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Neighbours Episode 4564 from 2004 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4564: A Certain Vim
Australian airdate: 9/9/04
UK airdate: 23/11/04
Writer: Anthony Morris
Director: Ali Ali
Guests: Nina Tucker: Delta Goodrem
Svetlanka Ristic: Deidre Rubenstein
Lana Crawford: Bridget Neval
- "She Said" by Selwyn
Summary/Images by: Phil/Karen (Katie)
- Lyn kicking Jack out.
- The Bishops arguing about Svetlanka's money.
- Jack telling Nina his problems.
Nina assures Jack that his parents will forgive him. Their conversation is interrupted by Lou, surprised to see Nina there. Nina tells him that Trixie feels terrible about what she did to him, and wants to pay back his money. Lou goes back to the pub's office. Jack tells Nina he's just like her mother: they both use the people they love most. Nina assures him that he has nothing on Trixie.
Coffee Shop
Sky is drawing something, while Boyd watches. She's hoping Libby will use it for her column. Lana brings over Boyd's hot chocolate that he ordered and flirts with him. Sky asks where her drink is. Lana didn't seem to have heard her order one before. Sky tells her to never mind. When she goes back behind the counter, Boyd asks Sky to for once be like a normal girlfriend and get jealous. Sky tells him Lana's trying to get up Sky's nose, so if she acts jealous, she'll get what she wanted. Svetlanka comes into the shop, and starts to ask Lana for something. Harold comes out and interrupts, asking Lana to take something into the kitchen. Svetlanka asks for a recommendation for dinner. Harold tells her he had good feedback on the vegetarian lasagne. Svetlanka asks for a serving for one. Realising she still hasn't had any success with Lil, Harold asks her out to dinner.
Bishop house
Stingray comes over, and tells Serena they need to talk about their relationship. Serena says there isn't one. Stingray tells her there's no use fighting it, it's destiny. Serena tells him that she's not fighting anything. Stingray leaves when they are interrupted by David and Lil again arguing about the money. It seems that $100,000 mysteriously appeared in their bank account and Lil thinks that David had something to do with it. David tells her that he didn't. He says that Svetlanka doesn't need to notify them to deposit money into their account, and maybe she did it to show that there are no strings attached. Harold comes in and informs them that he is having dinner with Svetlanka. Not a date, just two people having dinner.
Kennedy house
Lyn has come crying to Susan. When she stops, they try to work out what to do about Jack. Lyn blames herself, but Susan tells her that the trouble Jack is in is nobody's fault but his own. She mentions the falling-out that she had with Libby over the Taj incident, and says that they got over it; Lyn and Jack can get through this too. Lyn says she hasn't got time, she's meant to be moving to Bendigo. She decides she can't go while Jack is in trouble. She just wants Jack to know that she'll be there for him. The two of them go looking for him.
Harold and Svetlanka come in for dinner. Harold starts talking about Lil, but Svetlanka tells him she'd rather not discuss it tonight. They make a deal: no more talk about anyone but the two of them.
Pub office
Nina gives Lou a cheque that supposedly Trixie wants him to have. But it was written by Nina. Nina tries to make up excuses to explain it, but Lou knows that it's Nina's money. She tells him that she and her mum have become very close recently, and she knows that Trixie would have really wanted to pay him back, so it's just as much her's as it is Nina's money. Lou says he's not taking it. Nina tells him that she'll just get his account details from her mum and deposit it anyway if he doesn't take it. Lou accepts it and gives his step-daughter a kiss. As they leave the office, Harold sees her, and is almost as excited to see her as Lou was. Harold comments that he saw her in "Sword of Vengeance", and tells her he loves Bollywood movies, they're so romantic. He tells her he saw her use some of the acting techniques he taught her in "Mission Erinsborough". Nina looks over at the table she was sitting at before, and asks where Jack is. Harold tells her he left a little while ago.
Harold and Svetlanka enter, ranting about young people and text messages. Harold wonders why they don't just use the phone they're holding to call each other. Svetlanka always feels like telling them that it's a phone, not a typewriter. Svetlanka tells Harold she'll see herself to her room, and thanks him for a wonderful evening. She's about to kiss him on the cheek, then Harold suddenly turns and they kiss on the lips. Harold instantly apologises. "Why?" Svetlanka asks. "Thank you again for a wonderful evening."
Kennedy house
Lyn and Susan come home after checking every club that they know Jack might have gone, but with no success. Susan points out that she didn't want to find him at a club anyway. Lyn tells her she wanted to find him somewhere. She's says she's so cross at Steph for not telling her about him. Then she tells Susan that she better go. Susan tells her that she'll just disturb Oscar if she goes now, and suggests she stays there for the night.
Ramsay Street (next morning)
Susan leaves Susan's place with Oscar and starts heading home. Suddenly the Scullys' garage door opens. Jack has been working in there all night, restoring a chest of drawers for Lyn that he had previously done a lousy job with. In tears, Lyn hugs him.
Bishop house
Lil and David continue to argue about the money. David insists that the money is in the account, so therefore it's their's. Lil says it isn't all in there anymore. She's not happy because David used a little bit of it to pay some bills. $5000 of bills. Serena tells them to stop arguing about it, especially when Sky, Harold and herself can hear perfectly. She leaves for school, opens the door and finds Lana waiting for her. Sky comes into the lounge room, in her pyjamas, whinging that she can't find a bra. Serena tells her to just wear her lingerie, but Sky tells her that Boyd stretched it. Serena and Lana seem quite amused to hear this, and Sky turns around to see Lana there. She tells Serena she could have told her they had unwelcome guests in the house. Serena tries to get Sky to tell her how Boyd stretched her lingerie, but Sky won't say. Meanwhile, David is about to leave, and asks Lil if she wants a lift. Lil tells him maybe they could ask her mother to buy them a second car; seeing as how David's selling their integrity anyway, they might as well get as much as they can while they're at it.
