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Neighbours Episode 4535 from 2004 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4535: A Stingray's Got My Baby
Australian airdate: 30/07/04
UK airdate: 13/10/04
Writer: Martin McKenna
Director: Jeffrey Walker
Guests: Tom Scully: Andrew Larkins
Madeleine Lee: Madison Lu
Angelo Lombardi: Stephen Lopez
Summary/Images by: Carly/Karen (Katie)
David kicks Stingray out of his house
Sindi and Lil go halves in buying a dress
Tom trying to calm Susan down after her talk with Izzy in the pub
Serena and Stingray are playing a game of battleships that is going nowhere because Stingray keeps looking out the window, paranoid about her folks rocking up. His fears are realised when Lil comes home, and Serena pushes Stingray into her room just before she walks in. They're safe - for now.
Susan gets off the phone from Harold and tells Tom that he was calling about Lou. Lou wants to see Susan and she feels bad that she's been "selfish" and hasn't made time to visit him. Tom says he's sure Lou will understand as Susan's had a lot going on lately.
Stingray is almost out the door when Lil reappears in the kitchen from the backyard. She asks Serena if Sindi has been around with the dress but Serena says no. Stingray pops his head out of the hallway and Serena ushers him away before Lil can see.
Coffee Shop
Max is having a coffee with Connor and Maddy. Connor admits that he's wrecked from working and looking after bub, but he won't take a break from work when Max tells him he can. "Once you eliminate sleeping from your life, it's amazing what you can get done."
Lil is over to get the dress from Sindi (who is apologizing profusely - she thought she had it for another hour), but Sindi wants to give it a little wash before she gives it back. It turns out she spilt soy sauce on it much to Lil's annoyance. Sindi flits away to try and sponge it off.
Stingray is freaking out about still being there but Serena thinks it's good fun. She manages to back him into the couch and push him so they fall on it. Stingray doesn't seem to be in such a rush anymore and they start to kiss, just as Lil walks in the door. Stingray jumps up from the couch and pretends he was giving Serena kung-fu lessons. Lil isn't angry though; she's more distracted about the dress. Stingray runs home and Serena starts on her 'it isn't fair' spiel until Lil cuts her off. "I haven't got time for your dramatics today, Serena."
Karl and Izzy's
Tom has taken it upon himself to go and see Karl because he's concerned about Susan being upset. He tells him what Izzy said to Susan about Susan moving out of the house and the three of them moving in. This looks like it's news to Karl as well, but he doesn't let on. Things get a bit aggravated when Tom implies that Karl doesn't know what's going on with Susan anymore, and Karl scoffs that he's known Susan longer than Tom has, "my marriage, my family and my home are none of your business, and I'd thank you to stay out of it". He holds the door open for Tom to leave.
Warrinor Prison
Max is visiting Lou and telling him all about what's happening at the pub so he feels included, but Lou is more interested in hearing about his neighbours; how Max's honeymoon was, how the Number 30 boys are coping with their new homeowner status among different things.
MAX: Connor's got Maddy with him there at the moment. It's kind of like 'Three twits and a baby'.
LOU: Hope the baby likes pizzas and pretzels.
Lou then quietly asks if Max has heard from Valda. He says they got a postcard from her and that she's on another cruise. They see Susan arrive but the guard won't let her over until Max has finished his visit, so Max bids him farewell.
Susan walks over and hugs Lou, saying she feels awful she hasn't been to see him sooner and that she really wanted to. Lou appreciates that but says the visit wasn't actually for his benefit - he wants her to consider seeing Darcy. Susan looks taken aback.
Lil has the dress on but is bemoaning the fact that Sindi seems to have managed to shrink it even though she didn't wash it. Her and Serena start another argument about the dishes, and then about Stingray. Serena says that she wants to be treated like a mature person and that she doesn't want them to judge Stingray. Lil says she isn't falling for her routine this time and tells her that she always needs to make a drama out of everything. "You get it from Bubba". Lil can't handle wearing the tight dress any longer and goes to change.
Warrinor Prison
Susan says that she didn't even know Darcy was at that prison and Lou tries to tell her that Darcy has changed, but she says she can't trust him. Lou knows that she's got a lot on at the moment but Darcy really needs someone there for him if he's going to make it on the outside. Susan looks surprised. "Is he getting out soon?" "He's got a parole hearing coming up," replies Lou. Susan doesn't know if she wants to see him.
Connor is pushing Maddy around in her pram to try and get her to sleep while trying to do the rosters at the same time. Max is telling Harold how disinterested Lou was in the pub, but Harold says to give him time. The men comment on how tired Maddy and Connor both look and Max eventually convinces Connor to take a break at home, but Connor insists on coming back in later. Maddy lets out a loud wail on her way.
