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Neighbours Episode 4566 from 2004 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4566: Minefields
Australian airdate: 13/9/04
UK airdate: 25/11/04
Writer: John Upton
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Nina Tucker: Delta Goodrem
Lana Crawford: Bridget Neval
Tim Collins: Ben Anderson
Rhonda Del Rubio: Rebekah Stone
Krishneel Nand: Curtis Fernandez
Wally The Wasp Man: Dominic Pedlar
Summary/Images by: Carly/Karen (Katie)
Nina tells Jack that he's coming to the US with her.
Max getting grumpy at Summer's questions.
Izzy looking alarmed when Karl puts his wedding ring back on.
Izzy having a drowning nightmare.
Karl and Izzy's
A scared Karl wakes up an equally distressed Izzy because she is coughing and spluttering in her sleep.
Steph and Boyd come home from the movies and spring Max watching the end of one of Summer's chick flicks, much to their amusement. When Boyd goes to bed Max says to Steph, "I've been an idiot."
Karl and Izzy's
Karl is trying to comfort Izzy after her nightmare and she brings up everything that's bothering her: Darcy, the pregnancy, her being sick, and "us". Karl is surprised to hear that last one and she says she knows that part of him regrets what happened with his marriage, especially since he's been carrying around his ring ever since he got it back. Karl tells her he'll always look after her and the baby. Izzy also adds that she's afraid she's going to be a bad mother.
Max tells Steph he can't believe he's become an alpha male who defines himself by his virility, "or lack thereof". Steph says that he shouldn't feel embarrassed about it. Max says that he feels that way because he can't give her the baby that she really wants. "Well I've got you, that's all I need," Steph replies, cuddling him.
Karl and Izzy's
Izzy frets that she can't even look after herself, let alone a child. Karl thinks that a sleep specialist may not be the answer to her problems and that maybe she should see a counselor instead. Izzy scoffs that he thinks she's crazy. Karl says of course not but lets her know where he found her last week on one of her sleepwalking travels - lying on a median strip with cars whizzing by. She can't believe it. "You really need to talk to someone. You need to find out what's worrying you once and for all," he adds.
Lassiter's Hotel
Nina is relaying requests to her personal assistant for Jack - she wants Krishneel to get some extra luggage cases for Jack and to make sure he's checked out of his room because he'll be staying in hers for the rest of their time. When her assistant leaves she asks Jack if he's still sure about everything and he says yes. Nina says in that case they've got a few people to tell.
Stingray is trying to get the pets to talk to him but Susan thinks it would be a better idea for him to finish getting ready for school. He wishes her good luck for the mediation and she thanks him. Susan believes that they'll figure things out in a mature and sensible way because she'd hate to sink so low as to have to go to court. Sky comes by to walk to school with Stingray, leaving some cartoon drawings for Libby with Susan. She reminds Sky about her detention with Lana at lunchtime.
Erinsborough High
Boyd can't believe he missed the catfight between Sky and Lana especially when Stingray describes it as "spiggin awesome". Boyd starts to joke about asking them to do it in a pool of jelly next time when Lana walks by to go to her locker and Sky walks over to them. Boyd asks Sky if she wants to earn some money with him by putting up posters for his friend's band around town but she reminds him of her detention. Stingray says he'll help and they all walk off with Sky trying to ignore Lana as they walk past.
Karl and Izzy's
Karl comes home to have lunch with Izzy. They get to talking about the mediation and somewhere along the line wires have got crossed because Izzy thought she was going to go with Karl. He says it would be easier for him to go on his own but she says she wants to be with him. After he stutters over it for a while she gets annoyed and says he doesn't even want her there. He says he does and she can sit outside if she wants to. She gives him a look.
Erinsborough High - Art room
Sky arrives before Lana and Susan says she hopes they're not going to have a repeat of last time. When Sky says Lana started it Susan reminds her that Sky was the new girl not that long ago and that she had a lot of trouble fitting in at first. "Just show some maturity. Whatever this issue is between you and Lana, drop it alright?"
Lana arrives and Susan tells them where the paint, instructions and smocks are and that she's going to get some lunch but she'll be back. They're also not allowed to leave without permission. When she leaves, Sky starts to look at the instructions but Lana snatches them off her.
Outside near a wall of posters
Boyd explains to Stingray about what type of music the band (Nimrod's Open Wound) plays as they try and find a space for the posters on a very crowded wall. "I don't care if they're a spiggin boy band as long as they pay me," says Boyd. Stingray says they should just put the posters up over the other ones but Boyd is against that idea. Stinger says they need to think of a place that everyone looks but no one has thought of. They split up to find somewhere.
Art room
Sky and Lana are painting opposite sides of a wall. They each move the paint can to their side of the wall so the other one can't reach. When it's back to Sky's side again, Lana takes the paint tin and puts it in the middle of them so they can both reach.
Jack takes Wally the Wasp Man outside for better access to the house while Lyn chats to Nina. Lyn isn't keen at all on the idea of her son going overseas. Nina says she's giving him the chance to move on but Lyn thinks it would be more of an escape. She says he needs to stay in Erinsborough to win back trust from people and running away to America is not an option.
Max is relaxing on the couch with Harvey when all of a sudden Lyn the vacuuming monster comes around the corner disturbing the peace. She says that Steph asked her to and also gives him the news that the wasp man has to fumigate some more at her house so she'll be staying with them again for the night. Max looks oh so delighted.