Erinsborough High - corridor
Lana again sets her sights on Boyd. Sky tells Boyd she'll see him later, and kisses him in front of Lana. Stingray walks up and asks Boyd what he was doing. He accuses him of flirting with Lana. Boyd admits that he is, because he's trying to make Sky jealous. Stingray wonders why he would upset Sky, she's "babe-alicious". Boyd tells him he just doesn't want Sky to take him for granted, and if another chick's interested, then she won't. Stingray asks if it will work. Boyd says it will, especially if the other chick's a hottie. Straight away, Stingray asks Lana out. Lana says she's not interested. Serena protests, and Stingray tells her she had her chance.
Harold tells a depressed-looking Lou to cheer up; the world's not that bad a place. Lou notices something is up and asks Harold what's happened. Harold claims nothing's up, but Lou guesses that his date with Svetlanka went well. Harold tells him "a gentleman does not... KISS and tell." He giggles and tells him it was completely unexpected. Meanwhile, Lil and David come in for lunch. Still arguing, Lil tells him that her mother will be getting the money back, what's left of it. She then finds out that a further $3000 of it has been used to pay off the credit cards. David tells her that the money is simply Svetlanka's way of getting closure. Lil says she'll give her that closure, along with her money and a cab fare to the airport.
Erinsborough High - classroom
Sky asks Stingray what he's doing. He mimes fishing, and tells her that he's "reeling in that babe, Lana". He explains that she's a hottie, and Boyd reckons so too. And it'll make Serena see sense and take him back. Sky asks him if Boyd really thinks she's a hottie. "Yeah," he says, "don't you?". Meanwhile, Lana tells Serena that Stingray is really weird. "You don't need to tell me," Serena says. On their way out, Lana "accidentally" bumps into Lana. She claims she had her mind on basketball, and asks if she plays. "Oh that's right," she adds. "You can't play sport." Sky tells her she can, she chooses not to. "Probably wise," Lana says.
Erinsborough High - basketball court.
A game begins, and Stingray tries showing off to Lana. Susan suggests he sits out for a bit. Sky has the ball, and Lana begins taunting her. Sky throws it to someone else on her team, and Lana (on the other team), trips her over. Susan comes over, and Sky tells her what happened. Susan thinks it was an accident, but Sky knows better. Lana suggests Sky should sit out for a while, but Sky says she's fine. The game goes on.
Erinsborough High - basketball court
While the game goes on, Sky has a go at Lana while she has the ball. She tells Lana she knows what she's trying to do: she's jealous of Sky. Not just that, she's obsessed. Lana throws the ball right at Sky. With a scream of "you cow!", Sky wrestles Lana to the ground while everyone watches. Stingray exclaims that it's "spiggin' excellent", and a fight begins. Susan breaks it up and pulls Sky off Lana. She tells them both to go off-court, and after the game they'll discuss why they shouldn't be suspended.
Erinsborough High - classroom
Susan tells them that regardless of who started it, from her point of view they both looked like thugs. Sky tells her it was just a difference of opinion, and Lana says that they just got carried away. Sky says they didn't plan it, and Lana agrees, saying they just lost it for a minute. Susan tells Lana that her behaviour today won't be tolerated, and she tells Sky she shouldn't have to explain that to her. Susan decides that the most constructive thing she can think of is to give them the opportunity to get to know each other - over detention while they paint scenery for the school play, until the job is done to her satisfaction. The longer it takes for the two of them to get along, the longer it will take to finish. She says that she let the two of them off very lightly, so they should sort themselves out.
Lassiter's complex
Svetlanka is on the phone, presumably to one of Luka's parents. It seems he has gone off somewhere. She tells the other person to wait until dinner time, he'll come back. Lil and David exit from their workplace, and see her there. Lil tells David she's going to tell Svetlanka her decision. David says she could save a lot of stress by just keeping the money, but her mind is made up. Svetlanka ends her phone call when she sees them coming. Lil tells her she won't accept the money, and the part that David spent will be paid back with interest. Svetlanka asks if David feels the same way. Lil answers yes. Svetlanka tells them they'll have to do what's right, and she says she's sorry she interfered. Lil tells her they'll be okay on their own. Lil asks her over to dinner before she leaves. Svetlanka, pleased at the offer, says she'd love to, but there are still a few days left before she leaves. She asks Lil if the two of them could get together in the meantime. Lil says no, and she only wants her over to dinner so they can all say a proper goodbye.
Coffee Shop
Boyd and Sky talk about the basketball game and the fight. Sky tells him it wasn't about basketball, it was about the fact that Lana is a total loser. Boyd thinks it might have been because Sky is jealous, which she denies. Boyd catches Lana's eye, and Sky admits that she is a little jealous, and asks him to stop looking at Lana. Jack, Lyn and Oscar talk about Jack's day at work, the first day back at the site. Jack tells her that he won't be going out tonight. Lyn isn't surprised, after working in the garage all night. Jack tells her that it wouldn't have stopped him not long ago. Talk turns to Lyn's decision to move to Bendigo. Lyn says it's something she needs right now, a change of pace to blow out the cobwebs. Jack asks if she's sure she wants to move. Lyn admits she was put off at first when Joe mentioned it, but now she's changed her mind. It'll be great to get back to Joe, it'll be a great place for Oscar to grow up, and it's the next big phase of Lyn's life.
Jack meets Nina in the pub. Nina tells Jack that she doesn't want Jack to get away again. She wants him to go with her to the US. Jack says that he can't. Nina says that he needs a fresh start and she can give that to him. Jack asks her not to tempt him. Nina says she believes in him, and she needs him. She kisses him and says she's not taking no of an answer.
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Stingray Timmins, Serena Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4564
Stingray Timmins, Serena Bishop

