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Neighbours Episode 4558 from 2004 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4558: Blood Money
Australian airdate: 01/09/04
UK airdate: 15/11/04
Writer: Michael O'Rourke
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Darcy Tyler: Mark Raffety
Svetlanka Ristic: Deidre Rubenstein
Summary/Images by: Phil/Karen (Katie)
Svetlanka giving Serena the bracelet.
Izzy's dream of Darcy telling Karl the truth.
Izzy is walking along in her pyjamas. Suddenly she hears Darcy call out her name. She looks, but he's not there. She looks again, and there he is. He tells her she should be in bed, and she needs to rest. Izzy screams at him to get away from her, and he disappears. She walks on.
Meanwhile, Karl is driving down the street.
Izzy sees a bed in the middle of the road and lies down in it. Of course, she is dreaming and is actually lying down on the road.
Karl pulls onto the street where Izzy is sleeping, and is distracted by the car radio breaking up. He looks up to see Izzy and swerves to avoid her. He freaks out and jumps out of the car to make sure she's alright. Izzy wakes up and screams, remembering that she saw Darcy, then realises that she has been sleepwalking. Karl takes her home.
Karl's Place
Karl blames himself because he looked away for a few seconds. He wants to know why Izzy was so distressed, and why she was sleepwalking. Izzy tells him she just needs a decent night's sleep. He suggests she tries a herbal sedative, and Izzy says she'll need something stronger than that.
Max reads a postcard from Valda. She tells Lou to write back, and Lou doesn't want to, he doesn't know what to say. Max convinces him to at least think about it. Lou has to go, it's the high school sports day, and he's on community service there. He's not looking forward to it: a hundred snickering brats throwing their ice cream wrappers at him as he walks past. Max says if his two try anything, let him know. Lou says not to worry about it. They're good kids, he's just letting his ego get in the way. "Next time I bring out my violin, you tell me to shove it back in the case," he tells Max.
Bishop house
Now that the house is back to normal, and has circuit breakers installed, Lil and David decide to try the ancient sewing machine again. David plugs it in, and to his and Lil's delight, it lights up. It seems to work properly. "Now all I need to do is learn how to sew," she tells David. Serena tells her parents she's off to school for the sports day. David tells her to leave her mobile on. Serena gets defensive and tells them "It's planned a school event. Ask Mrs Kennedy if you don't believe me." As she gives Lil a kiss, Lil notices the bracelet on her hand and asks about it.
Serena says a friend gave it to her, a friend they don't know. She leaves, saying she late. Harold sides with Serena, saying that it's true that she has friends that they haven't met, and names Lana as an example, saying they're getting on well. "Well enough to buy each other jewellery?" Lil asks. "Who knows how young girls show each other affection these days?" Harold replies. Lil worries that she might have found another Chris Cousins-type person. David tells her she wouldn't fall for that again. Harold suggests she might have bought it herself, now that she's working at the Coffee Shop. David agrees with him. Lil laughs at them. "Neither of you two have a suspicious bone in your body, do you?"
Serena has met up with Svetlanka again. She's telling Serena she has to do something to help Lil and David, it hurts her so much to see them struggling with money, and can't do anything to help them. Serena interrupts her and tells her that she can't be her go-between anymore. If she wants to talk to Lil, see her herself. Svetlanka tries to guilt her, saying she doesn't know how much time she has left. She leaves, saying she better lie down for a while. As she gets up, she drops some brochures for retirement homes. When Serena asks, she says "that's where people end up when our families don't want us anymore." Serena tells her to come to dinner, as long as she doesn't say or do anything to hurt the family. Svetlanka says the only thing that matter to her now is what's best for them. She looks up and sees Harold, and while Harold is surprised to see her, she seems happy to see him.
Karl's place
Karl is working on the kitchen window, and Izzy tells him he's so handy. "I wish Susan could hear that, just once." Karl tells her he wishes she'd reconsider the sedatives. He tells her he has to go to the office to catch up on paperwork. Izzy convinces him to do the paperwork at home, as it will make her feel better while she sleeps. Karl says he will stay there, "with Sleeping Beauty under one arm and Rose Belker's file under the other." Izzy asks if she should be jealous of Rose Belker's file. "Well, it's pretty racy," Karl jokes.
Harold asks Svetlanka how long she's staying, and considering what happened last time, he wants to know what her intentions are. Avoiding his questions, she tells him she's only just arrived. Harold tells her she didn't answer his question. Svetlanka explains that she wants to repair the damage she made last time she was there. Harold tells her that everyone deserves a second chance. Serena asks him not to tell Lil, because she has to be informed of her mother's visit carefully, and Svetlanka doesn't want to upset her. Serena looks up and sees her parents a short distance away. Harold pulls Svetlanka into the Lassiter's Hotel foyer, and Serena tells her parents that she finished at her sports day and met up with a friend who started working in the Lassiter's kitchen. Lil starts asking about the friend who gave her the bracelet, and Serena changes the subject, asking if they want to join her in the Coffee Shop. When they leave, Svetlanka tells Harold "I had no idea you were so strong, that was impressive."
Coffee Shop
Serena asks her parents if she can bring a friend to dinner. "The bracelet friend?" Lil asks. "I've never known one girl with so many mysterious friends." Serena tells her that she (the friend) is new in town and is nervous about meeting people. Serena makes them promise they'll be nice to the friend. Her parents are shocked and want to know why they wouldn't be. David worries that it's a female version of Scott. Lil asks if it's her bracelet friend, and Serena finally gives in and says it is. Harold returns, and Serena excuses herself and joins him in the kitchen.
