to work. Summer pesters him about her soccer team. Lyn comes out to inform him his toast is burning and she's rescued it for him. Jack goes in to eat it. Summer starts to follow, but Lyn stops her. She asks normal mother questions: Ready for school? (yes) Bag packed? (yes) Got your lunch? (yes) Then she asks "am I being annoying?" Summer again answers "yes", but adds "it's great having a grandmother around again". Max comes out and tells Summer he has to go soon, so she better be ready. Lyn offers to walk her to school later on so she won't be so early. Max thanks Lyn for the offer and leaves. Summer and Lyn talk about Steph and Max wanting babies.
Erinsborough High
Sky and Lana are doing their detention painting again. Lou comes in to clean up and starts chatting to them. He picks up some rubbish, including some notes from students. He can't help but read the notes as he walks out. Susan walks in, and is annoyed to find that the girls have stuffed up the pain again. This time they've started painting the sky on a backdrop, but are using two different shades of blue. Sky apologies, and says it was her fault. Lana laughs and says "nobody's perfect". Sky picks up that it's a quote from their movie last night and finishes it off. Susan recognises the movie it's from, and Sky tells her they watched it last night. Sky tells them she's thrilled they've found something in common, now if they could agree on the colour of the sky they'll be a real team.
Lou shows Max the notes he found at school. "I'm glad I'm not this girl Jacinta's father," he says. "Ooh, love hearts over the I's, every father dreads that phase," says Max. It seems Jacinta is juggling between Ethan in science and Joel in English. Max asks what he plans to do with this dangerous information. Lou says he could write a book and explode all those teenage myths.
Sindi and Toadie have come in for lunch, and Sindi says she's not really that hungry. Toadie says he wouldn't mind a pizza. Sindi looks shocked. Susan comes in, and Sindi insists she sits down with them. Toadie gets up to order, and Sindi tells Susan what Toadie is ordering. Susan tells her she's just overeating, and says if she goes into another internet dating site, Toadie's fantasies would be so tame.
Erinsborough High
Lana has got bored and started drawing a little cartoon stick figure saying "You! Out of the gene pool". Sky comments on it, and asks if she draws. Lana says she doesn't, and doesn't have any talents she's hiding. Sky tells her that Brendan is such a meat-head, and she'll have to pretend to like football. Lana says she doesn't even know the teams. Sky tells her he's not her type. Lana asks how Sky would know. Sky says that when you start at a new school, it's a chance to reinvent yourself. She's done it herself, and you can only fake it for so long. Lana insists she's the same person she always was.
Connor comes over to clean Sindi's table. Sindi asks him if he feels bad about leading guys on in the internet chat room. Connor says the great thing about it is he can be whatever he wants. His boyfriend seems like an old fashioned kind of guy, but he might not be. Sindi tells him it must get dirty sometimes, and Connor says it doesn't. Connor says that when he's pretending to be someone else, he can be more himself than ever before. Sindi isn't pleased to hear this.
Erinsborough High
Lana shows Serena a hickey that Brendan gave her between classes. As Sky watches, Serena and Lana keep talking about it, Serena telling her she wants all the juicy details.
Ramsay Street
Jack helps Summer work on her soccer skills. Max pulls up and notices Jack has left his trailer on his lawn. Max asks if he could leave it in the Scully driveway. Jack apologises and says that things have been a little frantic lately. Summer tells Jack she'll make him a special snack. Max tells her not to make a mess or she'll start Lyn disinfecting. Max decides to bring up the issue of Steph going away. Summer tells him she's not worried. Steph tends to be a loner sometimes. She says that Lyn told her when Steph comes back everything will be sorted, and once they start the IVF she'll forget it ever happened.
Erinsborough High
At the end of class, Sky and Lana talk about Brendan. Lana says that most girls would kill to have what she has. Sky asks if this is about being in the in-crowd. "So what if it is?" Lana asks. Sky tells her she doesn't have to pretend to fit in. Lana tells her she's doing what she wants, and if Sky doesn't like it she can butt out.
Bishop house
Sky is on the phone with someone. When she finishes, she tells Serena it was just a friend from Grease Monkeys who goes to Lana's old school. Serena is interested in gossip about Lana, and Sky tells her it isn't gossip, it's really serious. She says that she doesn't know what Lana did at her old school, but a bunch of year 12 girls beat her up and tied her up in the boy's toilets. They called her "Lana Loner". All the girls got suspended for a month. Serena says that maybe they found out about Chris Cousins, and tells Sky that she found out that Lana had the same incident with him that she did.
Hoyland house
Lyn comes home and notices there are no kids. Max tells her he sent Jack and Summer to get some takeaway, so he could have a chance to talk to Lyn. He asks her to watch what she says to Summer. Some things are strictly family business, and the less other people get involved, the better. Lyn gets defensive, saying that if Steph is part of the family, she is involved. Max says he just thought she would have enough on her plate between Jack and the business. Lyn says it isn't any of his business. Max points out that Summer isn't part of her business. He asks her that while she's living there, to know when to get involved and when not to. Lyn tells him that he's just being selfish not giving Steph the baby she wants. This is the last straw for Max, and he kicks Lyn and Jack out, saying he wants his house back.
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Lana Crawford, Serena Bishop, Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 4569
Lana Crawford, Serena Bishop, Sky Mangel

Dino, Oscar Scully, Jack Scully, Lyn Scully, Max Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4569
Dino, Oscar Scully, Jack Scully, Lyn Scully, Max Hoyland

Toadie Rebecchi, Connor O
Toadie Rebecchi, Connor O'Neill

Max Hoyland, Lyn Scully, Jack Scully, Oscar Scully in Neighbours Episode 4569
Max Hoyland, Lyn Scully, Jack Scully, Oscar Scully

Sindi Watts, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4569
Sindi Watts, Susan Kennedy

Serena Bishop, Lana Crawford, Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 4569
Serena Bishop, Lana Crawford, Sky Mangel

Max Hoyland, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 4569
Max Hoyland, Lou Carpenter

Toadie Rebecchi, Sindi Watts in Neighbours Episode 4569
Toadie Rebecchi, Sindi Watts

Lana Crawford, Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 4569
Lana Crawford, Sky Mangel

Lyn Scully, Max Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4569
Lyn Scully, Max Hoyland

Max Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4569
Max Hoyland

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