Lyn Scully, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4564
Lyn Scully, Susan Kennedy

Harold Bishop, Svetlanka Ristic in Neighbours Episode 4564
Harold Bishop, Svetlanka Ristic

Nina Tucker, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 4564
Nina Tucker, Lou Carpenter

Harold Bishop, Lou Carpenter, Nina Tucker in Neighbours Episode 4564
Harold Bishop, Lou Carpenter, Nina Tucker

Harold Bishop, Svetlanka Ristic in Neighbours Episode 4564
Harold Bishop, Svetlanka Ristic

Boyd Hoyland, Stingray Timmins, Lana Crawford, Serena Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4564
Boyd Hoyland, Stingray Timmins, Lana Crawford, Serena Bishop

Liljana Bishop, David Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4564
Liljana Bishop, David Bishop

Sky Mangel, Lana Crawford in Neighbours Episode 4564
Sky Mangel, Lana Crawford

Sky Mangel, Lana Crawford in Neighbours Episode 4564
Sky Mangel, Lana Crawford

Svetlanka Ristic, David Bishop, Liljana Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4564
Svetlanka Ristic, David Bishop, Liljana Bishop

Jack Scully, Oscar Scully, Lyn Scully in Neighbours Episode 4564
Jack Scully, Oscar Scully, Lyn Scully

Nina Tucker, Jack Scully in Neighbours Episode 4564
Nina Tucker, Jack Scully

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