LIL: Told you she was up to something.
DAVID: You thought she was getting involved with some new dead-beat.
LIL: That's not the point.
DAVID: What's the point.
LIL: The point is... that I was right.
Meanwhile, Harold is telling Serena he doesn't like all the secrecy. He thinks that if Svetlanka wanted to start things over again, she could be a bit more honest. Serena tells him that if she just showed up at the door Lil would freak. This is the only way to get them talking again. Harold reluctantly agrees to keep it between them, but only because it means so much to Serena, and only until tonight.
Erinsborough High
Max has come to pick up Summer, and he sees Lou working away, cleaning the floor. It turns out to be a hard job though, as students continue to run through the hall, adding more mud.
Bishop house (night)
The family prepares for dinner, and for Serena's "friend".
Meanwhile, Svetlanka sits in the hotel lobby, reading a magazine.
Back in the house, Lil says she can't keep the dinner much longer without it burning.
Serena has no idea what's happened to Svetlanka.
Svetlanka puts on lipstick and looks at the time.
David gets impatient and says they should eat. Serena's friend will have to take pot-luck when she gets there. On the lounge, Harold whispers to Serena that it's getting ridiculous. Serena's getting worried and asks a little too loud, "What if something's happened to her? You know how much Bubba wanted to be here." Lil and David hear her and Serena has to come clean. They aren't impressed about it, but before they can say anything more, Svetlanka finally arrives. Very upset, she tells them that the taxi driver took her to a deserted back street. Lil, not falling for her tricks again, tells her to get out.
Bishop house
Outside the house, Svetlanka tells Serena she should go. Serena tells her Lil might change her mind. Inside, Lil is most upset about the whole thing. She goes on and on about using Serena to worm her way into their good books, and the ridiculous story she had to make them feel sorry for her. Svetlanka and Serena can hear the whole thing outside. Harold says he's not condoning what she's done, but she came a long way and perhaps she deserves to be heard out. The argument goes on. Harold says that Svetlanka knew how they would react, and that's why she first approached Serena. He tells them that it would mean so much to Serena to at least listen to what Svetlanka has to say. Lil finally agrees to let Svetlanka in. She tells her to say whatever she came to say, then get out. Svetlanka says she can never make up for the pain she caused, but losing her only daughter has caused her more pain than she ever thought possible. She doesn't expect them to forgive her, but she wants them to let her help them. Knowing the family has been under financial pressure lately, she wants to make an offer, no strings attached: she wants to give them $100,000. The family is speechless.
The pub has been decorated with an island paradise theme. It immediately cheers up Lou when he arrives. "So Valda's not the only one to hang out in the tropics, eh? The old jail-bird gets a taste as well." He says he might even send Valda a letter after all. Max says it also doubles as a promotion for resort weekend package that Roger Wilson donated. Lou says it's the nicest thing that's happened to him for a while.
Street (night)
Izzy is running around in a panic. Again she sees Darcy. This time he's holding a baby. "Babies are so... fragile, aren't they? How long do you think you can hide the truth, Isabelle? They're going to find out, you know. It's only a matter of time before you make a little slip." Izzy starts crying and begs him not to say anything. Suddenly she wakes up and realises it's all been a dream. Karl is right there next to her. He asks what she was dreaming about this time. Izzy tells him she can't remember. Karl tells her that she kept saying something like "everybody's going to find out the truth", and that she kept saying Darcy's name. Izzy says maybe it had something to do with the robbery. Karl says the things she was saying were different this time, but he can't quite put his finger on it. But still, he thinks they're getting closer to finding out what the dreams are about.
Bishop house
Svetlanka tells Lil it isn't a bribe to get her back to Perth. She can take the money and never see her again if she wants. "Oh, Bubba," Serena says. Svetlanka tells her that money doesn't mean anything to her, she has no use for it as a lonely old woman. Lil tells her to stop manipulating Serena. She goes on to tell her that she didn't have the guts to see her herself; she had to get Serena to do her dirty work. She asks if she really thought she could waltz into the house and buy their forgiveness. She must be crazy if she thought they would touch their money. "We would rather go broke, would we, David?" she says. David doesn't answer.
<<4557 - 4559>>
Izzy Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4558
Izzy Hoyland

Izzy Hoyland, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4558
Izzy Hoyland, Karl Kennedy

Lou Carpenter, Max Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4558
Lou Carpenter, Max Hoyland

Harold Bishop, David Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4558
Harold Bishop, David Bishop

Svetlanka Ristic  Serena Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4558
Svetlanka Ristic Serena Bishop

Liljana Bishop, David Bishop, Serena Bishop, Harold Bishop, Svetlanka Ristic in Neighbours Episode 4558
Liljana Bishop, David Bishop, Serena Bishop, Harold Bishop, Svetlanka Ristic

Svetlanka Ristic, Serena Bishop, Liljana Bishop, David Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4558
Svetlanka Ristic, Serena Bishop, Liljana Bishop, David Bishop

Svetlanka Ristic in Neighbours Episode 4558
Svetlanka Ristic

Max Hoyland, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 4558
Max Hoyland, Lou Carpenter

Darcy Tyler in Neighbours Episode 4558
Darcy Tyler

Izzy Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4558
Izzy Hoyland

Izzy Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4558
Izzy Hoyland

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