Sindi isn't having much luck getting her work done because Stingray has got the radio blaring and is doing skateboard tricks in the lounge room. She manages to kick him out of the house just as Lil arrives to have a word with her.
Lil has bought the dress with her and Sindi confesses that she brought the sides in a bit because she has a "tiny waist". She tries to dig herself out of the hole she's in by saying she didn't realise they has such a "... height difference" when they bought it. Lil gets a strange look on her face and leaves on a note that suggests she's going to make some alterations of her own.
Coffee Shop
Karl and Susan run into one another. He assures her that he has no intention of moving into the house with Izzy, and also says that he'd rather talk about things with her than through Tom Scully. Susan is surprised to hear that but regains her composure and shoots back that Izzy has done the same as "Isabelle runs your life completely now". She says they're not getting the house and everything from now on goes through her lawyer. Karl looks at the business card she handed him in disbelief. "You're making this very hard on yourself." Susan gives him a look. "You've got the number."
Number 30
Stingray has come by to see Toadie but Connor and Maddy are the only ones there. Stingray decides to hang around anyway and annoys Connor in the process as he's trying to work. Stingray also offers to help look after Maddy but Connor won't let him get near her out of worry. He goes to the kitchen to refill Maddy's bottle with formula. Stingray bobs down to eye level with her and smiles conspiratorially.
Sindi finds herself in the room at the wrong time as Susan and Tom have a row in the kitchen about his little visit to see Karl. He says that he just wanted to help and that he does have some experience with family breakdowns.
SUSAN: No. No Tom, you don't. You have a lot of theories, you have no experience. You're way out of your depth.
A silence falls over them until Tom says he should go and heads out the door. Susan and Sindi share a look when there's a sudden rap at the door. Sindi opens it and Connor barges in looking for Stingray. Susan asks him what's wrong. "I think he's taken Maddy," he replies, looking stressed.
Connor explains to them that he said no to Stingray babysitting just before and then he just took her anyway. Sindi and Susan say they're sure they'll be fine but offer to help look for them. Sindi asks Susan if she wants to wait there in case Tom comes back but Susan says there's something she has to do while she's out.
Skate Park
Stingray is zooming Maddy around in her pram at the local skate park and chatting to her. He sees some of his friends there and talks to a guy called Angelo. Stingray decides that Maddy should watch him have a skate.
Tom is doing the crossword at the bar. Max helps him with one of the clues (something to do with the oil rig - we also find out that Max went to a conference in Iraq once). Susan walks in and asks Tom if he's drowning his sorrows. "More like a quick swim," he replies. They apologise to one another about the argument.
TOM: I think I was trying to take charge of the situation, be the 'manly protector'.
(Susan smirks)
TOM: I know it's not what women want these days...
SUSAN: Don't be too sure!
She says that he doesn't need to protect her against Karl and that he should relax. "Try and just enjoy us being together." Tom smiles and says he'll try. Susan asks Max if he's seen Stingray. Max says he hasn't and asks if there's a problem.
Skate Park
Maddy is in her pram off to the side of the bowl while Stingray busts a few moves on his skateboard. He comes back up and Angelo gets him to show them another trick. Stingray goes for another skate in the bowl and comes back up to his mates again, laughing with glee. Angelo looks over Stingray's shoulder and goes from happy to frowning. "Stinger, where's your baby?" Stingray whirls around to see that Maddy's pram is gone. He starts to panic.
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Stingray Timmins, Serena Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4535
Stingray Timmins, Serena Bishop

Connor O
Connor O'Neill, Maddie Lee

Liljana Bishop, Sindi Watts in Neighbours Episode 4535
Liljana Bishop, Sindi Watts

Serena Bishop, Stingray Timmins, Liljana Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4535
Serena Bishop, Stingray Timmins, Liljana Bishop

Tom Scully, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4535
Tom Scully, Karl Kennedy

Lou Carpenter, Max Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4535
Lou Carpenter, Max Hoyland

Susan Kennedy, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 4535
Susan Kennedy, Lou Carpenter

Serena Bishop, Liljana Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4535
Serena Bishop, Liljana Bishop

Sindi Watts, Liljana Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4535
Sindi Watts, Liljana Bishop

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4535
Susan Kennedy

Susan Kennedy, Sindi Watts, Connor O
Susan Kennedy, Sindi Watts, Connor O'Neill

Maddie Lee, Stingray Timmins, Angelo Lombardi in Neighbours Episode 4535
Maddie Lee, Stingray Timmins, Angelo Lombardi

Susan Kennedy, Tom Scully in Neighbours Episode 4535
Susan Kennedy, Tom Scully

Stingray Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4535
Stingray Timmins

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