Art room
Sky checks the instructions and realises that they were supposed to paint the wall green instead of the purple they had been. Each blames the other for the mistake but they calm down when they have a joke about one of the teachers there. Lana says she wasn't after her boyfriend; it's just people give new kids a hard time if they don't make a big deal about things like clothes and boys. Sky doesn't think that trying to steal people's boyfriends is a good way to make friends and says she's weird. Lana takes huge offence at this and storms out saying what the hell would Sky know.
Outside Somewhere
Stingray sees that Boyd has stuck the posters all over some trees, which he thinks is lame. He says that what they needed was something like a moving billboard and points to his masterpiece - he decided to stick posters on the back of a car. And not just any car, oh no, it's a police car. Boyd flips out and says he's going to get everyone arrested that way and they hop on their bikes to chase after the car.
Art room
Sky is trying to scrub the purple paint off the wall as Susan walks in. She asks where Lana is and Sky covers for her, saying she went to the toilet. Lana walks in the door just in time to hear her. Susan asks why the wall is purple and Lana returns the favour and says it was her fault for not following directions.
Street Somewhere
Boyd and Stingray have chased the police car to someone's house where the cops are busy chatting to the homeowner.
STINGRAY: Spiggin awesome. They haven't even noticed yet!
BOYD: Yeah, that'll be a great story to tell your cellmate in jail.
STINGRAY: Oh, bacon, ten o'clock!
Stingray hatches a great plan to yell out "oink, oink" so they chase him and Boyd can grab the posters but Boyd says that Stu told him the cops just get a laugh out of that now because they hear it so often. "What would Stuart know?" Stinger sneers. Boyd starts to say a plan of his own but he doesn't get very far because the coppers have walked up behind them not looking very amused at all.
Art room
Susan leads the girls in from the hallway so they can continue painting. She says that they need to find a way to communicate and tells them that she's got a meeting to attend and Ms. Buckley will be there soon for them. When she leaves Sky thanks Lana for taking the blame about the paint. Lana just shrugs and smiles.
Mediation Room
Susan and Tim are seated at a table with Karl and his lawyer. Susan says that despite the week they've had she's sure they can reach an amicable agreement.
We see Izzy sitting outside of the mediation room. She gets fidgety and creeps up to the door, opening it slightly so she can hear what's going on.
The talk in the room was about furniture but Tim soon swings it around to larger assets such as the surgery. He seems to think that the evaluation Karl has on it is severely lacking and that it should be about 25% more. Things start to get nasty when the matters of home wages and tax evasions are brought up.
Lyn is still being annoying through cleanliness as she dusts the TV while Max and Boyd are watching it. She also voices her concerns about Boyd's run-in with the police earlier but Max really doesn't want to hear her opinion. Steph comes home to a tense family and places some pamphlets called 'The Healthy Male' on the hallway table before joining them. Lyn announces that Boyd got arrested and Steph is astounded until things are explained (he got off with a warning etc). She smiles and says "bummer!" much to Lyn's horror. She goes off to start dinner and Boyd goes to his room. Steph asks Max what he said to Lyn but he says he's been a saint all day. "Don't get me wrong, your mum is a great woman, but I don't know how much more of this I can take!"
Mediation Room
The Kennedys and their lawyers are now arguing about the state of the house and how it's in dire need of renovations. Izzy's had enough of standing around outside and decides to burst in and interrupt with an angry tirade. "You want to bleed Karl out of every cent, don't you!" Izzy says that Susan is just jealous of her and Karl. Susan acidly demands Izzy leave and Tim agrees. Izzy says it's her future as well. Tim asks Karl to get Izzy out of there or else they'll have to reschedule and Susan adds it's a waste of everybody's time.
KARL: Yeah you know what? I couldn't agree more. I'll see you in court.
He gets up and leaves with Izzy while the rest of them sit there awkwardly.
Jack has come by to see Nina and she senses something is wrong. He pauses before telling her he can't come to the US with her because he's got to sort himself out first. "I'm sorry, you've offered me so much and I can't take it. I can't leave with you, Nina." Nina looks a little sad.
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Izzy Hoyland, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4566
Izzy Hoyland, Karl Kennedy

Max Hoyland, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 4566
Max Hoyland, Steph Scully

Stingray Timmins, Audrey, Dahl in Neighbours Episode 4566
Stingray Timmins, Audrey, Dahl

Boyd Hoyland, Sky Mangel, Stingray Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4566
Boyd Hoyland, Sky Mangel, Stingray Timmins

Izzy Hoyland, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4566
Izzy Hoyland, Karl Kennedy

Sky Mangel, Lana Crawford in Neighbours Episode 4566
Sky Mangel, Lana Crawford

Lyn Scully, Max Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4566
Lyn Scully, Max Hoyland

 in Neighbours Episode 4566

Boyd Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4566
Boyd Hoyland

Stingray Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4566
Stingray Timmins

Tim Collins, Susan Kennedy, Rhonda Del Rubio, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4566
Tim Collins, Susan Kennedy, Rhonda Del Rubio, Karl Kennedy

Rhonda Del Rubio, Karl Kennedy, Izzy Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4566
Rhonda Del Rubio, Karl Kennedy, Izzy Hoyland

Nina Tucker in Neighbours Episode 4566
Nina Tucker

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